After going on a date and watching a movie that day, the two of them didn’t dare to be too arrogant and eat dinner outside during the peak traffic at night.


So they returned to the hotel and ordered some food.


The next day, they went their separate ways and got into their respective jobs.


Shi Fei’s popularity was getting higher and higher now, and there was a magazine announcement that afternoon that he had to get ready for.


After that, the 3rd episode of ‘The Sims’ was going to be broadcast, which was also known as the ‘Hanfu Theme (part 1)’, and everyone was once again keeping a close eye on Shi Fei’s actions in it.


This time, the netizens’ anticipation was even greater than the previous two installments of ‘Chinese Painting (part 1) and (part 2)’.


According to the timeline, when Shi Fei participated in this episode, it was again at a time when the show’s crew didn’t know he was a designer.


What was more, the program also featured the stunningly beautiful and valiant Miss Wei Ru, to whom they had already witnessed her personality charm as a straightforward and studious elder sister.


There was also “Hungry CP,” composing of Shi Fei and Gu Yueze wearing Hanfu, which caused a surge of CP fans during the live broadcast.


The show was watched by a lot of CP fans, and as the show started, many CP fans rubbed their fists, ready to zoom in to find sweet moments.


Then they found that there was no need for them to pick out the details. The program team had a conscience and edited things carefully. The entire screen was filled with sugar.


As for the official CP fans, what else could they do? Of course, it was to lie at the bottom of the pit and not get up.


When Jiang Yu saw this episode of the program, he was a bit confused. This garbage program team was so despicable. As an insider in the industry, he knew that if the program team wanted to edit it like that, even if the two of them had nothing to do with each other, they could make out a timeless love story.


An ordinary look at each other would be edited to have the feeling of love and affection.


No, this kind of speculative CP may attract fans quickly at the beginning, but if it wasn’t well managed, it was easy to capsize and cause large-scale backlash.


Moreover, Master’s popularity was very high. With his strength, he could attract followers without resorting to these marketing methods. With more CP followers, there was no benefit for Master and more for that cheap Gu Yueze.


He couldn’t let this kind of thing that did no harm yet did no good, happen.


He hurried up and called Wei Weidong from the production team, asking him not to edit the episodes like this.


Wei Weidong looked at the rising ratings and was in a good mood.


He really didn’t expect it. When Mr. Gu specially spent money to invest in this reality show, Shi Fei’s popularity wasn’t high, so he thought that it wasn’t cost-effective to spend so much money to support him.


Now it seemed that Mr. Gu’s vision and planning were really powerful; just look at how much talk and ratings Shi Fei had created for this show.


He was really a talent, a genius that was hard to pick out of millions of people.


When Jiang Yu called, Wei Weidong happily picked it up, wanting to find someone to share the good news with.


“Jiang Yu, did you see it? The ratings for this episode have hit another record high; our show has broken the ratings for reality shows.” His excited voice couldn’t even be suppressed through the phone’s network cable.


“Director Wei, I called to tell you something. It’s not good for you to edit Shi Fei and Gu Yueze like this. Aren’t you using them to get more attention?” Jiang Yu was in too much of a hurry and spoke with a wheezing sound.


“Xiao Jiang, ah, it’s not your first day in this industry; aren’t you clear about this kind of thing? Artists also need to work together to hype up the popularity of the program if necessary. That way the ratings go up and they can get more fans; what’s wrong with a win-win situation?”


Jiang Yu stood, walking back and forth in the living room, and said, “It’s a win-win situation, but not a win-win situation. Shi Fei’s popularity didn’t need all this extra talk in the first place; you’re doing the equivalent of using Shi Fei to benefit Gu Yueze.”


Wei Weidong was puzzled and said, “Xiao Jiang, why are you so excited? One would think I was using you to take care of Yueze.” Not to mention the wealth and status of Yueze. What did he want this popularity for?


If it weren’t for Shi Fei, he wouldn’t have come to the entertainment industry.


Jiang Yu said, “It’s none of my business, but can’t I stand for justice?”


Wei Weidong thought for a moment and then said, “Come on, a person who has been in the entertainment industry for a few years won’t have the leisure to get justice for others. Tell me honestly, do you have a crush on Shi Fei?”


Jiang Yu was shocked; his eyes were about to protrude. “Ah? What are you talking about?”


Wei Weidong calmly responded, “With such a big reaction, it seems like it is. I used to think that you had a different feeling towards Shi Fei, and you were particularly close to him. Even if you met Shi Fei in the contest earlier and appreciated him, you won’t be like this for no reason. It can only be one thing, and that is, you’ve fallen in love with Shi Fei, haven’t you?”


Jiang Yu hurriedly stopped him. “Just shut up; don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know.” He had a crush on Master? Only this kind of greasy uncle could come up with this kind of thing; he felt treasonous just thinking about it.


Once Wei Weidong heard Jiang Yu’s hasty denial, he felt even more confident that his guess was right and said with a smile, “Don’t be shy; what’s so bad about admitting such things? There are a lot of homosexuals in the entertainment industry; I won’t have any prejudice towards you. However, as a kind reminder, you shouldn’t have feelings for Shi Fei; hurry and come out while your feelings aren’t very deep now. That man won’t be yours.” That was the man that Chief Gu had his eye on.


“Shi Fei is so good; no woman in this world is good enough for him, let alone a smelly man. I don’t have that kind of idea about him either.” Jiang Yu didn’t even hear Wei Weidong’s words.


“Why are you so concerned if you don’t have any thoughts?”


Jiang Yu didn’t want to fight with Wei Weidong on this topic anymore and directly said, “Don’t try to divert the topic; we’re talking about program editing now; let’s settle this first.”


“Program editing is all about ratings; seeing as you are so concerned about Shi Fei, why don’t you go and ask him first? Listen to his opinion; if he doesn’t agree, I’ll withdraw.” Wei Weidong didn’t believe it; they were flirting in the room at the time, so both parties were definitely interested.


Unfortunately, these things couldn’t be edited in; it was a pity.


“OK, that’s what you said. I’ll call him now.” After Jiang Yu hung up the phone, he was about to call Shi Fei when he saw that the messages in Shi Fei’s official fanpage on the computer next to him had been constantly moving through the screen at a very fast pace.


He moved closer to take a look.


[No way, no way, this sugar level is too high. Quickly give me insulin; I’m going to faint.]


[As a mature CP fan, I just learned to pinch myself.]


[I’ll just say it casually: the more I look, the more it looks like love (moved to  tears).]


[I can be single, but the CP I chose must get married.]


[szd!!! szd! I locked it up. If it were ground into powder and swallowed, the feces would be used as organic fertilizer to irrigate the fields!! It’s true!!]


[TN: szd — is real]


[I declare, I welded the doors of both of their car doors shut; no one is getting out of the car tonight.]


[I need oxygen; call me an ambulance.]



The fans were all starting to like the CP.


Jiang Yu hurriedly replied, [Stop, do you want to rebel? Are you all trying to rebel? You’ve come all the way to the fanpage to talk about CPs. Where is the administrator?]


[Shi Fei is my husband: You’re the administrator; who else would be in charge?]


Jiang Yu was taken aback for a moment. He got confused due to his anger; he quickly spoke up: All personnel and all Xiao Fei’s fans are not allowed to be CP fans. What is a CP fan? Simply put, it’s all about blo*odsucking, all of which is hyped up by the production team for the sake of ratings. There are so many CPs in variety shows and TV dramas every year; how many pairs have you seen? Male and female CPs all fall apart when the drama ends, let alone male and male CPs; they’re just sucking Shi Fei’s blo*od to benefit others. Come to your senses. If you guys really love Shi Fei, it’s all the more reason to guard him at such a critical moment.]


The words of the biggest fan in the fan club were very effective, and many of the people who had been knocked on their heads by his reminder gradually came back to their senses.


Yes, they were Xiao Fei’s strong backing. Ah, how could they also take the lead to praise the CP?


One by one, they immediately started to send messages to the group to reflect.


Jiang Yu then made a plan; once he found out who was a CP fan in the group, he immediately banned their accounts.


At the same time, Jiang Yu also posted the same remarks on his star-chasing account’Fire in the Corn’; he was originally a big fan and still had a lot of influence.


After a bit of harsh education, Jiang Yu’s quickly posted two autographed photos of Shi Fei and a set of clothes with the same style as the one in the pictures, stating that he was forwarding them for a raffle.


Ling Xia was aware that Jiang Yu was star-chasing with his other account; well, it wasn’t really chasing a star; it was chasing his master.


Seeing this thunderous style of his, she was speechless and didn’t know what to say. He was able to react so quickly and did a pretty effective job of dealing with Shi Fei’s scandal.


Yet he was so lukewarm when it concerned his own career. Ling Xia felt so angry that she wanted to beat him up. What kind of artist was this? A good top star was almost turning into a fanpage administrator.


After Jiang Yu was done, he called Shi Fei in triumph, “Master, what are you doing?”


Shih Fei was arranging a song with his guitar, so he picked up the phone with one hand and responded, “I’m arranging a new song.”


“Master, you’re going to release a new song? That’s great.” Jiang Yu was thrilled to hear it; he had wanted to buy Master’s album for a long time, but he couldn’t rush him.


“If it goes well, it should be released in a while. I’ve compiled a few songs, and when they are almost ready, I will record them together.”


Jiang Yu excitedly said, “Then I can help you contact the music team, recording team, and recording studio. I have connections like Master.”


Shi Fei: “There’s no rush; writing songs is all about inspiration. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to write the next few songs.”


Jiang Yu: “I can do it whenever you want.”


He asks, “Are you calling me for something?” Jiang Yu’s strength was now there, so basically he didn’t need his guidance anymore.


Jiang Yu slapped his head and said, “Oh, I almost forgot. Master, did you watch today’s Sims broadcast? Director Wei is so hateful; he’s tying you and Gu Yueze together to speculate on CP.”


Shi Fei switched his mobile phone to his other hand and said, “Programmes always need to find something to attract topic traffic; don’t all the major reality TV shows and TV series publicity engage in this sort of things?”


Jiang Yu said: “That’s how it works, but with your popularity, you don’t need it, and the production team can’t do that even if they want to promote their show. It’s like using you to patronize Gu Yueze. I just called Wei Weidong and asked him to cut off those scenes that could cause misunderstandings.”


Shi Fei: “You called Director Wei?”


Jiang Yu thought he did the right thing. Master would definitely be touched by this. “Yes, I called. But Director Wei didn’t agree; he said he wanted me to call you and ask first. I know he’s definitely fooling me, and I reckon he definitely won’t change it even if you agree. Don’t worry, Master, I have been restraining the fans so that they won’t fall for those marketing strategies, and once they are found to be CP fans, they will be expelled from the fandom.”


Shi Fei was puzzled: “You have the right to expel the fans? You have an undercover account?”


Jiang Yu suddenly paused, feeling guilty. “No, I don’t.”


Shi Fei suddenly asked, “How’s the test paper you were sent doing?”


“Ah?” What was this feeling of suddenly being asked about your homework by a teacher? Jiang Yu said sheepishly, “I’ve been traveling a lot lately, so I haven’t done much.”


“How many did you do?” Shi Fei asked again.


“One.” Jiang Yu said quietly, his master had sent him five copies of all the test papers from primary school to high school.


“From today onwards, pass me a test paper you’ve done well every day; do it yourself; no peeking at the answers.” Shi Fei said.


“Master, there’s no need for that; look at me; I’m so old; I don’t need to do these things.” Jiang Yu retorted.


“Your senior brother is still refining himself while working, and his postgraduate certificate is almost in hand.”


The end result was that there were still papers to be done.


After hanging up the phone, Shi Fei sighed. It was so hard to grow some CP fans, but as a result, he was still pressed back by this kid.


He really wanted to punch someone.


Jiang Yu hung up the phone and still didn’t understand. Wasn’t he discussing CP fans? How did it suddenly turn into a homework check?


No matter how much Jiang Yu disagreed with the CP speculation, the show continued to air, and its popularity was still high.


The only pity was that by the time the ‘Han period’ episode finished airing, there was still no sign of what Shi Fei and Gu Yueze looked like when they wore their hanfus, and even less of Miss Wei Ru’s appearance, all of which were in the preview for the next part.


But for many of the ‘Hungry CP’ fans, today was a day of satisfaction and victory.


Sweet moments on official platforms were the deadliest.


Many fans didn’t dare to follow it on the surface, but they still engaged happily with a different account.


Those editing gods went online one by one and started rushing to edit the videos.


More so, Gu Yueze’s fans were rising extremely fast.


The CP fans grew rapidly in a strong posture, but they dared not go out of their circle to play; they only dared to talk amongst themselves.



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