C10—- All Round Face Punch

Shi Fei chose a sad love song, telling the plot after lovers were forced to break up for various practical reasons, and the lyrics and tunes were very sad.

Everyone thought that the song would be a disadvantage for Shi Fei who was only eighteen years old. Eighteen-year-old people had only experienced few emotions, and singing this song without emotional experience would naturally make it lose some flavor.

Whether a singer could sing a good song was as important as choosing a song that suited him.

The background music started, and the voice of Shi Fei rang out.

As a result, it flew out of everyone’s expectation again.

Sad songs, resonant songs, he sang this song with emotion as the priority and timbre as the supplement. He directly brought everyone into his sad mood with music.

At the scene where such a love song was sung, everyone had red eyes, and there was an intermittent sound of sniffing.

He Lulu couldn’t calm down after holding the microphone. After adjusting for a long time, she said, “You have a good breathing technique. When you sang this song, you abandoned all the skills to show off your skills. You only used your innermost feelings to sing and sing out the feelings of this song. I’ll give you full marks for this song, and I am not afraid of your pride. I hope that you can have more songs that make me feel excited and shine in the future. ”

That was the only player who could make He Lulu talk so excitedly after all the players on the stage had finished singing.

Zhuang Xinran stood on the side of the table, looking slightly pale. He originally wanted to use a love song to stop Shi Fei and slap his face, but he didn’t expect to trap himself.

But Shi Fei could sing out the true meaning of a sad love song. How old was he? He had never experienced an unforgettable love affair, so where did he get the feeling of singing with such an artistic conception?

How did this happen? This was not the result he expected.

In the face of He Lulu’s praise, Shi Fei was not proud neither did he show ecstasy. His expression was relatively calm. After thanking He Lulu, he went to the promotion position next to He Xiaobei.

His eyes accidentally caught Jiang Yu’s expression, he became speechless.

The man’s eyes were too □□, but the words “Master is mighty, Master is awesome” were written on his face. It was estimated that if he was given a light stick, he would raise it higher than anyone else. Fortunately, the camera was not facing him.

Shi Fei sat quietly on the promotion table to watch other players’ matches.

It lasted for more than an hour, and the 12-in-4 of the beauty track ended. Finally, He Xiaobei, Shi Fei and Yu Zixing of beauty track successfully got the promotion quota.

The remaining three players were Zhuang Xinran, Ding Chen and Dai Liang.

All the others were eliminated, and this competition also made the competitors of the other two tracks know the strength of the beauty track.

It was thought that the beauty track basically depended on their faces, and their strength could not be very strong. They didn’t expect this track to exist like crouching tiger and a  hidden dragon.

In the afternoon and evening, Shi Fei also participated in the recording of the original track and Magic Sound track, which touched the bottom of some people’s level.


At night Zhuang Xinran sat on his bed with a sheet of music in his hand, the one he’d picked up on his first day in the dorm.

He had checked online to make sure there was no such song, it was an unpublished song.

After so many days had passed, he hadn’t heard anyone say they had lost the sheet music, if it wasn’t the contestant’s, who’s could it be?

He put the paper in his hand and tucked it under his pillow.

Then he began to sort through his clothes.

When Dai Liang came in, he saw that Zhuang Xinran was taking out the clothes from the wardrobe and putting them on the bed to fold.

Dai Liang was puzzled and asked, “Xinran, what are you doing putting your clothes in the suitcase?”

Zhuang Xinran folded a white sweatshirt and said, “I’ll pack it first so that I won’t be too disorganized when I leave after the elimination.”

“What are you babbling about? How are you going to be eliminated, you’re the most popular of the three of us to be decided, you’ll definitely be pushed back by the fans.”Dai Liang snatched his clothes down and took out all the clothes in his suitcase, “Don’t think, just prepare for the next match.”

Zhuang Xinran sighed and said, “Even if I come back with help from the fans, so what, which one of our track’s Shi Fei, He Xiaobei and Yu Zixing is worse than me? I have no chance to enter, so instead of holding on to that impossible hope, it’s better to come to terms with reality sooner.”

Dai Liang was slightly angry, “Xinran, when did you become so pessimistic, you always have to work hard.”

Zhuang Xinran’s eyes suddenly turned red, he slightly choked up, “I don’t know what happened to me, I obviously wasn’t like this before, probably after coming here to participate in the competition made me realize some things.I thought I was a good singer, and I came here to find someone with better talent than me. I thought I was pretty good looking, but I found out that my looks are nothing compared to Shi Fei, Yu Zixing and the others.”

Tears fell one by one from Zhuang Xinran’s eyes as he sadly said, “All the good qualities I once thought I had are all gone here, and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to participate in the next competition.”

Dai Liang went forward and hugged Zhuang Xinran and comforted him in a soft voice, “Don’t say that, you’re wonderful in my eyes. You wouldn’t have chosen the same genre as Shi Fei if you didn’t want to improve in this competition, otherwise you would have definitely advanced. You didn’t lose to Shi Fei, you just lost in the song selection, and you sang much better than him.”

Zhuang Xinran looked up, teary-eyed, “Really?”

Dai Liang nodded, “Of course. You have to have faith in yourself, you will definitely stand on the next stage.”

Zhuang Xinran broke into a smile, “If I stand on the next stage, it means that you’re eliminated, how can you not be so optimistic about yourself.”

“It’s fine, if I’m eliminated, then I’ll go and become your fan support club president, you’ll compete on stage, and I’ll hold up a light board for you off stage in response.” There was an unmistakable sweetness to such words, coming from a tall, slightly rough man like Dai Liang.

Zhuang Xinran wiped a tear from his face and said, “I’m not going to bother talking to you, I have to prepare for the next song selection, I can’t just be defeated like this. Even if Shi Fei is very strong, I can’t just retreat without a fight.”

Dai Liang nodded, “That’s right, come on, I’ll help you hang your clothes back up.”

Zhuang Xinran quickly grabbed it back and said, “Don’t move, last time you said you would help me hang up my clothes, you ended up poking two holes out of one of my shirts.”

Dai Liang laughed with an embarrassed face and said, “Well, I’ve never done that before, I’m sure I won’t this time.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.”

Shi Fei sat on his bed, his legs bent. There was a drawing pad on top of it, a pencil in his hand as he doodled.

There was a bag of chips next to him, and from time to time, he would pick up a piece and eat it, and draw a few strokes on the drawing pad.

“Brother Fei, what are you drawing?” He Xiaobei returned with a pile of laundry and pushed the window open to hang the clothes one by one out in the sun.

“Just painting.” Shi Fei’s expression was a bit lazy.

“You still know how to draw? Let me see.” After He Xiaobei had finished drying his clothes, he excitedly went over to have a look.

Shi Fei handed over the sketchbook, “How is it, isn’t it spectacular?”

When looking at the drawing in Shi Fei’s hands, the expression on his face instantly became obscure and unknown, “Brother Fei, what are you drawing?”

All he could see was a black, mess on top, and even though he didn’t know how to draw he thought it was completely blindly painted.

“Can’t you see it? Isn’t it a man?” Shi Fei took the sketchbook back and continued to draw.

“You, you this this… this is a person?”That clump of incoherent pencil marks that didn’t even make out an outline was a person? Might as well be Art Soul.

“By the way, Fei, did you see the notice on the little blackboard outside earlier? Says there’ll be a director for  a live dorm life every Wednesday at eight starting tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Shi Fei’s reaction wasn’t great.

“I feel like I’ll be a little nervous if it’s live and I don’t know what I’m going to say to the fans.”

“You’d better worry about whether you’ll have any fans coming on the air by then.”



According to the requirements of the program, the directly promoted contestants had to participate in filming a sponsor’s commercial.

He Xiaobei, Shi Fei, and Yu Zixing were the three directly promoted contestants in the beauty track, and they needed to shoot a commercial together.

The commercial they were assigned was for a nutrient drink called ‘Vitamin C Water’, which would be stocked up in every practice room during their training period.

The director of the commercial was there to talk to the three about how they were going to shoot the commercial.

“Let He Xiaobei take a sip of this water first, then Shi Fei, just grab it and take a sip too, you have to be interactive…”

After a bunch of lectures, the commercial director stood there and asked, “Do you three understand?”

Shi Fei and He Xiaobei both nodded their heads.

With a cold noble face, Yu Zixing thought and concluded, “Understand, just let them both kiss indirectly, then I’ll be the light bulb.”

Ad director: “……..”

He Xiaobei: “…….”

Shi Fei was also speechless as he looked at Yu Zixing, his brain was so clear?

He had a misanthropic face, but he looked very cold and unapproachable at first glance, so it was a terrible thing for him to say.

Outside the advertising shed arena, Zhuang Xinran, who passed the way, looked at the name on the blackboard hanging at the entrance with a fallen indifferent face.

“It would be great if I could also make commercials.”Zhuang Xinran said with some pity and envy.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to film when you’re promoted.” Dai Liang stood to the side and put his hand on Zhuang Xinran’s shoulder, like a good brother.

“It’s hard, the three of them are very strong, even if I barely made it into the top twelve, it’s hard to make it into the top nine, only if they make it into the top nine will the entertainment company want to sign a contract, only if they sign with the company will they have a chance to make a record ah.”

“What are you babbling about again, you can do it, I’m sure.”

Zhuang Xinran looked up and laughed and said, “It’s probably just stress, I’ve been worried lately that I’ll be eliminated. Let’s not talk about it, let’s go train.”

Dai Liang nodded, looking thoughtfully at the back of someone in front of him as he passed the ‘Vitamin C Water’ advertising poster on the wall, and said under his breath, “Xinran, don’t worry, I’ll make sure you succeed in debut.”


Yo, is it just me or is Xinran pushing Dai Liang closer to the edge QAQ

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