C021– Shen Qingran

The third phase of the “Strongest Idol” program ratings hit a new high for this program again, and it belonged to the first place, this achievement made Teng Haining’s mouth unable to close.

Picking up a cup of brewed tea next to him and taking a sip. The tea that was not drunk at ordinary times was very sweet today. “According to this situation, this program will definitely lead all the variety shows in this Spring Festival. With this achievement, I am assured that the position of the general director of Challenge Unlimited will be handed over to me. “

Assistant Director Liang Wei, who was sitting at the side, saw how happy Director Teng was and spoke up, “You’re right, Director Teng, it’s just that I’m worried that there was such a big accident in today’s recording that Chu Yuefei over there is demanding an explanation.”

The accident of the recording could be made up for by the later editing, but he was afraid that the matter of him punching Chu Yuefei in the face in front of so many viewers wouldn’t pass so easily.

Teng Haining pondered and said, “Tianxing Media is quite fond of Shi Fei’s potential, let’s wait until they talk tomorrow before making a decision, if Tianxing signs Shi Fei tomorrow, then the company will protet him. If he doesn’t sign, tell Chu Yuefei that they’ll find a chance to eliminate him from the next recording, that’s how they’ll answer to him.”

“Later on, you find someone to do some thinking for the other contestants, don’t let today’s words of Shi Fei affect the recording of the competition later, all of them should be more energetic.”

Liang Wei nodded and said, “I’ll take care of this tomorrow.”

“Right, watch the fan hit list this week, if He Xiaobei’s votes aren’t high, forget it, if he’s in the top three, press down on the votes. And over at Penguin Music, don’t upload that song of his, ‘Storybrooke’.”

“Okay.” Liang Wei understood that Teng Haining was planning to give up on He Xiaobei, and Director Teng had to find someone to vent about tonight, and no doubt He Xiaobei became that person.

Late at night, inside the dormitory building of “The Strongest Idol”.
Zhuang Xinran sat on the bed in the dormitory room, holding that tune in his hand, and froze.

Every day after returning to his dormitory during this period of time, he would take some time to practice this tune, and really the more he practiced, the more subtle he felt.

This tune didn’t have a name yet, and the lyrics were very imaginative.

After this incident, he was well aware of his current situation, and the program team might not fulfill their previous promise to guarantee him into the top seven anymore.

Of the remaining contestants, no matter who left or stayed, they were all very strong. Originally, he wanted to stay a little behind to use this song as a killer, but now he had to appear early.

According to the rules of the program, after entering the top nine, a live broadcast would be used, and he had two weeks to become proficient with this tune.

  He named the song “Don’t Want”.

The next day, Shi Fei and He Xiaobei appeared in the cafeteria.

Shi Fei asked for a bowl of porridge and two buns for himself, and seeing that He Xiaobei only had a bowl of white rice porridge, he took two buns for him and put them on his plate, saying, “Eat, only when you’re full will you have the energy to practice the song.”

He Xiaobei nodded his head.

The two of them found a six-seater table to sit at after breakfast.

In a short while Yu Zixing, Xu Ruhao and Wu Yan sat over with their plates of food.

For the Penguin Music Chart, everyone knew about the incident, everyone’s songs were uploaded, except for He Xiaobei’s song, the program group was planning to suppress him.

Even if they were aggrieved for He Xiaobei, there was nothing they could do, they themselves were just contestants.

“Did you guys see what happened on Weibo Hot Search?” Xu Ruhao looked for a topic to break the atmosphere on the table, deliberately asking with a mysterious face, that expression as if he had gotten some great secret.

Wu Yan drank porridge without speaking.

Yu Zixing thought about it and said, “You mean the ‘snow in Wuling’ thing?”

Xu Ruhao: “Who cares about that ah.”

Yu Zi Xing: “Is it that the ’70-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl by C-section’ news?”

Xu Ruhao stroked his forehead and looked at He Xiaobei and asked, “How do you guys usually get along with him?  His point of view of caring about things is a bit strange?”

He Xiaobei explained, “Zixing grew up abroad, he doesn’t understand a lot of domestic things, and he doesn’t seem to like gossip.”

Xu Ruhao said, “Can it be gossip then? It’s Shen Qingran’s news ah.”

He Xiaobei was surprised, “What happened to Shen Qingran?” After what happened last night, He Xiaobei was in no mood to surf the net.

Shi Fei slightly raised eyebrows, did not speak.

Xu Ruhao: “Yesterday M held Grammy awards you know about it, this time Shen Qingran won the award again, but he left ten minutes before attending the dinner, he walked on the red carpet, but he did not arrive at the time of the award, the trophy was received by his agent.”

He Xiaobei asked curiously, “He left without receiving the award? That’s a Grammy, what’s the rush?”

Xu Ruhao shook his head and said, “Not sure, some reporters took pictures of him at the airport preparing to return home, I guess there’s something going on at home that’s making him rush back. Some people guessed that it should be that something happened to a relative in his family.”

Hearing the the chat about Shen Qingran, the people at the next table also became interested and joined the group.
  ”Do you think it’ll be for a girl?”

“Haven’t heard ah, all these years Shen Qingran has not had any gossip with any girl, I heard that he treats people gently, he never gets particularly close to anyone, especially girls.”

“Of course, celebrities dating wouldn’t be put on display, some celebrities have hidden children older than us, and as a result, their fans don’t even know.”

“I did hear that Shen Qingran seems to be in an ambiguous relationship with his gold medal lyricist, ‘Not Leaving’ as if they’re a couple.”

“Ahem!!!” He was drinking porridge and choked on a mouthful of porridge, he looked up and smiled, “It’s okay, I just choked.”

The others saw the situation and went back to chatting and gossiping.

At this time, when information came in, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it. It was the news that everyone’s gossip object Shen Qingran came.

Shen Qingran: [Master, I’m returning home.]

A brief sentence, not specifically explaining the reason for his sudden return to the country, but Shi Fei could also guess that it must be Jiang Yu who told him about last night’s events.

Picking up the phone, he replied: [Actually, you don’t need to return to the country on purpose, I can solve such a small matter by myself].

Shen Qingran: [I’m worried about you.]

Shi Fei: [I know it in my own heart, don’t interfere with this.]

Shen Qingran: [Can I see you then?]

Shi Fei: [Can’t see you for now, wait for my side of things to end.]

Shen Qingran: [Good.]

After breakfast, before Shi Fei had a chance to go to the training room, he was asked by the staff to talk.

This time before entering the door, they also specifically asked him not to bring mobile phones and other electronic items.

It was the same conference room as last time, where Teng Haining and Wu Ziqiang, the director of Sky Star Media, were sitting, with a contract on the table.

Compared to Teng Haining’s bad face when he saw him, Wu Ziqiang was smiling like last time, and those who didn’t know thought he was a very easy man to talk to.

Shi Fei walked over to sit across from the two of them with a smiling face, “Good morning, Director Teng Haining, Director Wu.”

That gentle harmless smile was the same person as the one who was verbally abusive and vitriolic at the recording show yesterday.

Wu Ziqiang said, “I see you look good, you seem to have slept well last night.”
  Shi Fei said, “Not bad, the dormitory conditions provided by the program are still extremely good.”

Teng Haining snorted, “After all the trouble you caused yesterday, you actually still have the heart to sleep well.”

Shi Fei smiled and responded, “It was okay.”

Teng Haining choked on his anger at Shi Fei’s words again, almost wanting to just fire Time Fei regardless of Tianxing Media’s intentions.

Wu Ziqiang patted Teng Haining and said to Shi Fei, “Young people are inevitably young and energetic, I was like that when I was young, I would do anything for my brother’s ribs. Just grow up a bit more and you’ll know the importance of survival, you’ve now offended Teacher Chu Yuefei, with his position in the music world, have you thought about the consequences?”

Shi Fei asked, “Will the program fire me to appease him?”

Wu Ziqiang nodded, “Will.”

Then he jokingly said, “Unless you are an artist of our company, then we will naturally protect you.”

Shi Fei trailed off, supporting the tabletop with one hand and tapping his finger on his cheek as he said, “If it wasn’t for the show team playing shady tricks, how would I have offended Chu Yuefei. Doesn’t he feel ashamed as a senior in the singing industry to play such dirty tricks? There you are, knocking a talented singer out of existence, won’t your conscience hurt?” The words were sharp, but the tone was rambling.

In the face of Shi Fei’s accusations, Wu Ziqiang did not get angry, but instead continued, “Surely you are still young, do you really think there will be so much fairness to be found? If it wasn’t for the fact that Tianxing Media saw your potential and wanted to sign you, with what you did yesterday, you would have been in the next elimination slot.”

“You guys want to manipulate the show?” Shi Fei said with doubt, “According to the rules after entering the top nine there will be no direct elimination, only pending players, and finally, the fans will vote to decide whether the pending players will stay or go, could it be that you guys can also manipulate such things?”

“Fans vote on the charts, the backend is still in our hands, it’s a matter of minutes if we want to change the data, do you still think you can get to the end by having fans?” Teng Haining wasn’t afraid of Shi Fei knowing about this, and even if he did, what could a student who was still in high school do.

“You guys are so shameless.” Shi Fei clapped his hands together with a seductive smile on his face and said slowly, “But I like shameless people because that’s what makes it interesting.”

If he wasn’t shameless, he would be too embarrassed to count the other out.

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