C019 – Shi Fei’s Anger Reveals the Dark Side

Anyone who knew music could hear that He Xiaobei’s vocals were better than Zhuang Xinran’s.

However, his popularity was much behind Zhuang Xinran, just now, Shi Fei’s words were so obscure that many viewers didn’t even know what he wanted to do.

Jiang Yu, however, instantly understood what Shi Fei was trying to say sarcastically, and he was so angry that he clapped his hands and wanted to stand up to dislike the others.

Damn it, playing shady in front of him, do you really think he is dead?

It was stopped by a look from Shi Fei.

Shi Fei walked up to Lu Peng’s side and said, “Teacher Lu Peng, may I borrow the microphone for a moment?”

Lu Peng was embarrassed, he knew the reason for Shi Fei’s anger, having hosted so many shows, he had never seen such a just contestant, and in his heart he was also aggrieved for He Xiaobei, but he was just a host, he was not qualified and able to change anything, and said in a roundabout way, “Shi Fei, can you say it later when we get off the stage?”

Jiang Yu took down the microphone on the mic stand in front of him and held it aloft and said, “Take mine.”

Taking the microphone from Jiang Yu’s hand, Shi Fei held the microphone in his hand and looked at He Lulu, then his eyes fell on Chu Yuefei and asked, “Teacher Chu Yuefei, if I remember correctly, it should have been 15 years since you started in the industry.”

Chu Yuefei replied with a black face, “Debuted at the age of 17, a whole 15 years this year.”

Shi Fei said word for word, “I remember you once said that once you were treated unfairly when you debuted, so you hated when things like this happened. Then did you ever think that one day you yourself would become the person you said you hated?”

All the contestants sucked in a breath of cold air, they had known that Shi Fei was quite rigid, but they had never thought that he was so ruthless that he dared to question the Star Promoter’s evaluation with a straight face, and even openly questioned the other party playing shady.

No matter how good-looking he was, no matter how good his singing was, he was still a newcomer who hadn’t made his debut and didn’t have any connections, so it was a matter of minutes for Chu Yuefei to kill him.

Chu Yuefei took a deep breath and said loudly, “I am critiquing on the principle of fairness and impartiality, with my professionalism, I know you and He Xiaobei are good friends, but I am a Star Promoter, I must be responsible for every contestant, the stage is not a child’s play, I hope you can respect this stage.”

He Xiaobei returned anxiously, pulling Shi Fei and whispering, “Brother Fei, don’t say it, don’t say it.” It was fine if he himself was pending, but he couldn’t get Brother Fei involved anymore.

Shi Fei patted He Xiaobei’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry.”

Looking at Chu Yuefei again, he said, “Fair and square? Professional? So let me ask you, is a so-called professional a person who sings a broken high note, a person who sings a high note only by yelling, who can’t even hold his breath steady, can such a person be promoted? Please don’t insult the music with the word professional.” Previously, Shi Fei was using the word a formal you to address Chu Yuefei, but now he was already directly using the word you informally.

It showed that Shi Fei was really angry.

As Shi Fei’s words fell, the atmosphere on the scene was tense, and the noisy program recording site was quiet and terrifying, as if a needle had fallen.

The audience sitting in the auditorium all felt the oppressive atmosphere.

The other contestants felt that Shi Fei was crazy, he was definitely crazy.

Everyone could foresee what would happen to him in the future, so they guessed this performance was his last stage. Don’t think about hanging around the music scene in the future, after all, Chu Yuefei had been in the music scene for 15 years, his connections and status was not something that Shi Fei could compare to.

It would simply be a matter of minutes for him to seal off Shi Fei.

For the sake of a He Xiaobei, so much so that he would ruin his own future.

Especially seeing Chu Yuefei’s visibly angry face, the veins on his face were so prominent by Shi Fei’s words that they were coming out.

Lu Peng wanted to try and mediate the atmosphere and opened his mouth to break the silence, “Everyone…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw Chu Yuefei slap heavily the table in front of him and say angrily, “I don’t need you to question my judgement, I’m the Star Promoter of this show, it’s my right to vote for whoever I want, I don’t need you, a contestant, to talk down here. I’m the one sitting in the seat today, and you’re standing there competing in the competition until the day you can switch places with me”

But Shi Fei suddenly laughed, his smile laced with sarcasm, “Yeah, in that case I have nothing to say.”

Jiang Yu was close to wanting to jerk his sleeves and fight with Chu Yuefei, damn it, why was this son of a b*tch yelling at his master?

Shi Fei put the microphone back in Jiang Yu’s hand, stopping him from moving, then looked at He Xiaobei and whispered, “Go wait for me on the stage, I’ll find you later.”

Then he walked himself towards the ninth floor, stood at the elevator and said, “Please help me return to the third floor.”

Lu Peng: “……..”

All players: “…”

Live audience: “…”

Even Zhuang Xinran was surprised, where did Shi Fei have the guts to go back to his seat.

The chief director Teng, who was standing backstage, had long wanted to rush out and press Shi Fei to death on the ground, thinking of the plan, but still held back his anger and let the technician take Shi Fei back to the third row.

Then he said to Liang Wei, the assistant director beside him, “Have the editor go back and cut all of this, and remember to show me the sample version when you cut this issue.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a live broadcast, and the post-editor could remedy the situation so that such a broadcast mishap wouldn’t make it to the screen.

There was still a group of players left behind without performing, probably after this trouble, the people were a little unstable , Chu Yuefei also didn’t pay attention, He Lulu barely piled up comments with.

The other two were the ones who had been hated by Jiang Yu, who didn’t even glance at the other two and tried to ignore them.

After the recording ended, Shi Fei went backstage and didn’t see He Xiaobei.

Then at the end of a corridor, he saw He Xiaobei squatting there, holding his guitar. His makeup hadn’t been removed yet, and he sat there without crying or making trouble, but his facial expression was very deserted.

Shi Fei walked over and sat beside him, not saying a word.

“Brother Fei, I just want to sing, why is it so hard?” He Xiaobei didn’t find out at first, he just thought that the Star Promoters didn’t like the song he was singing.

“The entertainment industry is already like this, it’s not just about having strength. This incident is also a lesson for you in advance, something like this might happen again in the future, can you still keep your faith in wanting to sing?” Shi Fei looked at him sideways and asked.

“I… I want to sing.” He Xiaobei bit his lip and said, “Actually, I originally wanted to enter the original track because I wanted to sing the songs I wrote myself to everyone. But now like this I don’t think I’ll have the chance to sing again.”

With all of this, the show would definitely fire him and Shi Fei, he only dragged Shi Fei down.

“If you want to sing, you can sing, this stage is not the only one, and you have the strength to show your light in other stages just the same.” Shi Fei put his hand on He Xiaobei’s shoulder and said, “Trust me, I won’t let you leave with such humiliation.”

“Brother Fei, what do you want to do? You mustn’t do anything rash. You got impulsive just now, you don’t want to ruin your future for me, or I’ll go with you later to apologize to Mr. Chu Yuefei.”

“Do you think it will help?” Besides, does he deserve to be called a teacher for his behavior?

“I guess… it’ll work.” He Xiaobei said in a demoralized manner.

“Don’t be ridiculous, the program won’t fire me. I’m the most popular of all the contestants right now, if he casually fires me without even a reason, he’ll cause the netizens’ public wrath, the program team is not stupid.” Even if the program team wanted to mess with him, they would do it behind his back, this was something that Shi Fei didn’t say, saving He Xiaobei from worrying.

“That’s good.” He Xiaobei was slightly relieved.

Shi Fei touched He Xiaobei’s head and pulled him up, “Get up, don’t keep squatting and hanging your head, even if you lose, you have to look good.”

After the two of them returned together to get the bag they had put in the storage room, Shi Fei took out his phone and looked through the messages.

Sure enough, many messages were sent from it.

Jiang Yu: [Master, the way you angrily disowned Chu Yuefei just now was so handsome.]

Jiang Yu: [Master, where have you been? I looked around and didn’t see you. Are you mad you’re not going to do the show?]

Jiang Yu: [Master, say something, if you’re not recording the show, I’m not going to record it, this motherf*cking show, engaging in shady business, I’m going to expose it on Weibo.]

Jiang Yu: [Master, Master, you’re not abducted are you?]

Jiang Yu: [Master, Master, if you don’t reply, I’ll call the police?]


Jiang Yu: [Master, write back, don’t hold your breath, or I’ll beat up Chu Yuefei for you. By the way, pull Teng Cong out and beat him up too.]

Jiang Yu: [Master, are you still angry?]

On the mobile phone WeChat, a series of more than ten messages were sent by Jiang Yu, Shi Fei saw and laughed.

This guy had become a top star, still so unstable.

He picked up the phone and replied to him with a message, then looked through the other messages.

Wu Yan: [You looked so handsome just now, do you want to practice together sometime?]

Xu Ruhao: [How is He Xiaobei?]

Yu Zixing: [Old Iron 6666.][6666: ha ha ha ha]

Of the three, that was, with Yu Zixing usually communicating more, he didn’t expect Xu Ruohao and Wu Yan to send messages of concern as well.

Probably because they were worried that He Xiaobei’s emotions hadn’t calmed down, so the messages were sent to him.

Shi Fei gave them a unified reply: [It’s fine, he’s in a much better mood, we’re coming back now].

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