C018: Shady Promotion

Zhou Wen sang in the original track, of course he also had original compositions, and those who dared to choose the original track were obviously confident in themselves.

Unfortunately, he met Shi Fei, who was once called the strongest vocalist in their Beauty track by He Lulu, and his voice was always so steady.

This time he sang a rock song “Black Fire”, with a deep voice, cold rhythm and explosive music that made the whole audience scream.

Jiang Yu, as a star promoter, couldn’t resist standing up and swinging, so he held up a light stick.

The PK was won by Shi Fei without any surprises, and he walked to the nine major seats according to the host Lu Peng’s request, and he chose the first one in the third row.

When He Xiaobei saw Shi Fei had passed the test smoothly, and his tensed heart loosened a little. Brother Fei also passed the test smoothly. He must cheer himself up and not fall behind.

Sitting down, Shi Fei was confident in He Xiaobei. The rest of the contestants were similar in strength to He Xiaobei, only one of them, Xu Ruhao of the Magic Music track, was a bit inferior to He Xiaobei, including Zhuang Xinran.

Of course, Chen Boyang, who was in the original track, was careful. He wasn’t that good at singing, but his opponent’s original ability was good. If he could produce an original work with very good lyrics to add points, he may be surpassed.

By Jiang Yu’s draw, he drew two balls, one was Zhuang Xinran, the other was He Xiaobei.

He Lulu pretended to glare at Jiang Yu and said, “Mr. Jiang Yu, you’re not going to get back at me like this for refusing the marriage by making our track kill each other.”

Jiang Yu: “It’s purely God’s plan, I’m not taking the blame.”

The two went up on stage, Lu Peng also took the opportunity to ridicule: “Both of you are contestants in the beauty track, but now you have to stand on stage for PK[player kill], how about a couple of words to describe your opponent? Xinran you speak first.”

Zhuang Xinran looked towards the stage, his eyes looked at Shi Fei and quickly moved away, finally landing sideways on He Xiaobei and said, “He Xiaobei is a very talented player and an opponent I don’t want to meet, his performance in the previous matches has amazed me. But since I’ve met him, I’ll do my best.”
  Zhuang Xinran’s emotional quotient was high and his speech was smooth, compared to He Xiaobei, who was slightly more reserved, gripped the microphone with both hands and said earnestly with gritted teeth, “I’ll work hard and won’t lose to you.”

And then it was gone.

Lu Peng: “Okay, Xiao Bei is a man who is not good with words, so let’s use music to talk, come on, Music.”

The first to sing was He Xiaobei, compared to the last Darkness series “Storybrooke”, this time he switched to a sad and inspirational song “Redemption”.

He Xiaobei was a weak character in ordinary times, but once on stage, it was as if he was a new person, with a naturally wide range, he could sing high notes as well as low notes, and with his unique voice, the song “Redemption” was a 100% reproduction.

He sang this song very well, even better than he had sung the previous song “Storybrooke”.

After He Xiaobei finished singing, it was Zhuang Xinran’s turn. Having suffered the loss of repeating his style last time, this time he had long remembered and didn’t choose a love song again, instead choosing a high pitched “My Heaven”.

Zhuang Xinran’s voice was innately small, which had a narrow range and was not suitable for choral high notes, although it could be improved after later development and training, but at least from the previous performances, Zhuang Xinran had not reached this height.

The song “My Heaven” had E5 at its highest pitch, and it was doubtful that he could sing it. Was he hiding his strength?

As a result, Shi Fei felt he overthought it, the high notes were all held in, and the breath couldn’t sink in. The high notes sounded harsh to his ears.

It was not difficult for his singing ability to manage some small fresh songs or beautiful love songs, and it was a plus.

Singing this kind of high pitched song, it wouldn’t work.

When it came to the star promoter’s critique, the first to comment was He Lulu from the beauty track.

“I think Mr. Jiang Yu is really bad, the two you’ve drawn are all from my Beauty track, which makes it hard for me to judge. Both of them sang very well today, much better than the performance I saw in the last episode, especially Zhuang Xinran, last episode I critiqued your singing style as too one-dimensional, this episode you showed me your breakthrough, your improvement, so today this vote is for you, I hope to continue to see your breakthroughs in the future.” He Lulu extended his hand to point at Zhuang Xinran.

The next person to critique was Jiang Yu, whose handsome, uninhibited face looked towards the two on stage, he picked up the microphone and said, “First of all, I’ll critique He Xiaobei, your performance has surprised me every time. Your singing style is so varied, I can tell that you are constantly challenging yourself, and you are very explosive, it’s hard to imagine that there is so much energy lurking in your small body, this performance of yours I saw was a mature stage performance.”

“The next person is Zhuang Xinran, I have a somewhat different point of view than Miss He Lulu. Zhuang Xinran really challenged himself in this competition, there was no corner of comfort, but your song selection was not too successful, or perhaps to be blunt, your current singing skills are not enough to handle such high notes, this song not only did not give you extra points, but it reflected all of your shortcomings in singing. If He Xiaobei’s performance is a mature performance, then your performance is a car crash, so for the two of them to PK, I vote for He Xiaobei.”

Jiang Yu’s critique was a bit sharp and even unforgiving, but that was always how he treated his music, so no one was too surprised.

Now that they were tied one to one, it was finally Chu Yuefei’s turn to speak, and his vote would determine their success or failure.
  Chu Yuefei said after contemplating for a while, “He Xiaobei is actually a player I like a lot, I’ve noticed him since the first preliminaries when I watched that video, and in the second his dark style song “Storybrooke” also gave me a big surprise. But also I like Zhuang Xinran as a player, he has a spirit of not giving up, and as far as I know he was sick a few days ago and has been practicing every day despite his poor health.”

“Zhuang Xinran’s progress is very great, even better than what I saw yesterday during the rehearsal, I’m sure he must have been practicing all night last night, the details of this song are handled very well, so this vote I’m pushing for Zhuang Xinran.”

When he heard the result, Shi Fei skimmed the corners of his mouth, as expected.

He wasn’t too surprised, from the beginning when Zhuang Xinran’s expression was full of confidence before he took the stage, he had already guessed something.

He Xiaobei was a blackout.

This blackout might not be aimed at He Xiaobei, the person the other party wanted to protect was Zhuang Xinran.

In the last poisoning incident, Zhuang Xinran’s voice was almost ruined, and the program later didn’t mention how to compensate Zhuang Xinran.

Zhuang Xinran didn’t take any action measures. He didn’t feel sad when he came back from the injury, and he didn’t worry about not playing well because he missed time and didn’t practice enough.

He was still in the mood to come up with such ideas as a CP team with him, at that time, Shi Fei felt wrong.

No matter who was up against Zhuang Xinran today, he would win.

Jiang Yu, who was sitting at the Star Promoter position, looked at Chu Yuefei with an incredulous face, and that expression was as close as writing the words ‘Are you f*cking retarded?’ on his face.

It was hard for Jiang Yu to believe that after the performance, both Chu Yuefei and He Lulu chose Zhuang Xinran, which was obvious that people knew who was higher and who was lower.

Good thing he was still serious about his work, the Star Promoter had the right to vote freely, even if Jiang Yu disagreed with the results of their votes, he wouldn’t say anything on the spot.

He Xiaobei lost, and according to the rules he needed to get off the stage and go to the waiting area with an indifferent face.

When Shi Fei looked at Zhuang Xinran, who came to his side with a confident smile, he looked at He Xiaobei, who walked off the stage alone under the audience’s gaze.

His lips couldn’t help but curl, he took two steps forward, and jumped down from the third floor with one hand supporting the ground in front of the cameras and the audience as well as the Star Promoters.

The whole audience shouted at once, and many covered their mouths, deeply afraid of seeing a frightening scene.

The seating grid, each grid had a height of 2.2 meters, Shi Fei chose to sit in the third row, the bottom two grids together had a height of 4.4 meters, Shi Fei just jumped down from the 4.4 meters high grid cleanly and neatly.

The action was neat and he tumbled on the ground for a lap to unload the force and then stood up, his action was quick and handsome and it didn’t mess up his hairstyle.
  The host, Lu Peng, didn’t even react, and when he turned around when he heard the audience call, he saw that Shi Fei had regained his position on the stage.

Lu Peng was surprised, “Shi Fei, what are you doing?”

And his landing point happened to be right next to Zhuang Xinran, and this sudden move scared Zhuang Xinran back.

Shi Fei’s sharp eyes looked at Zhuang Xinran, the corners of his mouth hooked up with a touch of disdain, then he looked at the three Star Promoters sitting in front of him, his eyes faintly looked at Chu Yuefei and He Lulu, then he laughed and said, “It’s nothing, standing too high makes me feel panicky, seeing certain people’s faces makes me feel sick, so I came down to get some air.”

Shi Fei’s smile turned everyone upside down, but his words took the crowd’s breath away.


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