C017 – 12 To 9.

As the president of Shi Fei’s support club, Yao Feifei didn’t watch the program, but the VCR that came out made her a fan. Later, after the program was broadcast, she was impressed by Shi Fei’s singing skills.

At this time, handing out materials was another member, Nie Xinyu.

“‘Corn in the fire’ arrived? She said that she would come, and she also told us a thousand times to make sure to leave a copy of the material for her.” As Yao Feifei checked the IDs of the admitted fans, confirming if they were really fans, she asked Nie Xinyu next to her.

“Haven’t seen  yet, this fundraising ‘corn in the fire’ gave 200,000 yuan in one go, the one who can give so much money all of a sudden must be a rich, white-faced, outstanding temperament kind of person. I would definitely be able to recognize the person at a glance if they came.” Corn in the fire usually chatted in the group sometimes, but she was the first batch of fans of Shi Fei, or a big fan, her Weibo already had more than 2,000 followers.

She usually held activities such as reblogging lotteries from time to time, and was currently the biggest big fan.

Originally Yao Feifei wanted her to be the president, but she pushed it off as she was too busy with work.

As they were talking, there was suddenly a shadow in front of them, and when they looked up, they saw a tall woman in a one-piece black dress sneakily come to the Shi Fei response recruiting place, holding a silk scarf tightly over her face, she asked in a low voice, “This is the Shi Fei’s fans response recruiting place, right?”

Yao Feifei looked at this strange person and asked, “It’s here right, you have to show the ID credentials of your purchase if you want to claim it.”

The woman in the black dress quickly handed the screenshot of the phone she had already made to the other to look at, Yao Feifei was surprised when she saw the ID on it, “You are the ‘corn in the fire’ ah?”

Yao Feifei looked at Nie Xinyu, what about the said rich outstanding temperament?

Nie Xinyu: “……..”

Anyone would have never expected Corn in the Fire to be such a tall woman.

‘Corn in the Fire’ narrowed her eyes beneath her sunglasses.

“Bye, you guys go for it, oh I’ll be off.” The other took the item and happily planned to leave.

Yao Feifei quickly said, “The show is about to start recording, won’t you go in and watch it live?” People who could casually dump out hundreds of thousands of yuan into crowdfunding, a thousand yuan or so for a ticket was certainly not a problem.

“I’m in a hurry, I can’t watch it, I’ll watch it on the internet later. This time, I wanted to come over to take the item, you guys cheer ah.” After finishing, she walked a bit anxiously, and almost broke her foot.

Yao Feifei and Nie Xinyu looked at each other, soon someone came to get the item, they quickly continued to work.

The ‘corn in the fire’ hurriedly entered the corner and quickly got into a van.

As soon as she got into the van, she quickly took off her hat and wig, revealing his true face, who else could it be if it wasn’t Jiang Yu, the Star Promoting Officer.

In the heat of the day still holding a scarf to cover his face, his face was covered with a layer of sweat, agent Ling Xia quickly took a tissue for him to wipe the sweat, and went to get the clothes he would wear when recording the program, and spoke with a helpless expression: “You said that you wanted to support Shi Fei? Is it necessary to torment yourself like this? If your fans knew you were dressed like this, would you still be called a human being? Can’t you just let your assistant collect this kind of thing?”

“How can that be, my master’s competition, I can’t be there to cheer for him, I already feel really helpless, how can I even let someone else do such things as receiving the gift for me. The assistant has taken over my identity to collect things, then wouldn’t it be possible for her to go to any offline activities in the future on my behalf?”

“What do you mean? Do you still want to participate in future offline events for Shi Fei’s fans? You’re going against heaven.”

“That has to be, my master just started out, I’m the apprentice that’s a fan, perfect arrangement. From now on, there will be a different layer of relationship between me and my master than my elder brother.”

Ling Xia covered the back of her neck, feeling that her blood pressure was going to scuffle and increase, “Can’t you be a little bit better, look at your senior brother, he’s won two Grammy awards, I heard that it’s very likely that he’s going to win again this time, how about you, you’re still just thinking about competing for favor.”

Jiang Yu lifted his chin and said a bit proudly, “My album sales have broken records, and my comment on Weibo set a Guinness World Record.”

“Look at what you’ve been able to do, so you’re not an internet star anymore?” Ling Xia left her mouth open and said, “Internet stars can only be brilliant for a while after all, only when the weighty awards are won can you stand firm in the industry. Your singing skills aren’t much worse than your senior brother’s, and he was able to win an award solely because of the lyrics your master wrote, so why don’t you know how to fight for it?”

“It’s not that my master doesn’t want to write for me, it’s that I don’t want to, I want to move towards being an original singer, I want to sing my own songs. One day, I’ll be able to write lyrics that can be internationally recognized just like my master.” Jiang Yu showed the arrogance in his heart.

Ling Xia sighed helplessly, looking like she was hating the iron for not being steel. This matter had been discussed with him many times before, but helplessly Jiang Yu always insisted.

In fact, Jiang Yu’s singing ability was not inferior to many first-tier singers, and he had also won a few important trophies in China, which was recognized by the seniors in the industry.

It was just that people’s hearts were always inadequate, with his older brother’s achievements like that in front of him, of course Ling Xia hoped that he could also get the Grammy Award, that was an award that was recognized by the whole world, a proud achievements of the country ah.

“Don’t say it, how come this skirt can’t be zipped down ah, hurry up and let’s go to the live recording.” Jiang Yu twisted his body and quickly changed his clothes, taking off the stockings and dress on his body.

“Ugh, a good top star, dressing himself up like this, what a mess.” Ling Xia was really helpless for a while, a man dressed as a woman to act as a fan of Shi Fei, how did he come up with this brain-dead idea.

In the end, Jiang Yu was the one who stepped into the recording site to sit on the Star Promoting Officer’s seat.  
  There were nine big squares on the live stage, representing the top nine who advanced this time.

The competition was in the form of a two-two PK, with one vote each in the hands of the three Star Promoters, and the one with the highest number of votes directly advancing to one of the top nine.

The six losers entered the waiting list. After a week’s fan list, the top three people with the highest popularity were promoted smoothly, and the winners were the nine people who produced the strongest idol labels.

This time, Shi Fei was still the King of Popularity, but unlike the first game, the King of Popularity didn’t have any special advantage, and the win or loss mainly depended on the Star Promoter’s choice.

Unless he didn’t win in the first round of PK, he would only have an advantage in the second round.

After an opening song from each of the previous tracks, the real PK began, determined by the Star Promoters’ drawing of lots.

The first game was won by He Lulu, she reached into the draw tube, laughing and joking, “I’m so nervous, why does it feel like I’m the one who has to go up there and compete.”

The ones he drew were Luo Hang and Yu Zixing.

When Luo Hang saw that the person he was going up against was Yu Zixing, his face went white, and he quickly laughed again when he saw the camera sweeping over.

Yu Zixing’s overall strength was quite strong, especially good at rap, he usually looked cool but when he went on stage, his stage style was particularly strong, he was regarded as the top player among 12 people.

In this competition, Luo Hang chose to sing a warmer song this time, Shi Fei sighed when he heard him open his mouth to sing, the song selection was not suitable for him, singing this song was obviously weak, he was going to lose.

He had seen Yu Zixing’s usual practice, and this time the competition chose a song with rap, he would win as long as he could perform like he practised.

Sure enough, when he arrived to perform, he played very steadily. The three star promoters didn’t give Luo Hang a vote except Chu Yuefei of the Magic Sound Circuit, and the rest Jiang Yu and He Lulu voted for Yu Zixing, winning 2-1.

Host Lu Peng: “Congratulations to Yu Zixing, for being the first player in the field to enter the top nine, please choose the top nine grid you wish to enter.”

With Yu Zixing’s victory, Luo Hang ended the match and said goodbye to the stage.

The next two matches were between Xu Haojie of Original Circuit and Zhang Zhaoshun of Magic Sound Circuit, and Xu Haojie won with an original song called “Don’t Want to Lose”.

Wu Yan from the original track won the match against Wei Hao from the Magic Sound track, with Wu Yan’s original song “Why bother”.

At the interval of the competition, Shi Fei looked at Zhuang Xinran, who was a seat away, and saw that he was half nervous and full of confidence.

With narrowed eyes, he felt that something was wrong.

By the fourth session, all three Star Promoters had drawn, and it was He Lulu’s turn to draw again.

This time he drew Shi Fei and Zhou Wen from the original track.

He Lulu said, “The previous two Original track contestants won their matches, so you can cheer for our Beauty track contestant, Shi Fei.”
  Jiang Yu waved his fist and said, “Right, Teacher… Shi Fei, you have to cheer up, take out the original track and avenge our Magic Sound track players.” The previous two matches were both Magic Sound versus Original, Magic Sound track had lost two contestants at once, and the Star Promoting Officer of Magic Sound Track expressed his pain.

Lu Peng took the microphone to adjust the atmosphere and said, “Jiang Yu, Shi Fei is from the beauty track, and I can understand why He Lulu cheered. You’re at least the star promoting officer of the Magic Sound track, so if you want to take revenge, you should let someone from your own track come.”

Jiang Yu, however, did not care in the slightest and said, “As the saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, from now on our Magic Sound Track and Beauty Track are family.”

The audience was amused by Jiang Yu’s words, and He Lulu followed and said, “Don’t, I can’t make the decision on this kind of marriage, the child has his own ideas when he’s older. But it’s true that we can set it up.”

Chu Yuefei laughed and said, “Friendship first, competition second, you guys are not good like this. Zhou Wen cheer up ah, I believe you can do it.”

Lu Peng also let Shi Fei and Zhou Wen each say their match declarations, and then their PKs began.

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