C014– Disappearing Popularity

“You’d better explain what you’re doing in practice room 3 at four o’clock in the morning.” Director Teng’s slightly darkened face was sluggish to the extreme because of the series of events.

“It occurred to me that I was probably going to be eliminated this issue, and when I couldn’t sleep, I went in and wanted to take a souvenir.” Dai Liang said in a hollow voice.

This explanation sounded far-fetched to anyone’s ears, was it necessary to get up before dawn if you wanted to take a souvenir?

Besides, you didn’t go to your own practice room and ran to Shi Fei’s practice room, isn’t that sick?

Dai Liang hadn’t even thought before that the drugs would be searched out in his room, much less that the security camera footage would go wrong, and what he thought was a meticulous layout was all messed up this time.

After all, he was only in his early twenties, his mind hadn’t been trained to be very calm, and when he saw that things weren’t going the way he wanted, the panicked expression on his face couldn’t be hidden.

“Tell the truth.” Director Teng’s stern words resounded through the room, his expression as serious as a tiger that was ready to go on the field and tear someone apart at any moment.

He had been restrained before, but this time he was also moving with real anger. Dai Liang held his hands tightly, his palms full of sweat, his breathing was slightly faster as he tried to explain, “I, I’m just saying… it’s the truth.”

“I’m not a police officer, I won’t break the case, I think it’s best to leave this to the police, if you’re really innocent, I’m sure the police will return justice to you.” Director Teng was running out of patience and planned to just hand the person over to the police station.

That being said, it was actually the same as sentencing Dai Liang in his heart, no matter what the final result came out from the police side, Dai Liang was definitely going to be fired, and after this kind of thing happened, he wouldn’t be able to sing in the entertainment industry in the future.

It broke the path of his future dreams.

The police would definitely find out if they investigated the traces, and Dai Liang was stuck this time.

Dai Liang’s face instantly went white, this time he was really panicked, the little bit of energy he had held strong before was crushed by these words, he subconsciously wanted to open his mouth and beg for forgiveness, “Director Teng, you can’t hand me over to the police, I was wrong, I know this is wrong, I originally wanted to deal with Shi Fei, I really didn’t do it to Zhuang Xinran, it wasn’t me…”

Dai Liang’s words were undoubtedly self-defeating, and without waiting for him to finish his sentence, Director Teng waved his hand and several staff members pulled him out together.

His pleas for mercy continued until he was pulled out of the room and the door closed, and then it was quiet.

The excessively quiet room had a particularly strange atmosphere, Director Teng pinched his brow, feeling tired.
  Looking at the crowd with a warning in his eyes, “None of you are allowed to reveal half a word about tonight’s matter, don’t forget the confidentiality agreement you signed when you came to the competition, if I find out who has revealed it on the internet, not only will you need to pay a high penalty, you won’t sing on stage in the future either.”

It was a heavy statement, and no one’s mood would be calm after something like this.

“We won’t.” Some people whispered in response.

Director Teng continued again, “Everyone rest early, I want you guys to focus on the competition stage in a week, that’s where your fate will be decided.”

After saying this, Director Teng dismissed the crowd.

Shi Fei yawned and walked to the dormitory with everyone else.

On the way, everyone was talking about Dai Liang’s matter.

He Xiaobei stood at the side of Shi Fei and looked at him sideways, his heart somewhat confused, remembering that when he was in the practice room earlier, he wanted to drink water, but Brother Fei stopped him and even took a bottle of water that was under the shelf for him.

He didn’t think much of it then, but now that he thought back to going back, had Brother Fei found something then?

The next day, the show announced the pending promotion, and it was really Zhuang Xinran who stayed on this side of the beauty track.

Everyone wasn’t too surprised.

He returned to the program team on the fourth day after the poisoning, and heard that the discovery was early, the poisoning was not deep, and a good few days of recuperation would be enough to recover. Everyone was especially concerned about him, and one by one, they went up to him, and those who didn’t know thought that they were all Zhuang Xinran’s good friends.

Zhuang Xinran also looked slightly sad, especially when mentioning the matter of Dai Liang, it was hard to hide his sadness, “I didn’t expect that he would do such a thing, it’s because I’m blind and can’t discern people…”

Before he finished speaking, his eyes reddened first, and the others were comforted again.

Shi Fei, who had just returned from running, took a towel to wipe the sweat on his neck, saw the brotherly drama staged by everyone in the corridor, and avoided the group of people.

Zhuang Xinran saw Shi Fei, and gently called out: “Shi Fei, those things I later heard the program staff said, fortunately the truth was revealed, otherwise if you were really wronged, I would feel guilty.”

“What do you have to feel guilty about me, could it be that Dai Liang was instructed by you to do this?” Shi Fei took a hand and scratched a handful of hair that was all sweaty, the hormonal scent on his body was spreading, and in the face of Zhuang Xinran’s words, the corners of his mouth seemed to be smiling, unable to tell if he was serious or joking.

“Me, how could I.” A flash of panic appeared in Zhuang Xinran’s eyes, he quickly composed his expression without letting anyone see it.

Liao Shuisheng, a player on the Magic Sound track next to him, said, “What are you talking about, Shi Fei? Xinran himself is still a victim of this matter.”

“I’m just joking, Xinran, don’t take it seriously.” The corners of Shi Fei’s mouth hooked up into a smile, a shallow smile that was charming and confident, Zhuang Xinran’s heart skipped a beat.

Zhuang Xinran pursed his lips and said, “Of course not.”

“There are only a few days left to the 12 to 9 competition, you have to cheer up oh.” Shi Fei left a sentence that could not be distinguished as genuine or false, he threw the towel over his shoulder and walked past the group of people to his dormitory.
  Facing Shi Fei’s back as he left, Zhuang Xinran felt that he couldn’t understand this person more and more and shouted to his back, “Of course I’ll cheer up, Shi Fei you should cheer up too.”

The conversation between the two of them was unreadable to others, and those who didn’t know thought they were a pair of very good friends.

He Xiaobei who was standing on the side felt that their conversation got along a bit strange, wasn’t it tit for tat before? How come there was still a sudden sense of the great reconciliation of the century.


That night happened to be a Wednesday, and the director filming the live broadcast was called Chen Jingyuan, who was in his mid-twenties and quite handsome, they sent a live director who was not too different in age from the contestants, probably so that people could be more relaxed during the live broadcast.

“You are now seeing the dormitories of all your little brothers, and each room has a sign posted on it, representing who the owner is inside. Which little brother do you all want to meet, sneak up on them and I’ll take you to lurk, and with luck you might even get some footage of the young ones, want to see? If you want to see it, hurry up and give a like… ” Chen Jingyuan spoke funny, doing live broadcasts with netizens, he was very interactive, and the live broadcasts were soon fired up with heat by him.

“I want to see Brother Fei, it has to be Brother Fei, the anchor is going to lurk in Brother Fei’s bathroom.”

“I want to see Wu Yan dance, he’s too sexy dancing, can’t stop my nose bleeding just thinking about the picture.”

“Xinran Xinran, flying with you.”

“Fly when you fly, fly unrestrained, Shippo and you will always be together!”

“Doesn’t anyone want to see the anchor boy’s girl show? Little brother I want to see your stocking uniform performance.”

There were all kinds of painted messages on the live broadcast, and Chen Jingyuan was able to easily joke with them, and when he encountered an anti-fans, he was also able to avoid the topic.

He held a camera in his hand all the way over and said, “Let’s just go in order and catch which one counts, okay?”

The first dormitory was the original track Wu Yan’s room, but unfortunately no one answered the door after knocking for a while, so he probably went to dance practice.

A bunch of Wu Yan’s fans in the live broadcast room sighed with regret, missing the chance to see their favorite bean.

The second room was Zhuang Xinran, after knocking for a while, the netizens almost thought that he was also not in it, Chen Jingyuan intended to leave.

As a result, the door opened.

Zhuang Xinran appeared at the door, dressed in a casual white nightgown with a big lovely rabbit on it.

His hair was still wet, with droplets of water falling down his neck, and Zhuang Xinran took a hand to grab a handful of hair and said, “Sorry, I was just in the shower, I heard a knock on the door and sped up, you’ve been waiting, right?”

Chen Jingyuan: “I’m not in a hurry, I just don’t know if the netizens are in a hurry.”

“We’re not in a hurry, in fact we still have time to watch Xinran come out of the shower.”

“Xinran, I feel like you didn’t get cleaned up, why don’t you go back and wash again, it’s too disruptive to appear on camera, I’m willing to give you a remote back rub.”

“Let go of the front and let me do it, you’re too ugly, it’s more appropriate for me to do something like a remote back rub.”

“Bullshit, you have the nerve to call me ugly with that shoe plucking face.”

Chen Jingyuan took a look at the comments of the netizens, he had long been accustomed to them, basically the netizens did not have any malicious intent, for fear of scaring Zhuang Xinran, jokingly said, “This term’s netizens are too good, I’m a bit unable to descend ah.”

After Zhuang Xinran looked slightly red, Chen Jingyuan quickly persuaded the netizens: “Stop teasing, Xinran’s skin is a bit thin, it is not good to scare him away.”
The online pop-ups immediately became much more regular.

Zhuang Xinran said, “Then I’ll take you guys on a tour of my room, my room is a bit messy, so don’t laugh.”

Chen Jingyuan followed Zhuang Xinran into the room, because Dai Liang had left, now Zhuang Xinran had one room to himself.

An empty bed was used to stack dolls and gift boxes, Zhuang Xinran introduced to everyone, “These are all gifts sent to me by fans, I stacked them all on the bed so that I can see them first every time I enter the dormitory.”

Zhuang Xinran’s words touched the fans who sat in front of the live broadcast and watched.

He then took everyone around his dormitory, and overall his dormitory was pretty clean, not as messy as the boy said it was, and the dormitory wasn’t too big, so he finished fast.

Chen Jingyuan held up his selfie stick and said, “Alright, now that we’ve finished visiting Zhuang Xinran’s dormitory, we’re going to look at the other little brothers’ dormitories next.”

“When I came back earlier, I heard that He Xiaobei was playing the guitar, do you guys want to go check it out, he plays the guitar very well, I wonder if he’s still playing at this point?” Zhuang Xinran suggested with a smile, those two shallow dimples looking heartwarming.

“Yes? Then we’ll go to He Xiaobei’s room at our next stop.” Chen Jingyuan held the camera up high and said, “Xinran do you want to come with us to check it out.”
 ”Yes, I also want to listen to his guitar.” Zhuang Xinran put away the towel to wipe his hair and followed him out of the door.

No sooner had they reached the door than they heard a smooth guitar sound inside. Chen Jingyuan held the selfie stick and listened at the door for a while, then said: “It seems that Xiaobei is playing the guitar. We will stand at the door and listen for a while, so we won’t disturb him.”

“This guitar sounds nice, but when it comes to playing the guitar, I only serve my little brother ‘Gary’, who can give you the feeling of playing a symphony.”

“the front is Gary’s fans? Me, too. He plays the guitar well, and I have listened to it a hundred times. ”

“Sisters don’t leave, I like to listen to the song “Young ” played by him, which is simply physical and mental enjoyment.”

“As long as he plays, I like any one, but he hasn’t appeared for a long time, so sad.”

“Am I the only one who noticed his hand? The hand control party said that it has no resistance to those hands at all. “

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