C013–Setting Each Other Up

Shi Fei didn’t pay any attention to Dai Liang’s words and looked to Director Teng and asked, “Director, is that how you see it as well?” Because his throat was inflamed, his voice was slightly hoarse and not as pleasant as usual.

Director Teng: “A player found out that he had been poisoned during the competition, I have to give an explanation for this. Shi Fei, do you have any evidence to prove that you didn’t do this?”

Shi Fei laughed, laughing with extreme disdain, and said, “One word of doubt from him and I need to provide proof for myself? If I can’t prove it, does that mean I’m this murderer, and that’s how the show investigates things?”

Dai Liang took two steps forward, pointed his finger at him and said, “Who else if not you? You’re the only one with the most motive in the entire program.”

Shi Fei replied, “I do think you’re more suspicious.”

Dai Liang said angrily, “You’re talking nonsense, how could I?”

Shi Fei: “How is it impossible. Both of you are pending contestants, and with Zhuang Xinran unable to sing, the person most likely to top it is you, isn’t that enough of a motive? Taking a step back, even if I really don’t like Zhuang Xinran, there’s no need for me to pick this time to do something like this, after all, originally the advancement quota for the pending contestants was going to be announced today, and we don’t even know if Zhuang Xinran will be able to pass, so why would I need to do this unnecessarily. Even if I really wanted to do it, I would wait until I was sure of his advancement before doing it, it would be more beneficial to me, right?”

The crowd listened to Shi Fei’s analysis and also felt that it made sense.

“You, you you are simply farting[saying nonsense], Xinran and I are like brothers, how could I possibly harm him.” Dai Liang was so angry that his hair was about to stand on end, and the veins on his neck were popping out one by one, his expression was hideous.

“Since ancient times, there have been few instances where loving brothers and sisters have set each other up? It’s because you love each other and share the same dormitory that it’s easier for you to do it.” Shi Fei retorted.

He Xiaobei brought a bottle of water for Shi Fei to drink, worried that his words would affect the recovery of his throat if he spoke so much.

“You have fancy words prepared, I’m not going to argue with you about that.” Dai Liang forced down the anger in his chest and looked to Director Teng and said, “Director Teng, I demand to inspect Shi Fei’s room, as long as he did this, he would have left evidence, a search will bring out clues.”

“You’ve watched too many palace dramas, If I really did it, I left the poison in the dormitory for you to check? Is your head just growing to show your height?” Shi Fei took another couple of sips of water, he was talking a bit too much, and it did get a bit hard.

He Xiaobei said, “I believe that Brother Fei wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Yu Zixing put on a noble unfriendly face and spoke, “I also think that Shi Fei wouldn’t do such a thing, searching the dormitory just based on Dai Liang’s words is too disrespectful, you guys are part of the snide remarks.”

“……. “Faced with a certain abroad child with a lack of knowledge of idioms, He Xiaobei leaned to the side and whispered a reminder: “It’s outrageous and unreasonable.”

Yu Zixing: “It all means about the same.”
  Director Teng placed his hands behind his back and took out the aura of a director and said, “Someone did this kind of thing in the program, I as the director must find out the truth of the matter and take responsibility for your personal safety, otherwise, if we don’t catch the murderer, we won’t be able to compete with peace of mind. Of course, since I’m going to investigate, I won’t just look into the dormitory of one person, but to show fairness, I’ll check everyone’s room.”

As  Director Teng’s words fell, the players clearly showed resistance, any one of them didn’t want to be suspected, yet they didn’t dare to resist.

Dai Liang looked at Shi Fei, there was a flash of pride in his eyes, Shi Fei you’re waiting to be finished.

He didn’t know why the poison he gave was dodged by Shi Fei, and the water also turned out to be drunk by Zhuang Xinran.

Thinking about the pain of sending him to the hospital, Dai Liang’s chest ached with heartache.

It was all Shi Fei’s fault, if it wasn’t for him there wouldn’t be these things, since the poison failed to poison him, then at least this matter would be pinned on his head, fortunately he was prepared.

Everyone stood in place and waited, as the minutes passed, everyone was getting more and more uneasy, who wouldn’t be uneasy when something like this happened during the match.

Some of the better connected people lowered their heads and whispered.

“You guys don’t think it was really Shi Fei who did this, right?”

“It’s hard to say, I can’t say anything about this, but it does seem like Shi Fei is the most suspicious at the moment.”

“Isn’t Dai Liang not suspicious enough? I think Shi Fei’s analysis is quite reasonable ah.”

“Let’s just wait and see, whoever it is, I just want to find out quickly, it’s too scary to live in the same building every day with such a horrible person.”
  The contestants were mostly students, who had not yet entered society, and even if they usually had their own little thoughts, they were not so malicious as to poison others.
For them, poisoning someone’s voice was already unimaginable.

In the midst of such a tense and bizarre atmosphere, after about an hour or so, a staff member returned and drew everyone’s attention away.

Director Teng asked first, “What did you find?”

The staff said, “It was found, a packet of poison was found, and the doctor accompanying him confirmed it was the same poison as the one Zhuang Xinran had.”

Dai Liang’s mouth was slightly hooked up, and there was a flash of haze in his eyes, Shi Fei, now see how you can deny it.

Director Teng asked with a dark face, “In which room was it found?”

The staff looked in the direction of Dai Liang next to him and said, “It was found in Dai Liang’s packed suitcase.”

Dai Liang, who was confident just now, instantly cracked and roared, “You’re lying, how could it be found in my suitcase?”

Shi Fei tsked, “It’s horrible, Dai Liang, I didn’t see that you were such a despicable villain thanks to your usual act of being so close to Zhuang Xinran, so you were hiding such a deep heart.”

Dai Liang said angrily, “You’re saying nonsense, you open your mouth and spray shit aren’t you? How could I harm Xinran.” He wanted to hold Xinran in the palm of his hand.

Shi Fei shrugged his shoulders and said, “But the poison was found in your suitcase, so how do you explain it?”

The staff member opened his phone and said, “I took pictures at that time.”

He handed the turned out cell phone photo to Director Teng.

After looking at it, Director Teng looked at Dai Liang with a dark face, as the other staff members brought the projector, he handed the phone to them, and soon a photo was displayed on the white wall.

In the photo, someone was holding a clear plastic bag in his hand, and the bag had a small half bag of white powder.

And then flipped to another photo, an open suitcase, someone’s hand from a green jacket pocket taking the clear plastic bag.

Even though they couldn’t gather anything from the picture, they all knew that this was the thing that harmed Zhuang Xinran.
  ”It’s horrible, such a big pack, was he trying to poison us all dumb?”

“Is he going to fail to advance and also make others simply unable to compete?”

“I don’t know if Zhuang Xinran’s voice will recover, how do you think he’ll be able to do it?”

“I remember when he was having trouble with Shi Fei, Zhuang Xinran sided with him and even led to him being punished, but now he was ungratefully stabbed in the back.”

“How coulld he have the nerve to frame Shi Fei for something like this when he did it himself? I almost believed him.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I didn’t, I didn’t do this.” Dai Liang hurriedly took two steps forward to explain, but found that no one believed him.

“Luo Hang you believe me, we usually eat and train together every day, don’t you know what kind of person I am?” Dai Liang explained to a player who usually played better, hoping that he would believe him.

As a result, when Luo Hang saw Dai Liang coming over, he subconsciously took two steps back, looking like he was deeply afraid of being implicated in the poisoning as well.

He wasn’t the only one, all the people in that area took two steps back, looking at Dai Liang with a wary face.

Shi Fei stood there looking at Dai Liang’s anxious and agitated someone, his eyes gleaming.

When he had been framed by Dai Liang in his previous life, he had also gone around explaining to people like this, but no one was willing to believe him, and everyone only believed what they saw.

Now he returned what he had suffered to Dai Liang, so that he could also have a taste of what it was like to be wrongly accused and not believed by the world.

Dai Liang’s eyes suddenly fell in the direction of Shi Fei, his eyes red and said, “It was you, right? You did all of this, and you planted evidence on me, right?”
His voice was so loud that it almost seemed like it would take the roof off, and his vicious eyes were like those of a fierce beast.

“There’s surveillance in the dormitory’s corridor, so it’s perfectly possible to check if I’ve been in your dormitory.” Shi Fei cleared his hoarse voice and said to Director Teng, “Director Teng, I’ll stop talking, my throat hurts, I’m sure you’ll fix this.”

Dai Liang turned to Director Teng and explained urgently, “Director Teng, you have to believe me, it really wasn’t me, someone must have set me up in this, it must have been Shi Fei who set me up.”

The staff there said, “Just now when we checked the room, we also checked the surveillance by the way, and found that after leaving your dormitory, Shi Fei never entered your room again. Instead, we were able to find out that there were two bottles of vitamin C water that were also drugged inside the No. 3 practice room of Shi Fei and He Xiaobei and the others. And this morning at around 4:00 am, before dawn, Dai Liang had once gone in.”

Usually the practice room had a tag along to film VJ, as the players started their day.

At four o’clock in the morning, basically none of the players were awake, and the VJ certainly wasn’t there to follow them.

But there was 24-hour surveillance installed in the hallway.

“Impossible, how could it be possible that he hadn’t been in before, and…” Dai Liang was very sure that this was done by Shi Fei. The water that he had given to him before, nothing happened to Zhuang Xinran. No matter what was involved, he couldn’t tell.

And he had paid a computer friend to delete the video from several monitors near the corridor of the No.3 practice room during that time period.

He also deliberately had that video sent to him to see, and when he checked, the content of the surveillance video was still the same as before, and could not even be found without a closer look.

How did it become visible again this time, what was going on?


Is he delusional?

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