C003: I’ll Beat You Up

  The camera was pointed at Shi Fei and everyone’s eyes were on him.

  Zhuang Xinran continued to look at Shi Fei and asked, “Without harming anyone’s interests, why can’t we give others more hope and opportunity?”

  ”Or do you feel you can ignore the two teachers?”

  A sentence blocked Zhuang Xinran to the point where he didn’t know what to say, and quickly said to Lu Peng and He Lulu, “Teacher Lu Peng and Teacher He Lulu, I didn’t mean that.”

  He said and lowered his head slightly, looking a little aggrieved.

  Teacher Lu Peng held the microphone in his hand and said, “I hope you all can respect the rules of the competition. All you have to do as contestants is to sing well in every competition and not let yourselves have any regrets on the stage.” These words were a warning to Zhuang Xinran, but also to Shi Fei, a restless person.

 He Lulu He also picked up the microphone and said, “I want to tell everyone that if you want to be the strongest idol, strength is an important factor in how far you can go on stage.”

  The words weren’t much, but the meaning was clear.

  Qin Zhi left.

  Shi Fei sat indifferently in his chair, as if everything that had just happened had nothing to do with him.

  In his previous life, he and He Xiaobei had chosen a different track, so Qin Zhi and Dai Liang were the two people who had directly advanced.

  Later on, these two became Zhuang Xinran’s right hand men, and didn’t hesitate to help him secretly to help other contestants, and they all had a hand behind the scenes when Shi Fei was finally forced to withdraw from the race by the Internet.

  In the first match of the day, Shi Fei felt merciful for just cutting off one of Zhuang Xinran’s arms first, leaving one for him to drive in the show.

  Probably suffering from the aftermath of the elimination just now, the other pending students behind didn’t dare to challenge any more, after all, they all knew how strong the others were.

  The next day, all the promoted and pending contestants took a bus to the dormitory prepared by the program, where every four people had a room.

 He didn’t know if the program team was trying to make things more interesting, placing him, Dai Liang and Zhuang Xinran in one room, and the last roommate was He Xiaobei.

  There were two beds on the left and right, and a desk was placed in the middle with an empty window.

 When Shi Fei choose the bed on the left side of the room, He Xiaobei immediately picked a bed next to him.

  While arranging the bed, Zhuang Xinran stood at the side and opened his mouth to explain, “When I was competing before, I didn’t mean anything else, Qin Zhi is my friend, I simply wanted to keep him, I hope you don’t think too much about it.”

  Shi Fei continued to make the bed, “I didn’t think too much about it.”

  Zhuang Xinran pursed his lips and still wanted him to speak, then he saw that Shi Fei had stuffed the quilt core into the sheet, pulled the two corners and lifted it, then got it done and went to tidy up the other clothes.

   Zhuang Xinran was also embarrassed to say anything more. Feeling a little lost, he went back to his bed. Dai Liang saw the scene and thought Shi Fei was too ungrateful.

  Getting up to train him with a few words, he was stopped by Zhuang Xinran , who silently shook his head and softly said: “I’m fine.” With a smile on his face, but still with a fallen indifferent look in his eyes, Dai Liang was a little distressed, and his resentment towards Shi Fei increased by another layer.

 Shi Fei methodically took out and put away his luggage as well.

  After He Xiaobei put his guitar away, he asked, “Brother Fei, do you want me to help you organize ah?”

  Shi Fei shook his head, “No, I’m almost done.”

  The housework was not difficult for Shi Fei, He Xiaobei was also used to doing it, but the other two in the same dormitory were not very good at it, they looked at the duvet cover wick and had no idea how to get them together.

  After looking at the slightly difficult to talk to Shi Fei, they landed their help on He Xiaobei, who was polishing his guitar and was clearly more talkative.

  ”Xiaobei, can you help me with the bed?” The words were a question, but the man had stepped aside to make room for He Xiaobei, ready for him to do it.

  ”And me.” Dai Liang said very naturally.

  He Xiaobei, who was polishing his own guitar, immediately put it down and said, “Okay…”

  ”Xiaobei, accompany me for a walk around the neighborhood.” Shi Fei was the first to stand up with his phone and earbuds.

  He Xiaobei looked at the two of them with a bit of a dilemma, and Shi Fei asked sideways, “Aren’t you coming?”

  ”Go go go.” He Xiaobei put his guitar away and said apologetically to Zhuang Xinran, “I’m sorry, I…”

  ”Let’s go.” Shi Fei directly pulled He Xiaobei over, and before the person even left the dormitory, he began to reprimand, “What are you saying sorry for? It’s not your job to do it. You do what you’re told to do? Are they themselves unarmed?”

  ”No, I’m just feeling a little busy, we’re all in the same dorm, we should help each other.”

  Their voices drifted away until they couldn’t be heard.

  ”This Shi Fei, what does he mean?” Dai Liang had a face of anger and stretched out his foot and kicked the bed of Shi Fei hard twice, letting out all the anger he had suffered during yesterday’s challenge.

  Zhuang Xinran stopped him and said, “Forget it, let’s save some energy for training. Why don’t you go to the other dorms and ask if there’s anyone willing to help us fix our blankets.”

  ”Fine, I don’t believe that everyone is as careful as Shi Fei.” Dai Liang walked out with a pale face.

  Zhuang Xinran didn’t stop him and lowered his waist to take out his skin care products and toothbrush from his own suitcase and headed to the bathroom.

  As soon as the washroom door was pushed open and was about to step in, he saw a piece of paper lying on the floor, Zhuang Xinran put everything on the sink first and picked up the paper on the floor to look at it and found that it was a sheet of music with lyrics and songs on it.

  All of them were playing scores, Zhuang Xinran’s eyes lit up so brightly that he couldn’t move once he saw this five-line score.

  It was a Chinese music, but not the traditional Chinese style, and the words in it were very meaningful, as if he could see life coming and going in a busy life.

  He was so enthralled by it that he couldn’t take his eyes off it for a moment, and his hands even trembled a little with excitement.

  When he heard footsteps coming from the door, Zhuang Xinran quickly hid the sheet music, and turned around just in time to see Dai Liang and another player come to the room.

  Dai Liang: “Xinran, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face red.”

  Zhuang Xinran shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, it’s probably the hot weather.”

  Dai Liang nodded, then patted his shoulders and said, “See, I’ve found help.”


  When Shi Fei and He Xiaobei returned, there was no one else in the dormitory, Shi Fei saw that the quilt on his bed had been thrown on the floor, and there were several footprints on it, and that exquisite face flashed with a hint of coldness.

  He Xiaobei hurriedly went forward to pick up the quilt, “Who did this? How will he sleep at night?”

  Zhuang Xinran and Dai Liang had just returned from outside, and when Dai Liang saw this scene, a hint of smugness flashed in his eyes and his eyebrows were raised provocatively. So what if I’m the one who did it?

 Shi Fei also did not say anything, took the basin issued by the program, without saying a word, headed to the bathroom, filled the basin with water, without saying a word, splashed it on the bed that Dai Liang had made up.

A clean blanket was full of water, water stains dripped down through the bed board and ran along the grain of the floor.

  ”Shi Fei, are you out of your mind?” Dai Liang went up and grabbed his blanket, all wet, the whole bed was wet, along with the two clothes he had left on the bed.

  ”It’s nothing, I don’t like owing people things, just paying you back.” Shi Fei reached up and turned around to start removing his own sheets.

  ”I’ll get you.” Dai Liang got up and tried to punch him, but Zhuang Xinran quickly stopped him.

  The door was open, and the noise of the two men’s bickering drew everyone around them.

  Zhuang Xinran advised, “Both of you stop it, it’s not good. Shi Fei, you splashed water on Dai Liang’s blanket, after all, this is your fault, apologize to him. Dai Liang, don’t be serious, just forgive him if Shi Fei apologizes to you, we’ll all raise our heads and see each other later.”

  Shi Fei took a look at someone who was surrounded by the holy father’s aura, and with two simple words, he pushed all the fault of the matter to his side, sneering, “Are you planning to apologize by raising your head?”

  ”I didn’t mean it like that, I just don’t want a dorm roommate to have a conflict.”

  ”You have a point, so let Dai Liang apologize to me, and for your sake, I’ll reluctantly forgive him.” Shi Fei sat on the bed with his arms wrapped around his chest and looked across at the two men with a raised cocky eyebrow.


  The people around him drew a breath of cold air.

  ”This Shi Fei is too crazy, he dared to splash his roommate’s bed on his first day in the dormitory, and in turn, he wants Dai Liang apologize.”

  ”If he wasn’t crazy, would he have changed the rules on the day of the preliminaries and forcefully eliminated someone?”

  ”I’ve heard that he’s good at singing, even that’s over the top, I really think this program is his family ah.”

  He Xiaobei was a bit worried seeing so many people accusing Shi Fei, and opened his mouth to defend Shi Fei, “It’s not like that, he was the one who first…”

  Before he finished his sentence, he was glared at by Dai Liang, He Xiaobei was so frightened that his voice lowered an octave, “He’s the one who first ruined Shi Fei’s blanket.”

  Unfortunately, the crowd didn’t hear the rest of that sentence.

  ”Shi Fei, you really think I don’t dare to beat you up right? Today I have to teach you how to behave properly.” An enraged Dai Liang threw off Zhuang Xinran’s restraints and pushed up his sleeves ready to beat this arrogant brat to death.

  ”Oh no, Shi Fei has really pissed off Dai Liang, he’s so skinny, he can’t take a few hits from Dai Liang.”

  Although Dai Liang was not very handsome, but he had been working out for years, and his clothes were lifted up to see his eight-pack abs, how could Shi Fei’s thin arms and legs be his opponent.

Shi Fei looked at the person who was approaching in three or two steps, a shallow smile on his lips.

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