C002— The strongest singer

 The host took the microphone and said excitedly: “Player Qin Zhi, you want to challenge our popularity king. What is your answer at this time?”

Shi Fei looked at Qin Zhi and the other players, and stood up and asked, “Do other players besides Qin Zhi think I am not qualified to sit in this position?” You can stand up together. “

  The host Lu Peng was even more excited, this was going to be something. They were recording a variety show, of course, the more explosive the show was, the more points to watch.

  The other contestants were asked, “Are there any more? Are there any other contestants who want to challenge Shi Fei?”

  The others looked at each other for a moment, then more than half of the players raised their hands and took a step forward, there were only 12 players to be decided, 8 of them all offered a challenge to Shi Fei.

  No one wanted to go back so soon after coming to this place.

  The host looked towards these 8 pending challengers and asked, “According to the rules, you can choose one of the pending challengers to fight, Shen Fei.”

  He Xiaobei was a little worried, he hadn’t seen how Shen Fei was and didn’t know how things would go later.

 Shi Fei stood up and touched his nose with his finger, which was a bit uncomfortable, he looked at the eight people who were eager to try and looked unconvinced, looking from the left to the right and then from the right to the left, then they saw him pick up the microphone and say loudly, “My choice is to reject the challenge.”

  Moderator: “…”

  Pending contestant: “…”

  The host, Lu Peng, almost thought he had misheard and once again made sure to ask, “What did you say your choice was, Shi Fei?”

  Shi Fei said again, “I said I refuse to accept the challenge.”

  Qin Zhi immediately lost his nonchalant attitude and pointed at Shi Fei, “How can you refuse?”

  Shi Fei raised his eyebrows, his voice lazy as he retorted, “Why not? The rules allow the pending contestant to challenge the promoted contestant, but there’s no stipulation that the promoted contestant can’t refuse ah.”

  Lu Peng was befuddled, it was not saying that he couldn’t refuse, but in this situation, someone with a bit of backbone and face wouldn’t refuse under so many cameras.

  He Lulu resisted the urge to laugh out loud, looking at the young man with delicate features, she thought it was quite funny and spoke, “Teacher Lu Peng, the rebuttal from Shi Fei is indeed reasonable.”

  Lu Peng felt as if he had met the Waterloo of his host’s career, which was not according to the routine of the card ah, to participate in the talent show, didn’t he consider his reputation?

  Somewhat reluctantly, he asked again, “Have you thought about it, Shi Fei? Really not up for the challenge?”

Shi Fei pursed his lips and said, “I just don’t think it’s effective for me to accept their challenge.”

  Lu Peng saw the situation and immediately asked, “Why do you say that?”

  ”The current situation is that a TBD player can advance if they win and have nothing to lose or continue to be TBD[ To Be Decided], it’s a straightforward opportunity for them to advance. But for our already promoted players it is a choice to face losing, this is a bad deal no matter how you look at it.”

 They were sure the Star potentials were selected after careful consideration. And their being pending only meant that they weren’t good enough, in that case was there any need to accept the challenge?”

 Shi Fei’s words, however, made all the promoted players present feel the same way.

  Yes, it was clear that they had advanced, those below were pending, but now the conditions were reversed, so did it make sense for them to advance in the first place?

  Lu Peng really want to go up and cover his mouth, he could shut up, of course, the challenge was added to make the post-editing more exciting.

  What was the most important thing about a variety show, of course it was the eye-catching explosion point.

  But Qin Zhi didn’t care about that, he had been looking at Shi Fei with displeasure for a long time, “To be frank, you just still don’t dare to compare, and you’re still talking such a bunch of words.” Shi Fei’s continuous excuses made Qin Zhi and the other pending contestants even more certain that he didn’t have any singing ability, otherwise why would he find reasons again and again.

  ”It’s not that I don’t dare to compete, but I’m afraid that you won’t be able to lose properly.” Shi Fei smiled and looked at Qin Zhi and said, “Since we’re going to challenge, why don’t we just play a little bigger, if we win, we stay on stage, if we lose, we just leave, there’s no pending part.”

 Shi Fei’s words suddenly surprised everyone present, many people looked at him incredulously, this was a complete no to himself ah.

  They knew that with the face value of Shi Fei, even if he lost the challenge and became a pending player, there was still a high chance that he would be pushed back by the fans.

  Shi Fei looked towards the hosts Lu Peng and He Lulu and asked, “May I ask Mr. Lu Peng and Miss. He Lulu, what do you think?”

  ”We’ll discuss it with the director’s team.” They soon discussed it with the director’s team and came back with the answer that they could, as long as they both agreed.

 Shi Fei looked at Dai Liang and Qin Zhi with clear eyes, and his face was confident: “Now it’s my turn to ask you, do you dare to accept such a challenge?”

Qin Zhi and Dai Liang couldn’t answer one by one for half a day. If they won, he would leave and if they lost, and they would leave without any retreat. They hadn’t seen Shi Fei’s talent show, and they didn’t know his strength. If they lost, they wouldn’t even have a chance to push.

Some advanced and unchallenged players started to chant: “Battle, Battle, Battle …”

Qin Zhi had the feeling of catching ducks on the shelves. It was neither better than nor worse than it was. He had a faint regret in his heart. If he had known it, he would not have stood up and challenged him.

When he looked at him again, he couldn’t see through him. He didn’t know if he was faking it or was he really so confident?

“OK, I agree.” Qin Zhi finally bite his teeth and agreed to the requirements of the competition.

  Qin Zhi agreed, followed by Dai Liang who also bit the bullet, and those others who challenged Shi Fei could only agree.

Shi Fei could pick one of them to fight.

  His eyes landed on Qin Zhi’s body, smiled with ease, he said, “Seeing how positive you were just now, my challenge is of course to you.”

  When his finger landed on Qin Zhi, the other challengers all secretly breathed a sigh of relief, including Dai Liang.

  At the same time, they were delighted, Qin Zhi’s singing level wasn’t bad, and even his singing level wasn’t necessarily inferior to several of the promoters on the field, and when he performed just now, He Lulu was struggling very much to let him pass.

  He was the strongest among the twelve pending contestants.

 They were afraid that if Shi Fei chose him, he was going to turn over a new leaf.

  Even He Lulu was sweating for him, and He Xiaobei was sitting in the top seat, his hands pinched his clothes, his face full of worry.


  The challenge competition was sung by the challenger first, and the song chosen by Qin Zhi was called “wild long”, which wa a bombastic song with fast lyrics, mainly about a teenager in the pursuit of dreams, not afraid of any gossip and adversity.

  It was a bit like Qin Zhi at this point, so it was a good idea to pick this song.

  The music began playing, and Qin Zhi took the microphone and sang.

  ”Wow, Qin Zhi’s voice is pretty steady this time, pretty good.”

  ”It’s much better than what he played before, if he had been in this state from the start, he might have advanced.”

  ”This is dangerous for Shi Fei, he’s digging his own hole and jumping.”

They didn’t know if he was stimulated or not, Qin Zhi could be said to have overperformed this time, even his friend Dai Liang felt that this was considered the best level he had played in a while.

  After the song, the crowd applauded, and Qin Zhi straightened his shirt, revealing a confident smile.

  He Lulu took the microphone and joked, “Why weren’t you in this state in the first place, I’d have let you pass, Shi Fei, you’ll have to be careful.”

  The host asked, “Shi Fei, it’s your turn, what’s the song you want to choose to sing?”

  Shi Fei walked to the center of the stage with the microphone raised and said, “‘Wild Long’.”

  The place was in an uproar, all thinking that Shi Fei was too rampant and arrogant to pick the same song.

 This same song, good and bad would have a very sharp contrast, ordinary people PK[player kill] would do this. Was he too confident or was it a death wish?

Lu Peng: “Then please start your performance.”

He Lulu sat in a chair and turned around for half a circle. Her mouth was slightly raised and she said to Lu Peng, who had just walked back to him, “I like this child, he is resilient enough.”

Lu Peng said: “It is useless for you to like him. If his strength is not as crazy as his character, he will be sprayed to death by all netizens.”

He Lulu turned his head and said, “Why do you call it crazy? I think it is personality. “

At this moment, the music sounded, which was also the familiar melody. Shi Fei closed his eyes with the microphone in his hand, and just now he was slightly lazy. With the sound of music, his whole aura changed.

 When he spoke the first sentence, He Lulu’s eyes lit up, not only her but also other players present.

This was an explosive song in itself. Shi Fei sang the meaning of this song. With his singing, even the pictures in the lyrics appeared in their minds.

A teenager who was not willing to flinch for half a minute in order to dream, leaving footprints with blood on the road, and could hear his heart from his singing.

“I want to cry a little when he sings, which reminds me of the experience of practicing dance every day until the early hours of the morning.”

“Me too. I spend more than five hours practicing songs every day for the dream of music, and I have to take care of my studies. I only sleep for five or six hours a day.”

The same song, the same words, two people sang completely different, Qin Zhi sang a burning bomb. In addition to burning and exploding, Shi Fei sang in people’s hearts, hooking up the thoughts in people’s hearts, and making people feel the urge to cry.

Most people on the court were red-eyed, including He Lulu and Lu Peng.

He Lulu thought of the days when she worked as a trainee day and night. She gave up her studies and became a trainee for five years in order to make her debut. She had to face the suppression of her predecessors when she practiced day and night.

Liu Peng lifted up his head and patted the tears in his eyes. He was now the first brother in charge of the host field, and few people dared to cheat him, but this was also his own way to take blood out step by step.

After singing the song, many people stood up and applauded Shi Fei, their eyes were still tearful, and many people didn’t even know they were crying.

Shi Fei sniffled and said, “I caught a cold and didn’t play well.”

With his simple words, Qin Zhi’s face went paler, he said that he didn’t play well enough at such a level. What could he do? At the thought of the rules that were changed before the game, he suddenly felt like dying.

Other contestants also wanted to hit him with their microphones. Can you give other singers some hope?

Lu Peng coughed twice and said, “Young man, keep a low profile.” His words were blaming, but there was no accusation in his tone.

  Another reminder for He Lulu to announce the result.

  He Lulu took a finger and stroked the tears in the corners of her eyes, held the microphone and said, “I don’t think anyone will have a problem with me declaring Shi Fei the winner of this challenge match.”

  Lu Peng took the microphone and picked up He Lulu’s words and said, “Then according to the rules before the challenge match, Qin Zhi your result is elimination.”

  Qin Zhi’s face was pale and he suddenly regretted his actions before the challenge.

  Zhuang Xinran looked at Qin Zhi, who was about to be eliminated, and said to Shi Fei with a broken heart, “Why must he be eliminated? The program stipulates that the loser is to be determined, so wouldn’t it be nice to give him a chance?”

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