The direction of this press conference definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. When the live channel was opened, the audience thought that Dongfang Hewen would talk about the content of the Star Island incident in a moment. There were even a lot of people that guessed that it was definitely not simple, and had a lot to do with Duan Hengye.



But no matter how wildly imaginative, no one would have expected that the story that Dongfang Hewen were about to tell could go back decades.




It turned out that Duan Hengye’s parents had been conducting research on large scale weapons of destruction carried by mechas.



It turned out that the relationship between the former director and his wife and the southern star’s Marshal was so close that the two sides were even close friends for many years.



It turned out that the so-called “test accident” …… was caused by human beings!



These things were both like bo-mbs and thunder, one by one, the viewers watching the live broadcast smashed with it. After hearing this, they had completely forgotten the current chaos and crisis of the Empire, they couldn’t help but put all their attention on the content of the live broadcast.



In fact, just like every viewer who was watching the live broadcast, at the beginning when they found out, Dongfang Hewen also very shocked. But today, the content of this conference had already been determined over and over again in the meeting of the military department. So when he spoke, Dongfang Hewen’s expression remained as calm as it was earlier.



In the eyes of the general audience, the more calm the narration, the more it contrasted with the story being told.



Dongfang Hewen’s tone was unusually calm, without a trace of personal emotion, as if he wasn’t telling the stories of people around him, but outlining the plot of a movie or TV series.



After only ten minutes, Dongfang Hewen had already extended from the accident back then to the adoption of Duan Hengye by the Queen’s family.



This conference wasn’t only a simple narrative, but also had graphic to go with it. Although Duan Hengye had attended the relevant meetings of the Ministry of the military, he didn’t read all the materials. Therefore, Professor Duan, who was working diligently, didn’t know that Southern Star had contacted the Empress and found some of the information he had studied on the Empress family’s star.



It could be seen that although Duan Hengye was adopted by the Queen’s family, but in fact he had been under the “remote control” of the royal family.



Because of the title of genius since childhood, Duan Hengye never had a completed childhood like the vast majority of people – this was very obvious, as could be seen from what Dongfang Hewen just said about Duan Hengye’s parents intentionally teaching him about mecha we-apon systems in his early years.



And when Duan Hengye fell into the hands of the Empress family, he lost his memory while undergoing brainwashing, learning and training that deprived him of his humanity. This was a time of more than ten years.



During those ten years, Duan Hengye had no friends, no amateur pastimes. What he faced every day was complex mecha knowledge, living as a robot.



It was only after seeing this that the public knew that there was so much hidden behind the simple word “genius”.



The information industry in the interstellar era was really very developed, like this series of events that Duan Hengye experienced when he was small, if it fell on the heads of ordinary people, it would definitely be identified by the identity system of everyone connected to the StarNet. But who told Duan Hengye to meet the people of the imperial family? They were already in control of everything in the Ye Tian Empire.


After that incident, the imperial family directly shut down the monitoring of Duan Hengye by the imperial youth protection system. By the way …… in addition to brainwashing, they also controlled Duan Hengye with a dr-ug, something that many of the people living in the interstellar world couldn’t imagined.



After hearing all this, it was surprisingly difficult for people to react for a moment that this story actually happened in this present era. Even the main character of the incident was Duan Hengye ……




After speaking here, Dongfang Hewen paused for a moment, he seemed to be waiting for everyone to digest the information just now, and seemed to be preparing the next heavy bo-mb.



About a dozen seconds later, Dongfang Hewen continued, “Because of years of brainwashing, at first Mr. Duan Hengye had a heavy identity of the royal Family’s undercover spy.”



This press conference today would definitely be firmly engraved in interstellar history.



No one expected that there was such a piece of information hidden after what Dongfang Hewen had just said. Of course the military ministry didn’t announce all the things that Duan Hengye did, Dongfang Hewen only briefly mentioned this identity. He immediately followed up by saying that as his body developed, the effect of dru-gs on Duan Hengye’s brain gradually weakened, and the effect of brainwashing disappeared back then. Therefore, by now, Duan Hengye had long since ceased to be an undercover agent of the royal family.


After seeing this, inside the ring classroom located on the Duguang star, a student that was secretly watching the press conference couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.



At this time Duan Hengye had just started to call everyone to watch the light screen model in front of him, and the classroom was quiet like no other. So that scream attracted everyone’s attention, including, of course, Duan Hengye, who was standing on the podium.



Duan Hengye could probably guess wat point the conference was now. So after hearing that scream, standing not far from the podium, Duan Hengye reflexively clenched his palms into fists. Although the surface remained cloudy, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but worry …… he didn’t know if people could accept his identity.



After hearing the scream, Duan Hengye delayed for a moment before dropping his eyes to the other side. Then did his best to remain calm, “Is there any problem with model in front of you?”



After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, the student hurriedly shook his head at first, then slightly stammered, “No.”



“Okay.” Immediately after that, Duan Hengye continued to speak with a calm expression. He just saw that this student looked at him with curiosity, panic, and even worship …… there was no disgust. Duan Hengye, who lowered his head and pretended to look at the light computer, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.



As early as before Duan Hengye came to this world, the original owner had the identity of “intergalactic male god”. And now, because of several stunning appearances in recent times, Duan Hengye’s admirers grew more and more.



Duan Hengye knew this clearly, and he also understood that people’s disgust would increase exponentially when they found out that the person they had always admired was different from their imagination.


Before this press conference officially started, Duan Hengye’s biggest worry was whether his former identity would be accepted by people and whether people would dislike him for it.



But Duan Hengye didn’t expect that after Dongfang Hewen’s words, not only was he not disliked, but his image was enriched – he had changed from the “Professor Duan” who was so high and mighty, without a trace of popularity, to a man who had experienced pain.



Of course, this was also due to the fact that Southern Star blurred the specific events Duan Hengye had done.


Compared to the class time of An Luo University, the press conference of Southern Star was much shorter. Duan Hengye’s class had just reached the halfway point, when the press conference came to an end.



After telling the story that spanned generations and decades, Dongfang Hewen finally gave a big gift to the whole interstellar world –



The toxin in Duan Hengye’s body had now been completely cleared, and the top-notch mecha he had previously researched had passed the simulation experiment on the super light computer a few days earlier.



A huge black mecha model appeared in the live broadcast screen.



This top mecha made great progress compared to its predecessor, almost spanning two major stages of development. And what they could see was that the mecha in front of them already equipped with the kind of weapons that were described in the press conference.




This press conference wasn’t as simple as being engraved in interstellar history, it was simply rewriting interstellar history!



After seeing the black mecha in front of them, everyone thought so.



Because someone just screamed out, although Duan Hengye didn’t get angry, now no one in the classroom dared to continue to watching the live broadcast. As mecha design students, they missed the opportunity to witness this great moment in one class.



But the rest of the An Luo University students saw it clearly.



Although there was advance notice of the press conference, they didn’t expect the news above the conference to be so explo-sive. Just before the conference officially ended, people arrived one after another to the huge circular classroom of the Mecha Department.



By the time they realized this, the number of people gathered outside the classroom was already large. In addition to the students of this school, there were also journalists who came in at some point, as well as tourists who had been visiting the school before. So seeing that the evacuation couldn’t done calmly, the school had to send people over to control the scene.



Of course the security sent to Duan Hengye’s side by the military ministry was also all tense. Although after the last incident, the security checks had been very professional, but they still needed to keep a close eye on the surrounding area at all times, in case an accident suddenly happened.



By the way because of the very special nature of the event, the light computers in range had been restricted although you could take pictures, the live video function was temporarily deactivated.

At this time, there were still more than 20 minutes before the class ended, and those who were waiting outside took their light computers out and started sharing the situation on Starnet with everyone.



Since the end of the live broadcast, the Star network had ushered in an unprecedented peak in traffic. The amount of information in the live broadcast just now was unbelievable, and for a while people didn’t even know where they should start discussing it.



So within a few minutes, the discussion buildings about this matter built on the star network at the same time broke the record of high-rise discussion buildings on the star network one by one. In normal times, this would definitely be felt for a long time by netizens. But who said that there were so many and wonderful things to discuss today that no one noticed it for a while.



“[Live] I’m now outside the ring classroom of the Department of Mecha at An Luo University!



As the title. The poster wasn’t a student of An Luo, today they just came to visit An Luo by the way, they didn’t expect to encounter such a big event.



[Picture] It is said that now Professor Duan is in this ring classroom, they’re a lot of people waiting outside, the school and the military department has begun to maintain order.



The poster is awesome! Ps. Although I’m on the scene, I can feel the atmosphere from your photos.



N1 floor.
So spectacular ~ if there is any new news, the poster must report it immediately.


N2 floor.

What a coincidence! I’m also in right now. I listened to the students inside ten minutes ago, just now there was a person in the classroom watching the live broadcast and was heard by Professor Duan. But he had no special reaction. Does it mean that Professor Duan actually does not know the content of today’s live broadcast?



N3 floor.
He should be aware of it, it’s such a big thing.



Building owner.
Ahhhhh! There’s a starship coming over!”




After saying these words, the owner of this live building completely disappeared. And along with him, the An Luo University student who replied that he was also present was also gone.



After the owner finished this sentence, the building behind him frantically commented, creating over several pages of discussion in just a few seconds, but even this didn’t summon the owner out.




Just as the class was about to end, a huge black starship flew over the heads of the crowd and proceeded to hover next to the classroom.



The size of this starship was huge, after flying over, people below were enveloped in a large shadow. In addition to its bottom that dark colored huge military department logo and all kinds of wea-pons attack port …… this picture immediately made onlookers feel a great sense of oppression.



Why did the starship of the military department come to An Luo University at this time, was it specially to pick up Duan Hengye?



Although this black starship was only parked near the classroom, after seeing it, everyone coincidentally put down their light devices. Not a single person on the scene spoke anymore, and the atmosphere became incomparably heavy for a while.



The time for the official dismissal of the class was getting closer and closer, and when some people were counting silently in their hearts, they saw a black hovercraft fly out from the interior of the military starship, and then landed in front of a small pedestrian exit at the side of the classroom.



Immediately after, a man in a black coat came out from inside.



Although the seasons on the planet didn’t change much, it was “winter” on the planet. The coat was very long, a careful estimate of his size …… many people had a feeling that perhaps the other person’s clothes were longer than their own height.



Wait, this back!



After seeing this, everyone finally reacted. This man who just stepped down from the levitator seemed to be Meng Jinhuai ah ……



But unfortunately, this man dressed in black didn’t stay at the door for long. After he got off the hovercraft, he walked in quickly through the side door accompanied by several staff members around.



Although it was only a back, although he only appeared in front of the eyes for a few seconds, after the man disappeared into the classroom, the scene completely boiled up.



Also at this time, those An Luo students who were on the sidelines sent messages to their classmates who were in the classroom.



Because of the live broadcast and lecture at the same time, Duan Hengye found that in addition to the students that sneakily watched the broadcast, there were individuals who were distracted all through. Today he started class much earlier than usual, once he thought of this, Duan Hengye once again looked down at the content he had prepared.


After confirming that all the things prepared for the class had been said, Duan Hengye took his eyes off the light computer and then looked up to the students: “Okay, there are still a few minutes left before class officially ends. Because I started the class early today, students who have no questions can go first. If you have questions, you can also stay in the classroom and ask me.”


The students of An Luo University had always been hardworking and had an extremely strong desire to learn. In Duan Hengye’s guess, even if someone was in a hurry to watch the playback of the live broadcast, there should be someone who would ask him questions.



But miraculously, after Duan Hengye’s words, the light computer didn’t receive a question.



What was going on? After seeing this situation, Duan Hengye even thought that there was a problem with his light computer. So the students in the classroom saw Duan Hengye standing on the podium and whisper “Huh”, then he turned sideways to the side of the light computer to look, and also reached out his hand to lightly click it twice.



After refreshing, Duan Hengye saw that there was still no question prompt on the light computer. What the hell was going on here today? Could it be that the charm of the live broadcast was really so great?



Thinking of this, Duan Hengye raised his head with some doubt. Then Duan Hengye found that, in addition to no one asking questions, there wasn’t a single person in the entire classroom who had left ahead of time, and there were even quite a few people who were looking behind him with a strange look.



After catching those eyes, Duan Hengye turned around and looked behind him while closing the mecha model and light computer in front of him.



Then Duan Hengye saw, at that one entrance not far away, stood Meng Jinhuai who was dressed in black. Because of the high population density of the classroom and the fact that Duan Hengye was now very familiar with Meng Jinhuai’s presence, he didn’t feel Meng Jinhuai’s arrival.




Although Duan Hengye had read the attitude of the intergalactic crowd on this matter from the faces of the students who peeked at the live broadcast, but the vague tension at the bottom of his heart didn’t disappear. But at this time, after seeing the familiar figure standing at the side door, Duan Hengye’s heart finally fell back a little.



Duan Hengye didn’t know that Meng Jinhuai was coming to An Luo University today, and the other’s sudden appearance undoubtedly gave him a big surprise.




Students sitting in the front row noticed that Professor Duan’s eyes suddenly lit up. Although Duan Hengye’s image in everyone’s mind was now very approachable, his eyes like this was something the students had never seen before.



And after realizing that Duan Hengye had noticed him, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing at the side door, smiled at him and then walked quickly towards him. The area of this thousand-people circular classroom was very large, but perhaps because of the Marshal’s tall height and long legs, the students felt as if he hadn’t taken a few steps before he had appeared beside Duan Hengye.



“Why did you suddenly come over?” Before Meng Jinhuai could walk to his side, Duan Hengye asked out of habit. Before coming to An Luo University for class, Duan Hengye had seen Meng Jinhuai’s schedule, and he knew that the other had work to do today. After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai, who had finally reached him, first went up and gave Duan Hengye a hug, then said in his ear, “I came because I missed you.”



Meng Jinhuai’s voice wasn’t very loud, so it wasn’t detected and amplified by the sound amplification device located on the podium. Although they didn’t know what Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye said, the students all saw the tips of Duan Hongyi’s ears slowly start to glow red.



It was clear that just now everyone was still concerned about interstellar events and couldn’t wait to go back and watch the live replay on Starnet. But now, after Duan Hengye clearly said they could leave the classroom, but still no one acted. Everyone was sitting firmly in their original seats and …… immersed in the pink atmosphere.



After the hug between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai ended, the classroom finally sounded the beep of the end of class. Although all the people sitting in the classroom liked to study, but for the first time they didn’t want to hear that beep.



After the hug with Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye took a strange look at the students who were still sitting there. But before Duan Hengye could think about whether he needed to say something to the students, he saw Meng Jinhuai, who was standing beside him, suddenly turn around and face the students.



Although the Marshal seemed to be in a good mood now, but the powerful oppressive aura on his body wasn’t reduced by one point. The students’ nerves immediately tensed up after they found Meng Jinhuai looking at them, and then they couldn’t help but sit up straight.




From Meng Jinhuai’s point of view, the group of students who instantly became serious was really funny, although they had adjusted their sitting posture, but in the eyes of the marshal, it was still unstable.



“Don’t be nervous.” Meng Jinhuai finally spoke, he slowly glanced around the huge classroom, then said with a smile, “I’ll borrow your teacher first. Is that okay?”



When he said this, Meng Jinhuai’s voice was gentle beyond words. And after hearing the Marshal’s question clearly, the students in the entire classroom started nodding together, it was a bit cute.



Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai smiled and said “thank you”, and then walked out of the huge silver classroom together with Duan Hengye.





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