The drink Yu Xinran sent over was fruit flavored, and after drinking it, its sweetness lingered on Duan Hengye’s lips. This kind of fruit was very special, it didn’t exist on earth. Especially when it was brewed into the wine, it tasted sweet, it wasn’t cloying, and it even had a light floral fragrance.



This taste seemed to have a great contrast with Duan Hengye’s cold temperament, but there was no sense of incongruity. In Meng Jinhuai’s eyes, the current Duan Hengye was different, his appearance and temperament was once described as “the cold flower of the high mountain”, his cold aura hadn’t disappeared, but at the same time, a kind of softness that had never been seen before was present.



After feeling the strange touch on his lips, Meng Jinhuai froze in place. This was a very special experience for the marshal lord, in a few seconds, along his lips, a feeling similar to an electric shock spread through his body.



By the time Duan Hengye wanted to leave, that strange feeling still hadn’t dissipated.



The marshal had never experienced this in his life, he stood there, then slowly raised his hand, and gently touched the corner of his mouth. He seemed …… to be confirming whether this sensation was true or not.



Although Duan Hengye drank a little, his thoughts didn’t disappear. After reacting to what he had done, Duan Hengye’s face slowly reddened.



The only problem he had before was that he was too pale. Now because the toxin had disappeared, Duan Hengye’s face gained some color. The unconscious physiological reaction at this time, coupled with the catalyst of alcohol, Duan Hengye’s cheeks were tinged with a little light red.



Seeing Meng Jinhuai move his eyes over, Duan Hengye looked to the side shyly, then diverted his attention with a light cough: “…… uh. I didn’t mean to.”



After saying that, Duan Hengye felt that his language skills really needed to be taught again.



“Didn’t mean to” what kind of strange words were these?

Although Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai had been married for a long time, it was just like Yu Xinran’s feeling, the two of them had been a little “polite” about their intimacy. This kind of politeness had continued until now, even after the light kiss fell, Duan Hengye reflexively explained.



After his words fell, Meng Jinhuai didn’t speak for half a day. In fact, the silence didn’t last long, but Duan Hengye was extraordinarily apprehensive.



Although he was still a little dizzy, but he had returned to his senses. At this time, Duan Hengye understood more clearly than ever that his worship of Meng Jinhuai was definitely not the cause of his recent feelings, it was the feelings between …… lovers.



He wouldn’t try to kiss God, but he wouldn’t be able to control his fondness for his lover.



Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything, Duan Hengye was incredibly nervous. After a while, just when Duan Hengye was thinking whether to pretend that nothing had happened or just continue to pretend to be drunk, the man standing across from him finally changed his expression.



He took another half step towards Duan Hengye, and at this point the two were almost too close.



“You ……” Duan Hengye’s words hadn’t finished, but the man’s face enlarged in an instant. Immediately after, Duan Hengye’s lips felt the assault of a warm object. Unlike that fleeting light kiss just now, this time, the sweet taste of fruit wine also stained Meng Jinhuai’s lips.




Recently, Yu Xinran felt that Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were acting a little strange.



Although after the successful detoxification, Duan Hengye’s body was visibly getting better day by day. However, the simulation experiments of the new top-level mechas hadn’t yet finished, and the research institute had nothing too important to do for the time being. Duan Hengye wasn’t in a hurry to go back, so he temporarily stayed on Southern Star.



A while ago, Duan Hengye finally resumed his job as a lecturer at An Luo University on Duguang Star, and apart from those days when he went to class, Yu Xinran was able to meet Duan Hengye almost every day on Southern Star.



But Ye Tian Empire was an empire after all, many institutions had a strong family imprint, and the Imperial Military Department was no exception. To use a slightly exaggerated metaphor, even the heroine Shang Mengzhen, who knew nothing about imperial politics, could enter the military ministry if she wanted to – of course, although it was theoretically possible, Meng Jinhuai wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.



However, although Shang Mengzhen couldn’t come to the military department, it didn’t mean that Duan Hengye couldn’t come to visit.



As the Marshal’s legal spouse, according to the Empire’s laws, Duan Hengye had the highest level of authority in Southern Star and the rest of the Marshal’s affiliated stars. In addition to the almost unrestricted behavior, Duan Hengye could also officially join the meetings of the military department.



When the royal family asked Duan Hengye, an undercover agent, to marry Meng Jinhuai, it was with the intention that he could one day join the official meetings and the work of the military ministry. However, man’s plan wasn’t as good as God’s plan, Duan Hengye was now really participating in the daily activities of the military department, but …… not with the idea of “being an undercover agent”.



In the recent past, Duan Hengye often attended the meetings of the military department about mechas and weapons. And also, in these meetings, as the director of the Institute, Duan Hengye also put forward a lot of useful suggestions.



So after observing for a long time, Yu Xinran found something wrong.



For example, she found that the “polite” feeling between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai was decreasing day by day. At the same time, both of their personalities seemed to have changed. Although she couldn’t tell the specific change, but as a mecha pilot, her keen sixth sense told her that change was definitely not an illusion.



Tsk …… something was definitely wrong.



The long-agreed meeting between the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance still showed no sign of starting, and the matter between the royal family and the Queen’s family wasn’t dealt with. As long as a little understanding of the interstellar situation could be seen, it was obvious that the Empire and the entire interstellar, recently entered a period of time known as the quiet before the storm.



Although the external environment was still considered calm, the work of the military ministry didn’t stop.



Every morning, training would start on time at the mecha docking pad on southern star. And because of the recent special situation, the person in charge of the training had changed from the ordinary lieutenant general to Admirals Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen, and even sometimes, Meng Jinhuai would also appear here.



A silvery gray medium-sized hovercraft appeared on the mecha dock, and the mecha pilots who hadn’t yet taken off recognized it by the huge military logo on it. The busy landing and takeoff work on the docking pad suddenly stopped, and all those who hadn’t boarded the mecha by now stood in place and saluted towards the position where the hovercraft was about to land.


In less than a minute, the silver levitator that was floating high in the sky had slowly fallen to the ground. After a while, the door of the levator opened and Yu Xinran, wearing a black pantsuit, was the first to walk out of it.



During normal working hours, Yu Xinran would always wear a smart military formal dress – usually a mid-length skirt. Unless she was on a mission related to mecha piloting, it was rare to see Yu Xinran in such a trouser suit. Admiral Yu’s figure was already excellent, and now that she had changed into such a costume and had red hair, she looked even more heroic.


Now they were in one of the largest mecha docking pads on Southern Star, which was responsible for daily simulated battles in addition to daily landings and takeoffs. After seeing Yu Xinran’s rare outfit, everyone thought she was going to participate in battle training later.



Although not as famous as Meng Jinhuai, the “Imperial God of War”, everyone knew that as an admiral, Yu Xinran also had great strength. It was a chance for everyone to see her pilot a mecha.



But a little unexpectedly, after stepping off the hover, Yu Xinran didn’t rush to talk or land the mecha, but walked to the side.



Could it be that there was someone else inside the hovercraft?


Under everyone’s curious gaze, two other people in black training clothes came out from inside the hovercraft.


Surprisingly, it was Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai ……



This wasn’t the first time Duan Hengye appeared on the mecha docking pad, but the atmosphere was completely different from the two times. The last time he came back here, Duan Hengye was just a “mecha designer” in everyone’s eyes, but now, the star piracy incident not long ago had spread throughout the stars, and they had read about Duan Hengye’s mecha operation over and over again on the Starnet.



So now everyone was looking at Duan Hengye, in addition to the admiration for the research director, there was also curiosity about their “peer”.


After seeing what Duan Hengye was wearing, everyone guessed that Professor Duan was probably going to be here today for a mock battle training.


Meng Jinhuai stepped off the hovering machine after gently nodding towards the surrounding staff, then everyone finally put their hands down and started doing their own thing …… although no one wanted to.

Of course, the Marshal knew what these mecha pilots wanted to see. When those people reluctantly began to pilot the mechas for their own training, facing the mechas that were empty in front of them, Meng Jinhuai finally gently turned sideways and then said to Duan Hengye, “Now you can take out the mecha using the medal.”



“Tsk ……” after seeing Meng Jinhuai’s action and the distance between the two, Yu Xinran silently moved her head to the side. Although this kind of scene had been seen a lot recently, but once again, she was still a little tired of the feeling.



Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were both focused on their work, so neither of them noticed Yu Xinran’s expression.



After seeing that the mecha docking pad in front of him was empty, Duan Hengye finally took a mecha opening medal out of his coat pocket and threw it towards the empty place in front of him. Instantly a light gray mecha appeared in the empty space.



The mecha in front of him wasn’t a common interstellar model, but a real high-level mecha. Now almost everyone who hadn’t yet left the mecha docking pad recognized this model of mecha, after all, its same model often appeared here …… This was the mecha style often driven by Donfang Hewen.


After seeing this mecha, all the members of the military department who hadn’t left froze in place. Although they had heard of Duan Hengye driving a mecha before, but at that time the mecha he was driving was just a mid-level mecha.



So although they knew that Duan Hengye’s spiritual energy wasn’t zero, the matter didn’t make those mecha pilots of Southern Star feel too much – after all, everyone around them had spiritual energy.



But now it was different, Duan Hengye was able to pilot advanced mecha? When they saw this gray metal object appear in the clearing, many people couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.



Of course there were some people here who thought that the mecha wouldn’t be piloted by Duan Hengye, but after just a few seconds, Professor Duan’s action broke their imaginations.



Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai first exchanged words briefly, and then he walked towards the mecha alone. His movements were very dashing, and there was no sense of fear that ordinary people haf towards mechas. Although they had seen the video of Duan Hengye using ancient martial arts before, in the eyes of these military staff, Duan Hengye’s image was still gentle and civilized. In short, his image didn’t seem to be associated with a mecha pilot.



But now, Duan Hengye’s back clearly told these people – he was a person who could manipulate the steel beast in front of him. He walked to the entrance at the bottom of the mecha and then disappeared from sight. After seeing Duan Hengye go in, Yu Xinran, who was still standing in the same place, turned to look at Meng Jinhuai, and after the other party nodded at her, Yu Xinran also took a step forward.



Today’s Yu Xinran was extra serious, very different from her usual appearance. The red-haired woman first glanced toward the gray mecha not far away, then slowly took a breath and gently threw the mecha opening medal she held in her hand.



There were also people present who had experienced battles, in the eyes of these people, her action seemed not as dashing as before, but with a bit of hesitation.



But no matter what her mood was, the speed of opening the mecha didn’t change. After the opening medal was thrown out, a pure white mecha appeared on the other side of the clearing. This mecha had also witnessed countless glories of Southern Star and the military department, although just now there were still some thoughts in their mind, after seeing it, those staff members who hadn’t yet left suddenly stood in awe.



Although there was hesitation, that was only a momentary thing. After seeing her mecha, Yu Xinran quickly walked in and then skillfully opened it.



It seemed Duan Hengye was going to compete with Yu Xinran.



After seeing the two of them, people came to a common conclusion. At this time, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing on one side, took two steps backward, and the expression on his face didn’t change.



You know, although Yu Xinran was usually in charge of the affairs of southern star, she was a real mecha pilot. Just like her general status, Yu Xinlan’s record was equal to that of Dongfang Hewen, and she was only inferior to Meng Jinhua in the whole southern star and even the whole interstellar.



Duan Hengye actually wanted to compete with Yu Xinran? Meng Jinhuai agreed?



No matter who won or lost between Duan Hengye and Yu Xinran, the fact that he was able to compete with the other side was enough to prove something. After seeing this scene, everyone felt it was a little magical. After all, the strength that Duan Hengye was showing now was really too different from what people knew before ……



The people watching were dumbfounded, and the hearts of those who actually boarded the mechas weren’t at ease. Duan Hengye habitually stretched out his hand to touch the cold operating panel of the mecha, as if he was communicating with it. After a while, seeing that Yu Xinran not far away also boarded her mecha, Duan Hengye finally started the start-up procedure.



After a period of practice, Duan Hengye’s mecha started up much faster than the last time it was in the unsupervised area. After a while, the people standing outside the mecha saw the cockpit of Duan Hengye’s mecha light up with a silvery white glow.



By now, the fact that Duan Hengye and Yu Xinran had opened their mechas had spread throughout the marshal’s residence. Quite a few staff members who had less on their hands, came over to watch from afar. Of course, Meng Jinhuai noticed these people, but the Marshal didn’t ask them to leave.



Seeing that those who came to watch also put down their hearts, they began to stand patiently, looking towards the two mechas not far away.



Opposite Duan Hengye, Yu Xinran, dressed in black, clenched her fists tightly, then closed her eyes and waited for the identity verification. Yu Xinran usually had a big smile on her face, but as a person who had sat in the position of an admiral, she was definitely considered bold and careful.



Yu Xinran wouldn’t take the enemy lightly, because she had watched Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai train quite a few times in recent times, Yu Xinran knew the terrifying power of Duan Hengye very well.



Although it wasn’t yet known how much Duan Hengye’s unit mental energy was, Yu Xinran guessed that the number would probably not be below her own.




After the identity verification was over, the control keypad in front of Yu Xinran lit up. The red-haired woman slowly squinted her eyes for a moment, then looked in Duan Hengye’s direction.


Duan Hengye’s theoretical knowledge of mechas was so deep that no one in the entire interstellar world could compare with him. Not to mention that his teacher was also Meng Jinhuai, with the military marshal …… carefully counted, Yu Xinran felt as if the only reason she could beat Duan Hengye was her rich experience in mecha combat.



The mecha that Duan Hengye was driving was the same model of Yu Xinran’s old partner, Dongfang Hewen, and Yu Xinran knew the performance of that mecha very well. Unlike her mecha, which was offensively oriented, the one Duan Hengye was piloting was a bit more comprehensive and didn’t have much of an attribute bias.



So Yu Xinran decided to make a pre-emptive strike.


The onlookers saw that not long after the two mechas started up, the white one took the lead and charged up. The trajectory of this mecha could even be described as “bizarre”. It was obviously a huge metal object, but under the hand of Yu Xinran, it was flexible like no other.



It wasn’t that people didn’t trust Duan Hengye, it was just that Yu Xinran’s operation was too skilled. After seeing this momentum, many people secretly had the idea that “Duan Hengye must not be able to dodge it”. At the thought of this, many people coincidentally moved their eyes to Meng Jinhua, who had been standing there quietly watching the war.


They saw that the marshal was still so calm, and his eyes were full of trust when he looked at Duan Hengye’s mecha.



Did Meng Jinhuai think that Duan Hengye would be able to dodge it?



In fact, in Duan Hengye’s opinion, the piloting of mechas and ancient martial arts had quite a lot in common. For example, their victory or defeat was often decided in an instant.



Just as the white mecha came at him, Duan Hengye had already predicted its trajectory of action. Only to see that just at the moment when the two mechas were about to make contact, the gray one flew lightly above the other one.



What was this situation? No one could have imagined that a frighteningly close encounter would simply be defused by Duan Hengye. But after seeing this image, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing there, revealed a little smile.



Yu Xinran, who was sitting inside the mecha, secretly gritted her teeth. Then quickly adjusting the direction, she continued to attack Duan Hengye’s mecha. The fight between mecha experts, in addition to the excitement, it was beautiful. The two mechas were obviously huge, but in the hands of the experts, they appeared to be incomparably flexible, and even the attacking and dodging postures were like a beautiful dance.



If there was some uncontrollable impatience in Yu Xinran’s movements, then there was pure ease in Duan Hengye’s.



But even though his performance was so calm, inside of the mecha cockpit, Duan Hengye felt a little anxious. Yu Xinran was worthy of being trained on the battlefield. Her attack wasn’t a bit extravagant, and after failure, she could instantly plan a new attack path.



Although Duan Hengye dodged very timely, but nearly ten minutes after the competition began, Duan Hengye hadn’t found an opportunity to attack. Involuntarily, he also got nervous.



The current battle situation was expected by Yu Xinran, but it was different from what the onlookers imagined. They didn’t expect Duan Hengye to last so long, and after a while many of them couldn’t help but look at the time on their light devices. After determining the time this competition started, the people present then looked forward with an expression of surprise that they had never seen before.



Duan Hengye was really a shocking existence!



Standing nearby, Meng Jinhuai certainly saw everyone’s expression, subconsciously …… as a “teacher”, he was extremely proud.




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