Just like the much-criticized researchers around him, Duan Hengye liked to work alone and hardly worked with others when he worked. But from another direction, the original owner was indeed a rare all-rounder in the armor field again.

Su Mingge had just opened up the data page, and Duan Hengye saw the anomaly in the weapon loading area model at a glance. This was due to both an innate sensitivity to this aspect, as well as the intuition formed in the original owner’s brain from making a lot of drawings. Thinking about this Duan Hengye also couldn’t help but sigh – he had already been regarded by everyone as having outstanding talent, but now that he was in the body of the original owner, there was a feeling of being transformed. Apart from the more comprehensive development of the human brain in the Interstellar Era, there was probably also the influence of those trainings the original owner had undergone in his youth.

One thing that had to be acknowledged was that compared to Duan Hengye who only cared about his own research, Su Mingge was indeed a very dutiful Vice President. In addition to managing the day-to-day affairs of the institute, he also cared a lot about the armor weapons team he led. And this time, it was very dramatic that Duan Hengye only took a glance at it and pointed out that the mistake happened to be the armor’s weapon system… Of course, he didn’t do it on purpose.

With a “let’s see how you’re going to find fault with me” mentality, Su Mingge walked to the front of the light screen. Duan Hengye put the model to the original scale size of two meters, and stood up from his seat.

In fact, Su Mingge’s height was similar to the original owner, but after wearing high heels he was over half of Duan Hengye’s head, and after noticing this, Duan Hongyi silently distanced himself from Su Mingge a bit. But when he saw him move a little step to the side, Su Mingge thought that Duan Hongyu didn’t want to stand with him, then he rolled his eyes at him with disdain and whispered “Qi” [ a whispered sound]

Duan Hengye ignored Su Mingge’s small movements as he stretched out his hand to magnify the point of error he had just discovered on the light screen, “Here, there’s a problem with the structure.” Su Mingge’s heart had already classified Duan Hengye as a “non-professional”, and now when he heard the other party say that there was a problem with the structure, the disdain on his face became even greater.

Su Mingge took a glance at the light screen, then turned around and said to Duan Hengye full of displeasure, “This is the third auxiliary connection structure, the classic model of the weapon bearing system. What do you think is wrong with it?”

Duan Hengye shrunk the model and turned it around, then he looked directly into Su Mingge’s eyes and said, “This structure is very classic, but it’s not suitable for 12th generation armor, and there’s a risk of it being out of mental control.”

Disengaging from mental control… Su Mingge who was originally confident upon hearing this sentence was instantly stunned in place.

How did Duan Hengye know that?

Before that, under Su Mingge’s leadership, the armor weapons team had secretly done several closed simulation tests with this model. The results of those tests were indeed the same as what Duan Hengye said, the armor’s weapon system was out of mental control after a certain amount of time. Duan Hengye didn’t talk nonsense… If it wasn’t for the fact that he was convinced that this dean wasn’t half interested in the work of the weapons group, Su Mingge would have to wonder if the other party had observed the tests.

In any case, the research team hadn’t been thinking about this classical structure before, but now after Duan Hengye’s reminder, Su Mingge finally realized the problem in an instant.

Twelfth generation armor was the new generation of armor collectively referred to as the new generation of armor that was updated by Duan Hengye, Su Mingge had always despised this generation of armor compared to the previous generation with less progress, but didn’t think that now it was even their own research group along with the old model to turn the car over. Instantly Su Mingge’s face was ugly, and for it to be pointed out by Duan Hengye as the problem was a very humiliating thing.

After a moment of silence in the office, Su Mingge secretly gritted his teeth and said, “Thanking the director for reminding me, I’ll go organize the meeting now.” After saying that, he turned around and quickly walked towards the outside of the office. The pointed heels of his shoes touched the floor, making a slightly ear-piercing crashing sound.

For every staff member of the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute, today was a nerve-wracking day. First it was Duan Hengyd’s early morning “inspection”, then Su Mingge came out of Duan Hengye’s office with a dark face.

The soundproofing of the houses in the research institute was very good, and even though Duan Hengye’s office was a large laboratory area with more than thirty people sitting outside, none of them knew what was happening inside. They only saw Su Mingge walk out of Duan Hengye’s office with a bad face, and then went straight to where the weapons research group was.

Could it be that these two people finally couldn’t endure each other’s bickering? It didn’t seem like it was impossible.

Immortals fighting, the mortals suffered, and the thought of this made the atmosphere at the institute even more condensed.

But before all kinds of “insider” and “gossip” news spread, everyone soon found out what exactly happened in the office. He didn’t even use the internal system of the institute, but went directly to the weapons research group to personally inform everyone to gather for a meeting. The news quickly spread within the research institute, and seeing Su Mingge’s current appearance, the weapons group was felt it was even more dangerous.

Before Su Mingge’s notification time, all the senior researchers of the weapons group had already arrived at the conference room. An agitated Su Mingge wasn’t interested in selling out, he swept the conference room with his arms around his chest, and then before the staff who had rushed over could catch their breath, Vice President Su directly said the problem that Duan Hengye had just pointed out with a cold face.

Breaking through the research bottleneck was really a magical thing, and no one had thought about it in this direction before Duan Hengye spoke about the connecting structure problem. But after he pointed out the key point, they realized the problem as if their eyes had been opened.

Although they knew where the research breakthrough was, the atmosphere in the conference room was still heavy, and it could even be said that everyone was in danger.

It would have been easier if the person who discovered the problem was Su Mingge, but from waiting to find out from the other side that it was Duan Hengye who pointed it out, everyone’s mood tensed up. With nothing to worry about, did Duan Hengye’s sudden concern for the weapon system mean that… he was preparing to make a move on the research team? The director’s habit of liking independent research was known to everyone here, so today’s incident had simply become an omen for Duan Hengye to find a reason to fire them in the eyes of certain researchers with quite a big brain.

Right at this time, the light brain that Su Mingge carried with him suddenly received a message.

The staff member whose heart was beating wildly awaiting the verdict saw that Su Mingge lowered his head to have a glance at the light brain, then sat expressionlessly in the first empty seat on the left hand side of the conference room.

What was going on? Why wasn’t Su Mingge sitting in his place? The staff looked at each other in dismay.

After another less than a minute, the doors of the conference room slowly opened once again. Under everyone’s gaze, a black-haired man wearing a white lab coat slowly entered the conference room, then sat on Su Mingge’s side of the table.

Duan Hengye had actually come to the meeting of the Weapons Research Group! After seeing him, several researchers instantly widened their eyes and almost shouted the word “help”.

He didn’t blame everyone for being afraid of him, it was because Duan Hengye has too many “previous records”. After he was promoted to the director of the institute, although he didn’t organize and lead everyone’s research work, he fired many people just because of the reason of “low efficiency”. After he came, the meeting room was quiet and a pin drop could be heard, everyone was waiting for Duan Hongyu’s “treatment” for them.

But what people didn’t expect was that Duan Hengye didn’t make any comments on this matter after he sat down, but directly instructed Su Mingge to continue the meeting. No matter how uneasy the others were, the fact was that in the first half of the meeting, Duan Hengye didn’t even say a word.

The meeting wasn’t very long, after all, the problem of the connection system was very easy to understand, Su Mingge didn’t even focus on this problem in the meeting, but instead assigned the next research tasks as usual.

As before, they still couldn’t see any extra emotions from Duan Hengye’s face, but the staff here had already written the word “nervous” on their faces. The sight of those with a little probing and panic fell on Duan Hengye’s body, and even made him look a little scared.

At this time, Duan Hengye finally realized that there was a long way to go to mend the trust between the colleagues…….

In the second half of the meeting, Su Mingge began to let everyone discuss the modification method, and before anyone dared to speak, Duan Hengye, who had been acting as a background board, finally opened his mouth to briefly explain his thoughts. It must be admitted that the original owner’s research on the armor was indeed in-depth, and the simple thoughts that Duan Hengye sorted out instantly woke up these researchers who were at the bottleneck stage once again.

After being stared at by those weird eyes for several minutes, Duan Hengye was also really overwhelmed. After speaking his thoughts, Duan Hengye got up early and left the conference room. Throughout the whole time, Director Duan didn’t mention the way he handled these researchers who didn’t find any problems, looking like a… mentor who had come over to answer everyone’s questions and concerns.

He had changed?

Witnessing Duan Hengye leave the conference room, the atmosphere here instantly changed. Someone spoke first, “Why is Duan Hengye so kind today?” Then the originally silent conference room immediately became lively.

“Why is he suddenly concerned about the weapon system?”

“…I don’t know, he’s pretty strange coming back from vacation.”

“But the idea does work, and going by the method should save a lot of time.”


During this discussion, Su Mingge, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, suddenly stood up, and his stool cut out a “piercing” sound on the metal floor. Seeing him, the researchers who had been discussing vigorously just now broke out in a cold sweat again, although Duan Hengye had left, but there was still a Vice President who was in a bad mood! Why did they talk about it now.

But although Su Mingge still didn’t look too good, he got up and clapped his hands like he always did and said, “Just follow the line of thought that Duan Hengye said, and try it out first.” Then he left the meeting room without looking back, not looking at any strange emotions.

There was a huge floor-to-ceiling window outside the conference room, and outside the window was a pale green spruce forest, Su Mingge didn’t walk towards the research room as usual after going out, but stood straight in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Looking at the spruce outside the window Su Mingge slowly frowned, he was seven years older than Duan Hengye, who had become the leader of the research institute two years earlier. Su Mingge never hid his disdain for Duan Hengye becoming the director, but today the other party brought him a sense of frustration for the first time.

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