For the staff on the starship, Duan Hengye’s order was definitely frightening. In normal navigation, the starship was usually on autopilot mode. But if they followed Duan Hengye’s order, they had to manually control it.



The starship belonged to Duan Hengye personally, but the staff on it were all from the Southern Star. For example, the pilot of the star-ship was a soldier. But even if he came from the battlefield, after hearing Duan Hengye’s terrifying order, his hand resting the star-ship began to tremble.



In order to keep the captors ignorant, the starship belonging to Duan Hengye had been deliberately keeping a distance from the target starship since it departed from the Empress’s family star. If they wanted to hit the starship ahead, the only thing they had to do was to speed up.




The civilian starships in the same lane suddenly noticed that a silver starship, apparently a private one, started to accelerate and then flew out of the fixed lane towards the deepest part of the starry sky.




Duan Hengye’s starship named Zhi Lian was the highest-end civilian starship model on the interstellar world, and its performance was much better than that of ordinary starships. And because of the special identity of the owner, the military department had made special modifications to it. Not only the hardware performance of the starship had been greatly improved, even the internal systems had also been upgraded.



For example, Duan Hengye’s starship could break through the speed limit of the interstellar route, and could also leap out of the course of free flight.




Although they kept following the starship, there was still a distance between the two sides. As the starship approached the target, a special message suddenly appeared on the official website of the royal family.



The official website informed the public that the Empress’s family’s star was attacked by star pirates and the guests who were attending a private event on the planet was taken away. The purpose of the pirates wasn’t yet known, but the starship they were on was about to fly out of the Empire’s domain and head towards the uninhabited interstellar zone.




At this time, Ye Pu also saw this notice from the royal family, and he slowly bit his lower lip. Ye Pu didn’t want to analyze how the royal family, which had always been inefficient, could tell so quickly that this was an act of star pirates. His attention was focused on the words “interstellar uninhabited area”.




In the interstellar era, the territory of each country was divided by the planets it owned. There were special laws that strictly defined the different “interstellar spaces” attached to the planets of different sizes, and the empire’s domain was connected and merged by these interstellar spaces.



According to this law, the sparser planets within the empire would be automatically filled and included in it. But in the border areas between countries, there were uninhabited interstellar areas of varying sizes.



The place where the “Star Pirates” were going was one of these uninhabited areas.



Although the Empress’s family had already sent an invitation to Duan Hengye, and everyone knew he would attend. But this was after all a private event, and no official start time had been announced to the public.




This sudden announcement from the royal family took only a few seconds to penetrate the entire star network, and then received the highest traffic tide of the year. The public’s sensitivity was not as high as that of Southern Star, so after seeing this announcement, people’s focus wasn’t on why it was so quickly determined to be Star Pirates. Instead, it was put on the guest list of the event that hadn’t been announced yet.



Was Duan Hengye there for this event or not?



But soon they got the answer, this time it wasn’t the royal family that sent out the notice to the public, but Southern Star.



Just when everyone was ruling out the possible guest list, Southern Star directly issued announcement that Duan Hengye was on the starship. It wasn’t until then that everyone discovered that not only Duan Hengye, the guest of honor, but also the Empress of the Ye Tian Empire had become a “hostage” of the Star Pirates.



In an instant, Ye Tian empire entered a tense state. All the imperial media paused their on-air programs and started to pay attention to this unexpected event.



After sending the signal, Duan Hengye readjusted his sitting position. In this cabin, except for Duan Hengye, everyone had nervous expressions. Probably because of the notification from the royal family and Southern Star, the expressions on the faces of those in black who were responsible for guarding the hostages were also becoming more and more serious and tense.



In this atmosphere, Duan Hengye seemed a bit too calm. This time the empress sitting opposite him had gradually recovered her emotions, after seeing Duan Hengye sit up straight, the woman raised her head and then slowly dropped her eyes on Duan Hengye’s face.



When Duan Hengye raised his eyes, the Empress made a gesture towards him. Duan Hengye didn’t clearly see what she was actually trying to say, but still guessed a thing or two from the other’s expression – the Empress probably wanted him to think of a way to save her.



Duan Hengye  looked at her mockingly, this empress of the Ye Tian Empire, it seemed that she had been in a high position for a long time. Not only was she used to giving orders, but she also didn’t know how to look at the occasion. To sum it up, she was definitely considered a pig teammate.



Duan Hengye could already guess what would happen next. As expected, because of the excessive panic in her heart, the Empress’s gestures wasn’t only seen by Duan Hengye, but also by the black-clad people standing behind him.



Someone walked quickly from behind Duan Hengye, then took out the laser g*un from his side and rammed it against the woman’s shoulder.



That was the exact part that had less fat coverage, and she was wearing a thin gown. When her shoulder was hit, it felt like he heard the sound of bones cracking gently.



A few seconds later, screams resounded once again in the cabin. Sitting not far away, Wen Mujia looked shaken, but miraculously Duan Hengye found that his brother Duan Hengxing didn’t seem to feel much about it …… If Duan Hengye wasn’t mistaken, Duan Hengxing seemed to have sneered at the Empress.




Duan Hengye raised his eyebrows. In fact, it could be imagined that as a teenager who was dependent on Empress Yu’s family for survival, having a strange self-esteem was normal. During these years, Duan Hengxing probably began to hold a grudge against this Empress who liked to bully people.



Although the current situation wasn’t very optimistic, seeing the other being “cleaned up”, Duan Hengxing still instinctively showed his true emotions.



The order had been given to Ye Pu, so Duan Hengye’s mood was extraordinarily relaxed. He then began to observe the Empress sitting across him, as well as the man in black who taught her a lesson.



This was just one thing that Duan Hengye subconsciously did, but immediately after, he found a point that he hadn’t noticed before.



After hitting the woman’s shoulder with the handle of the g*un, the man in black didn’t put the weapon back, but held it in his hand for the time being. The cabin wasn’t large, so with the movements of the man in black, as well as the other’s hand, he could clearly see the handle of the g*un.



Professor Duan saw that the weapon carried by the male in front of him actually had a shaded engraved code on it.



The laser gun was very small, and the code on it was even more incomparably small. But Duan Hengye narrowed his eyes and looked carefully at what he was holding.






…… Duan Hengye was now sure that the “code” wasn’t a mistake. After warning the Empress, the man in black standing in front of Duan Hengye finally put his weapon back, and then stood in his original position. As he walked back, Duan Hengye slowly closed his eyes.



He knew where this group of people came from.



Although the interior of the starship was well camouflaged, the people who prepared this activity had clearly missed the details. The small arms used by the large groups of star thieves now operating in unoccupied areas of the interstellar world were home-made, it looked a bit unlike anything else, and no one there had time to code it.



But those from the imperial army were different. Compared to the weapons used by star robbers, they carried newer models that had numbers on them.



If Duan Hengye wasn’t mistaken, the weapon with the code name “KLY-7A” should belong to the royal army of the Ye Tian Empire.



Although the imperial military power was now with Southern Star, just like the Empress’s family property security was responsible for itself, the royal family also had a team of its own. Today’s “Star Pirates” should be them.



When he thought of that, Duan Hengye felt a bit amused.



No matter what the purpose was, disguising as star pirates and invading the Empress family’s Star, Zhuo Yan’s actions were indeed considered smart this time.



Duan Hengye opened his eyes, he took a look at the woman who had lost control of her emotions again and had suffered a serious injury to her shoulder. Then his line of sight retracted, he began to silently calculate the time. The cabin only had a narrow window, through which Duan Hengye could see that there were almost no more planets visible outside the starship, apparently they had entered an uninhabited area.



As time passed, the atmosphere inside the starship became more and more gloomy. Especially the empress, because of the injury, her whole face became pale, she looked very terrifying.



Every time Duan Hengye’s gaze fell on the woman opposite him, her expression would immediately become tense. Obviously the Empress had forgotten the unpleasantness she had caused Duan Hengye, and turned her hopes on Duan Hengye. To be honest …… being looked at like this, scared Duan Hengye a little.



It became pitch black outside the viewport, there was hardly any object that could be used as a reference. But at the same time, Duan Hengye suddenly felt as small bumps began to disturb the operation of the starship. Duan Hengye had been gently resting on the sofa, his hand clenched into a fist, if he wasn’t wrong, his starship would probably soon catch up. In order to get rid of the starship behind them, this group of “star pirates” would speed up to the extreme.




Duan Hengye was only partially right. His star-ship wouldn’t be discovered by the royal family, but the fast flight was still witnessed by many people. Although he expected the silver star-ship behind him to start executing the order to crash first, the Star Pirates started to speed up immediately they received the news.



In addition to the starship, Meng Jinhuai’s mecha was also about to arrive this area.



It wasn’t only Duan Hengye, the rest of the people in the cabin felt the obvious acceleration. Duan Hengxing couldn’t help but turn his gaze towards Duan Hengye, he had a hunch that this speed up was definitely related to him.



After noticing Duan Hengxing’s gaze, Duan Hengye also turned to look at him, then he suddenly broke the long silence.



“Sit still.” Duan Hengye said.



His words were a bit sudden, for a moment, Duan Hengxing didn’t even understand what Duan Hengye was actually trying to express. He opened his mouth, revealing a look of obvious confusion. And after hearing Duan Hengye’s voice, the man who had just hit the Empress with the handle of his g*un shouted sternly: “Shut up!” But he didn’t attack Duan Hengye like he did just now.



Although this was a small point, Duan Hengye felt that he had discovered something.



Just as the black starship fell back into silence, Duan Hengxing began to repeatedly think about what Duan Hengye had just said. On another starship not far away, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme.



Ye Pu walked from the office cabin to the cockpit, and then stood beside the pilot. He watched as the other ended the automatic flight mode, then reached out his hand to put it on the operating lever, he pulled it to the maximum angle in one breath. At the same time, the silver starship also immediately turned into a lightning bolt and crashed towards the rear of the starship ahead with an unimaginable speed.



According to the data of Duan Hengye’s positioning instrument, his position should be at the head of the starship.



Duan Hengye gave the impact signal only once, according to Ye Pu’s understanding, it was to create chaos for him. The stern of a starship was usually the storage position, so it was safer to hit here, and it could also achieve the intended effect.



Not only Ye Pu, even the pilot of this starship had never piloted a starship at such a fast speed before. As they flew rapidly toward the other, they also adjusted their angle and began to use their sides to aim at the starship that was getting ahead.



Although Ye Pu had already done the program adjustment before and had less system constraints, while gradually approaching the other starship, the starship still sounded an alarm, reminding them about the danger they were about to face.



Ye Pu gritted his teeth and slowly placed his hand on the bulkhead. A few seconds later, the view out of the viewport had changed from the endless universe to the bulkhead of the opposing starship.



–According to a strong alarm sound, the starship finally crashed into the target part. After a moment of swaying, the pilot quickly redirected the ship and flew away from the target. Although the starship had been modified, it was still not comparable to the attack power of the opposing starship. So after ending the collision, they quickly left.



At the same time, the alarm also sounded in the starship Duan Hengye was. The basic performance of this starship wasn’t as good as that of Zhu Lian, and the flight wasn’t very smooth when it accelerated just now, and it started to shake immediately after being hit by the other side.



Although the starship’s sound insulation was well done, when the impact occurred, Duan Hengye even felt that he heard the screams coming from other cabins. Unlike Duan Hengye and the others who were seated and secured by seat belts, those few men in black who were standing behind them stumbled several times, and some even accidentally fell to the ground.






Duan Hengye opened the attached weapon with a move of his wrist, then he slightly adjusted the angle, and the seat belt was cut open.



Duan Hengxing had been silently watching Duan Hengye, so he naturally saw his set of movements, at first he kept quiet, but at this moment, he finally issued a low-pitched exclamation.



The starship was still shaking, but Duan Hengye’s movements weren’t affected in any way. After he got up without a moment’s hesitation, he used the laser weapon in his hand to slice through the body of the man in black who had fallen to the ground. Immediately after that, Duan Hengye used his hand to support himself on the sofa backrest, got up and sharply kicked down the row of people standing there.



The people in the cabin had seen the video of Duan Hengye fighting on Tize star before. But after seeing his movements physically, the shock in their hearts was indescribable. Duan Hengye’s movements were as if they were programmed by a light computer, so precise that it was unbelievable.



Even before the starship stabilized again, this room of black-clad people had been knocked to the ground by Duan Hengye. Duan Hengye leaned down and picked up two weapons from the ground, then only gave them a cold glance before walking towards the hatch. But just as Duan Hengye was about to use the weapons to violently open the lock, he returned to the sofa as if he had remembered something.



Duan Hengxing was dumbfounded and only came back to his senses when the man stood next to him.



Duan Hengye moved sharply to the seats and cut open the seat belts, “Put away the weapons of that group of people on the ground.” Duan Hengye said while moving towards the cabin. And when passing by Wen Mujia, the man who had been sitting with his head down suddenly began to struggle violently, and in spite of his image, began to try to stop Duan Hengye with his freely moving legs “Let go of me! Let me go–” he shouted.



Suddenly hearing Wen Mujia’s voice, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but frown, but before he could do anything, he saw that Duan Hengxing already stood up from the sofa and walked over first.



Then Duan Hengye saw …… Duan Hengxing actually kick Wen Mujia, then he  turned to him, “Leave, I’ll keep an eye out here.”



“……” Duan Hengye suddenly felt it was necessary for him to get to know Duan Hengxing again.



Although things were on his mind, Duan Hengye’s movements didn’t stop at all. He quickly walked to the door, then directly used the weapon in his hand to shatter the security lock inside. After a muffled sound, the silver door began to flash red, Duan Hengye didn’t pay attention to it, he turned his head and walked out without looking back.



Just like Duan Hengye thought, unlike the camouflaged cabins, the starship corridor looked very primitive, just like those starships in the military department. Seeing the sudden appearance of Duan Hengye, the black-clad men guarding the corridor immediately raised their weapons and surrounded him.



But even though he was pointed at by so many weapons, Duan Hengye wasn’t nervous at all. He didn’t hesitate, he quickly released his wrist weapon as well as laser g*un and moved forward. Duan Hengye didn’t stand still, he fought with these people while moving towards the other side of the corridor.



Just at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly heard a voice alert from the corridor – “Unknown mecha detected at the 17.9 interstellar position in the southeast!”



The voice wasn’t the common mechanical voice, but a real person’s. The person’s voice was very alarmed, obviously ithey were in big trouble. Duan Hengye, who was busy with the matter at hand, couldn’t help but look to the front, and then he saw …… a faint bright light coming from the distance. And behind that bright light, was clearly a familiar mecha.



Duan Hengye’s hands moved faster and faster, and in no time the rest of those people were forced by him to a hall inside the starship. Duan Hengye suddenly moved and brought out a small gray medal.



This was a mecha’s opening medal!



People in the interstellar era always superstitiously believed in machines, so during the search before he entered the starship, they didn’t realize that Duan Hengye was carrying a mecha opening badge that had been replaced with a special material replacement.



Duan Hengye saw that there were people running towards his position not far away, obviously they had come to support this group of black-clad people. Taking advantage of this stall, those people hadn’t yet slowed down, Duan Hengye didn’t hesitate to throw the gray mecha opening medallion outward.



In an instant, a medium-sized mecha appeared in the center of the hall. The size of this mecha wasn’t small, the top cockpit touched the ceiling. Duan Hengye used his weapon to force back the people beside him while quickly running towards the mecha’s bottom landing port.



The starship’s internal alarm sounded once again “Unidentified mecha continue to approach at the southeast 4.5 interstellar position, start attacking.”



As soon as that person stopped speaking, Duan Hengye saw a bright light coming from outside the window. The starship he was on opened its weapons bay and aimed at the mecha outside and began to attack. And as he stood at the foot of the mecha, Duan Hengye turned the laser weapon to the maximum and moved forward, and instantly the hall became frighteningly bright.



At this time, a light sound rang in Duan Hengye’s ears, and the landing port at the bottom of the mecha opened.



The bright light hadn’t yet dissipated, followed by Duan Hengye’s figure disappeared in front of the eyes of those in black. The landing port closed  and the silver-white mecha slowly lit up with blue light, apparently Duan Hengye had successfully entered the cockpit.



…… But, didn’t he have no spiritual energy?




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