The Empress’s dark blue skirt was a little narrow, although it looked very fashionable, it was totally useless. When it came to real action, the dress hindered most of her movements.



For example, now, if the Empress who was surrounded by three or four men in black walked slowly, she would be pushed forward by the people behind her. And if they didn’t push, at her speed, they would get violent.



After the woman’s terrible scream, the hall was completely quiet, and everyone stood still. From Duan Hengye’s perspective, he even felt that the scene in front of him was scripted, it didn’t seem likely to happen in real life.



In the luxuriously decorated ballroom, men and women were wearing dark, oddly cut fancy clothes. Panic, worry …… all kinds of emotions that were once difficult to find in the faces of these noble people now surfaced one by one.



Out of instinct, the moment the panic began, everyone moved to the most central position in the hall. And now the Empress was held at g*unpoint by those behind her and walked into the open space. Her steps were a bit hurried, the very thin heels of her shoes hit the stone floor, constantly emitting ear-piercing noises.



The hall’s decoration wasn’t only retro, but it also had a great feature, that was, it was extremely exaggerated.



In the center of the room, a gold chandelier about three stories hung high above it. And under the chandelier, the stone used for the floor was also very special. When the hall was really lively, people were moving around, so Duan Hengye didn’t clearly see what the chandelier looked like.



But now, after the space was cleared, Duan Hengye could finally see clearly, the stone on the ground had been polished flat, but the bottom had a jade-like texture.



Although he didn’t know much about stones, Duan Hengye knew that this floor was definitely worth a lot of money.



Of course, now that the situation was urgent, Duan Hengye’s attention to the floor lasted a short while. He only glanced at it before removing his gaze, and then he looked towards the broken windows on the four sides of the hall.



Fortunately, when he entered the hall, Duan Hengye was observing the nearby scenery along the way. So although he followed the people inside the corridor in a big circle, Duan Hengye immediately judged what was outside each side of the window after looking at the view not far away.



It hadn’t been long since the men in black broke in, and Duan Hengye didn’t know these masked men, and what their goal was. But the two accidents he had already experienced made Duan Hengye realize that his identity was very special, nothing could be taken lightly.



So although the black-clad people on the field hadn’t placed their attention on Duan Hengye yet, and for the time being they weren’t trying to find anyone in the crowd, Duan Hengye slowly lowered his head, and then turned sideways and slowly walked towards the shadows.



Fortunately, the hall was somewhat old and the structure used wasn’t column-free. It only took Duan Hengye a little time to hide himself behind a dark red column. It was at this time that a few loud noises suddenly came from the center of the hall.



The sound came so suddenly, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but look towards that side.



Then Duan Hengye saw, the black clothed people had moved to various parts of the hall and aimed their laser guns at the robots.



Instantly, those robots were all been destroyed and small explosions rang out all over the hall.



The sound of the robots blowing up not only startled Duan Hengye, it also started the woman who had moved to the center of the hall. But as the explosions rocked the hall, the Empress instinctively lunged forward. Because the heel of the shoes she was wearing was too high and the clothes weren’t conducive to movement, after screaming, the Empress fell directly to the ground heavily.



As the daughter of a count family and the Empress of the Empire, the woman had never been in such a mess in her life. Although she was at the top of the golden tower of power for so many years, she had never seen a real war. So in these few minutes, her spirit went completely toward collapse – although Duan Hengye felt that the current scene was nothing.



In fact, it wasn’t only the Empress, after a few minutes, there were quite a few people on the scene whose strings within their brains had broken. Duan Hengye saw Wen Mujia standing not far away with a pale face, and by his side, there was already a lady who showed signs of fainting.



They all understood that they couldn’t provoke these people, but they couldn’t control their physical reaction. One after another, the sound of crying and praying came from all over the hall. After hearing those voices, a man in black impatiently threatened them into silence.



Finally – taking advantage of this opportunity, Duan Hengye rushed out with the fastest speed towards the window that had broken not far away. Then directly jumped out from the second floor, he moved fast and without hesitation, even the men in black standing by the window didn’t react.


The moment he leaped out of the window, cries of surprise rang out from inside the hall.



Although the physical quality of people in the interstellar era was much better than before, and because they flew around high in the sky every day, everyone’s sense of panic about heights had almost disappeared. But no matter what, this group of people who had gotten used to living with the help of machines definitely didn’t have the courage to jump from the upper floors without the help of any assistance.



Duan Hengye’s memory wasn’t wrong, the building downstairs was a garden, he landed firmly on the grass, and with the help of the soft soil, he offset most of the force. Duan Hengye saw that there were several hovering devices hanging above his head at this time, those people in black must have used it.




After just one glance, Duan Hengye immediately continued to run to the other side of the garden. If he remembered correctly, there was also a hovering machine docking pad, although he hadn’t been here for a long time, he still had the permission to open the hovering machine. There were too many trees on both sides of this garden for the hovercraft to land well. As long as he could seize this time to run to the hovercraft, he could return to the starship.



Duan Hengye ran towards his destination while gently touching his collarbone. As if he had a premonition, some time ago Duan Hengye found someone to replace the body locator. The new tracker was smaller, directly embedded in the flesh of his neck, it wasn’t visible and it was impossible to feel.



Despite the smaller size, the functions of the tracker hadn’t reduced. Duan Hengye was now set to be able to contact Southern Star and Meng Jinhuai directly with the help of it, but he wasn’t doing that now.



Before jumping down from the window, Duan Hengye had already planned the path of “escape” in his mind.



Duan Hengye saw that there were already hovercraft chasing after him above his head, but because the hovercraft danger warning device hadn’t been cracked, they were still unable to land among the trees despite constant attempts.



After a while, Duan Hengye finally saw the hovercraft docking pad. Because he had started exercising more frequently, although Duan Hengye had begun to breathe heavily, his speed didn’t slow down. Especially when he saw the docking pad, his speed raised once again.





Duan Hengye rushed towards the location of the hovering machine, but an accident happened.



Just when Duan Hengye was about to reach his destination, people suddenly came down from a few hovercrafts ahead.



“Sh!t ……” Seeing this scene, Duan Hengye couldn’t censor himself. His worst anticipation happened, this team of black-clad people who came out from nowhere and for an unknown purpose had completely occupied the Empress’s family’s genus.



Today’s incident wasn’t a struggle for power in the family, but something  more serious than that.



What was important was how they entered, the Empress’s family was also the top three noble families in the entire Ye Tian Empire. No matter what had happened to the empire in recent years or whether the nobility had begun to decline, a thin camel was bigger than a horse, the strength of their security was absolutely undeniable.



To be able to control a whole genus Star in a short period of time, the strength of the people coming couldn’t just be described as powerful.



Watching those people in black come out of the hovering device, Duan Hengye stopped in place, and then began to adjust his breathing which was frantic from running. He looked a little too calm, as if he had just finished not an “escape”, but a simple fitness activity.



While Duan Hengye was adjusting his breathing, the hovercraft in the air also landed. One after another, twenty people surrounded Duan Hengye, more than the people beside the Empress just now.



Duan Hengye didn’t speak, and the group of people who surrounded him also remained silent. The two sides just confronted each other silently, after a while, it seemed that they got an instruction from the miniature headset they were wearing, then finally came forward and put the laser g*n against Duan Hengye’s temple, using the force to push him onto the hovercraft.



When the hovercraft lifted off, Duan Hengye saw the military starship parked not far away. But from his point of view, the starship remained the same as when he left, and from its appearance alone he couldn’t tell what was going on inside.



However, Duan Hengye knew that he had moved abnormally. Even if the anomalous event of the genus was still in an unknown state, Southern Star should have realized that something was wrong by his movement data alone.



As soon as Duan Hengye “jumped”, the starship Ye Pu was on and Southern Star received an alert.



The light computer showed that Duan Hengye jumped down from a two-storey high place, Ye Pu’s soul was simply scared out of his body. However, since he didn’t know what had happened yet, after seeing the alert, Ye Pu didn’t choose to directly use his authority to send people to the Genus Star like Meng Jinhuai had told him to do before. What was more, he didn’t rashly send a message to Duan Hengye.



And just at this time, Ye Pu suddenly received a voice call from Meng Jinhuai.



On the other end of the voice communication, Ye Pu heard Meng Jinhuai speak in a very fast speed: “Continue monitoring, don’t make any rash moves yet.”



“Yes!” Ye Pu immediately agreed, and then he faintly heard the beep of a mecha starting up from the other side.



After a pause, Meng Jinhuai continued, “The security level of the Empress’s family’s star is almost the same as that of Southern Star, so if something really big happened, you won’t be able to do much.”



Ye Pu heard the mecha data reminders constantly coming from over there, it seemed that Meng Jinhuai had really piloted the mecha by himself and was rushing towards the planet Duan Hengye was.



“Okay.” Ye Pu hurriedly agreed. Then Meng Jinhuai finally replied: “If there is anything else, report to me, always pay attention to Duan Hengye’s location and status. If he contacts you, listen to his command.”



Ye Pu had never heard Meng Jinhuai so nervous, after the end of the communication, he immediately began to stare closely at the light computer screen, afraid to miss even a tiny data change.



So Ye Pu, who had been staring at the light computer, found that Duan Hengye was now back in the dense area of the building, but in a location that wasn’t the banquet hall. After making a brief stop, the hovercraft took off again and proceeded to fly towards the other side of the planet.




The moment he was escorted into the starship, Duan Hengye raised his eyes and saw a bunch of old acquaintances.


On the way to the hovercraft’s docking pad, Duan Hengye seriously thought about it, this group of black-clothed people were making so much noise, in the end, what was their plan? Or who did they wanted to find in the crowd? But now after seeing this cabin of acquaintances, Duan Hengye immediately understood – they weren’t trying to find anyone, but intended to directly take everyone away.



Although he wasn’t very familiar with the starship, as they walked further, Duan Hengye checked the cabin for a few details to determine its model.



The starship was probably a bit old, and was considered a very popular model. It was originally considered a civilian starship, but many people would transform it into a customised version.



Duan Hengye was pointed to sit on a couch with a push, but in this short period of time, he had thoroughly observed the entire starship’s cabin. Although the place was arranged as if it was a general civilian starship, but just as soon as he sat down, Duan Hengye reached a conclusion – the starship had indeed been modified.



But Duan Hengye looked around and didn’t find any details from the starship cabin that could prove where it came from, could it be that …… this starship actually belonged to some interstellar star pirate organization?



This seemed to make sense, the location of the Empress’s family’s star was considered to be in the border area of the Empire. In accordance with Ye Tian’s special decree, their security was their own responsibility and wasn’t guaranteed by the military. Duan Hengye didn’t know what the military power of the Star was, but according to the current level of chaos outside the star, it seemed that it wasn’t too difficult to be overtaken by a large star pirate organization.



There were many compartments inside the starship, and once he entered, he could see that he was now in a place where all the “big shots” of the empire were. In addition to him, there was also the Empress who had cried, which ruined her makeup, Wen Mujia who had his head bowed in thought. And …… Duan Hengxing who appeared at some point.



After seeing him, Duan Hengye wasn’t that surprised. Although he didn’t see him at the banquet site, it didn’t mean that Duan Hengxing didn’t come. The same as him, Duan Hengxing also had the identity of “adopted by the Empress’s family”. Duan Hengxing grew up normally compared to Duan Hengye who was trained to be an undercover agent at an early age.



It wasn’t strange that he came here, and it could even be said that if Duan Hengxing didn’t appear in the genus star, it would be a problem.



Just as Duan Hengye came in with a calm expression despite being held at g*unpoint, the two people inside this cabin except for Wen Mujia who was bowing his head, were looking at him. The Empress had obviously not yet calmed down, she sat on the opposite sofa huffing and puffing while looking at Duan Hengye. And beside Duan Hengye …… Duan Hengxing was also looking at him with a complicated expression.



Duan Hengye ignored Duan Hengxing, after he sat down on the sofa he reached out his hand to gently push out the g*n that had been resting against the side of his head, then slowly raised his head to the person standing beside him, “Be careful with that.”



When he said this, Duan Hengye wasn’t quite sure whether there was still “misfire” in the interstellar world. But after seeing the other hesitate and finally put away the gun, he sat down very openly – as if he wasn’t captured, but a guest invited by the host.



If Duan Hengye’s calm appearance when he entered just now wasn’t enough to amaze people, then his current performance was even more,  the rest of the hostages looked his way with wide eyes. Even Wen Mujia, who had been keeping his head down, slowly sat up straight, and then Duan Hengye finally saw that the other’s lips were trembling with fear.



The people in the cabin stopped talking, and through the narrow viewport, one could see that the starship had slowly flown out of the atmosphere of the Empress’s family’s star. At the same time, the seat belt on the couch also popped out by itself. However, within this starship, which had obviously been modified, the seat belts were obviously not there to prevent the passengers from being injured during the bumps. Rather,……, they were designed to trap them.



The material of this seat belt was very special, and the way it was tied was also something that Duan Hengye had never seen before. After a while, he felt he couldn’t move, and his whole body sank into the soft sofa.



After confirming that the seat belt has been fastened, those black-clad people who brought Duan Hengye and others finally left their sight and stood behind them instead. The sofa was leather, so people easily sunk in. Strangely enough, after being bound by those things, several people other than Duan Hengye couldn’t help but sit up straight to get more room to move, but he somewhat perversely allowed himself to relax and then fell into the sofa.



Seeing this scene, Duan Hengxing, who was sitting closest to Duan Hengye, couldn’t help but open his mouth, but before he could make any sound, he was scared back by a glare from his brother.



Duan Hengye knew that just now Duan Hengxing didn’t intentionally want to make a sound, but he just couldn’t help himself. However, at this time, he could somewhat understand people’s gazes, after seeing his eyes, Duan Hengxing immediately sat up straight and didn’t dare glance at him.



The starship had now gotten far away from the Empress’s family star. No one in the cabin spoke, and even the sound of breathing was shallow.



Of course, Duan Hengye’s current sitting position wasn’t without reason. The sofa he was currently sitting on was very large, and by the time he leaned backwards, a small visual blind spot was formed. Apart from Duan Hengye, no one cared about this – after all, its space was too small. But even this little bit of space was enough to use ……



After a while, Duan Hengye slowly tucked in his chin, then gently lowered his head and nodded twice between his collarbones. He moved quickly, and the magnitude was very small, if the onlookers saw, they would only think that Duan Hengye subconsciously moved.



But right after these two clicks, another starship that was in a tracking state immediately received a message following the signal from the other side of the genus.



“Impact!” Suddenly, a loud voice rang out from the originally quiet office. Ye Pu, who had been maintaining his elite status, shouted abnormally loud, then he stood up straight and said to the staff around him who had been waiting for his order, “Hit the suspicious starship ahead.”



“Hit ……” Obviously, the words uttered by Ye Pu scared a lot of people. Even the military staff on Southern Star who was used to obeying hesitated, “But Professor Duan is still there.”



Ye Pu turned around and slowly said to the man with a serious expression, “This is an order of Professor Duan himself, listen to him.” As the direct issuer of the order, Ye Pu knew the danger of this matter. He also knew what he would face if something went wrong.



Of course, Ye Pu wasn’t the only one. Everyone in the room knew the danger of this decision. As he spoke, Ye Pu couldn’t help but clench his fist. If the person who gave this order today wasn’t Duan Hengye, Ye Pu would probably have hesitated and even speculated whether the other had just mistakenly triggered the signal. But who asked this person to be Duan Hengye, he would never make such low-level mistakes because of nervousness.



After working with him for such a long time, Ye Pu had gotten used to giving the other 100% of his trust.



Although Ye Pu still didn’t know what Duan Hengye was going to do, he still chose to trust him.



“…… Okay, Mr. Ye.” After seeing Ye Pu’s resolve, that staff member also no longer hesitated. He turned around and then sent a signal to the starship operation room to start preparing for the impact.



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