Because of his advanced age, and his lingering sickness, the man’s voice was unusually hoarse, as if squeezed out from the cracks of something hard. Duan Hengye had always felt that aging was an inevitable process, no matter how advanced technology was now, there was still no escape from the laws of nature.

Natural aging was a gentle and elegant process, but the man in front of him probably had nothing to do with those two words.


He spent his life enjoying the glory and wealth, but in the process, he picked up a lot of vices. Duan Hengye thought that if he was young, this duke would definitely be counted as an upgraded version of Duan Hengxing.


Just now, it was difficult to see clearly from the distance. But when he got closer, he could see that the skin on the old man’s face was very weak. His flesh floated on his bones, just like an old bark that had just survived the cold winter. Although he had never met him before, he already had this person’s appearance in his memory. But once again, after seeing the Duke in an even worse condition, Duan Hengye was still surprised to see the other like this.

But Duan Hengye remained calm on the surface, and didn’t reveal his real emotions.


The man lying on the hospital bed raised his eyelids once again, and then looked at Duan Hengye with a weary heart. After looking at him for a while, he slowly said: “The first time I saw you, you were still a child …… at that time you were affected by the accident, and lost your memories, you looked frozen.”


Many people on the stars knew that Duan Hengye’s memory was lost after that test accident. The first thing the Queen’s family did after adopting him was to take Duan Hengye for an in-depth medical examination. At that time, most people were praising the noble family for taking care of the orphan.


But only a small number of people knew that the reason they took Duan Hengye for a medical examination in the first place, was just to check if he really lost his memory.

As the man said, after a series of interstellar instrument tests, they soon found that Duan Hengye had indeed lost his memories, but his understanding of mechas and the rest of his knowledge wasn’t lost.


Duan Hengye didn’t speak, so the person on the hospital bed continued: “Who would have thought that ah, in a flash you’re already the director of the Mecha Research Institute ……”


Because he went closer to the old man, the foggy drug also spread to Duan Hengye’s side. Duan Hengye didn’t know what it was, only that it was extremely bitter, and after standing there for a while, Duan Hengye started feeling a little dizzy.



Although the old man was a standard intergalactic dude when he was young, his skill in reading people wasn’t bad at all. He saw the discomfort on Duan Hengye’s face, then suddenly smiled, “Actually, I called you over …… just to meet you.” The man said, while showing a loving expression.


Duan Hengye didn’t know what reaction the brainwashed original owner would have if he was standing here. But combined with the memory of those things about this place, Duan Hengye didn’t believe that he would be that naive.



The man in front of him was the nominal head of this huge family, but now his life was obviously about to come to an end. Living in such a family, Duan Hengye believed that as the head of the family, he’d likely turn himself into bait to lure people in for the benefit of the family. Just …… why exactly did he invite him here?


Duan Hengye now had a very delicate relationship with the royal family and the Empress family, and he had long since stopped the consulting deal that lasted for a long time with the other side. But the connection between the two sides wasn’t completely broken, for example, they would still provide Duan Hengye with the temporary antidote from time to time, as if to remind him of his identity.




“Okay ……” The man on the hospital bed once again slowly beckoned towards Duan Hengye, because of the slightly large movement, the foggy medicine around him was dispersed by him, and a part of it pounced on Duan Hengye’s face. Although he quickly held his breath, inevitably, Duan Hengye still inhaled part of it into his lungs.


Because of years of being controlled by dr*ugs, the quality of Duan Hengye’s body wasn’t very good. After inhaling that medicine, he uncontrollably wanted to cough. Duan Hengye immediately turned his body to the side and proceeded to cough hard.


“Sorry Duke ……” After coughing, Duan Hengye turned around and gave a salute.


“It’s okay.” The duke on the hospital bed replied with a smile, “Go ahead and eat your lunch, no need to stay here wit. an old man like me.”


Although he was eager to leave, after hearing the other’s words, Duan Hengye still pretended to refuse before finally saying goodbye to him and leaving the ward.


Now the news of the Duke’s serious illness had spread throughout the stars, not only Duan Hengye, the rest of the people who were slightly related to this family had also rushed to this planet in the last few days.


Under the guidance of the attendant, Duan Hengye passed through the long and winding corridor and walked to the entrance of the banquet hall. The overall arrangement of the Queen’s family’s planet was very old fashioned, even the wooden door of the banquet hall didn’t have an automatic sensor door opening device, which was extremely common.


After arriving, the attendant who had been following Duan Hengye immediately walked forward and pushed the door open. In an instant, the noise inside the banquet hall flooded Duan Hengye’s ears.


Although the head of this family was still lying on the sickbed, this didn’t prevent everyone from continuing to dazzle in the venue. In recent years, the royal family and the noble power was declining, and many of the family’s branch members were trying to climb to power.


So after pushing the door in, Duan Hengye didn’t usher in the awkward silence he expected, but instead, he was instantly surrounded by several half-baked faces he had seen before.


The smell of medicine hadn’t dissipated yet, plus with the sound of chatter, Duan Hengye was extremely dazed. But fortunately, he was originally a “high-cool” person, the words of the people around Duan Hengye went through his left ear to his right ear, after a while they got bored and left Duan Hengye alone.


This was a buffet banquet, Duan Hengye was hungry,but the food in front of him didn’t really interest him. After a while, he walked to a more secluded part of the banquet hall, and then casually took a snack from the table.


After all this running around, Duan Hengye had been wanting to eat. He used the small silver fork in his hand to gently scratch the edge of the snack, and a sweet to the point of greasy taste lingered on his tongue after a while. Duan Hengye wasn’t averse to eating sweets, but this sweetness was just a little too much …… He frowned gently and put the plate in his hands into the hands of a robot that specialized in recycling.


There had been no activity flow since he came to this planet. Even Duan Hengye didn’t know how long he would stay here. The lingering smell of medicine on his body, coupled with this excessively sweet and greasy snack, made Duan Hengye’s mood worse. Although Duan Hengye was barely familiar with this genus star, he didn’t know where he should go without anyone informing him of the next plan. So as he thought that he might have to stay on this planet for a while, Professor Duan once again went to the table and gently picked up a white porcelain dish containing fruit.


The plate’s presentation was very delicate, but it didn’t contain much.


Just as Duan Hengye gently picked up the plate, a voice suddenly came from behind him. “Professor Duan, good day.”



Duan Hengye’s hand paused for a moment, this voice was very familiar, but for a while he couldn’t think of who it was. Although he didn’t want to pay attention to anyone at this party, after hearing someone address him, Duan Hengye still politely turned around.


The person was wearing a navy blue suit with a black bow tie. Duan Hengye didn’t expect that the person who called him would actually be Wen Mujia.

It’d been a while since he’d seen this “former love interest”.


“Good afternoon, Mr. Wen.” Duan Hengye nodded towards the other.


Wen Mujia was holding a half-empty wine glass in his hand, smiling as he walked towards Duan Hengye. People of his status had inextricable ties between their families and various noble families. Therefore, after the first moment of surprise, Duan Hengye didn’t feel much confused at Wen Mujia’s appearance.


Duan Hengye remembered that the last time he saw Wen Mujia, the other had deliberately set up a small game to try to trap him. But now, looking at Wen Mujia’s expression and reaction …… it was as if that incident had never happened. Seeing him play dumb, Duan Hengye also greeted him.


Wen Mujia glanced at what Duan Hengye was holding, “How come Professor Duan is eating this for lunch today?” Although he wasn’t a member of this family, Wen Mujia still had the aura of a host. The man gently tilted his head and smiled at Duan Hengye, then continued to speak to him in a humourous tone, “If you were to eat only these, word would get out that everyone is treating you badly.”


“…… “Duan Hengye really couldn’t see what exactly Wen Mujia was trying to do by seeking him out to say these words. However, as a person who was very afraid of trouble, he still chose to immediately block the other’s mouth with action. Duan Hengye gently picked up a small piece of freshly grilled steak from the small table beside him, and turned to Wen Mujia, “Thanks for the reminder.”


Wen Mujia didn’t seem to expect Duan Hengye to act so directly, he raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t say anything else.


For the time being, regardless of how the steak tasted, the smell was really good. When the fresh aroma of the meat spread out, the medicinal smell around Duan Hengye that hadn’t dissipated so far was also offset a little. But soon Duan Hengye realised that the steak still had blood inside.


Duan Hengye and Wen Mujia stopped talking, but the other had no intention of leaving his side.


Fortunately, the door of the banquet hall was once again pushed open from the outside. The eyes of all the people around all turned towards that side, and Wen Mujia was no exception. After seeing his movement, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and then took this time to put the things in his hands to the side.


Because of the person that entered, the banquet hall suddenly became quiet. Duan Hengye was now in a slightly remote place, so it took a while before he finally saw that the person who suddenly appeared in the banquet hall was the empress of the Ye Tian Empire …… From the time the woman entered the door, the hall resounded with the sounds of people greeting her.



Wen Mujia repositioned his glass of wine and looked in the direction of the person who came. Although this banquet hall belonged to a top noble family, the size was in the end no better than the royal family’s as well as the military ministry’s. The location where Duan Hongyi and Wen Mujia were located was already very remote, but they were still spotted by the Empress at a glance.


Although her outfit today was a bit plainer than on the capital star, the Queen wore this dark cyan dress against a room of dark formal wear, it was very conspicuous.



Today’s event was a private event in the Duke’s name, but everyone who was invited to the event knew about his health condition. Although they didn’t care, with the Queen present, they still tried hard to show a serious and sad expression. However, the Empress herself seemed unaffected by her father’s illness. As she reached Wen Mujia, the Empress also raised the wine cup in her hand high.


“Your Highness the Empress.” After the woman walked in, Wen Mujia made a big salute towards her in a regular manner. After Duan Hengye thought for a moment, he also greeted this empress of the empire according to his status.


Just like the last time he saw Wen Mujia, the two didn’t have a very pleasant time. The relationship between Duan Hengye and the Empress was be a bit worse …… he had threatened this woman at a royal banquet. So seeing her look towards his direction, Duan Hengye felt a little nervous. But on the surface, Duan Hengye didn’t reveal his emotions.


As a person who was born in a traditional noble family, and became the empress of the empire, the woman’s camouflage skills were obviously good, although her eyes were sharp, her expression was well controlled.


“Professor Duan ……” The Empress smiled and glanced at her glass of wine, “You’ve been coming over here since you were a child, and father has always raised you as if you were his own child. Even when he was ill, he didn’t forget to remind us to ask you to come and see him.” The Empress said these words with great affection, as if the old Duke had really been thinking about Duan Hengye.


–No, perhaps he was really thinking about him, just for a different purpose than what the Empress wanted to express at this time.


Before Duan Hengye could say anything, Wen Mujia, who was standing beside him, chorused her words: “The whole interstellar world knows that Professor Duan was adopted by the Duke. It’s really touching that Sir still cares for Professor Duan now.”


At these words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help replying with a “huh” in his heart.


“Yes.” The Empress nodded her head and said to Wen Mujia, “Father is especially concerned about Professor Duan’s health, if not for his reminder, I might have forgotten to send Professor Duan a ‘gift’.” Although they didn’t explicitly say so, both Duan Hengye and the Empress knew that the “gift” she was talking about was the temporary antidote.


Wen Mujia didn’t know what Duan Hengye and the Empress were talking about, but he was sensitive to the fact that there were definitely words in their words.


…… Seeing this, Wen Mujia suddenly said to Duan Hengye and the Empress, “Sorry, Your Highness, and Professor Duan, I’m a little hungry, so I’ll leave you two alone to catch up.” After saying that, the Empress nodded towards him in satisfaction, then Wen Mujia left the corner without looking back.


Seeing the other’s appearance of not wanting to stay for a moment longer, Duan Hengye felt a little amused.


The empress watched Wen Mujia’s back with her glass of wine, and after he completely disappeared from sight, the woman finally turned her body around. She gently took a sip of wine and then said to Duan Hengye, “Professor Duan, a while ago, I’m sure you didn’t feel very well either, right?”


The royal family didn’t know that Duan Hengye had made the temporary clone antidote. According to how often they now sent the antidote to Duan Hengye, the Empress naturally came to the conclusion that Duan Hengye probably hadn’t been feeling very well in recent times. Duan Hengye certainly wouldn’t tell the other what he had on hand, after the woman spoke, Duan Hengye didn’t answer her question directly, he asked rhetorically after a moment of silence, “Is there anything else?”



Duan Hengye’s tone wasn’t very gentle, but the Empress wasn’t angry this time. She shook her head towards Duan Hengye: “You and Meng Jinhuai have a good relationship, I won’t obstruct it. But today, I still want to remind Professor Duan once more, no matter what, you shouldn’t forget your identity. Otherwise, we won’t feel good, and you won’t feel good yourself. Right?”


Duan Hengye fell silent, but his silence looked like acquiescence in the eyes of the Empress.


The woman continued, “Why don’t you give it some more thought. By continuing to cooperate, the royal family will not only discard their former suspicions, but will also give you a big gift.”


“A big gift?” Duan Hengye repeated her words.


“That’s right,” the empress said as she looked up into his eyes, “the real antidote.”


So this was why they invited him …… He had to say, what the Empress mentioned was indeed very tempting for Duan Hengye.


If she had said these words not long after he had just transmigrated into this world, or before Meng Jinhuai had gone to invite Lan Jingchi to join the Institute, Duan Hengye might have hesitated for a moment. But now Duan Hengye knew very well that with Lan Jingchi, the pharmacy genius described in the book, it was only a matter of time before the real antidote was done.


But as for the royal family, whether they had a real antidote, or whether they would give him another poison, Duan Hengye couldn’t tell.


Although he didn’t care about the empress’s words, Duan Hengye’s face still showed a somewhat torn expression. After seeing his appearance, the empress felt proud.


“Why don’t you think about it more carefully?” The Empress said.


Duan Hengye slowly nodded his head, then cast his eyes towards the ground in the distance. “Then I’ll leave Professor Duan as well.” Seeing his hesitation, the Empress once again smiled at Duan Hengye before raising her cup and leaving the place.


After she walked away, Duan Hengye’s expression immediately reverted to incomparable calmness. Duan Hengye once again walked to the nearest small table, then slowly picked up a plate of snacks from it that left a good impression. In any case, if the empress was by his side at this time, she would have been surprised at Duan Hengye’s current appearance.


There was no schedule for the day, but now Duan Hengye had a guess. When the afternoon came, the empress would probably call him elsewhere to discuss in detail. He decided he would pretend to resume cooperation, Duan Hengye breathed a sigh of relief, and the big stone in his heart finally fell. Even the ordinary snack in his hand, looked a lot more pleasing to the eye.



Although when he came, he had guessed it wouldn’t be a simple day, after a few minutes, Duan Hengye discovered that the day would probably be far more exciting than he had imagined.


Suddenly, the heavy wooden door of the hall was once again pushed open from the outside. Although the quality of the wooden door was good, the person who pushed the door was too rough, the hall immediately resounded with an ear-piercing “smack” sound.


Because of this sound, everyone looked toward the door. But before they could see clearly, almost at the same time, the huge glass windows around the hall shattered.



…… What was this situation?


Duan Hengye immediately put down what he was holding, then gently touched the raised weapon on his wrist.


Although he still didn’t know what was going on, at least Duan Hengye was finally sure, today’s “big show” finally started.


Duan Hengye quickly retreated to a more inconspicuous position. At this time, the three sides behind him were walls, but he could see the hall directly opposite his position. In fact, when Duan Hengye decided to stay here earlier, he had already observed the terrain. The position he was in now was very conducive to observing the whole picture of the hall, but it was more difficult to be discovered by the people over there at a glance.


At the same time that Duan Hengye retreated, dozens of people in black came in from the door and the windows. The guests attending today’s banquet weren’t many, according to Duan Hengye’s observation, the number of people in black was more than the guests ……


He slowly unlocked his cufflinks.


At this time the atmosphere in the hall was tense, but this quiet state didn’t last much longer. A moment later Duan Hengye heard a sharp scream from the other side of the hall. Although he couldn’t see the appearance of the other clearly, but he definitely wasn’t mistaken, the person was the Queen of Ye Tian Empire.


Immediately after that, there was a commotion in the crowd. When Duan Hengye looked clearly, the empress was held at g*unpoint and was being pushed out of the crowd.






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