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Time passed quickly day after day, in this repetitive and calm interstellar, Southern Star was still as busy as ever, and the work progress of the Mecha Research Institute never slowed down. At the same time, the capital of the Ye Tian Empire was as bustling and lively as ever, where a new banquet would be held every few days.


The most well-known identity of the former Duan Hengye, apart from the director of the research institute, was the label of “orphan scientist adopted by the Queen’s family”.


In fact, the original owner did maintain close ties with the Empress family – especially before the marriage. And after the marriage, although the original owner had reduced the number of activities related to the Queen’s family compared to the previous times, he would still show up in the activities there from time to time.

It seemed that since he transmigrated into <<Dumping Interstellar>>, Duan Hengye suddenly lost contact with the Queen’s family. Of course, Duan Hengye’s invitation would be sent from time to time, but he always refused for various reasons.

But this time, Duan Hengye finally met a reason that he couldn’t refuse.


The father of the current empress of Ye Tian Empire, the nominal “adoptive father” of Duan Hengye, suddenly fell ill and contacted Duan Hengye directly, saying he wanted to see him.


In this era, “sickness” was a very distant thing for most people, and some people didn’t even know what it was like to be sick for their whole lives. As the father of the current empress, the long-aged duke, had had a lifetime of good food and drinks. As far as Duan Hengye was concerned, the other’s age had long exceeded the average life expectancy of people in the interstellar era.


But no matter how rich, no one could resist the laws of nature.


Now that the Duke suddenly fell ill, and the news of his condition had spread throughout the interstellar. Everyone knew what it meant to be sick at that age.


Although privately, Duan Hengye and the Queen’s family had stopped seeing each other, the two sides were still maintaining a surface level of peace. To many people in the interstellar world, Duan Hengye had achieved a lot, but he still had a label of “good luck to be picked up by the first noble family of the empire” on him.


Immediately the Queen’s family sent an invitation to Duan Hengye, they reported this matter extensively in their own media coverage. In those reports, they directly answered the invitation for Duan Hengye.


Although it was a private event, those reports still mobilized the curiosity of the entire interstellar community.


In fact, regardless of whether they released the news in advance or not, as long as he hadn’t completely torn the skin off with the royal family on the surface, Duan Hengye would have gone to this event – after all, it wasn’t a good time to be at an apparent standstill with the other side.

After seeing those large reports that popped up at the same time, Duan Hengye’s already tense nerves immediately became more sensitive.


The Queen’s family’s affiliated star wasn’t at all close to the Institute, and Duan Hengye had to cross almost half of the Ye Tian Empire’s domain before he could reach his destination.


To him, this was his longest interstellar voyage since he had transmigrated.


As a top noble family of the Ye Tian Empire, to get to the Empress Family’s affiliated star, one had to follow the same strict rules there. For example, Imperial Marshal Meng Jinhuai, who had military power, wasn’t allowed to go there at will. If he wanted to go to the Empress family’s star, he had to apply months in advance or wait for them to invite him.


This time, of course, Meng Jinhuai didn’t receive an invitation, and according to the laws of the empire, the number of staff around Duan Hengye had been reduced.


Duan Hengye was sitting in his private starship according to the rules, where the interior decoration was much more comfortable than the military starship. But despite this, Duan Hengye still didn’t have the slightest intention to relax.


Duan Hengye sat at the desk by the window, and in front of him was a light computer full of data. As a “workaholic”, Duan Hengye rarely got distracted, but after reading the documents in front of him for a while, his thoughts flew elsewhere.


He didn’t know how long he had drifted, but a beep rang out softly on Duan Hengye’s light computer – it turned out that someone was sending him a request to enter the starship’s lounge.



After taking a look at the time, Duan Hengye stood up from his seat. The starship would reach its destination in just a few hours, and he had to change his clothes. Not long after opening the door, Duan Hengye’s assistant, Ye Pu, walked in along with a robot.


“Professor Duan, this is your outfit for today.” Ye Pu gave a gentle nod towards Duan Hengye, then looked at the black formal clothes held in the robot’s hand. Going to the Empress Family’s affiliated star was just like going to the capital star, it required compliance with certain norms. Since this was a private event held within the family, Duan Hengye didn’t need to dress formally, but such a set of all-black formal wear would make people feel incomparably depressed at a glance.

Duan Hengye nodded and then walked with his formal clothes towards the lounge connected to his office. The suit he was holding at the moment was both similar to and slightly different from the suits on Earth. It had a more rigid style and it looked like it was for a clergy, rather than someone from a noble family.


Although he didn’t like it, Duan Hengye quickly changed clothes. With the black suit with a black shirt, it seemed like he was trapped in a thick black cloud.


After taking a look at himself in the dressing mirror, Duan Hengye pushed open the door and walked out. After such a long time, Duan Hengye and Ye Pu have long become very familiar with each other. Under normal circumstances, the two of them would also chat from time to time between work. But this time, after seeing the obviously much more serious expression on Duan Hengye’s face, Ye Pu didn’t talk to him, but directly backed out.


The soundproofing of the starship was very good, and after Ye Pu and the robot went out, it was a bit terribly quiet. He stood in the center of the study for a while, and then went to the light computer to take a look at the route map.


Because they were gradually approaching the Queen’s family’s star, the speed of the starship was restricted and began to slow down.


Seeing this, Duan Hengye sat back down at his table, then slowly pulled the drawer open. On the white space were a few silver pearl-sized “buttons”. Duan Hongyi gently took them out, and then rolled up his sleeves.


He picked up those “buttons” and gently affixed them to his wrist. But in the blink of an eye, the silver “buttons” gave birth to several thin metal vines, wrapping Duan Hengye’s wrist tightly in it.


This was the same series of weapons as the “sleeve arrow” that Duan Hengye had made before, only smaller and more lethal. After placing several “buttons” all in place, Duan Hengye pulled his sleeves down and then carefully buttoned the cufflinks.


Because this outfit was heavy, and the style was conservative, from appearance alone, it was impossible to detect any abnormality on Duan Hengye’s wrist. Although he was a visitor with special status, Duan Hengye still had to go through security checks. Now he was wearing something on his hand, although it looked simple, it could easily evade the highest-end and sophisticated probing instruments in the interstellar – Duan Hengye had tested it over and over again on Southern Star.

It seemed that the more technologically advanced the age, the more people were prone to superstition technology. Duan Hengye’s weapons could evade all technology, but if they touched it, they would definitely feel the anomaly. In this era, people had long forgotten the role of people, and instead gave machines an unimaginable sense of trust.

When all the micro-weapons were installed, Duan Hengye sat back down in his seat. There was still some time before the starship reached its destination, but Duan Hengye’s heart finally quieted down.


Just when Duan Hengye was ready to work in silence, he suddenly received a message from Meng Jinhuai on his light computer.


During this period of time, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai would send messages to each other whenever they had time, as long as they weren’t on the same planet. The content of the messages were almost never related to work, but all their daily trivialities.


As the master of Southern Star, Meng Jinhuai knew better than anyone else that Duan Hengye couldn’t have refused this trip this time. But perhaps it was somewhat unimaginable that Meng Jinhuai was also the one who advised him not to go. But who made Duan Hengye such a headstrong person, once he made a decision, no one could persuade him. Despite the fact that Meng Jinhuai had uncharacteristically made a suggestion that wasn’t quite in line with the interests of Southern Star, Duan Hengye still ended up boarding the huge starship that flew to the Queen’s family’s Star.


Although the decision had been officially made for a long time, and Duan Hengye was about to arrive at his destination, in the message box, Meng Jinhuai’s words were still full of concern. Although Meng Jinhuai wasn’t as reticent as Duan Hengye, he was definitely a person who wasn’t even close to the word “chatterbox”.


But today, he sent an unusually large number of messages to Duan Hengye. In addition to his daily routine today, he even talked about his little nephew.


As a superior student with an interstellar standard all-around education, Meng Jinhuai’s language organization skills were also top-notch. His tone at first glance was very ordinary, but reading more would reveal an indescribable sense of warmth.


Looking at it, Duan Hengye surprisingly couldn’t suppress his smile.



Although Southern Star’s side could see where Duan Hengye was in real time, Duan Hengye still shared his coordinates to Meng Jinhuai. As expected, it didn’t take long before Duan Hengye received a bunch of alerts from the other.


The speed of the starship was slow, but with this simple back and forth with Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye no longer found the journey difficult. After a long time, the starship sounded the alert that it was about to reach its destination, and only then did Duan Hengye turn his attention away from the light computer.


“Remember to make an emergency call if there’s a problem.” Meng Jinhuai finally said.


The positioning device Duan Hengye was carrying also had an emergency call function, and after seeing the other’s message, Duan Hengye subconsciously reached out and touched the location of the device. Then, as usual, he gave Meng Jinhuai a “hmm.” It was as if he wasn’t going to the Queen’s family’s star, but to the research institute.


The starship finally arrived at its destination, the Queen’s family’s star wasn’t very large, from a high altitude, it was like a huge garden planet. Although the original owner spent a long time here as a teenager, today was the first time Duan Hengye came to the Queen’s family’s Star. Despite the shallow memories in his brain, everything here felt new to him.


Naturally, Duan Hengye also found some details that he hadn’t noticed before. For example, the hemisphere he was seeing, had almost no “civilian buildings”. Even the capital star where the royal family was located, had large urban settlements distributed ……


Duan Hengye’s observation didn’t last long, as the starship’s altitude gradually decreased, the scene in front of him became bigger. In a moment’s time, Duan Hengye could no longer see the star’s borders. His eyes moved across the mountains of palatial buildings, if he wasn’t present, Duan Hengye would think that the scenery in front of him was all CGI.

[TN: CGI —– computer-generated imagery (special visual effects created using computer software).]

If he thought about it, the original owner also saw the same scenery whenever he came to the Queen’s family Star before, but he never cared about this in particular.


Duan Hengye’s thoughts didn’t last long, after the starship landed steadily, he went down according to the process. Due to today’s private event, there weren’t many people on the starship docking pad.


When he saw Duan Hengye coming down, a man in a grey formal outfit came over, he bowed slightly towards Duan Hengye, “Hello Professor Duan.”


“Hello.” Duan Hengye also gently nodded towards him.


Now that he had officially arrived at the Empress Family’s affiliated star, all the members of Southern Star except for Duan Hengye weren’t able to move around freely. Including Ye Pu, they were all left on top of the starship.


Immediately afterwards, the man in gray who spoke earlier said to Duan Hengye, “Sorry Professor Duan, this is a routine security check.” Then he used the special beam on the light computer on Duan Hengye.

Although the wording was considered polite, as the man spoke, he didn’t wait for Duan Hengye to react before he opened the security beam. The moment a somewhat blinding blue light was cast onto Duan Hengye’s body, he couldn’t help but frown a little.

As Duan Hengye’s assistant, Ye Pu also saw this scene from afar on the starship. But because he knew today’s situation was special, he saw it and although he was in an extremely discontented mood, he still didn’t say anything.



The weapons on his wrist had been tested more than once and he knew there wouldn’t be a problem. But as that beam of light moved to his body, Duan Hengye couldn’t stop his nervousness. His fingers slightly bent in the direction of his palm, then slowly rubbed the fabric at the cuff with his fingertips.


Duan Hengye’s movements were so stealthy that none of the people present noticed. And when he stretched his fingers, the light finally closed up. Seeing no abnormalities on Duan Hengye, the staff member on the property once again made a “please” gesture to Duan Hengye, and then led him towards the levitator that was parked on the side.


As Duan Hengye moved away from his starship step by step, his nervous mood due to the security check stabilized during this unusual journey. Duan Hengye, accompanied by the staff of the Queen’s family’s star, went to the levitation device. If others were there, it would probably seem like he was being “escorted”. But in the eyes of Ye Pu in the distance, Duan Hengye looked calm.


As a staff member beside Duan Hengye, Ye Pu was extremely nervous. But after seeing Duan Hengye’s calm appearance, he was no longer as apprehensive as he was at the beginning. Seeing the hovercraft take off, Ye Pu finally returned to the starship. Although they weren’t able to enter the planet at will, it didn’t mean that they could rest.


Ye Pu turned towards another compartment of the starship, then said to the staff inside, “Start detailed monitoring.”


What Meng Jinhuai didn’t tell Duan Hengye was that when he agreed to go to the Queen’s Star, he also gave orders to Ye Pu and the rest of the Southern Star staff – when necessary, they could leave the starship, even though it was against the rules.



This was, after all, a place that the original owner had come to more than once, and by the time the hovercraft had flown some distance away, he felt more familiar with the scenery around him. Duan Hengye’s eyes had been glued to the window, looking at the greenery or buildings that kept flying by.


The staff who boarded the hovercraft with Duan Hengye hadn’t spoken since he came up. While looking at the scenery below, he kept reminding Duan Hengye – this is the place where he lived for a long period of time.


These words appeared to be “close”, but it was also a “threat”.


–The gray-clad staff member was reminding Duan Hengye over and over again of his unknown interstellar involvement with the Queen and his infamous “undercover” status.


Duan Hengye ignored the other’s words, although in the eyes of most people in the interstellar world who weren’t familiar with Duan Hengye, he always looked like he didn’t care about anything and was indifferent. But the little contempt in Duan Hengye’s eyes immediately provoked the staff who had been chattering and reminding him.


As a staff of a top noble, he had always been held in high esteem and rarely received such a gaze. So just as the hovercraft was about to reach its destination, this staff finally couldn’t help but lower his voice as he whispered in Duan Hengye’s ear, “Professor Duan. Although you have already come of age and left the family, don’t be so confused that you forget your original identity.”


…… Come of age?


…… original identity?


His speech wasn’t long, but every word made Duan Hengye angrier.


It wasn’t difficult to understand, as traditional nobles, they inherently despised Duan Hengye’s “fans” because of his mecha achievements. Although the world had developed to the interstellar era, but this was a traditional family that stretched thousands of years. In the eyes of the members of the family and even the surrounding staff, the “fans” that Duan Hengye received was undoubtedly cheap. Only a family like theirs were born to be loved by the citizens of Ye Tian Empire.


As for the latter sentence, it was undoubtedly another reminder of the fact that Duan Hengye was once “adopted” by this family. But unfortunately, the current Duan Hengye was no longer the one who lost his memory and was deeply brainwashed. The words didn’t make Duan Hengye want to be “careful”, but instead reminded him of what the royal family had done.


So Duan Hengye glanced at him coldly, this look was like cold wind mixed with ice. After seeing that, the staff couldn’t help but panic for a moment, but soon he regained his composure: “You ……”


The staff’s words hadn’t finished when Duan Hengye interrupted him coldly, “We’ve arrived.”


Seeing the situation, although the staff was still upset, he only let out a fierce sigh, then stepped down the levitator before Duan Hengye.


“Sir just recovered a little, after going in, please pay attention to your words and actions, Professor Duan.” After saying that, he retreated from Duan Hengye’s side.

Duan Hengye gently touched the edge of his sleeve again, and then he slowly walked towards the room. As an old noble family, the building was also very old. Although they relied on the powerful interstellar restoration technology, the interior of the building still looked brand new, but the structure designed many years ago still made Duan Hengye feel a strong sense of oppression.


Because of the patient living in the house, Duan Hengye hadn’t walked a few steps, when the bad smell of medicine assaulted him. His footsteps echoed in the corridor, sounding unusually lonely.


Finally, Duan Hengye walked up to the crimson wooden door at the end of the corridor, he didn’t hesitate to push it open. Instantly the bitter smell expanded in Duan Hengye’s nostrils again, then a hoarse male voice also came from inside –


“…… is that Duan Hengye?” He asked.


Duan Hengye walked into the room and closed the door. Not far ahead, there was a frail man lying across the room. The man was surrounded by smoke, apparently the medicine was in the form of incense. During this period of time, Duan Hengye had learned a lot of common knowledge about interstellar life, for example, he knew – this kind of treatment was only used when the patient was terminally ill.


The man’s eyes were half open and he looked very weak.


“It’s me, Duke.” Duan Hengye stood there and saluted the man.


After hearing Duan Hengye’s voice, the man on the hospital bed finally struggled to open his eyes, then he slowly said, “You’re already an adult ……” After speaking, the man stretched out his hand with some difficulty towards Duan Hengye. “Come here and let me see you.”





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