Duan Hengye just nodded his head slightly, but the people around him were watching his actions. So a few seconds after the room reverted to silence, it was once again up to Yu Xinran as the representative to reveal the doubts in everyone’s mind.

She looked at Duan Hengye, and then asked seriously: “…… Professor Duan, are you serious?”

As a pure amateur, for Yu Xinran, this meeting today was like looking at clouds of smoke. When preparing the meeting materials at the beginning, she knew very well in her heart that this time the task of deciphering was more difficult than any other time in the past. So even though Duan Hengye’s previous events had proven his strength, Yu Xinran never felt that he could really complete the task quickly.

But now, halfway through the meeting, even the head of the Southern Star’s subordinate agencies had just finished talking about the progress of the mission. Duan Hengye directly told her that he already had an idea?

If it was someone else, Yu Xinran would definitely think that they were lying. But …… now the person who said this was Duan Hengye, in her understanding, he wasn’t a person who would joke in the professional field – especially since this also involved Duan Hengye’s parents.

Of course, Duan Hengye heard the doubt and uncertainty in Yu Xinran’s words. He nodded once more, and then looked around the entire conference room. Although it was now the interval of the meeting, except for Meng Jinhuai and another staff member from the military department who left because of official business, the rest of the people remained inside the room.

“I ……” Duan Hengye stood up, he wanted to link his light computer to the light screen of the conference room. But he paused and turned his head and then remembered another thing.

Before today, Duan Hengye had worked with the staff in charge of system maintenance in the military department. The original owner and Duan Hengye’s previous repeated intrusions into the military system also silently labelled the technical level of those staff for him.


In short, they weren’t as good as him ……

Of course, Duan Hengye also knew that the staff on Southern Star already had the top interstellar technology. But in his opinion, that group of people who were studying this field every single day, weren’t as good as Meng Jinhuai, a complete “amateur”, in addition to him.

Although, Duan Hengye hadn’t yet determined whether the level of these people was higher than the staff on the Southern Star. But what Duan Hengye could be sure of at the moment was that Meng Jinhuai would definitely be a big help in this project.

So the people in the conference room saw that Duan Hengye, who had risen to speak, had just said the word “I”. Then he swallowed back the words that followed. He then said towards everyone: “Sorry, let’s wait until the Lord Marshal returns and the meeting starts again.”



Yu Xinran felt that Duan Hengye had changed. Unknowingly, the two people who were originally respecting each other like strangers, Meng Jinhuai was the first to change, and now even Duan Hengye, was now very considerate and taking care of other people’s emotions, how did he also learn this!?

The staff inside the meeting room who weren’t familiar with Duan Hengye heard his words and almost looked at each other with disbelief. Yu Xinran cleared her throat and said: “Well …… he’s right, we’d better wait for the Lord Marshal to come back and talk about it. Everyone can relax for a while since it’s time for a break.”

After this, the nervous staff became a little bit more relaxed. Duan Hengye sat back in his seat, and at this time, the head of the organization that had just spoken came up to his side.

He walked over before he spoke, Duan Hengye directly moved his eyes away from the light computer and looked at him. The color of Duan Hengye’s eyes was very light, in a far distance, it couldn’t be noticed, but once close, his gaze created an illusion like he was sinking into warm water.

“Professor Duan, uh …… my name is Mu Anyu ……” His idol was looking at him, Mu Anyu couldn’t help but stutter. As he spoke, he took two steps backward, then stretched out his arm and propped it up on the conference table behind him.

Duan Hengye, who was facing him, didn’t see hus small movements, but the rest of the staff who had been silently watching their boss walk past were able to see it. However, after seeing his performance, none of them felt that Mu Anyu’s behaviour was abject, but on the contrary, they admired him for being able to steadily introduce himself while being watched by Duan Hengye like this.

“Hmm.” Duan Hengye gazed at Mu Anyu and nodded. Although his face still had no expression, but Mu Anyu inexplicably felt his encouragement. So Mu Anyu said to Duan Hengye with renewed vigor, “I’m the head of the DN-08X agency under Southern Star, and I’m also a fan of yours.”

The current Duan Hengye had already discovered from various channels and events that he indeed had a large group of fans in the stars. However, there weren’t many people like Mu Anyu, who introduced themselves like this directly …… Duan Hengye hadn’t been trained on “how to communicate with fans”, so after hearing the other say this, he hesitated for a moment, then nodded at him and said, “Thank you.”

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Mu Anyu was stuck there with the word “thank you” from Duan Hengye, and didn’t know how to proceed for a while. And Duan Hengye …… also didn’t know whether he should continue to talk with him, or pretend that nothing had happened and continue to look at the light computer.

But as a brave fan who was accosted, Mu Anyu still had some gumption.

Seeing this, he directly took the light computer that was hovering next to him, and then said to Duan Hengye: “Professor Duan, can we take a picture together?” At the end he hurriedly added: “You don’t have to worry, I’ll keep it myself.”

When Mu Anyu spoke, Yu Xinran and Dongfang Hewen were also in the conference room, but the two admirals didn’t stop them, after all, Mu Anyu still had a monitor in his hand. So for the first time, Duan Hengye experienced the feeling of taking pictures with a fan in between breaks ……

It didn’t take long for Meng Jinhuai and another staff member to finally return to the conference room. There was still a while before the scheduled start of the second half of the meeting, so after Meng Jinhuai sat down, Yu Xinran went over and told Meng Jinhuai about Duan Hengye’s comment about having thoughts just now.

Unlike the disbelieving reaction of the people in the conference room, Meng Jinhuai only smiled lightly and then nodded towards Yu Xinran who spoke. Although he didn’t say anything, Yu Xinran felt that she understood Meng Jinhuai’s reaction – he wasn’t surprised that Duan Hengye was able to find a way to crack it, but on the contrary, this matter was completely within Meng Jinhuai’s expectation.


With the start of the second half of this meeting, Duan Hengye then directly got up and linked his light computer with the light screen in the middle of the conference room. But instantly, everyone saw that Duan Hengye had jotted down what Mu Anyu had said, as well as his own thoughts that he later added on the side.

When Mu Anyu spoke just now, a number of people noticed that Duan Hengye didn’t use the keyboard to type, but relied on writing it down. Some time ago Su Mingge had shown Duan Hengye’s handwriting on Starnet, and now after seeing this dense notes with their own eyes, they realized that even if it was a draft written in a hurry, Duan Hengye’s handwriting was so beautifully shaped.

But the exclamation for Duan Hengye’s font only lasted for a moment.

After carefully seeing what he had written, the conference room fell silent.

Those staff members from the DN-08X agency found that even though Duan Hengye was using the working equations and characters that they were familiar with, the content he had written was …… not very understandable to them.

In particular, Mu Anyu, his expression instantly condensed. However, after the text on the light screen appeared, he was suddenly enlightened.

Duan Hengye slid the screen to a data code he had written, then said to the crowd: “The reason why this confidential document is difficult to decipher is because the main procedure used isn’t the general systematics of encryption knowledge …… but evolved from the technology of the mecha system architecture. ”

Although there were some similarities between mecha systematics and StarNet system, but it was indeed different. Back then, after realizing the danger, the Director and his wife couldn’t bear to destroy the weapon mounting method they had worked so hard on, and they didn’t want to tell them to fall into the hands of others. So after a long period of research, they structured this particular set of confidential procedures based on mecha systematics.

To crack it, one must not only be proficient in systematics, but also have a very in-depth understanding of mechas.

This was something that almost no one could do.

In addition to Duan Hengye, there were three other people here who had some research on mechas. Whether it was Meng Jinhuai or the two admirals in the military, since they were able to sit in this position today, they had to have knowledge of mechas that was beyond normal people. So although this wasn’t their area of work, but his reasoning was understood by all.

After Duan Hengye’s explanation, the venue fell into a long silence. At this moment, the thoughts in everyone’s mind were surprisingly unanimous – perhaps the director and his wife encrypted the document in such a way that they were waiting for a future day when Duan Hengye would open it with his own hands.

After all, from Duan Hengye’s story, it could be heard that the mecha-related knowledge involved in this confidential document wasn’t simple and could even be called profound. If it wasn’t for Duan Hengye’s reminder just now, no matter how long they were given, they wouldn’t have connected this document with the mecha system.

Designing a secrecy system was difficult, but the time spent was much shorter than cracking it. To read the core file as soon as possible wouldn’t only take a lot of time, but also required the combined efforts of many people. Now there were many staff members who were proficient in systematics, but in general, in order to complete the task as soon as possible, it was necessary to have the assistance of people who were good at both disciplines.

The reason why Duan Hengye wanted to wait until Meng Jinhuai returned was because it wasn’t yet time for the meeting and because of Meng Jinhuai’s own reasons – as the Marshal of the Military, Meng Jinhuai’s understanding of mecha systems wasn’t as deep as Duan Hengye’s, but he was one of the few people in the room or even in the entire interstellar world who had both disciplines.

So right after Duan Hengye finished speaking, Meng Jinhuai nodded gently and then said to him, “I’ll have to trouble Ah Heng for this job, and I’ll assist you.”

At these words, Duan Hengye pursed his lips, he quickly browsed through his notes, and after a while, he started to assign tasks to the people. As one of the few “idlers” in the conference room, Yu Xinran was actually silently observing him while Duan Hengye was speaking.

Although she had already felt the changes that were happening to Duan Hengye, but only when he began to assign work to everyone, Yu Xinran intuitively felt – now Duan Hengye wasn’t only an excellent mecha researcher, but also the leader of the entire research institute.

Unknowingly, the aura of Duan Hengye’s body that belonged to a superior was getting stronger and stronger. He was like a beautiful jade that was being carved and polished, gradually revealing a luster that had never been seen before, although still soft, it was more attractive to the eye. ……

After finishing that meeting, Duan Hengye’s life once again returned to the busy state when the new mass-produced mechas were about to be launched a while ago. In fact, a while ago, Duan Hengye began to design a new type of top-notch mecha. And now, because of the appearance of that document, Duan Hengye began to redesign the top mecha while deciphering the document.

This time, he reserved space for the mecha to carry a new type of weapon.

Time passed by day by day, just as the file was being cracked and the mecha was being designed, the final investigation report of the An Luo incident was finally released to the public.

Because the investigation of this matter wasn’t strictly confidential, in fact, many people on the interstellar had already guessed. But when the official notification was released, the atmosphere was still gloomy.

This day happened to be the weekend, in An Luo University, although it wasn’t organized, everyone opened their light computers at the same time and began to watch the briefing live. Just like what people had guessed before. The Li Sheng Alliance bought through several trustees of An Luo University as well as the school’s leaders, and then told them to temporarily shut down the security monitoring system of the ring classroom of the Mecha Department.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Duan Hengye’s skills and ability to adapt to the situation far exceeded their imagination, according to the original plan, the Li Sheng Alliance would have taken advantage of the chaos in An Luo to pick up the good people who had been bought in advance.

But unfortunately, their plan didn’t work, and An Luo didn’t appear as expected, the chaos and panic spread on a large scale. The military department closed the school at the first opportunity and proceeded to bring all the top leaders of the school under control.

The briefing was very short, but its impact on the whole empire was tremendous.

After the last Tize Star incident, the relationship between the Ye Tian Empire and the Li Sheng Alliance became extremely tense.

After the incident, the people of the empire were very angry, and the friction between the two countries continued, and in the most exaggerated period, the military ministry recorded small engagements with the Li Sheng Alliance almost every day. However, as the real ruler of the empire, the royal family maintained an ambiguous attitude.

The official line was that they were negotiating with the League, waiting for the other side to pay for their defeat. But people with discerning eyes could also see that the reason why the royal family held such an attitude was to ask the Li Sheng to continue to restrain the growing power of the military.

Perhaps it would be better if there was another war to make those “troublemakers” of the Southern Star simply disappear.

But after today’s results, the royal family had to face the problem again. As the public’s reaction gradually became intense, a few hours after the briefing, the royal family finally issued a formal statement to the public – the royal family of the Ye Tian Empire officially sent a request to the Li Sheng Alliance to hold a high-level meeting at the border planet of the two countries.

A few minutes after this news was sent out, their side also finally sent out a response confirming the meeting event. Although the time hadn’t yet been set, and the identity of the attending members were still unknown, the tense atmosphere of the Empire had finally eased a little bit.

Perhaps it was because the matter had been anticipated, just a few days after the announcement was sent out, the anger of the people of the Empire hadn’t yet subsided, but Southern Star was surprisingly calm.

For them, the matter was no longer a priority, and the main work on Southern Star during this period of time had long since ceased to be related to An Luo.

In addition to continuing the decryption of documents, the first batch of the new mass-produced mechas designed by Duan Hengye had finally finished mass production and would soon be delivered to the military.

Since the selection of the raw material supplier of the mechas, Duan Hengye no longer paid attention to the relevant progress, until his light computer received a notification during the end of the assembly, Duan Hengye finally realised the high production efficiency of the interstellar era.

According to Duan Hengye’s original imagination, the official delivery of the mechas “Nanzhu” to the military ministry would be at least a few months later. So after receiving the notice and seeing the time of the delivery ceremony, the progress was actually so much faster than he had imagined.

Duan Hengye had been in a busy state recently, he didn’t notice, in fact, his light computer had received several related reminders. Because he set those reminders to the “unimportant” column in advance, so Duan Hengye, who didn’t open his inbox to take a closer look, naturally missed the previous notifications.

Soon after the “delivery ceremony” appeared on Duan Hengye’s schedule, the event was also reported on the interstellar news. In contrast to Duan Hengye, who had no idea about the progress of the interstellar industry, many people who had been following the new mecha “Nanzhu” had already relied on the previous news and their own experience to guess the approximate time.

This news finally cleared the cloud that had been hanging over the Ye Tian Empire for some time. Not only those who were interested in the mechas, but almost all of the people of Ye Tian were looking forward to the event when the time came.

According to the tradition, before the delivery ceremony, the Imperial Military Department invited the royal family and other celebrities from all walks of life to arrive at Southern Star. However, because the aftermath of the An Luo incident hadn’t completely dissipated, the royal family didn’t accept the invitation to participate in the event.

However, perhaps because the royal family didn’t participate, the dinner before the delivery ceremony was less complicated in terms of rituals and ceremonies, and the overall situation became much more relaxed.

From a few days before the delivery ceremony, the eyes of the entire Ye Tian Empire and the interstellar world fell on Southern Star. However, it was a little disappointing that Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye both seemed to be very busy with their work recently, and neither of them participated in the activities before the delivery ceremony.

Finally, under the expectation of all the people in Ye Tian, it was the day of the delivery ceremony. Five hours before the event began, Duan Hengye had just returned to Southern Star, and after a short rest, he began to prepare for the ceremony.

Because the delivery ceremony would be held in the open air on the military’s mecha docking pad, Duan Hengye’s look today was different. The black matte suit was exquisitely cut and competent, outlining Duan Hengye’s waistline clearly, and by the way, revealing his long legs.

He was already in good proportion, and also because of his lean body shape, Duan Hengye really looked like a character coming out of a comic book.

When Duan Hengye finished changing his clothes and walked out from the dressing room, even Yu Xinran couldn’t help but let out an excited scream. In order to match his outfit, Duan Hengye’s bangs were also styled, his fair and full forehead was exposed, which made his eyebrows look exquisite beyond compare.

Although Duan Hengye’s nickname of “Highland Flower” and “Star God” had already spread throughout the stars, after seeing his new look, not only Yu Xinran alone, even all the staff in the military department who had gradually become familiar with Duan Hengye were stunned.

But in the face of such eyes, Duan Hengye was little uncomfortable himself, without the front bangs in the way, he was still a little uncomfortable. Duan Hengye lowered his head a little, then walked quickly to Meng Jinhuai’s side.

Unlike those staff members who were startled, after seeing Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai continued to behave as usual, except for his eyes which became obviously gentle. He smiled at Duan Hengye and then directly took Duan Hengye’s hand in front of his various subordinates. In the end, the Lord Marshal even ignored his assistant Ye Pu, who came with his light computer, and began to give Duan Hengye a lecture on the process.

Seeing this, Mr. Ye Pu, who was hung out to dry, silently stretched out his hand to touch the tip of his nose. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of crisis for his job.


Now that the event was about to begin, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai stepped on the hovercraft that was headed to the mecha docking pad. On the hovercraft, in addition to security personnel and the two admirals, they also specially invited Old Man Yan.

Since the last test flight report, Mr. Yan had retired completely. Today he came to Southern Star, not as a member of the media, but as a good friend of his father who was specially invited by Meng Jinhuai. Therefore, Mr. Yan wouldn’t sit with the media in the reporting area, but would ride with them in the hovercraft and arrive directly at the observation platform set up in advance by the military department.

After a lifetime as a war correspondent, the usual state of Old Man Yan was more serious, and he rarely joked with people. But perhaps the lively atmosphere affected him, Old Man Yan became visible relaxed.

After they got off the hovering machine and sat down on the viewing platform, Old Man Yan saw the two still holding hands tightly, he finally narrowed his eyes and smiled as he recalled: “Speaking of which, it seems that long before you were born, the Marshal’s Office and the Institute had begun to drift apart on the surface.”

Hearing this, Meng Jinhuai thought about the follow-up investigation, then calculated in his mind for a while before nodding and saying, “Yes, at least for more than ten years.” After hearing his words, Old Man Yan nodded slowly, “It’s almost that long …… By the way, did you guys not see each other when you were small?”

Because of Meng Jinhuai’s speech at the wedding, almost everyone on the planet knew about the fact that they had met at a banquet when they were children.

However, there were also people who had been puzzled, as it was logical that both the marshal and the director of the institute were considered the upper echelon of the empire. Even if the two sides didn’t seem familiar at all on the surface, but they often attend the same events. So before that banquet, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai hadn’t really even met?

Because of the lack of childhood memories, Duan Hengye had no way to answer this question. So after Mr. Yan finished, he also looked at Meng Jinhuai curiously.

At this time, there were still more than 20 minutes before the official start of the event, and the guests on the viewing platform had all taken their places. Although the main seat where Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were sitting was still some distance away from the other guests, but after vaguely hearing Elder Yan’s words, some people around couldn’t help but prick up their ears and silently cast their gossip eyes.

This time Meng Jinhuai didn’t think long before he answered directly, “Never met.” Then he glanced at Duan Hengye and said, “When I was small, my parents did often take me to some events, but I never met Ah Heng.”

Elder Yan gave Duan Hengye a glance, then smiled for a moment and said to them, “I remember ah, Professor Duan had the title of ‘Mecha Genius’ when he was very young. I guess he was left to study at home when all those banquets were held.” Linking to that memory that was recovered last time, Duan Hengye felt that …… what Elder Yan said was 80% true.

Although he was originally a hardworking person, after hearing the other’s words, Duan Hengye’s mind couldn’t help but produce the scene where others were attending a lively banquet while he was bored with his studies …… The picture was quite sour.

Elder Yan’s memories didn’t end, he continued slowly and leisurely said: “Professor Duan, when he was small, I went to the Institute. At that time I thought, although as a journalist, I had met a lot of people with the title of ‘genius’. But this child in front of me was really different from others – too calm and collected, there were times when ah …… I would think that perhaps an adult soul lived in his body.”

Although he hadn’t yet dared to fully confirm, in his heart, Duan Hengye had long had a clearer guess – it was probability that he had transmigrated here long ago. So after hearing Elder Yan suddenly talk about “an adult soul”, Duan Hengye was startled, and then a little bit of panic showed.

Meng Jinhuai also seemed to feel this, he gently shook Duan Hengye’s hand, as if to comfort him. Immediately afterwards Meng Jinhuai said to Elder Yan, “We only met once when we were small, at a banquet, at that time I had just taken over the position of marshal ……”

Although the words weren’t finished, Elder Yan did understand that Meng Jinhuai was talking about that event. Therefore, after listening to Meng Jinhuai’s words, he couldn’t help but sigh.

In the Ye Tian Empire, the power of the Southern Star was inherited from family, same as the royal family, only perhaps not as strict. For example, the position of marshal in the military department wouldn’t be inherited exactly according to blood, but the most suitable one would be chosen among the peers or among all the young people in the family.

Meng Jinhuai was the youngest marshal in the history of Southern Star, and after the glory, it also represented – he was the only hope of the whole family in this generation.

This family of Southern Star, while carrying a glory almost comparable to that of the royal family, had also been silently enduring great sacrifices that were unimaginable to ordinary people. The old man, Yan, was a senior war correspondent who had previously known many people from Southern Star.

After hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words, Elder Yan couldn’t help but once again recall his old friends who had already sacrificed. In such a mood, he looked at the new mecha “Nanzhu” parked not far from the ceremony, Elder Yan’s gaze became more complex.

“If only they could see this today ……,” Elder Yan commented at the end of the conversation.

As a journalist with a high profile throughout the interstellar world, Elder Yan had written a memoir of his own a few years ago. Although the book avoided many sensitive contents – for example, the relationship between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai’s parents. But if you read through it, one could still see many previously unknown stories in it.

For example, the past events on Southern Star.

Originally, they wanted to hear the gossip, but because of this sentiment from Elder Yan, many people remembered the stories written in the book. In particular, some of the members of the military department sitting nearby couldn’t help but recall their former comrades in arms.

After noticing that the atmosphere was somewhat strained by his words, Elder Yan thought of changing the topic in a hurry, so he first inhaled, then he smiled and turned towards Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai.

“Speaking of which, Lord Marshal and Professor Duan, I was a bit surprised when I first learnt that you were able to come together. But it’s indeed a great destiny, if your parents were still around, they would definitely be surprised and happy.” Elder Yan said.

Immediately afterwards Elder Yan looked at the time on the light computer and continued to recall: “When you were not yet born …… maybe another ten years ago? At that time your parents also joked, saying that it was possible that their future children could be together. I didn’t expect that ah, and in the end, their words were really accurate.” After saying that, the atmosphere around them finally relaxed.

After hearing Elder Yan’s words, Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything, he just suddenly turned to Duan Hengye and smiled, then unexpectedly said something that didn’t quite match everyone’s usual impression of him, “Then Ah Heng and I were destined to be together before we were born.”

Hearing this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but lower his head, and then he also smiled slightly for a moment.

As for the guests around who had been silently listening ……

In an instant, the air seemed to become a little sour.




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