Probably because the test flight of the new mecha has been completed, the overall atmosphere of the research institute after the vacation was much more relaxed than before. After talking, Su Mingge walked out of Duan Hengye’s office, seemingly to get a brush. Now it was noon break, as soon as Duan Hengyei’s office door opened, he heard the vague chatter of the staff.

This time, Su Mingge acted very quickly, and before a few minutes had passed, he had brought something over. After seeing the brushes and other things Su Mingge was holding, some of the staff members around him came up and asked, “What’s this in your hand, Professor Su?” Unlike the compulsory pen writing, few people nowadays had seen such “retro” things in reality.

Hearing someone ask, another staff member came up and said, “This is a brush?” He asked back with an exaggerated tone, “You don’t even know this?”

“…… Okay.” The staff member who had just been despised shook his head, and then asked Su Mingge, “Then what are you doing with this, Professor Su?”

Su Mingge, who was surrounded by the group, smiled a little, then said to them in slightly bragging tone, “Me? To look at Director Duan’s writing ah.” After saying these words, Su Mingge walked directly to Duan Hengye’s office. Behind him, a bunch of staff members with wide eyes were looking towards Duan Hengye’s office with incredulous eyes.

Watching Duan Hengye write? With a brush?

After hearing Su Mingge’s words, several staff members froze there. Until Su Mingge disappeared in front of their eyes, everyone finally reacted to what Professor Su had just said.

After Su Mingge entered the door, the silver-white door of Duan Hengye’s office started to close slowly. Hearing Su Mingge’s footsteps, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but look up to the front, then he saw …… Su Mingge and a bunch of staff poking their heads into the room.

In fact, there weren’t many staff members in the work area outside Duan Hengye’s office, and after such a long time together, Duan Hengye had gotten to know them. Normally these staff in front of Duan Hengye always had a serious and professional look, but now, during the lunch break they finally revealed their original character.

Somehow, seeing them like this, Duan Hengye actually followed along and unknowingly got happy.

After Su Mingge entered, the door of the director’s office also slowly closed. And at this time, the staff members who were looking outside the room suddenly noticed that Duan Hengye raised his head and looked in the direction they were. Although they gradually became familiar with him answering their questions, but for most of the staff, Duan Hengye was still tightly bound to the word “serious”.

So after finding that Duan Hengye looked towards their position, the staff at the door instantly withdrew their eyes and pretended to be busy and lowered their heads. And after seeing the performance of the people outside, Su Mingge finally couldn’t help but laugh.

This time they didn’t expect one thing to happen, Duan Hengye after raising his head didn’t get angry or show a serious expression as they thought. On the contrary, Duan Hengye glanced at the staff who were secretly observing at the door, and then said, “Don’t look outside, come in.”

After Duan Hengye finished speaking, he stretched out his finger and lightly tapped on the light screen beside him. Then the office door, which was about to close, lit up and opened once again. When the door was half open and they heard Duan Hengye call them in, there were some people who doubted whether they had heard wrong, now seeing the director’s office re-open, everyone finally confirmed – they didn’t hear wrong.

Although their usual place of work was right outside Duan Hengye’s office, as ordinary staff members, they never had the chance to step inside the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute’s director’s office. Now, after hearing Duan Hengye’s invitation, although their hearts were overwhelmed with excitement, no one was slow to come towards this place.

Su Mingge brought a large pile of things, now it was all piled on Duan Hengye’s originally empty desk. Duan Hengye lowered his head and stopped the pen that almost rolled under the table with his hand, and when he looked up again, he found that the office door was clearly open, but the five or six staff members outside the room were all standing in place, none of them dared to come in.

“What’s wrong?” Duan Hengye couldn’t help but ask in confusion. And after hearing his words, Su Mingge, who had been fiddling with something, also raised his head and looked outward, then said, “You guys aren’t coming in? Then I’ll help Director Duan close the door?”

At those words, the staff members who were still hesitating finally seemed to be activated. A few seconds later, several people appeared together inside Duan Hengye’s office.

Although they had been working outside this room, they had usually caught a glimpse of the inside many times and knew the “minimalist” layout. But when they really came in, everyone finally had an intuitive understanding of how “clean” Duan Hengye’s office really was.

Just like the first feeling when Duan Hengye heard Su Mingge say he had brushes in his office – all those who had entered felt that his place was a grocery store. No matter what they used or what they didn’t uae, they could find everything in the room. So with Su Mingge as a reference, Duan Hengye’s room seemed more and more popular.

Just when everyone was silently observing Duan Hengye’s office, he and Su Mingge finally packed that huge pile of things together. In fact, Duan Hengye had practiced a lot of brush calligraphy in his last life, but since he started to get busy with work, he seldom practiced anymore.

When the things were neatly arranged, Duan Hengye picked up the brush first, then he turned slightly sideways to Su Mingge and said, “I haven’t practiced for a long time, so maybe my writing isn’t very good.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine!” Su Mingge was still immersed in the verses that Duan Hengye had just written for him, and after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, he waved his hand very indifferently and said, “Not many people know how to do that at all now.”

Duan Hengye nodded silently and then spread a piece of paper. Although it had been many years since he last wrote with a brush, even his body had changed, but because of the thousands of time he spent practicing as a child, these movements had long been deeply engraved in Duan Hengye’s soul.

He laid the paper with great skill, and when the paper was flat on the table, Duan Hengye finally picked up the pen that had been placed to the side and had been blackened by the ink. Seeing this, the office staff who had been observing the office all shifted their eyes over.

It was strange to say that the person who was going to write in a while was Duan Hengye, but after seeing his action, these staff members actually got nervous first.

But Duan Hengye wasn’t affected by this nervousness, he lifted the pen up, and after his wrist hung in the air for a while, Duan Hengye finally slowly moved the pen. What he wrote was a very famous ancient poem in China, which also existed in the world of “Dumping Interstellar”.

Duan Hengye’s hands were very nice – the moment he held the brush up, a sigh rose in everyone’s heart. Because there was almost no excess fat on his hands, and his complexion was slightly pale, Duan Hengye’s hand looked like a work of art carved from white jade to the onlookers.

At this moment, the surrounding staff even ignored the words that Duan Hengye was about to write, and instead focused all their attention on his hand. They really wanted to record this moment, but no one present dared to do it.

But Su Mingge was different.

After seeing Duan Hengye’s movements, Su Mingge set his light computer into hovering shooting mode and proceeded to quietly record the way Duan Hengye wrote.

By the time Duan Hengye finally put pen to paper, everyone finally began to shift their attention. Wait …… Su Mingge couldn’t help but open his eyes wide, if he wasn’t mistaken, Duan Hengye said that he hadn’t practiced for a long time, perhaps his writing wouldn’t be too good?

But now, after seeing the ink on the paper, Su Mingge didn’t want to believe that the words in front of him were “not too good.”

“My gosh ……” Su Mingge let out an extremely colloquial sigh of praise, which was also the heartfelt voice of everyone present. Although after working with him for so long, in the eyes of everyone, Duan Hengye had long had a label of “omnipotent”. But now that they had seen that he had a different talent, everyone admired Duan Hengye even more.

Duan Hengye, who was concentrating on writing, didn’t look at the reactions of the people around him, and after a while, he finally lifted his wrist from the paper, and then read the poem he had just written silently from beginning to end.

“My hand is a bit raw.” Finally, Duan Hengye commented calmly.

“…… Hey.” After hearing Duan Hongyi’s words, Su Mingge heaved a sigh and then turned off the video mode of his light computer. He shook his head, then said with a slight admiration, “Well, I’m now sure that you’re really a genius.”


Just when Duan Hengye was showing his writing over here, the messages under Su Mingge’s social account had already accumulated millions. Everyone was guessing who wrote this piece of writing. For a while, a few people who were familiar with Su Mingge and had good writing skills were all named. But soon, these people came out to deny everyone’s guesses.

And mixed in with them, there was no shortage of messages similar to “could it be Professor Duan”. But almost all of the responses under these messages were “hahahahaha”, so obviously not many people took it seriously.

The lunch break at the research institute wasn’t long, and although everyone wanted to stay in Duan Hengye’s office for a while longer, they were concerned about not disturbing his lunch break and meal, so after Duan Hengye finished writing, they left the place.

After returning to his office, Su Mingge, who was still in the excitement, finally started to read the messages under his social account with great interest.

“Tch,” he said to himself as he read, “how come no one seems to have guessed correctly?”

Then Su Mingge picked out a few of his messages that had the most likes and started replying to them one by one.

“x floor.
Professor Su, can you reveal if the person writing is someone we know?
Su Mingge: You know him.

x + 1 floor.
Can you give a little hint, so hard to guess ah …… a million words are automatically generated by the light computer? There’s also such a possibility right? When I was little I completed my writing class assignments this way. Cough cough cough ~ Su Mingge. Professor Su: Not generated by the light brain.”

After replying to this one, Su Mingge looked through his light computer and finally sent out a copy of Duan Hengye’s written brushstrokes that he had just recorded. By the way, he also wrote in his comment section, “This is also written by him, if someone can guess, I will send the video of him writing.”

After saying that, Su Mingge then refreshed his message area once again.

Seeing that Su Mingge said he was going to post a video, the messages below were even faster.

The penmanship that Su Mingge showed just now was indeed good, but it was still common. But this brush writing was different, now the people in the entire interstellar that knew how to use this pen were few people, let alone being able to use it to write such a good-looking words.

“Ahhhhh! Professor Su the words you shared are really written by someone you know? I thought it was from the top of an ancient book.” This message represented the majority of people’s hearts. If Su Mingge hadn’t said that the video would be uploaded when they guessed, after seeing the words written by Duan Hengye, everyone thought that he had collected them from some ancient inscriptions or ancient books.

The amount of attention Su Mingge’s social account got was already very large, and now the issuance of this brushstroke was the reason why that it shot up to the top of the interstellar real-time trending. The reason was no other – it was because Duan Hengye’s few lines of ancient poetry were really nice to look at.

But also after Su Mingge sent out the picture, everyone stopped guessing Su Mingge’s friends or people in the institute and put their eyes on several famous calligraphers.

But at this time, Su Mingge’s light computer suddenly sounded a very special alert – a person with whom he had mutual relations had commented on the status of the earlier entry.

Su Mingge’s hand, which was swiping the comment, paused for a moment, and then opened the alert.

It was Yu Xinran?

When the mecha “Nanzhu” was being manufactured, Yu Xinran had worked at the research institute for a while, mainly responsible for the security in the vicinity. After a while, Yu Xinran and Su Mingge also became familiar with each other.

Like Su Mingge, she was an active person on social networks, so after leaving the institute, she often replied to Su Mingge’s posts.

Seeing this, Su Mingge couldn’t help but be a little curious, she was also an old acquaintance, would Yu Xinran guess that the person writing was Duan Hengye?

“Yu Xinran:
No need to guess, this person is our Professor Duan! @ Su Mingge send the video directly ~”

After seeing this message, Su Mingge couldn’t help but be a little surprised. After all, in his impression, Yu Xinran didn’t seem to be such a smart person. And the tone of this reply …… also seemed to be a little overconfident. So although the answer was directly spoken by Yu Xinran, Su Mingge didn’t post the video.

“Su Mingge:
@ Yu Xinran why did you say that?”

Unlike Su Mingge, who was still keeping his sanity and questioning, after seeing Yu Xinran’s reply, the comment section was now full of “ahhhhh” messages.

It wasn’t necessary to look carefully to know that these people were all Duan Hengye’s fans.

Su Mingge waited for a while after replying to Yu Xinran, until he almost couldn’t resist sharing the video directly, then the other party finally replied to him.

“Yu Xinran:
Oh, I showed it to the Lord Marshal and he said so.”

Lord Marshal …… After seeing these words, Su Mingge was completely speechless. Since it was Meng Jinhuai’s words, it was no wonder that he was recognized so quickly.

After a somewhat reluctant reply of “Okay.” to Yu Xinran, Su Mingge finally sent the video to his social account as he had promised. This was where he had to praise Admiral Yu’s reply, if it were any time in the past, the video of Duan Hengye writing would have caused a scream.

But with Admiral Yu’s reply …… everyone was screaming, but not because of the video, but because of the relationship between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai.

Just after Su Mingge and the others left the office, Duan Hengye simply ate a lunch and wanted to continue his research on the morning’s mecha maker.

But just at this time, Duan Hengye suddenly received a message on his light computer.

“Meng Jinhuai: I saw the picture Su Mingge posted on Starnet, you write beautifully.”

Seeing Meng Jinhuai’s message, Duan Hengye was slightly surprised. After all, in his impression, the Lord Marshal’s daily work was very much, he didn’t seem like a person who would read other people’s posts on Starnet. But before Duan Hengye could reply, he received another message from Meng Jinhuai.

“Meng Jinhuai:
Ah Heng, next time, help me write a poem too.”

It was obviously just a simple sentence, but after seeing it, Duan Hengye’s heartbeat sped up for a few seconds.

“Okay.” After writing and deleting paragraph after paragraph, at the end of the day Duan Hengye simply replied like that.

In the blink of an eye, the Imperial Mecha Research Institute was fully open, and at this time, the vacation of An Luo University had finally ended. The last semester’s attack was still not completely investigated, but after the holiday, the empire’s number one institution of higher learning was finally back to its original work trajectory.

Before the official start of the new semester, An Luo University sent a long letter to Duan Hengye long beforehand. Although the attack itself didn’t succeed, but Duan Hengye was after all in the territory of An Luo when he encountered such a bad incident, and if not for his skills, it would have inevitably generated incalculable consequences.

So although Duan Hengye didn’t take a stand on this matter, nor did he mention the security problems of An Luo. But the school was still very apprehensive, they weren’t even worried whether Professor Duan would come to An Luo next semester. Rather, they were worried about whether the attitude of the Institute and the military department toward An Luo would change after that.

Although it wasn’t said publicly, in fact, in the hearts of many of the school’s senior leaders. The fact that Duan Hengye wouldn’t be coming to An Luo next semester was almost a fact that didn’t even need to be mentioned anymore.

The letter that was sent to Duan Hengye was actually mainly making an official apology. Three days after this letter was sent, Duan Hengye didn’t reply. And just when An Luo’s executives had started to despair and were worried whether Duan Hengye would end all cooperation with the school afterwards, they finally received a message from Duan Hengye.

Unlike what they thought, the reply was not a statement sent by Southern Star or the Institute. Instead, it was …… sent by Duan Hengye’s private account, and the content came with a semester plan for the next semester.

In his reply, Duan Hengye didn’t mention the matter of pursuing responsibility at all, but only said that the investigation had all been handed over to Southern Star, and that he himself would no longer be concerned about the matter. The only thing was that Duan Hengye still hoped that An Luo could do a good job of security and defense of the school next time, after all, the students here were the future hope of the empire.

Just like the long letter An Luo sent to Duan Hengye, Duan Hengye’s reply was also quite wordy. After receiving this response, the people who were thinking whether they had completely offended Duan Hengye were all dumbfounded. In their opinion, Duan Hengye’s response was not only unofficial, but also sincere and with concern for the future of all the students in the school.

Duan Hengye was indeed just like what was said on the star network, a person who was high and cold on the surface, but actually more gentle than anyone else. …… Duan Hengye didn’t know that after seeing his reply, his image was actually elevated again in the eyes of a bunch of professors in An Luo.

That reply to the official An Luo letter was later published on the school’s official website, but Duan Hengye didn’t have time to read this. Because almost at the same time that he replied to An Luo, Duan Hengye received a message on his light computer.

Since that day in the military station with Lan Jingchi, the other hadn’t contacted Duan Hengye in a long time. And also because there were many things in the Star Day holiday, Duan Hengye forgot to continue to pay attention to the daily research and life of Lan Jingchi. So when he received a message from Lan Jingchi now, Duan Hengye was surprised in addition to astonished.

The message read – during the Star Day holiday, Lan Jingchi passed eleven exams on the light computer with a perfect score and officially skipped a grade.

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