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Ever since Duan Hengye put the information of the mech into the super light computer of the research institute, the light computer was overloaded with calculations every day, every moment, and every second.

The computing power of this light computer of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute ranked among the top three in the entire interstellar world. When it worked normally, it could use less than 20 percent of its computing power to support the data operation of the entire institute.

When Duan Hengye used the super-light computer for simulation experiments, he incidentally moved the institute’s daily computing tasks to a backup light computer. So as of now, no one in the entire institute knew what exactly President Duan was working on.

After returning to the Institute from the Capital Star, Duan Hengye once again shut himself up in his office. This time he didn’t work endlessly like before, but sat quietly in front of the light computer, watching the progress of the simulation experiment.

As a mecha, it must be able to cope with all the harsh environments in the interstellar world. Whether it was super high temperature or those which couldn’t be named, including cosmic radiation. So the light computer alone in the simulation of the universe environment, it would be carried out a full ten days.

Mecha experiment wasn’t an easy thing, although he also understood that once the experiment was wrong and when left on its own, it could only become a pile of useless invalid data, but Duan Hengye went back to the Institute and guarded the light computer.

Finally, the simulation experiment was slowly approaching the end.

Looking at the last name left in the experimental project column, sitting in front of the light brain Duan Hengye couldn’t help but get nervous.

Although the light computer was a random arrangement of experiments, the last remaining experiment was not one of the highest failure rates. But because the experiment was about to end, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but be nervous.

Finally, the last experiment began to carry out, the data on the light computer changed, the entire silver laboratory was once again illuminated by a dark blue light.

Time passed, the data on the light screen jumped faster and faster. In a short time, the refresh speed of the data above was already too fast for the human eye to keep up with. Just now Duan Hengye had been closely following the data, but now seeing that the content was too fast, he finally gave up this work. Then Duan Hengye took a look at the estimated end time of the experiment and then stood up from his seat.

Now there was less than half an hour before the end of the experiment, Duan Hengye took his light computer out and started refreshing it casually to ease the tension in his heart.

And after seeing the contact ID inside the light computer, Duan Hengye suddenly remembered a very important thing.

That was the registration of the mecha.

If the simulation experiment on the light computer could be successful, the mecha had better enter the official experiment stage as soon as possible. Before that, he had to register his real name on Starnet.

In other words, the new generation of mechas would not be able to hide the fact that they had been born for long.

Seeing the progress bar on the super-light computer, Duan Hengye silently walked to the other side of the room, he took out his personal light computer that he had neglected for a long time.

Then, Duan Hengye found Meng Jinhuai’s name on it.

Duan Hengye hesitated for a moment, and finally clicked on the conversation with Meng Jinhuai. However, Duan Hengye did not rush to send a message to Meng Jinhuai now, when the dialog box opened, he went to the light computer once again.

At this time, there were only a few minutes left before the end of the mecha experiment, the data on the screen that was swiping non-stop suddenly decreased in speed. At this time, Duan Hengye could finally catch the information on the screen with his naked eyes.

After seeing the numbers on it, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. The light brain was now running very smoothly, and there was no abnormal data.

“There is still one minute left until the end of the experiment.”

Suddenly, the light computer re-estimated the progress of the experiment. At the same time that the number of the experiment time bar in the lower right corner changed, such a reminder also popped up in the center of the light computer.

It appeared really a bit suddenly …… the moment it popped up, Duan Hengye almost thought that the experiment had gone wrong. But before he could get nervous, he then saw the characters on the prompt clearly.

Duan Hengye couldn’t help but get closer to the optical brain, and he saw that the minute record in the lower right corner of the light computer had turned into a countdown by the number of seconds.

Forty seconds.

Thirty seconds.

The last ten seconds.

Close to this side, Duan Hengye took his light computer in his hands. Watching the countdown approach, he couldn’t help but hold the metallic light computer in his hand tightly. This time Duan Hengye didn’t accidentally break the light computer, but due to excessive force, in a few seconds, his hand had made a deep imprint on it.

“End of experiment.”

At the moment when the countdown in the lower right corner ended, Duan Hengye saw that the data that was being rapidly refreshed suddenly stopped.

Immediately after that, a silver mech model appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes. The most important thing was that the data was not only the data of the experiment but also the detailed data of the experiment that the light computer had accumulated in the past ten days, which was enough to become the biggest asset for the mecha research community.

He didn’t know how it happened, obviously, just now he was very nervous. But after seeing the big words “experiment is over” appear in front of his eyes, Duan Hengye actually relaxed all of a sudden.

His face didn’t even have time to reveal a similar “relaxed” or “happy” expression in the first place. Duan Hengye’s hands were quickly placed on the super-light computer’s analog keyboard, and then quickly all the important experimental data on it encrypted and backed up.

Saving time data was very simple, but encrypting these huge data wasn’t a simple matter. By the time Duan Hengye was done with these tasks, his body had unknowingly broken out in a thin layer of sweat.

After confirming the data again, Duan Hengye remembered the light computer that he had just forgotten to the side.

He turned the light computer back on, and the interface still remained at Meng Jinhuai’s ID.

This time Duan Hengye didn’t hesitate, he didn’t speak but directly sent the basic data of the new mecha that was going to be publicized on Starnet in the future.

The Lord Marshal was about to receive one of the biggest surprises of his life as of now.


When the message was sent, it was three o’clock in the afternoon on the Southern Star, and at this time Meng Jinhuai was having a meeting with Yu Xinlan and Dongfang Hewen in his office. The meeting was confidential, and only the three of them were in the office, so Meng Jinhuai directly used his light computer to open the information needed for the meeting.

The information was accompanied by some videos, so this light computer was also connected to a light screen in the conference room.

Now that the video of the battle was over, the light screen went dark again.

Meng Jinhuai was just about to say something to the two admirals, when at this time, Yu Xinlan, who was sitting at the side of the conference table, suddenly looked odd and stretched out her hand to cover a cough. She then glanced at Meng Jinhuai and silently moved her eyes to the side.

At this time, Meng Jinhuai just happened to have his back to the light screen. Although Yu Xinlan was usually a bit unorthodox, in most cases, she was still a very professional admiral. Seeing her in this state now, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but be a bit puzzled.

“Admiral Yu, is there something wrong?” Meng Jinhuai asked directly.

Seeing that she had been named, Yu Xinlan also understood that her expression just now might have been a bit exaggerated. And after a brief hesitation, Yu Xinlan, who originally wanted to muddle through this part with a snort, ended up pointing at the light screen and said, “Uh …… Lord Marshal, you received a message on top of your light computer just now.”

As the marshal of the military department, Meng Jinhuai’s light computer had always been incredibly busy. When watching the video just now, quite a few messages were received on the light computer, but they were all received by Meng Jinhuai to the side. Although he did not understand why Yu Xinlan suddenly pointed out this matter, after hearing the other party’s words, Meng Jinhuai still subconsciously turned around and looked at the light screen.

Then, Meng Jinhuai saw the name of the sender.

Duan Hengye ……

That was, maybe something unexpected happened.

Yu Xinlan saw that Meng Jinhuai, who was supposed to be busy working, suddenly walk over to his light computer and then was ready to open the message.

In fact, it was understandable that Meng Jinhuai chose to look at Duan Hengye’s messages, after all, Yu Xinlan, who was now familiar with Duan Hengye, knew that the other party was not someone who had nothing to do and just wanted to send messages to Meng Jinhuai. Since Duan Hengye was able to find Meng Jinhuai at this time, it was bound to be something important.

Originally, she thought that this was the marshal’s privacy and she shouldn’t look at it, but Yu Xinlan was really curious …… so at the same time when Meng Jinhuai opened the light computer, Yu Xinlan couldn’t help but cast her eyes towards the light screen that was still synchronized with the light computer.

Then, she saw a …… mecha?

What was Duan Hengye doing? Why would he send a mecha to Meng Jinhuai?

Yu Xinlan unconsciously frowned a little. And right after that, Admiral Yu finally found out what was wrong with it. As one of the leaders of the military department, an admiral who had climbed up from the bottom little by little, Yu Xinlan was experienced in war and was very familiar with all the existing mechs in the empire.

If her professionalism and memory were not wrong, the silver mech that appeared on the light screen now seemed like she had never seen it before?

When she thought of this, Yu Xinlan couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air and let out a “hiss”.

So what was this model all about again? As a person who was not very clear about Duan Hengye’s plan, even Yu Xinlan, who knew much more about mechas than ordinary people, did not connect this strange mech model with the new generation of mechs for a while.

But since he found out that this message was sent by Duan Hengye, another admiral who attended the meeting, Dongfang Hewen, consciously moved his eyes to the side. At this time he was pretending to be calm and drinking the coffee in front of him, after hearing the strange sound made by Yu Xinlan, Dongfang Hewen finally couldn’t help but put down his coffee cup, and then whispered to Xinlan, “Don’t pay attention to it.”

“But ……” Yu Xinlan was about to speak, but after realizing that her speech in a moment would all be unfolded by Meng Jinhuai’s private message, she wisely shut her mouth.

Nevertheless, Yu Xinlan’s performance and the “hiss” had already been heard by Meng Jinhuai.

In fact, the marshal’s mood was even more complicated than Yu Xinlan’s. As Duan Hengye’s spouse, Meng Jinhuai’s mood was even more complicated.

As Duan Hengye’s spouse, Meng Jinhuai certainly knew what he had been busy with. And Meng Jinhuai believed that Duan Hengye would definitely complete this arduous task in a time frame unimaginable to ordinary people.

Even so, Meng Jinhuai also really did not expect …… Duan Hengye to make the new mecha even earlier than he thought.

It turned out that during this time Duan Hengye was waiting for the simulation experiment to end.

In the eyes of the interstellar crowd as well as their own, Duan Hengye was already a first-class mecha genius. And as a person who had also studied mechas, just by seeing this model, Meng Jinhuai found that Duan Hengye’s “genius” level was even far above everyone’s imagination.

…… Underneath this unspeakable ecstasy, Meng Jinhuai’s heart suddenly felt some inexplicable unhappiness.

Even though he knew, with Duan Hengye’s character, if it weren’t for the mecha formalities, he wouldn’t keep it a secret. But Meng Jinhuai was still inevitably lost because the other party didn’t let him share the pressure.

Once again, she couldn’t help but look up at Meng Jinhuai and found that the Marshal’s mood was happy and unhappy at once.

Yu Xinlan’s puzzled eyes were really too obvious, this time even Dongfang Hewen had given up blocking …… naturally Meng Jinhuai also noticed her actions.

Unexpectedly, Meng Jinhuai did not get angry.

He didn’t close the model and proceeded to retrace his steps to where he was just now. Meng Jinhuai said to Dongfang Hewen and Yu Xinlan, “About this mecha model.” Seeing Meng Jinhuai bring up the model unapologetically, the two admirals’ eyes finally turned to the silver-white rack.

Meng Jinhuai directly enlarged that mecha model slightly according to the scale, but in an instant, a silver three-dimensional projection about two meters high appeared in the center of Meng Jinhuai’s office.

“This is ……” because just now,  he didn’t have the same peek as Yu Xinlan, at this moment Dongfang Hewen was the most puzzled person in the room.

Meng Jinhuai stretched out his hand to turn the mecha model around, then said to the two: “This is what Ah Heng just designed, and it has now completed all the simulation experiments in the super-light computer of the Mecha Research Institute.”

The amount of information in these words of the marshal was so big that the entire office remained silent for a long time after his words fell.

In the end, it was Yu Xinlan who broke the silence, “…… Lord Marshal, what do you mean?”

Yu Xinlan did not finish her words, but Meng Jinhuai understood what she meant. The man standing in the center of the office dressed in black stretched out his hand to tap the model base data, and then said, “Duan Hengye made a new generation of mecha, this is the final model with the base information.”


When Meng Jinhuai opened the base information of the mecha, a bunch of dense characters instantly appeared next to that silver mecha. All of these were the contents that would be publicly displayed on top of the Starnet after the mecha was registered.

Dongfang Hewen and Yu Xinlan were very familiar with these basic data, so after Meng Jinhuai opened the information, the two of them quietly looked at the contents together.

Even though there were not too many words on the basic mech information, Dongfang Hewen and Yu Xinlan still read it very slowly, not daring to miss a single word.

After a few minutes, Dongfang Hewen, who hadn’t spoken much, finally slowly moved their eyes away from the mecha and the text next to it. He glanced at Meng Jinhuai and then said, “This mecha …… is a very big improvement compared to the previous generation.”

Dongfang Hewen was a person with an introverted personality, compared to Yu Xinlan who had always been more exaggerated in her words and stuff, Dongfang Hewen’s wording had always been strict.

But this time, after a slight pause, Dongfang Hewen actually said, “The basic data of this mecha, compared to the previous generation, can even be said to be directly across two generations.”

Hearing Dongfang Hewen say this, Yu Xinlan, who had been sitting next to him and had not spoken, couldn’t help but nod her head, she agreed with Dongfang Hewen’s words.

Immediately afterward, Dongfang Hewen continued to say to Meng Jinhuai, “If this generation of mechas can be mass-produced, then we will have an overwhelming advantage over the mechas of the rest of the countries.” As admirals trained in the fires of war, both Dongfang Hewen and Yu Xinlan, both of them had a much better mental capacity than the average person.

But even they, now looking at the mecha in the middle of the office, their eyes were incomparably complicated.

“If I remember correctly ……,” Yu Xinlan said, gently biting her lips, “before Duan Hengye, the last director of the Mecha Research Institute, it took six years to design the new generation of mechas. It is already considered the fastest ……”

Yu Xinlan did not finish her words, but Meng Jinhuai and Dongfang Hewen were able to understand what she meant.

From the basic information column of the mech, it could be seen that from the time Duan Hengye wrote the first program for this mech to now, it was only a few months in total.

If it wasn’t for the information generated by the super-light computer itself, no one would have imagined that the mecha could be updated in just a little time.

After Yu Xinlan said this, she suddenly tilted her head and made a very exaggerated expression. Then Admiral Yu leaned back in her chair as she habitually sighed, “It’s really like people are more talented than others, I feel like I’m falling in love with Duan Hengye!”

As a person who had no control over her mouth on a daily basis, Yu Xinlan would often say some very exaggerated words. For example, the word “love” had once become Yu Xinlan’s mantra. But this time, after she habitually said this phrase, she was greeted with a cold glance from Meng Jinhuai.

Seeing this, Dongfang Hewen coughed gently as he whispered to Xinlan, “Watch your words.”

“…… Oh.”

There were very many people who were obsessed with mechas in the stars, especially now that the Ye Tian Empire was in a period of tension. Even ordinary people with little mental power would pay attention to military news from time to time and then go to the mecha-related forums to “point out the way”.

The culture of the mecha forum had to be mentioned here, as a non-entertainment forum, there were even more people gathered here than in the first entertainment forum on Starnet. Although this forum could talk about anything, the main content of the daily conversation was still the most mecha-related.

Of course …… there were rumors among the community that this forum was the largest gathering place for fans of Duan Hengye in the interstellar era.

The interstellar era was very special, each planet had its own standard time. In this way, the entire forum was always very lively and active beyond imagination. There was never a moment of silence here, and the word “Duan Hengye” was mentioned once every few seconds.

At eight o’clock in the morning, a dozen hours later, at the standard time of the southern planets, a user who was used to going to the most authoritative registered website in the interstellar mecha world to look for information suddenly discovered that the most popular website – the same one that had been attracting the most attention – is the one that had been used by the people. After more than a year of silence, there was finally a new face in the “mech registration information” section, the most popular and slowest section of the website.

In general, the design of mechas was very slow. Before today, the last one to announce basic information was a supply mech launched by the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute.

After seeing a new and never seen before silver-white mech in this column, the netizen who first found it didn’t have time to take a closer look before copying its information and posted it directly to that mech forum.

[  “[Image] Look what I found! A new mech for the record model!

I went to the mech filing section this morning out of habit, and I didn’t expect to actually find a model I hadn’t seen before.

I’ve got a picture of the model and detailed data attached, can any of the gods analyze what this mech is for? And is it powerful?”]

After all, it was just a general mecha enthusiast, the poster simply scanned the mecha data, and then just gave up interpreting it.

Perhaps the people who saw the post also didn’t know the reason, after posting, the reply speed was fast, but it was mostly “wait for the answer” “wait for the gods” and other meaningless speech.

Until five minutes later, a well-known person in the forum appeared.

“N floor.

The poster, this mecha basic information was really gotten directly from the official website?


Ah! The god replied to me! Yes, what’s the problem, please?


This mecha designer is perverted! I’m an amateur mecha enthusiast, but from the mecha’s attack data, I can probably tell that this model labeled as ‘general mecha’, the attack power is already comparable to the current interstellar A-class mecha.”

The military mechas were not classified as “A-grade”, and this user was replying to the forum enthusiasts’ own mech rating. In their case, “A-class mecha” was equal to “mecha that can only be piloted by at least a school officer”.

After seeing this reply, the forumfff instantly boiled over.


Ahhhhhhh! I can’t believe it’s an A-grade mecha! No wonder it looks so good! (I even think it’s prettier than Admiral Yu’s mecha):”


Eh, no! Wait a minute! Did none of you really see the last line of the basic information? Go look at the name of this mecha designer!”

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