After picking up the other party, Meng Jinhuai realized that Duan Hengye was even lighter than he thought he would be. He was so light that he didn’t even feel like a tall adult male, and it wasn’t until he picked him up that Meng Jinhuai involuntarily looked down, and then finally realized that he didn’t know when, but Duan Hengye’s cheeks were already somewhat thin and sunken. ……

The medical industry was developed in the interstellar era, and there were really not many people like Duan Hengye who was always in a sub-healthy state, or even not at all.

The health data that hovered below the health line for years, plus the recent period of working around the clock. Duan Hengye’s resistance, which was already not very good, had plummeted, and after the poisoning, the raging pain would overwhelm him in no time.

Although the pain was unbearable, after being picked up by the other party, Duan Hengye’s consciousness was still clear. As an adult, he didn’t think it was a good thing to be picked up by someone …… in public, even if that person was his legal spouse. So even though his body was uncomfortable, Duan Hengye still instinctively made a rejection action.

Although Duan Hengye had little strength now, Meng Jinhuai, who was walking out of the banquet hall, still felt his action. The marshal frowned, then said in a low voice, “Don’t move.”

When Meng Jinhuai became serious, his aura was frightening, and although he wasn’t angry, Duan Hengye’s hand still had to pause for a moment after hearing the other party’s words, and then slowly retracted. With his current state, …… he looked particularly pitiful.

It was like an animal that just got caught in heavy rain and was picked up by someone in passing.

Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

From his point of view, Duan Hengye was closing his eyes tightly, and although he was trying to control it, the expression on the other party’s face was still painfilled and depressed. In fact, Meng Jinhuai knew all along that Duan Hengye was a very patient person.

Ever since he knew the identity and skills of the other party, Meng Jinhuai had some suspicions about his past experiences. But guessing was one thing, seeing it with one’s own eyes was quite another. When this person’s vulnerability was visually displayed, the Marshal’s heart couldn’t help but feel a dull ache.

In the eyes of an observer, Meng Jinhua seemed to have walked out of the hall in a flash. But to him, it was a very long journey.

At this time, Duan Hengye’s expression, as well as his body’s uncontrollable trembling due to pain, instantly reminded Meng Jinhua of the painful images in his life that he had deliberately forgotten.

Few people would care that the man who stood at the top of the Ye Tian Empire or even the entire pyramid of interstellar power was actually a man who had long been accustomed to loss.

After seeing the fragile and painful expression of Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai suddenly remembered his own past.

The special family background and the special spiritual value, these two were destined to make Meng Jinhuai special. But this “specialness” not only gave him a legendary experience and the admiration of countless people but also took away a lot from his life.

Childhood, innocence, friends, parents ……

Fate always took away beauty from oneself and gave pain in return – this truth was clear to Meng Jinhuai when he was a teenager. But just as he was becoming numb, an accident happened, and a young man named “Duan Hengye” appeared in his life.

The fate, which had always been unfair, was the first time that Meng Jinhuai fell into the bottom of the abyss.


At the end of the banquet hall connected to the Marshal’s living quarters, robots were waiting there as soon as they learned of the anomaly. When the gray metal door opened, several top medical robots and the marshal’s doctors surrounded the two people.

At this time, Duan Hengye’s thoughts were completely deprived of pain, and his body was shaking slightly with cold sweat.

Meng Jinhuai carefully handed Duan Hengye over to the robot, then he finally stood still and slowly let out a sigh of relief.

A few doctors who followed him couldn’t help but steal a glance at Meng Jinhuai – a marshal who had already seen life and death and various crisis situations. Although there was concern in their eyes, Meng Jinhuai’s expression was still so calm.

The only thing they didn’t see in the panic was that Meng Jinhuai’s hand had already been quietly clenched into a fist – he thought that the treasure he once thought had been taken back by the heavens might have been returned to him ……

“Contact the LDK-300 Institute.” Meng Jinhuai ordered to the people following around as he followed them to the medical room.

The Lord Marshal considered himself to be a very rational person, and he always liked to neatly summarize and classify his emotions as well as his knowledge. Now, although Meng Jinhuai hadn’t really understood his feelings, his intuition was already telling him that he absolutely couldn’t lose him.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Duan Hengye’s sudden fainting has thrown the entire marshal’s residence into chaos.

It was long after Meng Jinhuai left with him in his arms that people gradually started talking in the hall. At this time, the guests still hadn’t reacted to the sudden event, and although everyone was interested in opening their mouths to break the strange silence, all of them were replaying what they had seen over and over in their hearts.

The people present were all dignitaries in the empire, and in addition to being curious about the event itself, people were also estimating the true state of Duan Hengye and the impact of his health on the situation of Ye Tian Empire today.

Of course, there were both those who secretly calculated in their hearts and those who couldn’t help but say what they wanted to say.

For example, in the southeast corner of the banquet hall, a young man in a dark shirt whispered to the person next to him under the cover of a glass of wine: “…… Eh, why do I feel that Duan Hengye’s health is even worse than the rumors?” He was just standing not far from Duan Hengye, and was the one who had a clear view of the whole incident.

After hearing the man’s words, another person also looked around carefully, then leaned closer and said: “Yes, recall how many times this is today? Once at the Institute, once on Tize, and again on the southern star in public! Think about it, today’s event is so big, if Duan Hengye could have endured it, he would have already endured it, so since he was able to fall, it proves that the problem is more serious than we thought.”

The man’s tone was very exaggerated, and after counting the three times with his fingertips, he said, “I think it’s better to ask someone to find out what Duan Hoengye’s situation is as soon as possible. If it’s a big problem, our investment in the institute and even YeTian’s future will have to be considered.”

Armor research was a consuming industry, and in addition to the Empire’s routine appropriations, almost all of Ye Tian’s named plutocrats had invested in it to a greater or lesser extent.

Although the division of labor in the institute was now much clearer, in most people’s eyes, the word Duan Hengye still equaled the Ye Tian Empire’s Armor Research Institute. The sudden yellow light on his health was undoubtedly a call for people to start worrying about the future of the institute.

Just when the two of them were discussing how to find out about Duan Hengye’s health, they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps made by high heels appearing in their ears.

This sound appeared somewhat suddenly, and after hearing it, the two of them instantly stopped what they were discussing.

By the reflection of the wine glass in their hands, the people standing outside saw the owner of the footsteps.

They saw Yu Xinlan, one of the two marshals of Southern Star, standing behind the two of them with her arms folded and an expressionless face.

On her black military uniform, the silver-white epaulettes were emitting a cold, bright light. Her dark red hair, on the other hand, was burning like a flame on the wall of the wine glass. After seeing the other parties surreptitiously looking at her, Yu Xinlan walked to their side with a blank expression.

The sound of the heels of her shoes hitting the floor struck the hearts of the two of them one after another, making them nervous.

After a while, Yu Xinlan stopped opposite the two of them, then she looked at them and asked coldly, “Do you want to find someone to pry? Let’s see if I’m suitable.”

Compared to Meng Jinhuai and Dongfang Hewen, Yu Xinlan’s image was a little more friendly. So it would be overlooked for a long time that she was also an admiral who had come out of the battlefield with numerous military achievements on her body.

When Yu Xinlan lowered her face, her aura instantly overwhelmed the two opposite her.

The first one who spoke put the cup down, then said with a trembling voice: “We …… We didn’t mean that, just now we were simply, uh …… worried about Professor Duan’s physical condition.”

After hearing this person’s sophistry, Yu Xinlan didn’t have any intention of pursuing the matter further, she just nodded her head, then said to the two of them: “Today’s matter is quite special, and the military department doesn’t want the news to leak out for the time being. I heard that you two gentlemen have a lot of say in the Star Media ……”.

Now that the military department was busy, Yu Xinlan certainly didn’t have much time to go to the banquet hall to look for things. However, as she said just now, today’s situation was very special, and the military department didn’t want the news to leak out for the time being. Therefore, after officially informing the reporters, she still found two investors of Star Media who were also attending the banquet.

Originally, she only wanted to communicate with them, but she never thought that she would accidentally overhear this ……

So, the admiral took the opportunity to make a threat.

When the negotiation was finished and the two people were sent away, Yu Xinlan finally stood on the spot and let out a little breath of relief. In fact, these two were right, the special identity of Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai was destined to influence the interstellar situation to a greater or lesser extent.

If Duan Hengye, who was the director of the institute, had a physical problem, there would definitely be many people who would begin to re-evaluate the relationship between the institute and the Southern Star.

Thinking of this, Yu Xinlan slowly turned around and looked in the direction where Meng Jinhuai had just left. No matter what, she prayed that Duan Hengye was alright ……

Although Southern Star intentionally blocked the news, everyone knew that people’s mouths couldn’t be truly shut, not to mention the large number of people present, who came from all corners of the empire.

After the banquet was over, all the reporters tacitly agreed not to report this matter, but the news of Duan Hengye’s health condition appearing again spread through the stars in the form of “gossip”. A few hours later, Southern Star sent out an announcement to the public, explaining that Duan Hengye was just overworked, and his body was fine, so he told everyone not to worry.

Although the statement was written in this way, this was not the case.

Because of Duan Hengye’s poisonous attack, the entire marshal’s residence was now busy.

But the person at the center of the incident, Duan Hengye ……, could do nothing about it. Because he just discovered that he was floating in mid-air once again – just like before he died in his last life. Fortunately, Duan Hengye, who was in a soul state, had good eyesight, and he saw from the monitor on one side that although he was in a poisoned state, his main vital signs were very stable, and he wasn’t going to die.

At this time, the hospital room was very quiet, only a few robots were constantly running around between the various instruments, not even making a little sound.

After getting out of the pain just now, Duan Hengye sorted out his thoughts and decided that he still had to get back into his body quickly.

Just …… how should he go down?

However, before Duan Hengye could figure out how to get back into his body, the scenery in front of him suddenly changed. The silver-white ward full of light screens disappeared, and a beige room full of greenery appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes.

This room looked familiar …… Duan Hengye, who was floating in mid-air, couldn’t help but sigh in his head. However, before this phrase completely flashed through his mind, Duan Hengye suddenly realized a terrible fact – before his eyes was his home on Earth!

Then the wood-colored door was opened from the outside and a man in a gray housecoat slowly walked in.

This was himself ……

It was a very special experience to see oneself from a third perspective.

Duan Hengye saw that after entering the door, he first opened all the windows in the room, then picked up a sprinkler from the window sill and started to water the flowers slowly and leisurely.

As a geek who didn’t go out until something big happened, it turned out that he used to have so many hobbies …… It was just that it was hard to come back to the modern world for a trip, and it would be a waste to just watch himself watering the flowers.

Duan Hengye, who was hanging in the air, began to pray silently as he looked at the cell phone that he had thrown on the bed – he must put down what he was doing and read two pages of a novel.

Finally, under Duan Hengye’s expectation, the man in front of him finished watering the flowers, and then picked up the phone from the bed. At the moment when the screen lit up, Duan Hengye saw a series of numbers – May 10, XXXX ……

If Duan Hengye’s memory is correct, the next day he would have gone to an event at his hairdresser’s house …… and then been stabbed to death, transmigrating into the world of “Dumping Interstellar”.

It was this day! Duan Hengye’s heart began to beat wildly.

Not long after he realized the date, he watched as the man in a housecoat held a cell phone and slowly sat down on a small couch near the window, then opened some novel reading software.

Duan Hengye moved to the side of the window, and he carefully observed the screen of his phone. As an ordinary geek, Duan Hengye read novels just for recreation and entertainment, so he flipped through the pages very quickly, and in a short while he had already flipped through several chapters of the story.

The main focus of “Dumping Interstellar” was on the life of the female host, Shang Mengzhen, so even though Duan Hengye read it extremely carefully, he couldn’t find any useful information from the chapter he just flipped over.

The night outside the window was getting darker, and after a glance at the time, the man sitting by the window put the phone down again, and then slowly stretched out his body. He went to the bathroom and started to run water into the bathtub. Duan Hengye had the habit of taking a bath before going to bed, and while waiting for the bathtub to fill up with water, the man once again went to the edge of the bed. He picked up his phone and flipped it directly to the latest update of the novel’s 210th chapter.

“…… Meng Jinhuai’s eyes were unprecedentedly cold, his right hand tightly gripped a quantum gun, then he walked step by step to the side of the man in custody. In the impression that the man was always high above, possessed extreme beauty …… in short, he had never been in such a mess.

But today, the man raised his head in a rare way, and the look in his eyes seemed to implore Meng Jinhua’s mercy.

Unfortunately, Meng Jinhuai acted as if he didn’t see the man’s pleading expression, he slowly raised the quantum gun, and then indifferently pulled the trigger …….”

After seeing this passage, Duan Hengye was silent.

Although he had probably read it once a few months ago, now the person “Meng Jinhuai” had changed from a flat pictorial on paper to a flesh-and-blood, three-dimensional person. And as he really knew Meng Jinhuai, revisiting this chapter, he had some new doubts in his heart besides being uncomfortable.

According to Duan Hengye’s knowledge of the interstellar society, he was now very sure. Although the original owner had tried to kill the marshal, Meng Jinhuai would have left him alive just by virtue of his identity as the director of the Armor Research Institute, so that he could continue to do research for the southern star.

So what else did the original owner do in the hundred chapters that were skipped in the middle of the story?

Very quickly, Duan Hengye found the answer.

Seemingly shocked by the plot of this chapter, he only saw himself hesitating in front of the bathroom door, and then he began to quickly flip forward again. Because the bathtub was about to fill up with water, he didn’t pay much attention to it.

But floating in the air, Duan Hengye was different, his whole body’s attention was on the phone screen, so naturally, he saw the end of a certain chapter of the marshal speaking to “Duan Hengye”-.

“Disguised for so many years …… but now my spirit tells me …… you are not him ……”

His hand that he was using to turn the pages was blocking many words, but Duan Hengye still tried to extract these important words from it.

So what did the phrase “you are not him” really mean?

After reading this paragraph, Duan Hengye was very frustrated to find that he not only didn’t wait for the answer he wanted, but he even encountered a more difficult puzzle to guess.

He put down the phone and walked into the bathroom, and at the same time, the scene in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes changed again. After a burst of golden light, when he opened his eyes again, the scene he saw had changed from his familiar bedroom back to the hospital room on Southern Star.

This time, in addition to the robots from earlier, there was also Meng Jinhuai and Yu Xinlan in the room.

Yu Xinlan took a troubled look at the man lying on the hospital bed, who showed no signs of waking up for the time being, then turned around and said to Meng Jinhuai, “Sir Marshal, StarNet has already explained, but we may still need Professor Duan’s presence to relieve their doubts.”

 Duan Hengye saw for the first time that Meng Jinhuai was so unconcerned about his work, and after hearing Yu Xinlan’s reply, the Marshal nodded his head and didn’t make any comments. After a few more moments, just when Duan Hengye thought that the scene was frozen, Meng Jinhuai asked again, “Where are the LDK-300 robots?”.

After hearing the words LDK-300, Duan Hengye, who was suspended in the air, was stunned. Because the amount of information he received just now was too large, he didn’t even know what Meng Jinhuai was talking about at once.

Yu Xinlan, who heard the question, replied, “Oh”, then opened her light computer and took a look and said, “It has arrived at Southern Star, don’t worry, there are five minutes left, it will send the cloning antidote to the ward.

The cloning antidote is available at ……


After hearing these familiar words, Duan Hengye, who was hanging in the air, suddenly shivered. “Don’t …… think like that,” he thought.

Unfortunately, Duan Hengye’s prayer didn’t have half an effect. At the same time as Yu Xinlan stopped speaking, Meng Jinhuai, who had been standing there without moving, suddenly gave a “hmm” and said: “Confirm once again whether or not you have given the LDK-300 robot the highest privileges, be sure to send it in as soon as possible. ”

“Okay.” When Yu Xinlan heard the other party’s words, she began to enter information on her light computer, and soon after she looked up and said, “The robot has arrived at the marshal’s residence.”

The droid from LDK-300 had arrived at the Marshal’s Residence …… replayed over and over again in Duan Hengye’s mind. And just a few minutes later, he saw a very familiar gray robot fly in from the corridor. Meng Jinhuai gave it a glance, then approached the robot and took out a capsule from its storage box, which was carefully wrapped in a metal pillbox.

The other party looked and acted incredibly naturally, but the more calm Meng Jinhuai was, the more guilty Duan Hengye became …….

At the same time when Meng Jinhuai came towards him with the capsule, Duan Hengye suddenly went blank, followed by the familiar uncontrollable pain once again.

“Ah-heng, wake up and take your medicine first.” Meng Jinhuai’s incomparably gentle voice came from the top of Duan Hengye’s head.

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