Everyone in the entire interstellar knew about the Star Selection Incident, so Su Mingge naturally knew how high Duan Hengye’s force value was. But the concept of “knowing” was completely different from the shock of seeing this violent scene with his own eyes.

Su Mingge couldn’t help but look Duan Hengye up and down, then silently reached out his hand to hold the table behind him.

“You …… speak.” He stiffly pulled the topic back.

The atmosphere was once again awkward.

From what the other party was doing when Duan Hengye first met Su Mingge, it could be seen that he really was a person who talked a lot.

After this discussion ended, in just half a day, the entire Ye Tian Armor Research Institute knew about the fact that Duan Hengye had accidentally broken his light computer. There were already a lot of people in the Imperial Research Institute, so word spread like wildfire, and this episode even spread throughout the entire interstellar world in a very short amount of time.

As the news spread, it naturally added fuel to the fire.

So later on, when the news came back to Duan Hengye’s ears, it became… Because he was worried about the Marshal’s safety, Duan Hengye had destroyed the light computer in a hurry.

–No! That was really a lot of additions!

Although he was already somewhat nonchalant of his image, after hearing the rumors, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but collapse. Obviously, it was only a minor part that was destroyed, so why would the interstellar have a rumor that he had destroyed his light computer?

As a necessity for everyone in the interstellar age, destroying the light computer was a very troublesome thing. Duan Hengye couldn’t believe that this extremely nonsensical rumor had been acknowledged by so many people ……

But no matter what, this episode was barely enough to bring a little light to the tense atmosphere of the Institute. Since the last conflict, the war between Ye Tian and the Lai Sheng Alliance had been going on uninterrupted. The Institute was also keeping an eye on the situation, and the team in charge of system maintenance was working without sleep.

Compared to Earth, the physical and mental strength of the interstellar age people had improved a lot, but the current work intensity was still a bit beyond their limits.

At 3:40 at night, a medium-sized battle had just ended, and the area where the research institute’s system maintenance team was located was illuminated. Despite the strict implementation of scheduling, the staff was still extremely tired after this period of time, the entire office area was filled with the bitter aroma of espresso.

Just at this time, the silver-white door of the office area suddenly opened automatically.

Feeling the change of light, the staff sitting by the door can’t help but fix his eyes, then he discovered that the visitor was actually Duan Hengye.

No, Duan Hengye didn’t come alone.

The sudden sound of footsteps attracted the attention of the office area, and after seeing Duan Hengye, many people stood up from their positions and started to greet him.

Duan Hengye also nodded towards the staff, then quickly walked to the center of the office area and said, “Thank you all for your work in recent times, because of the tense situation, the maintenance team’s task has been very heavy. So starting from today, I’ve seconded some of the members from within the other groups to start assisting you all together.”

Tonight’s Duan Hengye didn’t wear the Institute’s white uniform, but instead wore a grey turtlenecked loose sweater, a look the staff had never seen from him before.

However, everyone’s attention to his appearance lasted less than a second, and after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, the staff members who were already a bit sleepy immediately became energized.

Duan Hengye had transferred the members of the other groups over?

Although they were part of the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute, the existence of the maintenance team was often a bit awkward. From the name alone, their work had little to do with the word “research”. Due to the nature of their work, although they were extremely busy now, the group was often idle during non-war periods.

Although no one had ever said it publicly before, there was a chain of hidden discrimination in the institute, and they had indeed been ignored for a long time.

After Duan Hengye’s words, the office was quiet, but now that the situation was urgent, Duan Hengye didn’t leave much time for emotion.

This office was large and didn’t have a PA device. In order for everyone to hear what he said, Duan Hengye could not help but raise the volume and start redistributing manpower and work.

Ending the new personnel assignments, a few minutes later, the maintenance team’s work was once again on track and its efficiency was greatly increased.

The maintenance group had been in constant contact with the military department, and after the work was restarted, the matter of Duan Hengye showing up with people at night was also spread to the command starship located on the border of Ye Tian Empire ……

The arrival of war was always very sudden, and in the recent period, Duan Hengye had lost count of the number of times he had been awakened by sudden notifications on his light computer. And in order to increase efficiency, Duan Hengye’s residence was once again changed from the living area back to office area.

After he arranged the maintenance team’s work back to his residence, it wasn’t even a few minutes before the light computer lit up once again.

After talking with Su Mingge the last time, Duan Hengye had a new idea about the system modification of Meng Jinhuai’s armor. The maintenance team had been busy these past few days, and Professor Duan never stopped working.

He was already very sleepy now, but after seeing the hint on the light computer, Duan Hengye quickly turned it on, then directly activated the super light computer of the research institute, and entered the internal system of the military department in a short time.

As the “Marshal’s Spouse”, Duan Hengye had already been a member of the Southern Provinces by default and was given a higher notification privilege. So even if he didn’t break into the military department’s internal network, the messages he received were much more detailed than normal.

For example, Duan Hengye could tell just from the hints from his light brain just now that the war that had suddenly broken out was more intense than the previous times it had come.

Duan Hengye, who was already familiar with the backdoor path, found Meng Jinhuai’s armor in no time, and as soon as the projection was turned on, an extremely dazzling red bright light came through the armor’s front window. Although the window of the armor had a special filter coating, after the light flashed, Duan Hengye’s eyes were still blurry.

When the light was normal, Duan Hengye saw that opposite Meng Jinhuai’s armor was a sea of armor that couldn’t be seen at all. Just by looking at the style of the armor, one could see that they all belonged to the Lai Sheng alliance.

Meng Jinhuai’s armor was caught in the other party’s encirclement!

This fact immediately drove away all of Duan Hengye’s sleepiness.

There had been many dangerous battles described in the book “Dumping Interstellar”, but even the ones described as “nine lives” had never happened where the marshal’s armor was surrounded by the enemy.

Duan Hengye heard the sound of his own breathing quicken. In the real-time monitoring video, the opponent’s attacks came in waves after waves, and although Meng Jinhuai’s operation was still accurate, the meaning of “outnumbered” had already been hinted at.

Seeing this sight, Duan Hengye quickly exited the holographic video and then began to quickly enter information on the super-light computer of the research institute.

Intuition told Duan Hengye that if he didn’t do something, Meng Jinhuai might really be in trouble this time.

Just like the original owner could remotely tamper with Meng Jinhuai’s armor’s weapon system, putting the other party in crisis. Duan Hengye could also use a similar principle to remotely help him maintain the system.

The situation was so dire that Duan Hengye didn’t have time to think about whether he would be caught by the tracking system written by Meng Jinhuai again. And he also knew that, compared to the sudden anomaly of the system, the remote “upgrade” would be hard to notice.

This super computer of the research institute had the most detailed data of Meng Jinhuai’s armor on it, and Duan Hengye had been studying it for the last few days. So after officially attacking the internal system of the armor, he wasn’t confused by the dazzling data. Duan Hengye pursed his lips, his eyes staring at the screen with a very serious look.

As time passed, the super-light computer in the office reflected Duan Hengye’s face brightly. The information input under him didn’t stop for a second, and Meng Jinhuai’s armor system was also quietly upgrading a little bit with it ……

Duan Hengye, who was busy modifying the system, didn’t see that Meng Jinhuai, who was piloting the armor at this time, first frowned, then his eyes suddenly shifted away from the viewport and took a glance at the armor’s internal commander.

Just a moment ago, Meng Jinhuai suddenly felt that his spirit, which had been tense and tense, was relaxed, and his entire body was quite relaxed – just like a lone traveler who had suddenly put down his heavy backpack. With the relaxation of his mental strength, he simultaneously discovered that he had much more control over his armor.

Meng Jinhuai was already the highest SSS spirit of the Star and was piloting the highest level of armor available. For an armor pilot of his strength, mental strength and the slightest change in the armor would be enough to produce qualitative changes on the battlefield.

Despite his doubts, Meng Jinhuai’s thoughts returned to the armor in an instant.

He quickly seized the change and condensed his mental energy to wait for the right moment.

The Lai Sheng Alliance’s team saw that the huge armor that had been dodging attacks suddenly stop. Although they were puzzled, they still hurriedly used this opportunity to attack the armor piloted by Meng Jinhuai together.

It was now!

In the research yard, Duan Hengye’s hand heavily struck down on the virtual keyboard, and the last upgrade command was sent out. In the cockpit of the armor, Meng Jinhuai once again felt his control over the armor greatly increase.

The gigantic, stationary armor suddenly rose high above the incline, then leapt deep into the encirclement with a path that even a light computer could hardly analyze and plan!

Meng Jinhuai …… was that desperate?

From afar, Yu Xinlan, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but let out a scream. However, she soon realized that Meng Jinhuai was not acting on a whim, nor was he “risking his life”. On the contrary, he had found a “way out” within the encirclement of the armor, a path that had not even been calculated by his light computer.

As Yu Xinlan and the Imperial soldiers watched, the huge silver armor was moving through the circle of the Lai Sheng Alliance at an unbelievable angle. With absolute control of the armor and superior armor maneuvering abilities, after only five minutes, Meng Jinhuai left the danger zone.

“Sector T6P-9, begin re-encirclement mode.”

Meng Jinhuai’s commanding voice appeared in the ears of every Imperial soldier, and only Duan Hengye, who had sneaked into the internal system and turned on the factual monitoring, heard it. The moment he left the encirclement, the ever-powerful Imperial Marshal finally sighed softly as if relieved.


Three hours later, one of the most perilous wars in recent years ended in victory for the Ye Tian Empire.

Although the Lai Sheng Alliance still hadn’t surrendered, anyone who had some knowledge of the situation knew that the final victory was already beckoning not far away.

A silver armor slowly landed in the starship’s inner compartment, and after it landed smoothly, it was instantly surrounded by dozens of people. These people were all senior officers of the military. The two at the head were the two generals beside Meng Jinhuai.

Although the war had been won, the expressions on everyone’s faces were still serious.

After the initial shock, people realized that Meng Jinhuai’s performance was a bit too good to be true. Now seeing this silver-white armor whose surface had been burned by large chunks, everyone began to worry if Meng Jinhuai had overspent his mental energy in order to gain victory.

The hatch of the armor was slow to open, Yu Xinlan slowly walked to the other admiral’s side, then hesitantly whispered, “…… in another minute, should we force the hatch to open?”

Most armor could be opened from the outside in order to prevent the armor pilot from becoming trapped inside the chamber due to exhaustion or other reasons. This feature, while nothing in itself, had another obscure representation in the minds of Imperial soldiers – it was generally only used when the armor pilot was in distress.

Hearing Yu Xinlan’s words, Dongfang Hewen did not speak for the time being, and only after a few seconds did he slowly nod his head and say, “Okay.”

Although the two admirals did not speak loudly, because the scene was so quiet, the conversation between the two still accurately reached everyone’s ears.

For a time, the atmosphere on the docking pad became incomparably serious.

Yu Xinlan took a glance at the light computer hanging by her side and began to silently calculate the time.

Fifty seconds, the armor remained motionless.

Thirty seconds, the hatch remained unresponsive.

Ten seconds …… the scene was quiet.

Yu Xinlan slowly closed her eyes, then grabbed her light computer.

“I’m going to go now-” however, before Yu Xinlan could say the following words, Dongfang Hewen on the side pulled her arm and said, “The door is open!” As a calm admiral who spoke only a little more than Duan Hengye, Dongfang Hewen rarely spoke in such an agitated tone.

Following his line of sight forward, he saw Meng Jinhuai’s armor slowly open. Then, the marshal dressed in a black uniform walked out from it.

After seeing his relaxed footsteps, everyone present couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Yu Xinlan, who was preparing to open the hatch from the outside just now, couldn’t help but quickly step forward and ask, “Lord Marshal! Do you need to rest now in the nutrition chamber?”

The advanced nutrition pods located on the starship could not only quickly recover from trauma, but also help with mental adjustment. Unexpectedly after hearing the question, Meng Jinhuai shook his head and said, “No need.” He then walked quickly into the crowd under the puzzled gazes of Yu Xinlan and Dongfang Hewen.

Meng Jinhuai frowned and asked, “Where is the technical team’s staff?”

After hearing his words, several people in grey uniforms immediately stood out in the crowd, and they saluted Meng Jinhuai.

“Mm.” The Lord Marshal nodded at them, then turned to the two admirals, “Come to my office.” After saying that, he quickly left the place.

Looking at Meng Jinhuai’s distant back, Yu Xinlan who was standing there walked to Dongfang Hewen’s side, then bumped the other with her elbow and whispered, “Do you feel that this scene feels a bit like déjà vu?”

“…… “Hearing Yu Xinlan’s words, and then looking ahead at the technical team staff who were quickly following Meng Jinhuai towards the office, Dongfang Hewen slowly nodded.

They coincidentally recalled, the day that Duan Hengye was exposed a few months ago.


Duan Hengye’s original assumption wasn’t actually wrong, compared to the system’s sudden abnormality, almost no one would notice its escalating activity.

But who ever called Meng Jinhuai an ordinary person?

As an SSS level armor pilot, Meng Jinhuai could accurately catch any change in the armor. He was incomparably familiar with this armor that had accompanied him through life and death countless times, and naturally, he was also clear that the instantaneous change just now was definitely not his own illusion.

Just …… where exactly did this change come from?

Meng Jinhuai actually had a vague answer in his mind.

The system that had tracked Duan Hengye last time was written by Meng Jinhuai himself, and after he called the head of the technical team over, he directly told the other party to start using this system to check for changes to the armor’s program.

And in the inner room of the office, Yu Xinlan tried out his question, “Lord Marshal, you …… called the technical team’s colleague over to think?”

Meng Jinhuai slowly placed the armor’s pilot badge on the table, then nodded and said, “Someone has remotely modified the armor’s program, and the mental control, as well as the smoothness of operation, has improved.”

“But …… “As an admiral, Yu Xinlan also had much more research on the armor than normal people, she hesitated and said, “Tampering with the armor’s program is completely different from remotely upgrading it. And just now the armor is running at its limit, this behavior ……”

Yu Xinlan didn’t say the rest of her words, but Dongfang Hewen, who had been silent, unexpectedly spoke up to fill in the blanks, “It’s too complicated, there’s basically no chance of success.”

Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything, he turned on his light computer after taking a look at the badge. Here in real-time, the outer office was showing the progress of the tracking of the technical team.

Although the system program was very complex, the two people other than Meng Jinhuai were Imperial Generals after all, and they could understand it even though they couldn’t operate it.

After seeing the progress of their work, Yu Xinlian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and said, “Look …… this system really doesn’t have …… no ……” before she finished her sentence, Yu Xinlan slowly stared at it herself.

She saw that a red hint suddenly flashed on the light computer, and at the same time, the coordinates of a super computer located on the other side of the empire appeared in front of the three of them.

Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute.

…… Could it be that it was really Duan Hengye?

No, it could only be Duan Hengye!

Yu Xinlan felt that she needed to calm down now, wasn’t Duan Hengye an undercover agent sent by the royal family? He had tampered with Meng Jinhuai’s armor not too long ago, wanting to kill the other party, how come he was now using such complex technology to help remote upgrade the Lord Marshal’s armor?

“Why did this …… the royal family asked him to help you?” Yu Xinlan, who was still in shock mode, asked dumbfoundedly.

After not expecting to hear her words, Meng Jinhuai shook his head for a moment, then said with great certainty, “This is not a request from the royal family.”

“…… That?” Yu Xinlan couldn’t help but reach out her hand to lift a dark red hair that was hanging down her forehead, somehow, a few words suddenly popped up in her mind now – a man’s heart was like a needle under the sea.

Duan Hengye, what the hell are you thinking!

Meng Jinhuai didn’t answer her question, only picking up that Mecha Pilot Medallion from the table again, then smiling as he looked at it.

Yu Xinlan despairingly found that she now not only couldn’t understand Duan Hengye, but she couldn’t even understand what the Lord Marshal was thinking.


After successfully locking on to Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai and the two generals rearranged the armor formation together, and then Yu Xinlan and the two of them walked out of Meng Jinhuai’s office together.

Perhaps after the Tize Star incident, Yu Xinlan still had doubts about what Meng Jinhuai had said to her not long ago on the Tize Star that “Duan Hengye intended to get rid of his puppet identity”. Now she finally admitted that Duan Hengye was indeed a different person from what she had imagined.

This starship was extremely large, and every senior military officer had his own lounge. Just as Yu Xinlan was imagining things, she had accidentally walked past her lounge. Seeing the situation Dongfang Hewen could not help but stop and ask, “Where are you going?”

“Huh?” Yu Xinlan flinched before realizing that she had passed her destination, “Oh, I did, I was just thinking about something and accidentally got distracted.”

Dongfang Hewen nodded a bit to show that he understood, then asked, “You were thinking about Duan Hengye?”

“Yeah.” Yu Xinlan had always been a person who said whatever she had to say, especially when she was facing her superior and old partner. After hearing Dongfang Hewen’s words, she recounted the last conversation she had with Meng Jinhuai to him. After telling him, she couldn’t help but exclaim, “I realized that I really can’t understand him.”

Upon hearing that, Dongfang Hewen sized up Yu Xinlan with an extremely strange look.

“What are you looking at me for?” Yu Xinlan was a little confused by the other’s eyes.

“It’s nothing” Dongfang Hewen shook his head, “It’s okay that you can’t understand, it’s good that the Lord Marshal understands.” The two of them walked just outside Dongfang Hewen’s office door when he said this, as he finished speaking, he just opened the door and walked in.

Standing alone in the corridor, Yu Xinlan was still recalling what Dongfang Hewen had just said, and it was only after a long time that she pondered, and then suddenly realized: “It makes sense ah! “

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