The silver ring-shaped lab table was centered around the giant armor in the center of the classroom, spreading outwards in layers, and from a distance it looked like ripples in the water. When the students inserted their identity cards, a half-meter high light screen would light in front of the lab table, making it look spectacular from a distance.

As usual, the classroom was already full twenty minutes before class began, but the slight difference today was that the classroom was a bit noisy – many students were discussing the Armor Fundamentals course that was about to begin. Although the name of the course had the word “Basic” written on it, everyone knew that this course, which was planned and written by the Imperial Armor Research Institute’s Director Duan, had nothing to do with the word “Basic” at all.  

Even in An Luo University, Basic Theory maintained a high failure rate of forty-five percent every year. It was no exaggeration to say that this class was the big threshold of life that an armor designer had to cross.

“How come the system hasn’t shown us who’s subbing for us this year…” a student said clicking on the light screen to confirm it again, and after finding that the Basic Theory teacher column was still blank, he suddenly raised his head and asked to his companion with some exaggeration. “It’s not like no one’s going to pick it up this year, is it?”

It wasn’t that he was talking nonsense, but after Director Duan of the Armor Research Institute developed a new armor, the interstellar armor industry ushered in a complete revolution. Until now, although there was a textbook written by the Director himself, it was not easy for even the top scientists of the academy to figure it out on their own, let alone tell it to the students.

 Out of the dignity of the first interstellar higher education institution, although An Luo had lowered the difficulty of the course a little, but the exam is not yet easy to fool. Over time, this course had become a hot potato, with a new teacher every year.

“The skylight is open?” Another student fell to the table in despair and wailed, “Then what should I do…”  

Just as everyone was chatting animatedly, the armor in the center of the classroom suddenly disappeared, and a huge light screen appeared in place – it turned out that the one in the classroom just now wasn’t a real armor, but just a projection simulated by the light screen. After seeing the light screen, the classroom immediately quieted down, and everyone’s eyes were directed towards the center of the circular classroom.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: basic armor theory class will begin in ten minutes. Please pay attention to classroom discipline, i. No loud noises or noise is allowed…” the light screen was actually here to emphasize classroom discipline? The students below could not help but be a little speechless.

But before everyone started to spit, they didn’t know who first exclaimed, “Look at the window”. The next thing they knew, the side of the classroom, the 30-meter-high huge floor-to-ceiling windows were actually densely packed with military hover cars.

Boy, what was going on? They were afraid the security of the entire planet was concentrated here, right?

After noticing the scene outside the window, the classroom immediately quieted down. Although they were learning hardcore armor design, they were still just students after all. After seeing the group of heavily armed special soldiers outside the window, everyone became nervous. It was at this moment that the logo for the start of the course uniformly appeared on the light screen in front of everyone.

The armor once again appeared in the middle of the classroom.  

A few seconds later, the metal floor next to the armor opened and a small hovercraft appeared in front of the people. The next floor of the teaching area was the teacher’s rest area, and although they were used to teachers appearing from here, somehow today’s scene was particularly ceremonial in the eyes of the crowd….

The hover flickered twice as the hatch finally opened and a man wearing a white shirt walked out from it. He was visually estimated to be between 1.8 and 1.85 meters tall, with slightly pale skin. And his looks….

“Duan… Professor Duan?”

“…Duan Heng…ye?”

Who would have thought that An Luo would have invited the director of the Mecha Research Institute, Duan Hengye himself, this year! Now the students finally understood why the system suddenly emphasized on discipline….

Who didn’t have a great desire and love for armor when they applied for an armor design degree?  

In other words, the people in this classroom were all Professor Duan’s fan boys and girls.

Compared to the uncontrollable excitement of the people in the classroom, Duan Hengye, who was standing on the podium, was much more calm. In the face of such passionate eyes, he only nodded slightly to the classroom with a blank expression and walked off the levitation device.

Looking at those adoring eyes offstage, only Duan Hengye himself knew at this moment that he wasn’t actually as calm as he appeared….

“Hello students, I’m Duan Hengye, and I’m your instructor for this semester’s ‘Basic Mecha Theory’.” As a person with facial paralysis, although his heart was panicking a lot, in the students’ view Duan Hengye still had the style of a general who was fearless and contemptuous of everything.

Although the students wanted to talk about something else with the Mecha Master they had always admired, their professor obviously had no such intention. Compared to other teachers, Duan Hengye’s self-introduction was unusually simple, and before the students could react, they found that a long paragraph of unfamiliar text suddenly appeared on the light screen in front of them. After carefully reading it, they discovered that the text displayed on the light screen at this time seemed to be talking about the first chapter of the basic armor theory textbook! But the text narrative had changed completely.

A few days ago, after Duan Hengye accepted An Luo’s invitation to teach, he studied the textbook in conjunction with the original owner’s memories. It had to be said that the genocidal undercover training that started in his childhood had not only caused the original owner to fail to establish the right three values, but even his empathy was extremely low. He couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t understand the textbook. Or maybe he hadn’t wanted anyone else to understand, but simply recorded the information.

The book didn’t have the depth and guidance necessary to serve as a teaching material, even with the original owner’s memory and knowledge reserves cushioned, Duan Hengye, who was called a genius in his previous life, wasted a lot of effort in reading it. Duan Hengye was a person who thought very far ahead, he was clear that he was completely dead, and after accepting the fact that he had transmigration, Duan Hengye knew that he not only had to stay away from the original owner’s cannon fodder destiny, but also had to have his own career and integrate into the society.

The first step was to rewrite the textbook.

Although they’d only rushed out the first section now, but judging from the students’ reactions, it seemed to be good?

This was an era of extremely developed information, almost as soon as Duan Hengye appeared on the podium, there were students secretly taking pictures and posting them on the star network. Although almost everyone around him couldn’t stand his strange character, but the beauty of distance, the appearance of an idol star and the identity of the director of the institution, these two points were enough for those who didn’t know the real character of the original owner to regard him as their idol – not to mention he had a “Marshal’s Spouse”! “This identity was in.

The photo of Duan Hengye appearing in the An Luo classroom instantly spread throughout Starnet, and even the female lead who had just seen Duan Hengye a few days ago at the banquet had seen it – Professor Duan had actually taken time out of his busy research to teach basic classes to his students, he really was a man with a cold face and a warm heart!

In his last life, Duan Hengye was also considered to be a small success in the academic world, but due to being engaged in the kind of discipline research that could produce results that were not seen for decades. The still young man’s fame was limited to his peers, and naturally, he had never been gazed at by thousands of people with such fascination.

 In other words, one lesson down, the pseudo-Gaoling Flower really hadn’t seen the world, Duan Hongyi had already been filled with goose bumps all over and only a strong desire to survive could make Duan Hengye last three hours under this bizarre gaze.

But the students didn’t feel the tension of Duan Hengye, looking at the calm and cool man in the center of the classroom, they only felt that Professor Duan really was the same as the legend, superior temperament and omniscient. 


Even though it was a time of population explosion, An Luo University still occupied one third of the planet’s area. Not only were the classrooms and laboratories loosely furnished, but the university even gave every teacher a place to live on campus, and Duan Hengye was certainly no exception.

This was a simple double-storey villa, with a set of beige leather sofas as soon as he entered. Probably because of the original author’s setting, Duan Hengye found that the style of furniture decoration and clothing in this era was very similar to the Earth where he originally lived.

As soon as Duan Hengye entered the room, the silver door slowly closed behind him, and the warm floor lamp in the corner of the room plated the room with a layer of light honey-colored halo. The slender man first stood in place for a few seconds, then took off his jacket and then… jumped onto the living room sofa at once.

It was really suffocating Professor Duan!

Although Duan Hengye was not a talkative person in his last life, but being lazy to speak and not daring to speak out for fear of ruining people’s lives were two completely different concepts.

So ten minutes ago there was a serious analysis of the armor structure in the center of the classroom filled with thousands of people, the flower of Gaolin, Duan Hengye, was finally released. Until five or six minutes later, Duan Hengye, who had been lying on the couch without moving, finally turned himself over. He laid paralyzed on the couch and let out a breath, then opened his light brain.

After successfully completing the first lesson and making sure he didn’t reveal himself, Duan Hengye finally remembered his appetite that had been suppressed by his desire to survive for the past few days. The previous few days he had been busy preparing for the lesson, but now Duan Hengye finally opened his light brain according to the original owner’s memory and found the home robot’s settings bar.  

Unfortunately, Mr. Duan Hengye’s happiness didn’t last long.

After turning on his light brain, an updated message notification suddenly popped up at the top right corner of the light screen in front of him: “Southern All Stars Marshal’s House: Marshal’s itinerary update…”

Oh, so Meng Jinhuai was going to take a detour to Crosslight star in a couple of days….

Wait, go to Crosslight Star in two days?

Cross Light Star…

After seeing these inexplicably familiar three words, Duan Hengye immediately got up from the sofa. He switched the light brain to the map interface, and in an instant, a huge three-dimensional map of An Luo University appeared in the center of the originally empty living room.

Ignoring the mountains and rivers and buildings restored to scale in the lower part of the map, during this period of time, Hengye only saw the three words “Crosslight Star” hanging over a meter high in the upper part of the map.

It was killing him! How did Meng Jinhuai find him so soon?

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