Duan Hengye’s appearance made the whole room silent, although the participants of this meeting were all the top figures in the armor research world, it didn’t mean that everyone wouldn’t be curious about Professor Duan’s personal life.

After discovering that he had been manipulated by Wen Mujia, Duan Hongyu quickly reacted. Now, if he did something “special”, he would be regarded as having been fooled by the other party. Duan Hengye hehehed silently in his heart, then nodded his head towards Wen Mujia very politely. Before anyone could react, he turned around and swiftly walked towards the hall under the guidance of the robot.

His movements were fluid, and he disappeared in just two seconds the entire time.

This pillarless banquet hall was extremely large, unlike the bustling scene at the entrance, there were already many people sitting at their seats inside the hall, quietly waiting for the opening ceremony. When they saw Duan Hengye enter, the people who were already seated also stood up. After seeing them, Duan Hengye nodded very politely, and then he was introduced by the robot to the seats reserved for him in the afternoon.

An Luo had been preparing for this Mecha Conference for a long time, and the seats for the opening dinner had already been divided up according to the status of the visitors in the academia. But because of Duan Hengye’s sudden arrival, the staff still didn’t mind taking the time to adjust the seats at the first few tables properly.

This was the first time that Duan Hengye, who was the director, had come to attend the meeting, but there were quite a few people from the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute who were regular attendees at this meeting. After Duan Hengye sat down, he noticed that there were quite a few familiar faces around him. When they saw him coming, everyone was secretly looking over here.

The average lifespan of people in the interstellar era was much higher than on Earth, so aging was naturally delayed infinitely. Some of the senior researchers in the academy, although they looked young, their actual age was much older than Duan Hengye. When he didn’t come, those staff members were all sitting there with a serious look. But as soon as Duan Hengye came over, everyone got nervous as if they were meeting the class teacher.

Looking at their nervous looks, and then thinking about everyone’s age, Duan Hengye suddenly felt a little pressure ……

Discovering that his arrival had destroyed the harmonious atmosphere here, Duan Hengye actually had some helplessness …… After he thought about it, he simply picked up the vintage paper flow sheet on the table directly and pretended to read it. And only after seeing Duan Hengye lower his head did the atmosphere around the tables finally harmonize a bit.

These researchers were afraid of Duan Hengye, but there were people who weren’t afraid of him.

When the general meeting was about to convene, the chair beside Duan Hengye was finally slowly pulled away. Su Mingge, the Vice President of Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute – the original most important guest of the conference – finally returned to his seat slowly with a wine cup.

By all rights, Su Mingge, who had been pushed out of the first place, should be angry. But miraculously, after he came, he only politely greeted Duan Hengye, then put his wine cup down and cast his gaze forward. It was as if the two of them were just general colleagues, not seeing the tit-for-tat like they once did when they were in the courtyard.

The host of the opening ceremony was the vice-president of An Luo University, and his research was also somewhat related to armor. But he was obviously a titan of another industry and had obviously seen all sorts of big scenes. But when he actually stood on the stage, after seeing Duan Hengye who was facing him ten meters away, he suddenly became nervous.

After clearing his throat, the Vice President of An Luo walked up to the stage and began to speak according to the script he had written in advance. Although he was trying his best to relax, as soon as his afterglow caught sight of Duan Hengye, he couldn’t help but start stumbling over his words. Although this meeting was not broadcast live, the media was still gathering footage and preparing for the evening news.

It might not be obvious from a distance, but if you looked a little closer or through the monitor, you would be able to see that his state was not right at this time.

Standing at the side of the stage, Wen Mujia looked at the stage with his arms folded, and after a while turned around to take a glance at Duan Hengye.

To be precise, due to having once regarded the other party as a rival, Wen Mujia knew Duan Hengye too well. The last time they met at the military department, Wen Mujia had vaguely felt that Duan Hengye had changed a bit, and now after seeing the other party get along with his colleague Su Mingge, Wen Mujia had finally confirmed his feelings.

Taking a certain point in time as a point, Duan Hengye had undergone a drastic change.

His speech was not long, and he hurriedly walked off the stage afterward. Immediately after, as the sponsor of this event, Wen Mujia walked up to the stage. Duan Hengye was a little puzzled and took a look at the paper …… that was just placed on the table, and it didn’t say that Wen Mujia was going to go on stage.

Then Duan Hengye slowly moved his eyes back to the stage, he had an intuition that the other party’s coming up to the stage had something to do with him. As expected, from the time he stood up, Wen Mujia’s sight fell on Duan Hengye’s body.

Not only Duan Hengye himself, all the people around him noticed this. And Su Mingge even directly turned his head and began to observe Duan Hengye’s reaction squarely.

Under the gaze of the surrounding people, Duan Hengye looked directly towards Wen Mujia’s eyes, and neither of them had the slightest intention of avoiding their sight.

“…… Good evening everyone.” Seeing Duan Hengye looking towards him, Wen Mujia finally spoke, “Today is the day of the annual Interstellar Mecha Conference, as the organizer of this event, I am very grateful to all the guests for coming. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that this time, there’s also the president of our Ye Tian Armor Research Institute, Professor Duan Hengye.”

After saying this, Wen Mujia smiled and stretched out his hand to gesture towards Duan Hengye who was sitting directly in front of him, then continued, “As everyone knows, Professor Duan has made great contributions to the current armor research. And today, I am fortunate to invite him to attend this opening ceremony, and the organizers of the conference as well as …… myself are very much looking forward to Professor Duan coming on stage and sharing his views on the future development of the industry with you.”

As expected, Wen Mujia was here waiting for him.

The atmosphere at the meeting became tense for a time, and everyone present knew that Duan Hengye appeared in An Luo today temporarily and that there was no speech on the flow sheet.

After all, those present were considered members of the upper class of the empire, and even if they weren’t curious about the gossip, there were quite a few who had heard of the gossip about Duan Hengye and Wen Mujia. Seeing this scene, even though they couldn’t see Duan Hengye’s reaction while sitting at the back, everyone still couldn’t help but get nervous.

Wen Mujia’s voice had fallen, but Duan Hengye was still sitting there steadily and didn’t look like he wanted to move at all.

As time passed, Wen Mujia’s smile on stage slowly withdrew, and he gazed at the other party, preparing to speak once more. However, just at this time, Duan Hengye finally stood up, he tidied up his collar and slowly walked down the corridor.

Perhaps there was currently only one person left on the scene who was watching …… that was Su Mingge.

After Duan Hengye stood on the corridor, the incomparably silent hall once again heard a small sound of a stool rubbing against the floor. Following the sound, it turned out to be Su Mingge who turned around and craned his neck to look at Duan Hengye.

According to Su Mingge’s understanding of his colleague, there were two possible reactions to Duan Hengye’s words when he heard Wen Mujia – one was to go on stage and speak, while the other possibility was to just turn around and leave.

In fact, if the person standing in the corridor was the original owner, he would indeed be able to walk out of the hall without giving half a bit of face to Wen Mujia. However, the person standing here at this time was indeed Duan Hengye, and under the gaze of the crowd, he finally turned around and walked up to the stage.

Seeing that Duan Hengye really came over, Wen Mujia seemed a little surprised and raised his eyebrows, then gave up the center of the stage and applauded sideways towards the other party.

The banquet hall of An Luo looked very “retro”, but the details of the technology content was a little bit is also a lot. Now the hall was already silent, after the sudden applause of Wen Mujia, it was caught by the sound amplification device and scattered to the corners of the room.

After him, the applause finally pierced the silence – this scene somehow reminded Duan Hengye of the first day he transmigrated into this book.

Duan Hengye walked onto the stage, he gently bowed to everyone, and then stood up straight. In fact, at this moment, compared to Duan Hengye on stage, it was the people off stage who were more nervous instead.

Whether or not he worked in the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute, at least everyone was a peer, and people had the impression that Duan Hengye had never spoken in public. It wasn’t that they didn’t have confidence in Duan Hengye’s eloquence, it was just that no matter how one looked at it, he didn’t seem like someone who was good at speaking in public.

The people on the stage waited nervously, but Duan Hengye on the stage was not affected at all, he looked down and said: “First of all, thank you very much for inviting me to the conference ……” After hearing this, Wen Mujia who was standing on the side very obviously raised an eyebrow, obviously he didn’t think that Duan Hengye would take the initiative to mention this matter.

It couldn’t be denied that today Wen Mujia called Duan Hengye on stage, actually didn’t have any expectations for his speech, and even just held the mentality of “watching a good show”. But he didn’t expect that Duan Hengye would give him a surprise as soon as he opened his mouth.

Professor Duan, who usually seemed distant, was indeed unexpectedly calm and atmospheric after standing on the stage.

“For a long period of time before, Star’s armor research was at a standstill.” As soon as Duan Hengye opened his mouth, he threw out such an extremely damaging sentence. While everyone was silent in thought, he continued, “Although on the surface, we have made a stage of progress, but in reality, I’m sure everyone must be able to feel that this generation of armor has not made much progress compared to the previous generation.”

Although he hadn’t prepared for this before, Duan Hengye’s speech didn’t slow down, and it could be seen that he had already carefully thought about it. However, after this sentence was said, not a single person present cared about the state of his speech, but all of them paid attention to what was coming next with bated breath.

Although somewhat reluctant to admit it, everyone in the armor community knew that the upgrade work for this generation of armor was almost entirely done by Duan Hengye alone. And what he had just said was not only slapping his own face from a certain perspective, but also the face of the entire industry.

…… So Professor Duan didn’t normally open his mouth, but when he did, he was so cruel?

The people who didn’t understand Duan Hengye looked surprised, while Su Mingge, who had just twisted his chair, slowly turned away. He never would have thought that Duan Hengye would pull off this shroud of shame in front of almost all of his named peers in the industry today. No mercy was left.

Su Mingge couldn’t help but start looking forward to his colleague’s next speech.

Without leaving too much time for thought, Duan Hengye continued, “There are many reasons for this result, and from the perspective of the entire industry, the biggest problem is the poor exchange of information ……”

After hearing this, Su Mingge suddenly couldn’t help but laugh out loud. As the deputy director of the research institute, he knew that the “poor information exchange” had a large share of credit from Duan Hengye himself. Unexpectedly, this person really just threw the problem out nakedly today. Nakedly thrown out.

Seeing Su Mingge suddenly laugh out loud, a colleague next to him who was also from the institute couldn’t help but take a look, then called out to him in a low voice, “Su Mingge?”

“It’s fine” Su Mingge said with a smile and a wave of his hand, “I’m laughing, our director sure is handsome today.”

“…… “Hearing his words, this staff member even forgot to continue listening to Duan Hengye’s speech, and he couldn’t help but turn around and look at Su Mingge flabbergastedly. If he hadn’t heard correctly just now, Su Mingge was …… praising Duan Hengye?

Wait, was that a positive or negative thing that Su Mingge said!

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