Duan Hengye who was single until death in his last life sadly discovered that he really had no experience with a rival at all. The scariest thing was, his reasoning also told him that if he didn’t accept the other party’s request to visit, then this matter would definitely be used to make a big fuss.

The man had come to An Luo for the conference, so it was inevitable that he would have to meet with his sponsor as well. It just seemed that the meeting place for the two of them was going to be changed from the meeting to their own residence.

He helplessly looked at the light-brain. Duan Hengye still clicked on to Wen Mujia’s request for a visit. Although An Luo’s campus was large, it wouldn’t take long to get here by hovercar. After a while, Duan Hengye heard a beep from the entrance of the villa, and he stood up from the sofa, then turned around to look outside.

To be fair, in the book “Dumping Interstellar”, all the characters who had appeared with big names were definitely on the interstellar excellence line in appearance. And as a person who made the headlines with his “pursuit of the marshal” earlier, Wen Mujia’s looks once again beat 99% of the people in the world.

Before Duan Hengye reached the door, he saw that Wen Mujia was wearing a dark blue dress with slightly curly middle hair and was standing at the door smiling at him.

Although he hadn’t said anything yet, after seeing Wen Mujia standing at the door, Duan Hengye who had read all typed dog blood novels, still had an intuition that the other party was taking out the air of attending his ex’s wedding to see him – no! What kind of strange metaphor was this.

The serious Professor Duan shook his head to cast away the strange thoughts from his mind, then walked to the door and extended his hand to the other party “Hello.” He very officially greeted Wen Mujia.

Although there wasn’t much affection between the original owner and Meng Jinhuai, he was an undercover agent after all. So even after the marriage, the original owner had always regarded his “rival” Wen Mujia, who was a threat to his marriage, as an obstacle to his mission, so he would always turn black when he encountered the enemy.

In contrast, as a standard intergalactic rich generation, when facing the director of the Armor Research Institute, Wen Mujia has no fear at all …… but often suppressed the other party in public.

Similar incidents had happened many times before, although the royal family and the southern stars were intent on suppressing the news, gossip was something that spread like a virus. It didn’t take long for many people to know that Wen Mujia and Duan Hengye didn’t like each other.

Although the news has been in the “tabloid” state, in between, the three words “Duan Hengye” was still ahead of “Wen Mujia” on the Star Network. —ranked ahead of the Marshal, second only to Wen Mujia’s parents.


Although the original owner was indifferent, he had never been less than superficially courteous. But when it came to Wen Mujia, there was not even a superficial courtesy, and he never greeted the other party in a serious manner.

Duan Hengye, who stretched out his hand, didn’t realize that this was the first time he shook hands with his “rival”.

Seeing the calm face of Duan Hengye, Wen Mujia was stunned. He and Duan Hengye were about the same height, so when he saw the other party shaking hands with him, Wen Mujia couldn’t help but raise his eyes to look at the man opposite him up and down, and then he slowly retracted his hand.

“…… Good afternoon Professor Duan.”

Wen Mujia had come alone, Duan Hengye’s residence was already secluded, and now the entire An Luo was preparing for the opening ceremony at night. So this strange, supposed to be fishy, “rivalry” handshake scene so calmly began, and …… calmly ended.

Duan Hengye didn’t know Wen Mujia’s intention, but he had already practiced the skill of playing calmly and was very familiar with it. After greeting him, he turned around and brought the other party into the house.

After they sat on the couch, a robot came over and placed the previously made tea on the table. For a time, the entire house was left with only the soft sounds produced by the collision of the tea set and the wooden tabletop, which sounded particularly clear. Wen Mujia touched his nose a little uncomfortably, having lived for so many years, he had rarely seen such an awkward atmosphere.

Even Wen Mujia was beginning to wonder if Duan Hengye had a long segment, was this a deliberate attempt to create embarrassment?

Putting aside personal feelings, as the biggest sponsor of the conference, Wen Mujia, was now here to personally invite Duan Hengye to the opening ceremony. And then bringing his personal emotions, he was actually very eager to see how the other party looked in private. But what he didn’t expect was that after entering the door, Duan Hengye not only didn’t speak, he didn’t even have an expression.

…… Wen Mujia couldn’t help but measure Duan Hengye with his eyes, what exactly was this person doing?

At this time, Wen Mujia was in a state of restlessness, but Duan Hengye was different. The recent miraculous events had already tempered Professor Duan’s heart to be incredibly strong, and his perception of “embarrassment” was even weaker. Seeing that Wen Mujia had been sitting there without speaking, Duan Hengye also didn’t open his mouth.

After the robot put the tea on the table, Duan Hengye skillfully picked up the jade pot and poured the tea into the small light green cup in front of Wen Mujia. The entire set of movements was like flowing clouds and water, calling out to Wen Mujia who was sitting at the side, stunned.

Although there were only two simple actions, Duan Hengye’s familiarity still made Wen Mujia doubt if the other party had ever learned the tea ceremony?

By the time Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai got married, the scandal of Wen Mujia had been over for a while, but he still went ahead and investigated the other party properly – like the current person an ex. Wen Mujia carefully recalled his investigation of Duan Hengye, then confirmed that the other party had indeed not learned any of this.

Although he was always confident in his investigation, then thinking about the previous assault incident …… Wen Mujia ended up looking at the cup of tea in front of him in confusion, then slowly brought it up.

In his impression, although the former Duan Hengye had a sense of detachment that rejected people, it wasn’t like now, when he raised his hands, it was almost oppressing. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the temperament of Duan Hengye was indeed becoming more and more similar to Meng Jinhuai ……

Finally, Wen Mujia opened his mouth to interrupt this silence, and he said to Duan Hengye in a rare polite manner, “Professor Duan, the news of you coming to An Luo has now spread throughout the stars. You are the director of the Ye Tian Armor Research Institute, and everyone is looking forward to seeing you at the opening ceremony later.”

Although he didn’t see eye to eye with Duan Hengye, he had grown up on top of a shopping mall since he was a child, and when it came to officially matters, Wen Mu Jia had his own way of speaking.

The original owner had spent most of his time ignoring Wen Mujia before, and he couldn’t find any useful information about the other party from his memories. Duan Hengye only felt that he didn’t really hate Wen Mujia after all, so he couldn’t do the same thing as the original owner who was always black-faced towards him.

Since Duan Hengye came to this conference, he came with the purpose of exchanging ideas with his peers. It was just the opening of this event, and Duan Hengye really hadn’t fully thought about whether or not he wanted to participate.

Seeing that he hadn’t said anything, Wen Mujia thought for a while. As an heir of a family that was still passable, although Wen Mujia’s personality had some of the unrestrained and unbridled, capriciousness of a male brother, he was still very professional when it came to his work.

Putting aside personal feelings, he was the sponsor of this conference and was also looking forward to Duan Hengye being able to attend this opening event purely out of interest.

“Professor Duan rest assured, the main flow of this event has been arranged, you don’t need to make a speech, just show up.” Wen Mujia paused and continued, “After all, now that the matter of your arrival in An Luo has been spread throughout the entire star, Tize’s event ended not long ago, and the amount of attention from the Starnet media is high.”

Wen Mujia was right, although the surroundings looked very peaceful, Duan Hengye had actually been standing right in the center of the interstellar storm for a long time. His words and actions had hundreds of millions of people watching and waiting.

What was more, this was a convention of the armor research community, and it was time for him to officially show up in front of these peers. His words reminded Duan Hengye that a proper appearance was also important if he wanted to truly stand firm at the tip of the pyramid.


Unlike last time’s outing, the overall atmosphere of the Mecha Convention this time was much more relaxed. As far as the media that got to the venue was concerned, they didn’t need to apply for interview qualifications in advance, so all the media that were somewhat famous on the interstellar all sent people today.

After hearing the news of Duan Hengye’s arrival in An Luo in the afternoon, all the reporters who were resting were energized. Although Duan Hengye hadn’t appeared since he came here, the enthusiasm of the media still remained unabated.

There was no red carpet for the opening ceremony, the guests entered freely, and the reporters stayed to cover and shoot the news material. Now there was only less than ten minutes left before the ceremony officially started, and basically all the guests had already arrived at the scene. Because most of the participants were famous scholars in the armor research industry, everyone was chatting about academic topics after getting together, so the hall was lively, but not noisy.

Under this atmosphere, although the reporters could not resist standing at the door to probe and wait for the appearance of Duan Hengye, they still very much restrained themselves and remained calm.

Time passed by like this, and suddenly, the entrance of the hall was bustling with activity. Due to the remote location of the interview area, the reporters couldn’t see the scene at the entrance. They only saw a bunch of people suddenly stop chatting and then looked at the entrance in unison.

Did Duan Hengye come?

Although they had already prepared mentally for the possibility that Professor Duan might come, the reporters couldn’t help but get nervous at the cold sight of this scene.

At this moment, all the cameras in the interview area were focused on the entrance out of the hall.

Then they saw …… a man in a dark blue shirt appear at the entrance. Wait, how was it Wen Mujia? Instantly everyone in the interview area had a look of extreme disappointment on their faces.

As the sponsor of this event, Wen Mujia should have been the main target of the reporters. But miraculously, since the expectation of “Duan Hengye may come to the scene” arose in their hearts, when they saw Wen Mujia appear in front of them, the reporters’ hearts actually did not fluctuate.

In the interview area, a more senior reporter stared at the light screen while broadcasting a leisurely sigh. After hearing that, the colleague standing next to him could not help but ask curiously, “What’s wrong brother, is the screen shot bad?”

At the news, the reporter shook his head and said, “Do you know what Professor Duan and Wen Mujia’s relationship is?”

As journalists, it was mandatory for them to keep track of the relationships and dynamics of interstellar celebrities, let alone something like this that everyone knew about. After hearing the question, another reporter thought for a moment and said, “O-“, “A rival!” The tone of his latter statement was slightly disappointing.

Duan Hengye was never one to like public appearances, let alone appearing on the same occasion almost simultaneously with a rival.

This conference was mainly in the nature of industry seminars, except for part of the opening and closing ceremonies, there were no interviews or filming time. After seeing the appearance of Wen Mujia, all the reporters tacitly agreed that Duan Hengye would not be present. Although they were a little disappointed, this was, after all, the result they had expected.

“Okay okay ……” the senior reporter who spoke just now patted his colleague’s shoulder and said, “Don’t look any further, let’s debug the equipment now, there will be an infield to shoot later. You shouldn’t be too disappointed, it’s not like Duan Hengye is an easy person to meet, you’re still young, there will be plenty of opportunities later-”

“Wait a minute …… a minute!” The younger reporter suddenly took the other man’s hand off his shoulder and he stared at him, stammering uncontrollably, “Duan …… Professor!”

Sensitively catching the three words “Professor Duan”, another reporter immediately returned his attention to the entrance of the hall, “Huh?”

Wen Mujia who entered the door did not leave there, instead, he stood at the entrance and turned to look out. Following the line of sight of Wen Mujia, a man dressed in black slowly appeared at the entrance of the hall.

The guests attending today’s academic conference were all dressed very low key, almost uniformly in black suits and ties, and the man in front of them was no exception. The black unadorned suit had a different feeling, vulgarly speaking, as if from the fashion magazine.

The reporter blinked hard, then slowly moved the camera back to the entrance with a sigh of relief.

Duan Hengye actually appeared, and still with Wen Mujia?

What kind of intergalactic celebrity scene was this?

The moment he actually stood at the door, the exact same sentiment as the reporter popped up in Duan Hengye’s mind – what kind of stellar celebrity scene was this?

When he left his own residence this afternoon, Wen Mujia clearly said that he would be the first to arrive, and Duan Hengye only decided to use that point to come …… but he did not expect that the other party would also arrive at this time.

It would have been fine if it was the original owner himself who appeared here, he definitely wouldn’t be imagining things. But Duan Hengye was different, the second he saw Wen Mujia, his brain’s pop-up screen had already started to imagine wildly and made up how the Star Network media would actually portray the two of them in the same frame.

“Welcome, Professor Duan.” Wen Mujia came with a smile and then made a “please” motion towards Duan Hengye.

The original owner didn’t have a deep impression of Wen Mujia, but at this moment, after the other party showed such a smile towards him, Duan Hengye finally connected him with the meager impression in his own mind.

Every time after confronting him, Wen Mujia would reveal such a smile.

This dude was definitely doing it on purpose!

Taking a deep look at Wen Mujia, recalling his single life till his death, Duan Hengye finally experienced, what was called the “malice” from the rival.


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