On the way back, Duan Hengye thought about things throughout, and when he walked out of the starship he was still a little distracted. This starship hovered very high, and when the hatch was opened, a cold wind poured in without warning.

The shirt that Duan Hengye was wearing was a bit wrinkled after sitting on the sofa for too long. The outdoor temperature in An Luo wasn’t high, so he brought a long black coat and draped it over his body on his way out. This coat was extremely long, and the hemline reached Duan Hengye’s calves. When the cold wind came from the side, the black hair scattered on Duan Hengye’s forehead was instantly blown back. Eventually, Duan Hengye also wrapped his coat a little tighter.

“Professor Duan, pay attention to your feet.” A man in an Imperial uniform behind him came up and reminded him in a low voice. This starship hovered at an extremely high distance, and could only go down with the help of a special small hover device. Duan Hengye had rarely used this device before, so the military man in charge of this voyage came up to remind him.

At this time, the atmosphere below the starship was heavy, and Duan Hengye was originally a very serious-looking person. Coupled with the rather imposing black clothes he was wearing now, and the military people, it was really hard not to be intimidated.

Duan Hengye originally thought that he wouldn’t inform An Luo of his specific arrival time, so it wouldn’t disturb everyone, but he stood on the hovering device only to find …… the docking ping below actually had a bunch of frozen people.

The people on the docking platform were all Mecha researchers who had been invited to the conference, except for the volunteers of An Luo University.

Although they had heard about the rumors about Duan Hengye’s strange personality as a colleague, but it couldn’t cover up their admiration for Professor Duan.

— Ever since the original owner became the director of Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute and developed a new generation of armor, people from the interstellar world had been sending him messages, asking him professional questions. It was a tradition in today’s research world, but the original owner hadn’t replied once.

Perhaps his highbrow rumors were the ones that became popular on the interstellar at that time ……

However, due to the law of “distance creates beauty”, these colleagues who weren’t working at Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute were still looking forward to the day when they could talk to Professor Duan. Especially after Duan Hengye suddenly interfered in the institute’s research a while ago, many of them were already thinking about talking to Professor Duan again.

A meeting like today wasn’t the first time, Duan Hengye had never attended before, so everyone had tacitly agreed that he wouldn’t come this time. So when they saw the man who appeared in front of them with their own eyes at this moment, many people who were preparing to leave the docking ping were stunned in place.

…… This was, Duan Hengye?

The atmosphere suddenly became condensed.

Duan Hengye wasn’t someone who could block out all external reactions, and after seeing the collective stillness of the people around him, he who should have left the hovering device also stood awkwardly in place.

Shouldn’t it be time to greet these people? Duan Hengye silently asked himself in his heart.

Fortunately, this strange silence didn’t last too long, and just as Duan Hengye was about to open his mouth, a familiar voice suddenly came from not too far away.

“-Professor Duan!”

Upon hearing the words, Duan Hengye looked in the direction of the voice, and then saw that on the docking ping not far away, there was a young man in a grey sweatshirt waving towards him.

It was actually Lan Jingchi?

Although there was no mention of Lan Jingchi’s state when he was studying in An Luo in “Dumping Interstellar”. But with the later descriptions, Duan Hengye really couldn’t tell at all that Lan Jingchi would be a person who participated in volunteer activities inside the school.

Duan Hengye nodded towards Lan Jingchi, then finally took advantage of the slightly calmer atmosphere to turn around and greet the peers who were staring at the side.

Although Duan Hengye’s greeting just now was not enthusiastic, it did not hinder Lan Jingchi’s enthusiasm at all. Just in the blink of an eye, Lan Jingchi had already run to Duan Hengye’s side, then leaned over and asked with a smile, “Why did Professor Duan suddenly come over today?”

Duan Hengye was a person who was accustomed to keeping a safe distance from others, although he had vaguely classified Lan Jingchi into the category of “acquaintance”, he still slightly flinched to the side when he was approached by the other party.

Duan Hengye’s movement was not very large, and no one could see it except for Lan Jingchi who was standing beside him.

Despite seeing that Duan Hengye had slightly moved aside, Lan Jingchi’s face didn’t have the slightest bit of embarrassment. On the contrary, he was even more enthusiastic than before.

Duan Hengye felt something strange, but because he didn’t want to stay here at the docking ping for too long, he still chose to leave here with Lan Jingchi first.

At this time, Duan Hengye was accompanied by several military personnel, and that alone was scary enough. But obviously just a student, Lan Jingchi was surprisingly calm, and from his body, they couldn’t see any fear of the military people behind him. The people were afraid, and one could even say that they were directly regarded as air.

The two people standing behind Duan Hengye exchanged glances, and after making sure that Professor Duan was really acquainted with this person, then they took a step back and stared forward guardedly.

It was actually not just the military personnel behind them, even Duan Hengye, who was not always that sensitive to other people’s reactions, felt the abnormality.

Compared to the way he resigned himself to life when he first met him in An Luo University, how did Lan Jingchi change so much?


Although he felt strange, Duan Hengye still left the docking pad together under the leadership of “volunteer” Lan Jingchi.

He didn’t know how surprised the people who remained in the same place were. ……

Today, along with Lan Jingchi who came to dock on the tarmac as a volunteer, there were several of his roommates.

As an ordinary An Luo student, although everyone knew that Duan Hengye would come here to substitute classes, they also knew that Lan Jingshi once knew Duan Hengye because of an accidental incident. But now that they saw with their own eyes that Lan Jingchi left with Duan Hengye, those roommates still couldn’t help but stand there in shock.


After a long time, someone finally gently bumped into the person next to them. Two people looked at each other, they didn’t know who first slowly said, “Do you feel …… Lan Jingchi is acting strange?” Then they looked ahead in unison and remained silent.


In Duan Hengye’s eyes, his appearance in An Luo was a very normal thing. But in the eyes of the rest of the Star, it was Professor Duan’s first appearance after the assault incident.

Because of the upcoming Mecha Conference, the entire An Luo campus was now filled with reporters. Although Duan Hengye had already taken the hovercar back to his own residence on the campus, the reporters who heard the news had already surrounded the “witnesses” who had just parked.

Duan Hengye, who wasn’t very sensitive to news, couldn’t imagine how much attention would be attracted by his sudden appearance in An Luo. Although the relationship between him and Meng Jinhuai was very delicate, to the onlookers, the two of them had already integrated their interests.

So Duan Hengye’s appearance actually represented not only that Professor Duan and the interstellar armor research community were about to start cooperating, but also that the …… Southern Star might have to do something about it.

As the countdown to the opening ceremony approached, various speculations began to scatter. Inside An Luo’s banquet hall, a man in a dark blue shirt was standing in front of the light screen checking the data. Just at this time, someone came along and softly whispered something in his ear, then he slowly turned off the light screen frowning back at the other party and asked, “Did you say Duan Hengye is here?”

The man’s tone carried a bit of confusion and a bit of surprise that couldn’t be ignored.

Seeing the situation, the man who spoke to him nodded his head and said, “Yes, just two minutes ago, Professor Duan arrived in An Luo on one of the military’s starships.” His tone carried a tension that couldn’t be concealed. Duan Hengye’s sudden appearance was undoubtedly the first-class event of this conference.

“So it’s a starship from the military ministry, then no wonder I didn’t receive the news beforehand.” The man nodded his head, then put down his light brain and continued to ask, “Where is he now?”

“At An Luo’s residence, it wasn’t explicitly stated whether …… he was coming to the opening ceremony or not.”

After hearing what the other man said, the man smiled and continued, “You keep an eye on things here for me first.” He then straightened his collar and quickly walked towards the entrance of the banquet hall.

Compared to the banquet of the royal family as well as the military department, this opening ceremony that would be held in a moment was obviously much simpler. Although it was already close to the start time, there weren’t many staff members on site. In such an empty scene, the conversation between the two men was especially obvious.

Seeing the man preparing to leave, all the surrounding staff members cast their eyes over.

“Mr. Wen you ……” the staff member who spoke to the man saw him preparing to leave and hurriedly followed up and asked, “Mr. Wen you are now going to ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, the man interrupted with a smile, “Since there’s a chance that Professor Duan won’t come, I might as well go invite him.” Then he boarded the hovercar that was parked outside the hall, leaving a hall of people standing there in vain.

The staff member who didn’t keep the man took a somewhat desperate breath and looked away from the hovercar, but he felt that …… it was going to make big news again.

A few minutes later, having just dropped off an overly enthusiastic volunteer, Duan Hengye had wanted to take a break here first. But before he could get up to the second floor of the villa, a message was received above his light brain – someone was coming to visit him?

Wen Mujia?

Duan Hengye’s footsteps were paced, and he had wanted to just reject the request, but he felt that the name looked familiar. Duan Hengye was sure that he should have heard this name somewhere, but his mind didn’t have much of an impression of this person.

After hesitating for a while, Professor Duan ended up sitting on the couch and turned on his light brain, then entered the other person’s name into it.

Starnet’s entries were very professionally integrated and were always being updated according to current events. Today was the day of the armor conference, so one of the most important real-time information was listed in the first place.

Wen Mujia, the largest sponsor of the Mecha Research Association …… Duan Hengye slowly read through the entries.

Only to see that in addition to this identity, Wen Mujia’s entry was more scandalous. And it was …… a Meng Jinhuai scandal?

Duan Hengye finally remembered that he had once met his “rival” at a banquet at the military headquarters.

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