Regardless of what the Star Network thought, in short, the few days on Tize star were undoubtedly significant to both this planet and the entire interstellar situation. Even when they finally left the planet, Duan Hengye only realized that a few days had passed by just like this.

Unlike the bustling scene when he came here because he needed to continue to deal with the matter, Meng Jinhuai stayed on Tize for the time being, while Duan Hengye left first on another starship that was temporarily dispatched from the military department. There was no live camera this time, and no one came to see him off as originally planned. But looking at the empty docking pad under his feet, Duan Hengye felt relieved somehow.

Although he had lived in the modern world in his last life, due to the special nature of the Ancient Martial Arts Family, Duan Hengye’s contact with society wasn’t very deep in the previous ten years. Naturally, he was still not used to being watched by countless people, let alone being in the center of a storm.

As he watched the starship slowly leave the surface of Tize Star, Duan Hengye slowly left the window, and he sat on the couch to one side. From the moment he transmigrated into this world, Duan Hengye had been obsessed with admiring the romantic, never-before-seen scenery of the stars. But this time around, affected by his mood, by the time the stars began to fly around him, he was not in the mood to appreciate them at all, nor was his mood as open as before.

Duan Hengye closed the door of the lounge, then sat on the couch to turn his light brain on. Although he trusted his memory, the amount of information about some recent events was too large, and Duan Hengye felt that it was better for him to record his current thoughts first.

To be on the safe side, Duan Hengye first wrote a secret program, and then clicked on it to open the record function.

In fact, he had discovered a long time ago that due to the original author’s worldview, there were many differences between this era and Earth in terms of writing and language.

For example, there was no such thing as a “foreign language” here, and all communication was in the same language and script as in China. Although the secret program had been written, Duan Hengye after thinking for a while on a different language, began to slowly document to organize his recent days of complicated ideas.


Unlike when they came, the returning starships began to travel at their fastest interstellar speed, and their destination was no longer the Marshal’s Palace located on the Southern Province.

Duan Hengye had received news a while ago that the annual Interstellar Mecha Conference was about to be held. The venue for this conference had been rotating among the major universities, and it just so happened that this year it was An Luo University’s turn.

Although Ye Tian’s strength wasn’t as good as it used to be, it was still the number one empire inside the interstellar, and it had continued to develop for the better in recent years. Naturally, the Ye Tian Imperial Armor Research Institute was also one of the most famous armor research institutions in the interstellar world.

In the previous sessions, the original owner had also been invited, but he had never once attended an event like this. Even so, as the most influential figure in the interstellar armor community, Duan Hengye still received an invitation from the organizer this year.

Unlike the original owner, Duan Hengye was very interested in this event in the end. In his opinion, research absolutely couldn’t be done alone and boringly, and proper communication with peers was also very necessary. So this year’s Duan Hengye accepted the invitation ……

Perhaps to highlight the so-called “tradition”, the guests had always been invited through the traditional letter mode, and those who received the invitation did not need to go to the Star Network for special confirmation. Therefore, strictly speaking, the original owner could only be considered as “absent” in those years before and did not participate.

The organizer, who was used to Prof. Duan not coming, never expected that a huge “surprise” was slowly approaching from the other side of the star.

An Luo also belonged to the Lord Marshal, and the school had been busy for this meeting since the last few days of vacation. The old and quiet Star was in a new state, with many hovercrafts and starships from all over the galaxy arriving on the planet.

Of course, most importantly, some new armor that had never been announced to the public was also brought over.

The charm of the armor was infinite, and just as the holidays were not over yet, many students from other majors started to visit in the past few days, looking forward to the official meeting in the meantime.


While the black starship was speeding through the universe, on Tize, Meng Jinhuai walked inside his temporary office. Although the preliminary report of this incident was released to the public the first time, it was actually not as easy to solve as one would think – especially when the royal family also started to interfere in it.

In the middle of the night last night, the interrogation had temporarily gone awry, and Meng Jinhuai had personally arrived on the scene. Now the matter was finally resolved, and he had been working in tandem for a long time.

The robot had earlier brewed a cup of strong black coffee on the table, which was now completely cold. The taste of the coffee wasn’t good, and it had a bitter taste after it was cold. But Meng Jinhuai didn’t mind, he sat down after drinking the cold coffee.

” Lord Marshal, the starship that Professor Duan is riding on has now arrived at the D-88U starfield.” This message suddenly popped up on Meng Jinhuai’s light brain. After seeing it, the Marshal slowly put down the already empty coffee cup in his hand, then clicked the message open.

Instantly a young colonel in uniform appeared in front of Meng Jinhuai, seeing the Lord Marshal suddenly turn on the video, he had a surprised expression on his face, then quickly saluted and said, “Reporting to Lord Marshal, the starship is currently sailing normally, and is expected to arrive at An Luo University at the original time.”

“Hm,” Meng Jinhuai nodded his head, he took a look at the voyage map then slowly said, “How is the result of the last medical examination?”

In a working state, that oppressive feeling on Meng Jinhuai was especially evident. After hearing his question, the youth opposite him was first stunned, then hesitantly spoke, “Er ……”

“What’s going on?” Meng Jinhuai frowned and asked, his tone of voice not even remotely related to the word “soft”. If Duan Hengye was here, he would have felt that Meng Jinhuai was like a different person.

Seeing the marshal’s impatient expression, this youth finally bit his teeth and said, “I’m sorry Lord Marshal, the medical report might have to …… wait for a while longer.”

“Let’s open the testing procedure at this pace first.” Meng Jinhuai had a feeling that things were definitely more complicated than he had imagined, and he couldn’t help but reach out his hand to rub his eyebrows.

After Meng Jinhuai’s voice fell, the youth in front of him finally disappeared, and an extremely complicated biological data detection form appeared in front of him.

Sure enough – the data was abnormal.


A few hours later, Duan Hengye heard the alert from the starship that it was about to reach its destination. He rubbed his eyes a bit, then turned off his light brain and stood up. Seeing that the starship was slowly approaching An Luo’s familiar campus, Duan Hengye’s mood finally gradually relaxed.

It was just …… that this time Professor Duan himself was relaxed yes, but others were not relaxed at all.

In fact, on the return trip, Duan Hengye could have taken an ordinary starship, but because Meng Jinhuai thought that the current interstellar situation was complicated and Duan Hengye’s identity was special, he ended up forcefully dispatching a heavily armed military starship from somewhere else.

Although the lounge that Duan Hengye was in wasn’t too different from an ordinary starship, the exterior of the …… starship was truly shocking enough.

Because it was a temporary transfer, this starship didn’t undergo any external modifications like the one Meng Jinhuai often rode in. So everything on it was the most primitive look – in other words, the one that could go straight to the battlefield.

If one didn’t look closely, it would just be a huge black starship. But if you looked closely enough, you’d see that the sides of the starship were lined with neatly arranged quantum weapon launchers. As for the bottom ……, there were not only various weapons entrenched, there was even a huge red python stamp representing the southern province.

This scene was truly excessively shocking.

The population density of An Luo University was already very high, and now because of the upcoming Mecha Conference, there were even many outsiders entering. It was now four o’clock in the afternoon, four hours before the opening ceremony was held, many of the invitees from the faraway planets were arriving, and there were also many students acting as volunteers on the starship docking pad.

Normally, whenever a hovercar or starship approached, the docking pad would receive notification of the type of the visitor and the person to whom they belonged. But who called the military department’s starship attribute special, in order to combat convenience, it landed without any prompting.

…… Suddenly, a huge shadow suddenly appeared on the originally clear sky of An Luo. Feeling the sudden change in light, the people standing below couldn’t help but look upwards.

It was really a shock ……

The military starship was extremely large and visually extremely oppressive. But at this time that huge size was obviously not the point, the point was – those black hole gun muzzles facing the docking tarmac, and the hideous red python!

Although the situation in An Luo had been stable, the war in Ye Tian had been going on for many years after all, and the desire to survive while seeing this starship made people momentarily forget the significance of the red python and only perceive danger.

Had An Luo been taken over?

The landing speed of the starship was so fast that it was already hovering on the docking tarmac at almost the same time that the people below could see the pattern on the bottom. Due to its huge size, the black starship’s hovering height was far greater than all nearby starships and hovercrafts. So after zooming in several times, the python below looked especially hideous.

Duan Hengye, who was walking towards the entrance of the starship couldn’t imagine how big a psychological shadow his sudden appearance had caused to everyone …… The originally tense and busy docking ping was quiet because of the arrival of this starship.

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the starship’s door to open.

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