Just like Ye Tian’s hereditary and centuries-long royal family, as an empire, there were also many military families within the military department that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Just with Duan Hengye’s shallow understanding of the history of the Star Era, he knew quite a few famous generals who had worn military uniforms and trained alone on the battlefield since their youth. Born in the war-torn times of the Empire, and whose parents were both Ye Tian’s generals, Meng Jinhuai was naturally one of them. It could even be said that Meng Jinhuai had long since become the representative and pride of such people.

The young man in the photo was wearing a military uniform, and from the special mark on his epaulets, it could be seen that he had already been to war more than once. At first glance, this seemed like a very glorious thing, but if you related it to Meng Jinhuai’s age at that time, you would feel the cruelty of it again.

Just as Duan Hengye was examining this photo carefully, the young man in front of him suddenly raised his chin slowly. It was only at this time that Duan Hengye once again reacted, he was facing a motion picture, and the few seconds of stillness just now was only because Meng Jinhuai hadn’t moved when he took the photo.

In the end, time had changed him a lot, compared to now, the photo of the teenager’s eyes were a little more melancholy, less silent or calm.

But …… such Meng Jinhuai was somehow familiar to Duan Hengye! Or it was déjà vu.

Seeing that Duan Hengye had been gazing at this photo, the staff in charge of explaining to him stopped here and continued to talk endlessly.

But Duan Hengye, who was facing the photo, didn’t listen to a word of it and slowly closed his eyes. Duan Hengye suddenly felt that the original blank space in his mind was slowly being filled up.

Although there was only a hazy shadow, he was certain that he had seen the scene where the original owner and Meng Jinhuai met at the banquet.

–It was a splendid banquet hall, and the young man was wearing a small navy blue suit with a bow tie around his neck. He didn’t know if he was bored with the banquet, but after standing there for a while, he couldn’t help but look around. Then, with the slight adjustment of the angle, Duan Hengye saw a small brooch pinned to his chest.

It was the same one that was “returned to its owner” today.

D*mn,  this was evil! What was this about?


Actually, this trip to Tize Star wasn’t very long, but very amazingly, in just a few dozen hours, Duan Hengye had already experienced too many events. Perhaps Professor Duan’s brain was very useful when it came to research, but he was not a genius in terms of emotional intelligence.

The puzzled Duan Hengye could only reluctantly persuade himself: perhaps in the original owner’s heart, this memory wasn’t important, so the memory naturally slowly became blurred with time. And now when he saw this photo, the memory that was almost forgotten was finally awakened a little bit.

But how could he explain his own handwriting?

As a geek who had read all the dog blood novels, at this moment Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help but come up with an extremely strange speculation – was it possible that he crossed over earlier? He came to this world long before he met Meng Jinhuai?

At the thought of this, Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help but wince.

Duan Hengye was not a person who was prone to digging into corners, like for example, as a realist, he never thought or never dared to think about how he actually transmigrated into a novel.

Perhaps it was because the amount of information was too much, Duan Hengye simply gave up on the question once again in his heart. Time …… was probably able to tell him the answer.

Duan Hengye slowly took a deep breath, and after adjusting his emotions, he turned around and nodded towards the staff, then said, “…… Okay, let’s go to the exit side.”

What Duan Hengye didn’t know was that in the eyes of this staff member, his own demeanor at this time had suddenly become somewhat vicarious …… To give an inappropriate example, it was as if he had suddenly seen through the red dust.

Although he didn’t understand why Professor Duan’s emotions had risen and fallen so much today, reasoning still made the staff member swallow all the useless words. He silently nodded his head, then brought Duan Hengye back to the exit.

By the silver-white gate, Meng Jinhuai seemed to have been waiting here for a while, and when he saw Duan Hengye come over, he smiled at the other party like he always did, then walked out of the school history hall under the leadership of the school director as if nothing had happened.

Going back outdoors, a breeze blew towards Duan Hengye, and the faint coolness made him calm down quite a bit. At this time, Duan Hengye finally noticed that he was facing a place similar to a children’s playground, except that the toys had changed from Earth-era slides and the like to miniature armor.

It was a school founded during the war, and the special era gave it a special meaning, and the school continued to receive war orphans even today.

Duan Hengye noticed that after hearing the person in charge report the number of orphans, Meng Jinhuai’s expression slowly became more serious. As a marshal of the empire, he knew too well the meaning behind the word “war” – whether it was on or off the battlefield, it represented much heavier than expected.

It wasn’t long after Tize just ended the state of war, everyone present could feel and understand Meng Jinhuai’s emotions, so the atmosphere became very heavy for a while.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that the children were brought out of the classroom in a neat line by the teacher, and the scene became lively again. Duan Hengye discovered that these children were obviously not of school age and should be orphans adopted by the school.

After seeing them, the serious expression on Meng Jinhuai’s face gradually disappeared. Then, an unbelievable scene happened. Duan Hengye saw that Meng Jinhuai slowly walked over, then gently picked up the child at the end of the line.

His movements were so skilled that even after being picked up by Meng Jinhuai, the child in his arms, who was originally a little nervous, relaxed. Meng Jinhuai actually knew how to take care of a child? Duan Hengye was a little surprised, after all, in his impression, the image of the Marshal really did not match with the word “home” at all.

However, it could be seen that Meng Jinhuai was indeed very willing to communicate with children. The child he was holding looked to be no more than three or four years old and could not speak very well, but he didn’t look impatient at all when he talked to him.

This link didn’t seem to have any business together? After noticing that everyone’s eyes were all on Meng Jinhuai, Duan Hengye silently took a few steps to the side, then looked over towards the toy armor that was placed everywhere.

There was too much information about that incident just now, and now Professor Duan who had a bit of a headache desperately needed to find a new gadget to draw his attention away again.

But …… Before Duan Hengye could relax, Meng Jinhuai suddenly walked over.

The child that the Marshal was holding in his arms was blinking his eyes at Duan Hengye with an expectant expression. The child at this age wasn’t very good at reading words, and he wasn’t even afraid when he saw Duan Hengye, who always had a cold face, and even smiled shyly towards the other party.

“This little kid said that he adores you.” Meng Jinhuai looked down at the kid and then said to Duan Hengye.

Although he was a “behind the scenes worker”, Duan Hengye’s influence in this world was far greater than he could have imagined. Professor Duan’s daily life was extremely low-key, but he often appeared in news programs and even in textbooks.

For a kid who was three or four years old and didn’t know much about the world, for the time being, the word “scientist” was both mysterious and lofty. If you asked a child of this age what he wanted to be when he grew up, a scientist was also a common answer …… And looking at the current situation, the child in front of him was most likely also a fan of Professor Duan.

Duan Hengye was the youngest in his family, and had almost no experience in dealing with children of this age. Common sense told Duan Hengye that he should probably smile kindly at the child now. But as a person who had the attribute of “facial paralysis”, it was really a bit difficult to ask Duan Hengye to smile all of a sudden.

So, after a moment of silence, Duan Hengye forced himself to say to the child in an extremely serious manner, “…… Hello.”

This scene was probably the legendary “Contrast Moe”. …… After seeing Duan Hengye’s performance, Meng Jinhuai didn’t hold back and laughed out directly. That little kid didn’t seem to understand why the adults were laughing, but seeing Duan Hengye greeting him, he actually became even shyer.

Just when Duan Hengye was embarrassed, Meng Jinhuai suddenly took another step closer and said, “Does Ah-heng want to try hugging him.”

Duan Hengye seriously recalled that in the first twenty years of his life, the only living creature he had hugged was probably the puppy …… He wasn’t at all confident that he could successfully hold the child in his arms. But before Duan Hengye could say his words of rejection, the child in front of him had already opened his arms towards him with an expectant face.

As someone who wasn’t good at rejecting, Duan Hengye hesitated a bit and finally slowly reached out his hand to pick up the child.

The …… live broadcast of today’s Starnet event didn’t reach its original length, and after Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai walked out of the School History Hall, the staff who had been following around noticed that the atmosphere between the two was much more normal.

As long as it was a marshal or live news related to the military department, the media needed to apply for straight board rights from the Southern Star long in advance. It was no exaggeration to say that every minute and every second of the live broadcast was extremely precious to the media. In order not to waste the air time that they had applied for with great difficulty, and seeing that the atmosphere had been restored, the media manager sent a request to resume the broadcast.

After a while, the other side saw the situation was normal and passed the request, and the media was eager to reopen the live channel.

So the people who had been discussing it on the Star Network for a long time suddenly noticed that the cut-off live feed was on again.

Wait …… what did they see?

Why was there a child in the Marshal’s arms? And it looked like …… Professor Duan was picking up that child?

Due to the fact that the live signal cut out too abruptly just now, and Duan Hengye’s appearance was too strange. At first, there were people on the Star Network who were rationally analyzing the reason for Duan Hengye’s abnormal appearance, but in the end, it had turned into a scuffle. The theme of the scuffle was – whether the Marshal and Professor Duan had a fight or not.

According to a part of the people, although Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye were the model husband and wife that everyone envied in the interstellar world, even though they both looked perfect and unbelievable. But they were still mortals after all, and they would have interactions under the camera that couldn’t be seen by others. So it was understandable that they occasionally fought over certain things.

But another part of the world was stubborn enough to think that the atmosphere between them was not like a fight or an argument, but something else.

Who would have thought …… that just as the scuffle developed to a high. When the scuffle reached a climax, not only did the live signal cut back but what appeared before their eyes was still such a “strange” picture.

“[Star Network] Current Affairs Discussion Forum

Building X.

All right, all right, let’s not fight! The live broadcast seems to be back on, so go watch it sometime.

X + 1st floor.

StarNet Live is back on? I can’t watch it at work, can any of my friends tell me what’s on Starz right now? Is it true that the broadcast just went off because of a technical glitch? The most important thing is, are the marshal and Professor Duan reconciled now?

X + 2nd floor.

Upstairs you have a lot of problems ah …… the live suddenly stopped, they said it was technical reasonsm you really believed it? By the way, I repeat, they are definitely not fighting!

X + 3rd floor.

Holy s*it, the broadcast is really back on! No. Why is there a kid here? My memory is correct, the Marshal and Professor Duan don’t have children.

X + 4th floor.

Huh? Kids?”

The live broadcast on the Star Network was back on, and viewers could only see that in a children’s activity area, Meng Jinhuai was passing the child in his arms to Duan Hengye. Although it was a simple gesture, the tenderness in Meng Jinhuai’s eyes couldn’t be concealed.

Viewers who had children at home or had experience with children also noticed that the Marshal’s posture in holding the child was surprisingly skilled. In stark contrast to him was Duan Hengye …… who was a little too clumsy in his movements.

To Duan Hengye, the child was like a ball of cotton when he held him in his hands. After receiving him in his hands, he didn’t know where to exert himself at all, and his entire body tensed up. Worst of all, due to Duan Hongyi’s lack of skill, the little child in his arms felt uncomfortable. As soon as he was received into Duan Hengye’s arms, he started to move around.

Duan Hengye was a little afraid, and when the little child in his arms moved, he unconsciously furrowed his eyebrows.

So in the eyes of the onlookers, this was what was happening on the Tisei Star right now – Meng Jinhuai was gently gazing at the unknown child, while Duan Hengye was frowning and looked like he was in a bad mood.

Perhaps humans would never be able to quit the bad habit of gossiping and brainstorming.

Who would have thought that it was obviously a group of decent viewers who had come to figure out Tize’s current situation? But after a few minutes of live broadcasts and forum scuffles, these people actually shared the same brain-.

Could it be that Professor Duan and the Marshal just had an argument because of the child? Seemed to make sense!

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