Meng Jinhuai’s assassination on Tize had undoubtedly thrown a heavyweight on the planet that has just stabilized. Although the military had already re-established a presence here, the general public wasn’t able to stop panicking at the news.

Before the start of the war, the planet Tize had tourism as its main industry. This time, they wanted to take the opportunity of the Marshal’s visit to revive the tourism industry and bring the economy back to the pre-war level. But unfortunately, because of the attack, the tourism industry had not yet recovered.

In the VIP suite, Duan Hengye was standing by the window and peeking out. Not far away was a large city on the planet Tize. Because of this visit, most of the hovercrafts in the city had been restricted in altitude and range, and the city, which was quite lively, was suddenly quiet again.

Coincidentally, because Duan Hengye hadn’t killed the killers in that scuffle. So in the end, apart from a few unconscious ones, surprisingly a small half of the assailants were captured for immediate interrogation. He didn’t know what kind of tactics the Military Ministry used to speed up the interrogation, or maybe it was just in case the Royal Family interfered, but they even released the preliminary results of the incident this morning-.

During these years of war, the rulers of the planet Tize had changed one after another. Among them, there were those sent by the Empire and those who wanted independence. Those assassins belonged to a force that had once ruled the planet, and arranging an assassination on their own territory was simple enough for them.

At first glance, it looked like simple revenge, but Duan Hengye felt that the answer was not that simple …… There was definitely another backer behind this force.

Just when Duan Hengye was concentrating on his memories, his personal assistant came over. “Professor Duan, good morning.”

Duan Hengye moved his gaze over from the window “Well, what’s wrong?” He asked after nodding his head. Although he was a personal assistant, the man in front of him wouldn’t have come to see him if he was fine.

The assistant replied, “Professor Duan, we just received a temporary notification from the military department that the plan for this afternoon’s activities will remain unchanged.” Usually, to prevent messages from being missed, when conditions allowed, for temporary activities like this, the assistant would also make a face-to-face notification while receiving the message on the light-brain.

As expected, Duan Hengye saw the tiny blue dots flashing on his light-brain. He nodded to the assistant and said, “Thank you, I got it.” Then he went to his light-brain and clicked to confirm the trip.

Although it was said to be the “wedding anniversary”, both by the Starnet and the schedule, these days were uniformly called “outbound activities”. Duan Hengye saw that, according to the schedule, he would go with Meng Jinhuai to a school on Tize in the afternoon to participate in activities.


Despite a major event in the stars, the military team from the southern star was still running smoothly. A short while after receiving the schedule news, someone sent over the clothes. Probably because he had to go to school, today Duan Hengye didn’t receive formal clothes, instead, he got a light blue coat

…… In his last life, he wore between black, white, and grey almost every day, and suddenly received this light blue coat, Duan Hengye was a little uncomfortable. But as a person who didn’t have much care in dressing, although he felt some discomfort, finally, Duan Hengye still changed.

It wasn’t until he saw Meng Jinhuai before leaving the hotel that Professor Duan realized that also to match this event, the marshal had once again abandoned his uniform.

Meng Jinhuai wore a light grey casual suit, and his tie was also untied. After seeing Duan Hongyi coming over, Meng Jinhuai, who was still talking to his subordinate, suddenly looked up, then smiled towards him without warning. Duan Hengye noticed that at the same time that the Marshal revealed his smile, the staff member standing beside him didn’t even tense his face and instantly revealed a look of wanting to read gossip.

“Ah Heng.” As he called out his name, Meng Jinhuai came directly to Duan Hengye’s side. Although it hadn’t been long since the incident had passed and even the investigation still hadn’t ended, surprisingly, he actually looked like he was in a good mood.

Duan Hengye wasn’t as relaxed as Meng Jinhuai …… Since last night, as soon as he heard the other party’s name, he would recall the medical examination whose results were still unknown for the time being.

It was really extremely tortuous.

After Duan Hengye came, a silver-gray wall not far away slowly cracked open. There was a medium-sized starship belonging to the military department parked on the outside of the wall, the appearance of this starship was somewhat unfamiliar, and Duan Hengye had never seen a similar design before.

While Duan Hengye was observing this strange starship, Meng Jinhuai introduced it to him very tacitly: “This is a starship designed for low altitude flight, it’s normal that you’re not familiar with it. Its model is very old, it previously belonged to my mother, so it’s always been parked at the Tize Star.”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai suddenly mention his mother, Duan Hengye was taken aback and he didn’t look sideways at the other side. Meng Jinhuai spoke as he walked inside the starship, “This school was founded by her own hands back then, and it mainly accepts soldier orphans.”

Although there were military personnel in charge of security, the current situation rating made by the Stars to Tize still scored low. On the way here, Duan Hengye had also wondered why Meng Jinhuai had to continue his activities this afternoon. But now, after hearing what he said, Duan Hengye finally understood what Meng Jinhuai meant.

Perhaps Meng Jinhuai also wanted to take this opportunity to express his thoughts …… As the God of War in the hearts of countless people in the Ye Tian Empire, he probably could only commemorate the past in this way.

Duan Hengye discovered that just as the plot was deviating little by little from what he knew. Meng Jinhuai seemed to be slowly changing from the perfect marshal in the book to a flesh-and-blood person in real life.


The school that they were going to today was not far from the hotel, and before long on the starship, it slowed down and eventually came to a stop next to a white building. Although the security situation in Tize was not optimistic, the media still hadn’t evacuated from here. As soon as Duan Hengye got off the starship, he saw that the familiar miniature hovering camera appeared in front of him once again.

Because of yesterday’s incident, Duan Hengye simply had to have a shadow on the live camera. Seeing that small as a fly camera, he unconsciously turned his body to the other side.

Whoever had gone through a large OOC moment that was broadcasted live across the universe would have to buffer for a while …… [out of character]

Although the attack had unsettled the entire planet, the process that had been in place for months was still progressing smoothly. After the starship landed, the person in charge of the school, and a few students presented gifts to the two of them according to the procedure.

Duan Hengye received a bouquet of flowers and seeds unique to Tize Star, while Meng Jinhuai got …… was a small medal?

Duan Hengye was a little puzzled as to why this school would send a medal to Meng Jinhuai. Although it wasn’t clear whether the “medal” had any special meaning in the interstellar world, Duan Hengye could at least tell that the material of this medal that was sent as a gift was very ordinary, and even the edges and corners had been worn very badly, so it was quite old.

The fact that a school established on the planet Tize gave the medal to the marshal, how strange it was.

Not only Duan Hengye, but the viewers who were watching the live broadcast were also puzzled. Those who knew what they were doing immediately recognized that the medal had no commemorative significance at all. Paired with the material that didn’t fit the Marshal’s identity at all, it was simply like a random toy bought by a child.

But Duan Hengye saw that after receiving the medal, Meng Jinhuai actually had a happy expression and looked surprised.

Could it be that this thing had some special meaning to Meng Jinhuai?

The Marshal gently removed the dark blue medal from the locket, he took a look at the medal, then smiled at the person in charge of the school that gave him the gift and said, “I never thought I would see it again.”

The man replied, “Back then after you left, we put it away along with many important supplies from the school and put it in the underground warehouse. It was also only a few months ago that the staff reopened the warehouse and took it out after receiving the news that you were coming.”

The person in charge who had wanted to borrow the medallion for Meng Jinhuai to recall his origins with Tize Star back then had never expected that the Marshal himself would still remember this.

After hearing what the other party said, Meng Jinhuai nodded and said, “You are kind.”

It was only here that Duan Hengyeconfirmed that this medal originally belonged to Meng Jinhuai. Combined with his childhood experiences, Duan Hengye guessed that the medal should be something that Meng Jinhuai had accidentally left behind when he was a child.

Suddenly receiving a thank you from the Marshal, this person in charge couldn’t help but feel a little nervous: “This is what we should do, in fact, today is just a matter of returning it to its rightful owner ……”

Counting carefully, it had been many years since Meng Jinhuai had left the Tize Star. The fact that he could recognize this medal at a glance now meant that it meant a lot to him.

After the person in charge finished speaking, Meng Jinhuai smiled and repeated the words “return it to its rightful owner” he had just said. Immediately afterward, the marshal carefully put the medal back into the box. Although this kind of ordinary medal would not be damaged even if it fell on the ground, his movements were still shockingly gentle.

Just when Duan Hengye thought that this part was about to end, Meng Jinhuai suddenly brought the box in front of him.


Wait, it’s not what he thought it was, was it? Duan Hengye’s breath caught.

Meng Jinhuai’s action coupled with the phrase ” return it to its rightful owner “, Professor Duan instantly thought of a possibility. This item …… was not the original owner’s gift to Meng Jinhuai?

Afraid of what was coming, just as Duan Hengye dumbfoundedly received the item into his hands, Meng Jinhuai asked in his ear, “This is what Ah Heng gave me at the banquet back then, do you remember?”

Help …… I really don’t remember this one!


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