Although the marshal’s feelings were unknown after seeing Duan Hengye’s skill, the current situation was very special. After making sure that the other was safe, Meng Jinhuai started to focus on dealing with the killers around him, leaving this side of the battlefield to Duan Hengye.

The ones who appeared on Tizi]e star today were obviously a group of well-trained killers, but their skills were not enough for someone who knew ancient martial arts like Duan Hengye. Plus, the original owner who was an undercover agent was very knowledgeable about guns. Combining the two together, it was simply like a man blocking a man and a Buddha blocking a Buddha. Although Duan Hengye’s strength hadn’t completely recovered, it was definitely enough to deal with the killers in front of him.

Who would have thought …… that in just less than a minute, Duan Hengye, who was considered a “dragging oil bottle” in people’s eyes, could so easily defeat a bunch of killers who were trying to attack. Although trapped by physical energy, after this round, Duan Hengye’s breathing became very rapid and the speed of his heartbeat speed also increased quite a bit, but it seemed that he didn’t have the intention to stop.

After all, it was a matter of life and death, Duan Hengye didn’t have the time to maintain the original owner’s persona. After resolving the trouble in front of him, Duan Hengye first turned around and bent over with his hands on his knees to adjust his breathing, then he stood straight again and ran towards Meng Jinhuai’s location.

Although they were concentrating on besieging Meng Jinhuai, after seeing that Duan Hengye turned around and prepared to help Meng Jinhuai, the remaining group of people were involuntarily forced to take a big step backwards by the murderous eyes of the other. Although Duan Hengye was still wearing the white clothes which were described as “floating immortal” by the Star Network viewers ten minutes ago, in the eyes of those killers, he was clearly a white demon who had come to ask for their lives.

Even though he was a marshal of the empire, Meng Jinhuai didn’t know the details of the mysterious royal undercover training, not to mention that Duan Hengye had such skills.

Now seeing that white figure that was running towards him, Imperial Marshal Meng Jinhuai was distracted for the first time while holding a gun. He didn’t try to guess what the other party was hiding from him other than his skills, but instead was wondering – what kind of person was Duan Hengye? Why would such a man who could stay alive even when he fought a killer try to kill him?

Meng Jinhuai had to admit, he might have never understood the other.

Unlike Meng Jinhuai, who was able to keep a cool head in such a critical situation, after seeing Duan Hengye’s deft and graceful figure like a dance, the chief commander of Tize star and his companions, who had just escaped to a safe place under the cover, only wanted to ask, was this a movie?

Professor Duan had these hidden skills?

The silent duel between the Quantum Guns still hadn’t ended, and the killers who saw Duan Hengye’s purpose concentrated their fire on trying to trap him. But what they didn’t know was that for an ancient martial arts expert, such an attack was completely worthless. Even compared to a gun skill that wasn’t fully proficient yet, Duan Hengye was more adept at dodging.

The white clothes coupled with the silver bullet trails that constantly skimmed by, perhaps because Duan Hengye was too comfortable with his movements, the people who saw this scene even temporarily forgot about fear and instead fell into a simple appreciation of beauty.

However, this image didn’t last too long, and Duan Hengye ran around the siege to Meng Jinhuai’s side before long. With just a moment’s eye contact, the two immediately understood each other’s meaning and then raised the Quantum Gun in their hands’ side by side towards the front.

After seeing this scene, only two words could flash through the minds of the few remaining killers on the opposite side.

–It’s over!

Meng Jinhuai had never met a comrade in his life who was so compatible with him. That was right, at this moment he felt that his relationship with Duan Hengye should be called “comradeship”.

As soon as Duan Hengye stood firm, their posture quickly changed from side by side to back to back. They raised their hands almost at the same time, and the aiming device on the quantum gun swiftly swept through the people on the other side, and just a few seconds later, the front row of killers around them were hit by the quantum guns, and then fell straight down.

This action happened so fast, and because the camera angle shifted, the audience who was relying on the only remaining footage to watch the live broadcast didn’t even notice how the two of them raised their hands.

In fact, not only the audience, even Meng Jinhuai was shocked after hearing the sound of the killer behind him falling. What you need to know was that Meng Jinhuai, the marshal, was a true veteran of the Ye Tian Empire’s battles and crises, and he understood what it meant to be a good fighter.

Although some were reluctant to admit it, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the speed and accuracy of Duan Hengye’s shots had even far surpassed the two generals who had been following Meng Jinhuai.

How exactly did he do that?

The interstellar era’s film and entertainment culture was highly developed, and all kinds of holographic or immersive movies had long been too numerous to mention. But who would have thought that the current one, which was accidentally broadcasted out plainly without half a bit of post-processing, was surprisingly touching?

After all, even Meng Jinhuai was surprised by Duan Hengye’s performance, let alone those viewers who had never seen a real war scene.

No one thought that Duan Hengye, who was originally seen as a drag, had such great strength. After he officially stood back-to-back with Meng Jinhuai, the battle was immediately decided. The two of them were simply crushing the others unilaterally, and although the scene was chaotic, careful observation would reveal that under such circumstances, the few people who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to hide in the surrounding woods hadn’t escaped the silver-white bullet tracks of the Quantum Gun.

But in a short while, the group of killers had even all fallen to the ground.

At this moment, countless people who were watching the live broadcast from the corners of the interstellar world couldn’t help but let out a scream.

But before the surrounding people or netizens could let out any specific exclamations, immediately afterward, someone who was attentive noticed – the figure of Duan Hengye who was standing behind Meng Jinhuai suddenly shifted slightly. At the same time, Meng Jinhuai suddenly seemed like he felt something strange, and he turned around quickly without even having the time to put down his quantum gun as his face changed.

It turned out that after the danger to his life had completely disappeared, Duan Hengye, who had a hundred percent fighting technique and twenty percent or less physical fitness, once again gloriously fainted ……

In reality, it was just a game of dehydration caused purely by excessive physical exertion, but since Mr. Duan Hengye didn’t know exactly how he was going to face the world, for the time being, he simply let himself fall when he felt unsteady on his feet.

No matter, let’s pretend to be dizzy first.

And the moment Duan Hengye was about to fall, Meng Jinhuai, who was standing beside him, immediately leaned down out of instinct and tried to drag him up. Due to the emergency situation, Meng Jinhuai still had the Quantum Gun in his hand, so the unprepared Duan Hengye fell down, and then the back of his head knocked heavily on the metallic silver gun butt in the other’s hand.

The exertion of physical strength coupled with this, not to mention …… this really gave Duan Hengye a complete knockout.

His last glance before fainting, what Duan Hengye saw was Meng Jinhuai’s incomparably anxious expression. Just …… did the Marshal’s acting skills break out once again? In between losing consciousness, Duan Hengye was lost in thought.


The wimpy professor chose to faint to avoid the world, he didn’t know his fall was directly in front of the camera, the majority of viewers watching the live broadcast felt their hearts skip a beat.

The Star Age’s camera installation effect was unbelievably good, even if the hovering camera was untouched, the preset system was still every second in every minute of the dutiful tracking light and focus. With the golden forest behind him and the agility of his hands, every frame of this video was as exquisite as the subscreens that a star director had sketched countless times.

Starnet media had, of course, already discovered this forgotten filming device, but for certain commercial considerations, they had secretly not ended the broadcast. It wasn’t until Duan Hengye finally fell that they finally cut off the live signal. Although the image disappeared, the explosive discussion on Starnet only now officially began.

“[Star Network] Current Affairs Live Streaming Area”

Building X.

[  …… that what, that was sort of a live accident, right? But I’d like to say it out loud – Professor Duan is too handsome, too! If I suddenly tuned into this station I would have thought I saw some movie clip.]

X + 1 floor:

[I can’t believe you’re interested in caring about live accidents upstairs! Shouldn’t today’s focus be on the fact that Professor Duan is so good? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like his resilience is even comparable to Lord Marshal …… God, worthy of being my male gods, they’re a great match.]


[ [weeping] Professor Duan fainted at the last second of the broadcast. I don’t know if it’s serious. I’m not sure if it’s serious. I remember he wasn’t feeling well, so I’m worried.]

X+3 floor:

[ I saw it! In the end, the marshal took Professor Duan into his arms ~ really so gracious.]

X+4th Floor:

“Hey, hey hey, don’t you guys have a closer comparison? The skill of Professor Duan has far surpassed the security personnel of Tizi star. [Video] For example, as you can see here, it also took a lot of strength for Professor Duan to kick the security guard away with one kick. If you ask me, his ability to improvise and his explosive power is definitely not something ordinary people can possess.”


What are you talking about upstairs? Asking for a detailed analysis!

X + 6th floor.

“I’m no professional either, but it’s very obvious on the video that Professor Duan is definitely trained, he’s probably about as good as the marshal. Of course…it’s also possible that he’s even better.”

” ……”

Just in less than five minutes, the Star Network various boards opened no less than a million posts on this matter. Among them were technical parties who discussed the real strength of Duan Hengye, watched the video frame by frame video to enjoy Professor Duan’s style ……

Duan Hengye, who wasn’t familiar with Star Network yet and had no great idea about people’s fanaticism, didn’t know how many people were shocked by those amazing minutes in the live broadcast.

In addition to the “undercover” identity, the original owner was also the national “White Moonlight” in the book “Dumping Interstellar”. No one could deny that Duan Hengye did have an excellent appearance. However, it was a pity that in most cases, Prof. Duan, who was always cold-faced, was just a “wooden beauty” at best from the viewing point. What was that saying? Beautiful was beautiful without a soul.

But today was different. In the midst of the crisis, Duan Hengye’s eyebrows burst out with a vigorous vitality that had never been seen before. It was like the person in the painting finally came out of the painting, and from then on, his soul returned to its place.

Duan Hengye, who was only concerned with staying alive just now, would never have thought that with just a few minutes of chaotic footage, he had actually branded himself in the hearts of many people.


It was a busy time in the stars, but it was a rare moment of quiet here for the hero.

Unlike the last time when he was in a poisonous coma, this time Duan Hengye woke up after only a few hours of sleep. He slowly opened his eyes and was greeted by a vast, expansive starry sky. Probably because he hadn’t fully recovered from the bump on the back of his head, with the slowly spinning and flowing starry river above his head, a sense of weightlessness immediately came to him.

Duan Hengye stretched out his hand to rub his eyes vigorously, and it took a while before he gradually recovered.

After the dizziness had almost disappeared, Duan Hengye slowly held onto the edge of the bed and sat up. Although the stabbing pain on the back of his head still hadn’t disappeared, after seeing the sofa in front of him, he finally understood that he probably didn’t leave Tize Star.

Duan Hengye guessed that where he was now was a hotel, and many high-class hotels in the interstellar era would be decorated in such a holographic style. Although Duan Hengye hadn’t stayed in a similar room before, after recalling for a while, he still picked up his light brain and turned off the projection device.

In an instant, the entire bedroom was once again pure white.

Although it had been several hours since the encounter, the overexertion of his body still made Duan Hengye’s heart to beat wildly out of control. He first sat there to calm down for a while, seeing that the room was still undisturbed, he hesitated before turning his light brain back on.

A few hours had passed since the incident, but Starnet still hadn’t calmed down.

In a pure white house, the image in the center of the light screen became more and more clear and conspicuous. As soon as Duan Hengye tapped StarNet, right in the center was a feature report alert from a well-known news program. He struggled a bit and finally clicked in.

No matter what, sooner or later, he had to face it ……

It was only after opening the Starnet that Duan Hengye discovered that the incident that happened on Tize Star a few hours ago was perhaps far more influential than he had imagined.

As the imperial marshal who had single-handedly put the decadent Ye Tian on the right track, Meng Jinhuai’s assault could definitely be said to be a first-class imperial event. From the moment the incident occurred, the Southern Provinces announced that an emergency closure investigation would begin immediately. At the same time, in order to prevent people from panicking, the imperial media was also asked to temporarily stop digging into the cause of the incident, all pending final notification.

Although the cause of the incident could not be discussed yet, people’s interest in the matter had not waned at all.

So in the few hours of the highest traffic after the incident, the media who were asked to wait for the reason for the briefing coincidentally put their focus on the sudden opening of Duan Hengye ……

In the impression of most people, Professor Duan had always existed as this image of a sickly “White Moonlight”. But now this “White Moonlight” suddenly shook his body and engaged in a violent brawl, it was really hard for people not to be surprised.

Finally Duan Hengye saw from above his light brain that, as the online discussion grew heated, not long before he woke up, the royal family that hadn’t had much of a presence recently issued an official statement to the outside world.

After that testing accident back then, the original owner was received by the royal family for secret training on a small planet, but externally it was claimed that he was adopted by the Queen’s family. So in the eyes of many people, Duan Hengye was actually very closely bound to the royal family, and it was reasonable for them to issue this explanatory statement now.

However, Duan Hengye didn’t expect much from the level of the royal family.

The relationship between the royal family and the southern stars had always been delicate, and after the opening statement, Duan Hengye found that this so-called statement was really only about the content of their own skills …… It was reasonable to say that the marshal’s assassination was a shocking interstellar event, the royal family even if it was just for show, should also express concern. But they didn’t do so.

This statement only had a few lines of content, mainly explaining the reason for this sudden forceful outburst of Duan Hengye. It was written in the statement that because of that experimental accident back then, Duan Hengye’s body had been severely injured, while his mental strength had also been greatly traumatized. At his own request, the royal family sent Duan Hengye to a planet for treatment and training using special equipment in an attempt to reactivate his mental energy and restore his health.

For those unaware, the royal family’s explanation really made sense at first glance. Although there were no ancient martial arts in the world of Dumping Interstellar, anyone who knew something about fighting arts and the likes could tell that Duan Hengye’s skills were definitely not something that could be practiced simply for physical exercise.

On the contrary, in order to reach Duan Hengye’s level, there was absolutely no shortage of hard training day after day, and even less than humane supplementary training using equipment unique to the interstellar era. This kind of special equipment, which was currently still in a semi-experimental state, was really only available to the royal family and the military department.

If the royal family directly said that they sent Duan Hengye for auxiliary training, they would definitely be condemned as inhumane by a bunch of people. The fact that they placed the reason for this all on the strong will of Duan Hengye himself was very much in line with the image people had of Professor Duan.

This was also the case after the statement was sent out, the little essay of analysis that had just been justified on the Star Network was instantly met with “Professor Duan really is this strong!” Words like that brushed the screen. But Duan Hengye didn’t have the leisure to look through the comments, because after reading the statement, he realized that the royal family had mistakenly rounded themselves up on the mental thing!

Although according to Duan Hengye’s memories, the so-called device of the royal family that could reactivate mental energy never worked. But almost the entire interstellar knew that the original owner had lost his mental energy due to the accident, so in case he was accidentally exposed one day, the royal family’s statement was a precautionary shot.

From this point of view, it seemed that his “teammates” were not that bad? Duan Hengye thought bitterly.

In any case, no matter what others thought, the main object of the statement was to fool Meng Jinhuai, who already kne his identity. Now suddenly receiving such a “surprise”, it probably wasn’t too surprising …… holding the idea of a broken pot, Duan Hengye didn’t feel much psychological pressure.

–The truth was that it was similar to what Duan Hengye guessed, Meng Jinhuai’s side didn’t make any comments on this matter, but instead intended to divert the public’s attention from Duan Hengye.

It was true that the last Duan Hengye was an ancient martial arts expert, but if the original owner was just an ordinary person who hadn’t received any special training, Duan Hengye would definitely not be able to display his abilities no matter how powerful he was. At the thought of this, Duan Hengye’s heart couldn’t help getting a chill – this was probably a reflex that this body had developed from years of training.

The memories of the original master’s youth were not too clear, but from the only memories that remained, it could be seen that the training back then was absolutely not half humane.

That accident was very special, not only was the original owner’s body and mental strength severely damaged, but his brain was also affected. From an intuitive point of view, it was what people often call a “drastic change in temperament”. But who would have thought that the royal family, who apparently cared about him a lot, didn’t try to help him recover after discovering that he started to close himself off, but took this opportunity to immediately start a series of brainwashing work on the then young Duan Hengye.


The discomfort in his body slowly disappeared, and Duan Hengye finally turned off his light brain, and he slowly walked to the bed. It was a holographic simulation bedroom, and when the simulator was turned off, there were only a few bare white walls around it. It was only when he got close to the walls that Duan Hengye noticed that one of the walls on the east side of the room was marked with an openable prompt.

Perhaps the people of this era had gotten used to the simulated scenery, but Duan Hengye still liked the old days when he could push open the window and feel the breeze. But before he could study how to open the window, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him. Because he fainted, his perception hadn’t fully recovered, so he didn’t notice someone approaching until now. Although the footsteps were not loud, it was obvious that the person who could be heard was definitely skilled.

Discovering that someone had come into the house, the movements of Duan Hengye’s hands immediately came to a halt.

Even though the location he was currently in was a hotel, this era greatly respected personal privacy, and even if it was a hotel room, the visitor would only be able to enter the house with the owner’s permission – unless he had some special permission.

So who exactly was this person behind himself?

The fingers that were gently placed on the cold metal wall became stiff, and after a while of silence Duan Hengye finally slowly took a deep breath and turned around.

There was a man standing opposite Duan Hengye, his figure was thin but not too thin, and his black and gold silk mixed with formal wear radiated a devilish temperament. When he saw Duan Hengye turn around, the man slowly took the silk gloves off his hands and handed them to the attendant, then smiled while looking at Duan Hengye.

F*ck, why was he here? How could it be him!

Just a few seconds ago, Duan Hengye had already prepared himself to turn around and face Meng Jinhuai, and had even thought of how to defend himself. But after seeing the visitor, he still couldn’t help but freeze here.

Although he was smiling, the man’s eyes were like a vulture seeing a bloody piece of meat. When he saw Duan Hengye turn around, he finally said slowly, “Professor Duan’s performance today was truly stunning.”

“Your Majesty …… ” Yes this wasn’t a dream, the always mysterious Emperor Ye Tian actually appeared in front of him. As far as Duan Hengye knew, the big man in front of him hadn’t left the capital star for years, let alone suddenly appearing on such a remote planet of an empire that was still unstable and had just ended a war.

Most importantly, the light brain that he had just turned off did not mention that the Emperor of the Ye Tian Empire was coming to Tize star.

Until this time, Duan Hengye, who was still not fully cognizant of the society in Dumping Interstellar, finally discovered in hindsight that the assassination was much more influential on the stars than he had thought.

Although the royal family had been in decline for a long time, there was not one rule missing. After seeing clearly who the person standing across from him was, Duan Hengye immediately bent down to salute him. When Duan Hengye raised his head again, he saw the emperor slowly walking towards him, and the distance between them, which was already not far, continued to shorten.

Until they were half an arm’s length away from each other, the emperor finally stopped, and he reached out his hand to faintly caress Duan Hengye once. At the same time, the attendant who had just followed the emperor also lowered his head and stood to the side.

Although the emperor’s hand was still some distance away from Duan Hengye’s face, this overly close distance still made Duan Hengye extremely uncomfortable.

For some reason, Duan Hengye actually had the time to wander off to think about where Meng Jinhuai was right now. Maybe it was because he was already familiar with that person, at this moment he had a strange expectation.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion or not, but the way the emperor looked at him today seemed different from last time. Although he couldn’t tell the specific reason for the time being, the impression or …… shadow left by this person was too deep. Until now Duan Hengye was able to fully recall the details of the last meeting.

Unconsciously, Duan Hengye’s eyes also showed some defensiveness.

“Don’t be afraid. “After seeing his tense look, the emperor finally smiled and put his hand back, “Professor Duan’s performance today was stunning.” He complimented.

The Ye Tian Empire’s royal family rarely left the Capital Star, and Duan Hengye knew that the emperor’s sudden appearance here today was definitely not as simple as expressing concern and attention. And as someone who always saw Meng Jinhuai as a threat to the throne, it seemed that the man in front of him shouldn’t be happy about Duan Hengye’s cooperation with Meng Jinhuai.

The empty room after turning off the projection was a bit frightening, and the emperor revealed a meaningful smile to Duan Hengye after saying that, then slowly sat down on the sofa to one side. The man’s black and gold interwoven suit and the pure white sofa behind it formed an obvious contrast, Duan Hengye slowly shifted his gaze downward, he was waiting for the emperor’s following words.

Somewhat to his surprise, the emperor stopped speaking after sitting down, and the man lowered his head slightly and gently rubbed the ring on his hand with his thumb. At the same time, the attendant who had just stood to the side finally spoke up, “Professor Duan may not know that after this incident your prestige among the people has become different from the past ……” and it was not clear if this attendant had been around the Emperor for a long time, his words was also deliberately had a dragged out tone at the end, with a slightly husky voice, which really sounded quite like those villains in the movies.

After this sentence, the other intentionally paused for a while, but Duan Hengye had a little bit of a hunch about what was coming next.

The pure white room was silent and the air seemed to freeze into a white latex paint at this moment. Duan Hengye hadn’t spoken, but the emperor didn’t mind his coldness at all. Only after an indeterminate amount of time had passed did the attendant who had been acting as a spokesperson say again, “Professor Duan, you should understand what we mean.”

What did it mean? Can I choose not to understand? ……

Seeing that Duan Hengye had been silent, this time he stopped beating around the bush, “The royal family’s explanation, Meng Jinhuai certainly won’t believe it.” The servant’s face didn’t change and his heart didn’t jump as he said this, while his tone suddenly went cold was like a python’s tongue that was constantly licking at Duan Hengye’s heart.

After hearing these words, the emperor sitting on the side didn’t move or get angry at all. He was really worthy of the imperial family that had struggled for so many years to finish the line …… Seeing this, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but spit in his heart.

Despite not waiting for Duan Hengye to reply, he heard the other party say again: “It’s not important whether Meng Jinhuai trusts you or not, what’s important is what the people really think. The last mistake we saw it as an accident …… the Royal Family believes that next time Professor Duan will definitely not let us down.”

Well, this time, even the words “next time” were said, and it wasn’t difficult for Duan Hengye to understand their meaning. It seemed that Meng Jinhuai’s performance in this period of time was really good, and the royal family believed that the Marshal and his spouse still loved each other. Now, the royal family, whose imagination had never been very rich, obviously wanted to do the same thing again.

Hearing that the other party had already put it so bluntly, Duan Hengye couldn’t continue to pretend to not understand, “What does His Majesty want me to do?” He ignored the attendant and instead turned directly towards the emperor who had been keeping watching the show and asked.

“Very simple,” after hearing his words, the emperor stopped beating around the bush and the man got up and took two steps forward to get close to Duan Hengye’s ear and said softly, “Take his place.”


Take his place. In the royal family’s view, Duan Hengye who was the director of the Mecha Research Institute already had a high prestige among the people, and after today’s incident, his image was even more sacred. Under this circumstance, if Meng Jinhuai fell to the stars because of an “accident”, Duan Hengye could successfully take over the power in Meng Jinhuai’s hands with the support of the royal family.

Despite the highly developed technology and civilization, Ye Tian’s society was still an “empire”. It must be admitted that, in theory, the royal family’s proposal was completely feasible.

In fact, Duan Hengye’s actions today were exactly what the royal family wanted, and it was conceivable that if he was really faint-headed enough to make a move against Meng Jinhuai. If the marshal really went out of his way, then the army’s chaotic empire would once again plunge into a large-scale war, not to mention the suspicion of the public alone would be enough for them to die.

It was just that Duan Hengye knew better than anyone …… that although Meng Jinhuai wasn’t the male lead, he had a bigger aura of a protagonist than anyone else!

…… How long could he live if he made one more underhanded move?

The royal family that had successfully been deceived by Meng Jinhuai’s exquisite acting skills didn’t know that Duan Hengye, the undercover agent, had already been exposed beyond thoroughness. Duan Hengye was silent for a while before he finally very tactfully prompted: “…… After this incident happens today, Meng Jinhuai will definitely suspect me.”

“It’s fine,” the emperor smiled, then gently raised his eyebrows at Duan Hengye and said, “Meng Jinhuai has no evidence.”

That was true, the imperial family’s undercover training did a good job of keeping secrets. For example, before today, even the prodigious Lord Marshal didn’t know that the original master had remarkable skills.

But no matter what, Duan Hengye didn’t have the will to take action on the one hand, and definitely didn’t have the courage to do so on the other. Fortunately, the emperor didn’t seem to have any intention of asking him to act immediately either and seeing that Duan Hengye hadn’t spoken, that attendant finally said, “Professor Duan, you just need to remember this matter, and when the right time comes, someone will inform you.”

Hearing the other party’s words, Duan Hengye finally let out a sigh of relief. With the idea of being able to muddle along for a day, he ended up giving a slight nod and pretending to promise.

Seeing this, the emperor suddenly turned around and motioned towards that servant, while the other party immediately nodded and walked out. Seeing that person’s back that gradually disappeared, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but frown in confusion. Normally, he had already agreed to this request, so why did the emperor ask the servant to leave again?

After the man left, the house was once again quiet. The man dressed in black slowly sat back down on the sofa, he raised his head and looked at Duan Hengye, then said with an incomparably ambiguous tone, “I originally didn’t have to personally go to Tize Star today.” He smiled at Duan Hengye first after his words fell, and only after a while did he continue, “Professor Duan, sit down.”

It was reasonable that Duan Hengye had only just awakened from his coma and his energy level was still at a low point, so he should always be thinking about resting. However, due to his nervousness, now that he had heard the other party speak, Duan Hengye had actually forgotten about his exhaustion. After seeing the emperor’s look, he remained standing in place without moving.

The man sitting on the sofa took a glance at Duan Hengye and no longer insisted on telling him to sit down, “I watched today’s live broadcast, and Professor Duan’s performance was truly stunning.”

When the word “stunning” was said Duan Hengye intuited that something was wrong, and as expected, the other party then sized up Duan Hengye with a hair-raising gaze, then said slowly with his hand on his chin, “Call me Zhuo Yan from now on.”

F*ck! If Duan Hengye remembered correctly, “Zhuo Yan” should be the name of the Ye Tian emperor.

Things really seemed to be running in a bizarre direction …… However, before Duan Hengye rejected this overly intimate name, he continued, “Meng Jinhuai and I have known each other for a long time, and I knew almost from the first time I saw him that we were natural rivals. ”

The emperor didn’t care about Duan Hengye’s response as he paused and continued, “As expected, my guess wasn’t wrong. Although Meng Jinhuai has fallen from grace for a few years, he is now still the marshal of Ye Tian …… also the biggest threat to my position.” Zhuo Yan said carelessly as he played with the ring on his hand as if the person whose throne was being threatened wasn’t himself.

You’re the only one who thought this way …… “Dumping Interstellar” reader Duan Hengye silently added in his heart. He who had read the original book clearly knew that it was really all just Zhuo Yan’s own doing. At least in the existing chapters of Dumping Interstellar, the author repeatedly confirmed that Meng Jinhuai had absolutely no intention of replacing him. And as a military man who had witnessed more wars and tragedies than anyone else. Man, the marshal desired peace more than anyone else.

Duan Hengye subconsciously pursed his lips, and as someone who was originally not part of this world, he still liked to leave himself out of events when he looked at things. So after hearing Zhuo Yan’s words, Duan Hengye remained silent.

Whether or not Duan Hengye was afraid or defensive of Meng Jinhuai, at the moment he was however definitely on the side of the Marshal. Because of this period of time, Duan Hengye already knew that Meng Jinhuai was a competent marshal just like the one described in the book.

Seeing that Duan Hengye kept his lips tightly pursed, the emperor didn’t mind as he continued, “Perhaps you can’t tell, but in a sense, Meng Jinhuai and I are indeed very similar people. For example, we have the same ambitions, and what Meng Jinhuai has …… I also want to have a share of.”

Duan Hengye was really incredibly familiar with this look, the man opposite was like a child seeing his favorite toy, with some longing as well as a contempt that couldn’t be ignored.

It seemed normal for such an expression to appear on Zhuo Yan as a person. Although he was the emperor of the empire, the royal family had actually been devoid of real power since his birth, meanwhile, the surrounding people’s unknowing pursuit and respect had completely elevated this man to the altar. Even though his childhood had long passed, he still had a childish side to his nature.

It wasn’t the innocent side of a child, but the cruel side of a child.

Duan Hengye thought that he might have been seen as prey by the other party.


Right at this time, the door to the room that had been tightly closed since the attendant left was once again opened. Star Era houses were very good at silencing devices, but perhaps because the inside of the house was too quiet, Duan Hengye still heard the sound of the door gently rubbing against the floor.

The silver-white door slowly panned to one side, and Duan Hengye raised his eyes and saw a man dressed in black walk in. Meng Jinhuai was finally here! Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

After the other party approached, Duan Hengye finally returned to his senses and discovered that slightly different from usual was that today’s Meng Jinhuai wasn’t wearing a military uniform. He seemed to have come in a bit of a hurry and only simply wore a black shirt. The top few buttons of this shirt were unbuttoned, faintly revealing a section of his collarbone, which looked extremely sexy.


Meng Jinhuai stopped there after entering the door. He smiled then his posture was casual and he bowed to Zhuo Yan who was sitting on the sofa in front of him.

“I’m sorry Your Majesty, I just learned that you came to Tize.”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s words Duan Hengye was slightly surprised, so Zhuo Yan coming here, Meng Jinhuai didn’t even know about in the first place? But before Zhuo Yan could answer anything, Meng Jinhuai walked straight to Duan Hengye’s side – an act that was very unbecoming of Ye Tian Empire’s royal protocol.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Duan Hengye felt as if Meng Jinhuai was deliberately standing at his front, and Zhuo Yan’s gaze towards him was instantly blocked for the most part.

Somewhat magically, if Zhuo Yan hadn’t appeared here today, Duan Hengye would be thinking hard about how to face Meng Jinhuai or how to explain to him right now. But when Meng Jinhuai actually stood in front of him, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but put a hundred percent trust in him, and even the heart that had been hanging high slowly fell down.

–even though he knew that the royal family had just told a not at all clever lie to the stars on his behalf.

Seeing Meng Jinhuai enter, Zhuo Yan immediately became serious, and he finally put away that cynical look he had just had. Seeing this serious scene Duan Hengye finally remembered that ever since Meng Jinhuai had officially become an Imperial Marshal, it seemed like the two of them, he and Zhuo Yan, had never shown their faces together in public.

Never in a million years did he expect that the famous scene …… that had been awaited by the entire star for years would appear in front of him like this? Duan Hengye suddenly felt somewhat honored.

Even though he didn’t wear a military uniform, Meng Jinhuai was still full of energy today. Zhuo Yan, who had been sitting on the sofa, seemed to feel oppressed as well, and he took a look at Meng Jinhuai then slowly stood up.

“I think Lord Marshal should be busy with something, so I’ll leave you alone for now.” Zhuo Yan slowly looked at Meng Jinhuai from top to bottom then said with some contempt.

As an emperor without much real power, Zhuo Yan’s attitude towards Meng Jinhuai should be quite complicated …… Waiting until Meng Jinhuai arrived, Zhuo Yan immediately had the intention to leave.

Seeing the other party get up, Meng Jinhuai didn’t make way but instead stood there and continued, “Tize Star is a planet on the edge of the empire that was just recovered, and the incident a few hours ago proved that there are still major problems with security here. His Majesty the Emperor is the supreme leader of the Ye Tian Empire, you should know what it means to have your life on the line.”

Meng Jinhuai’s speech became faster, and there was even a bit of an aggressive attitude towards the end.

The emperor looked at Meng Jinhuai with some impatience, then smiled and said, “Oh? Is Lord Marshal trying to teach me a lesson?”

Meng Jinhuai shook his head before saluting the other with a serious look and said: “I just want to tell Your Majesty. The outside world is not as peaceful as you think, so it’s better for Your Majesty to stay in the Capital Star …….” His voice was already low, and he deliberately lowered his tone as he spoke, hinting at a threat.

Duan Hengye didn’t know what Meng Jinhuai’s attitude towards Zhuo Yan was in the past, but having read the rest of the story and knowing the general direction of the Ye Tian Empire’s society, he could at least feel that the relationship between the Southern Provinces and the royal family definitely shouldn’t be as tense as it was now.

He was afraid that the …… plot had already started to go off the rails.


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