No matter how much he didn’t want to face it, what was coming would come anyway. Not long after seeing the news, Duan Hengye received his next schedule – during the three-day Memorial Day sabbatical, Lord Marshal and the Marshal’s spouse would go on vacation to a planet called “Tize” in the Empire.

Although it was called a “vacation”, the wedding anniversary trip was not a private event in the usual sense of the word. As people at the top of the imperial power pyramid, Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye also had political responsibilities.

TiZi Star was a lost territory that the Empire had only recovered in recent years, and this vacation for the two was the first visit from the Empire’s top brass since it had been reclaimed. No matter if it was the residents of Tizi Star or the citizens of the other planets of the Empire, everyone was very much looking forward to this event and there would be media following the entire event.

In other words, Duan Hengye would not only have friendly interactions with the inhabitants of Tizi Star, but also show off his love with Meng Jinhuai in front of the entire star….

He was really not good at this!

Although the Duan family in his last life was one of the three ancient martial arts families in China, it wasn’t like the other two families where siblings fought non-stop. This harmony was due to the “lack of work” of the other heirs, represented by Duan Hengye, as well as the self-doubt on whether they could become competent rulers. But now, Duan Hengye, who was a homebody until death in his last life, had to go out of business with a  thick scalp.

The Southern star where the marshal’s residence and military headquarters were located was huge in size and had tens of billions of inhabitants, and as the marshal’s main star, the festive atmosphere had already been spread out here since several days ago.
  The black waist-length suit outlined Duan Hengye’s narrow and thin waist very clearly, and the slightly shorter style shirt showed off his already long and straight legs completely. Because it was the wedding anniversary, Duan Hengye wore a snake brooch carved from a dark red gemstone on his chest, and a ring of the same type that hadn’t been worn since the wedding appeared on his ring finger once again.

The Ye Tian Empire as a whole espoused glitz and glamour, but Meng Jinhuai didn’t like the kind of style that was popular today, which was evident from the overall style of the marshal’s residence. Although Duan Hengye didn’t wear flashy clothes today like most of the spouses of the Empire’s top executives, this simple style accentuated Duan Hengye’s “Flower of Gaoling” aura, which had been praised by countless people.

With the dark red snake pattern coiled on his ring finger, Professor Duan’s body today has two distinct temperaments at the same time.

At exactly ten o’clock in the morning, an open hover car flew out from the marshal’s residence. In an instant, the people who had been waiting outside the marshal’s palace for a whole day erupted into a deafening cheer – according to the Ye Tian Empire’s tradition, those who belonged to a star jurisdiction would first take a tour of their home planet before visiting other stars.

Ye Tian Empire had many stars, and unlike the rest of the planet’s jurisdictions, this was the first time Meng Jin Huai had conducted such an activity.

…It was killing him! Due to the open hover car not being soundproof, Duan Hengye was surprised by the cheers from below as soon as he left the house. It was no exaggeration to say that as an Earth geek who didn’t like to gather a crowd, he had never seen so many people in his last life until his death.

His subconscious physiological reaction could not be hidden. The moment he heard the cheers, Duan Hengye took a small step backwards, then quickly stood up straight as if nothing had happened. Perhaps his actions could be hidden from the excited people below, but not from the live camera and Meng Jinhuai who was standing beside him.

So the people who were watching the live broadcast found that the originally cool, omnipotent Professor Duan was still accidentally scared by the cheers. And right after his action, Meng Jinhuai who was standing on the side suddenly reached out and held Duan Hengye firmly in place.

Although the Marshal’s husband wasn’t a star, he also had CP [couple] fans all over the stars. Duan Hengye, who was working hard on his business, didn’t know that the moment he and Meng Jinhuai held hands, Ye Tian’s morning news broadcast paused for several seconds –  this was the network system of the interstellar era.

It was a “tour”, but the southern star was so vast that it was unrealistic to keep it running at a low speed and really “tour” all over. According to the previous arrangement, Meng Jinhuai and Duan Hengye would only interact with everyone at the entrance of the marshal’s palace, and then they would transfer to a starship to symbolically circumnavigate the star and enter the cosmic channel.

Duan Hengye found…….in just 10 minutes of interaction, Meng Jinhuai, the movie emperor’s original gentle eyes evolved again, directly advanced to “full of love”. The marshal’s supporters who were watching the live broadcast started to take screenshots when they saw this look, while Duan Hengye, who had a guilty conscience, was a bit cautious.
 After taking a glance at the side faces of the people around him, Duan Hengye spat in his heart, with Meng Jinhuai’s acting skills even if he didn’t become a marshal, he would never starve to death in his life….

Probably because Duan Hengye’s expressions weren’t hidden enough, Meng Jinhuai leaned in and asked in a low voice with his extremely magnetic voice, “What’s wrong?” At this time, the two of them were extremely close to each other, and Duan Hengyue even had the illusion that the person next to him was about to kiss him.

As a national god that was repeatedly described in the book, no one could resist Meng Jinhuai’s question, and Duan Hengye was no exception. After Meng Jinhuai’s words fell, the half of Duan Hengye’s face that was close to the other party turned light red in reflex… Naturally, this scene was also broadcasted live.

The planet where An Luo University was located was also the marshal’s sub-star, and out of admiration for the marshal, many people still woke up early to watch the live broadcast on the first day of the holiday. The dormitories here were single rooms with every four people sharing a small living room, and in one of the living rooms, there were a few students eating breakfast while watching the live broadcast.

“Marshal and Professor Duan’s relationship is really good.” A boy in grey clothes gnawed on a piece of bread and exclaimed excitedly, “Professor Duan was my male god when he was single!”

“Don’t say that, I’m already a CP[couple] fan, and the look in Marshal’s eyes is definitely true love!” The other one was even more emotional than the last one, after exclaiming, he also used his elbow to bump his roommate who had been moping around eating and not watching the live broadcast, “Why don’t you watch it, Jingchi? Haven’t you always particularly admired Professor Duan?” After the last incident, Lan Jingchi moved away to live with other professionals. Although the majors were different, but after a period of time, their relationship developed quite well, and they often still got together to chat.

The boy who was asked the question first said, “Hmm.” Then suddenly stood up from the sofa to clean up the food on the table towards the door, “I’m going to do an experiment.” He said somewhat perfunctorily.

“Uh…okay.” Seeing the back of Lan Jingchi disappearing in the doorway, the remaining three sat somewhat awkwardly in their places. It took a while of silence before someone finally asked, “Hey, you guys say… is Jingchi acting weird today?”

“With you?” The atmosphere in the living room was finally lively again after the words fell, but the doubts in the minds of those three people did not dissipate for a long time. Did Lan Jingchi know something about the Marshal? They thought of this possibility in unison, but no one spoke.


After finishing the cruise, Duan Hengye finally sat on the starship of the military department, although it had the color of politics and governance, today’s trip had been designated as the private trip of Duan Hengye. So very rarely, the two admirals who had been following Duan Hengye didn’t come along. Probably from the time the starship was put into operation until now, there would be very few moments of leisure on board.

As soon as Duan Hengye boarded the starship, his personal assistant quickly walked over.

“Mr. Duan, this is a gift from the royal family just now.” After saying that, the assistant took out a palm-sized wooden box and placed it in front of Duan Hengye. According to tradition during major festivals and certain anniversaries, the royal family would often give gifts to the rest of the nobles or important members of the empire, and the original owner had received things several times before.
  Although it was intuitive that this small wooden box must have something inside, after seeing the box in the assistant’s hands, Duan Hengye’s face did not show any strange emotions.

“Thank you.” Duan Hengye took the box from his assistant’s hand. Meng Jinhuai who hadn’t spoken while standing before, smiled and said to the assistant, “Later on, remember to send a letter of thanks to the royal family for Ah-heng.”

“Okay, Lord Marshal.” The assistant nodded his head and took down his instructions.

“Mm.” Meng Jinhuai didn’t seem to have any interest in the contents of the box, and he turned over to Duan Hengye and said, “Ah-heng, you can go rest for a while. There are some matters in the military department that haven’t been finished yet, I’ll be here in a while.” Hearing Meng Jinhuai say that he wanted to leave, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in his heart as he nodded to Meng Jinhuai and then walked towards the lounge with the wooden box.


The restroom of the lounge was a rare monitoring blind spot on Starfleet, when the cold light was cast from the side, reflecting Duan Hengye’s pale fingers. One more glance at the lounge door, Duan Hengye hesitated and finally gently opened the lid of the dark wood-colored box.

Because he didn’t know what was inside the box, Duan Hengye was a little nervous. Nevertheless, the speed of his hands didn’t slow down at all.

The dark wood lid popped up, and a necklace made of sapphires lay quietly at the bottom of the wooden box.

Duan Hengye frowned slightly, then took the necklace out of the wooden box. Almost as soon as he took the necklace out of the box, he immediately realized what the problem was – the weight of the necklace was wrong!

Although he didn’t know what the necklace in his hand was made of, the original owner used to wear a brooch whenever he attended important occasions, and even the buttons on some of his formal dresses were made of precious stones. Compared to those ornaments before, this necklace that he was holding in his hand at this time was a bit too light.

Duan Hengye carefully placed the sapphire in the palm of his hand, and after observing for a while he finally found a small crack in the stone. Without any hesitation Duan, Hengye immediately extended his fingers to open the gemstone along the crack to both sides. As expected, this gemstone necklace had  something inside!

After the necklace was opened, only a small black capsule was seen lying quietly in the small hole formed by the concave interior of the gem. The original owner’s memories told Duan Hengye – what he was holding in his hand was precisely the royal control drug.

  Before he could do anything further, a palm-sized light screen suddenly appeared on the sapphire.
  ”Professor Duan, this is your anniversary gift.”

Hearing that unfamiliar yet impossible to ignore voice, Duan Hengye’s hand holding the necklace trembled lightly. If he remembered correctly, this was the first time the Emperor of Ye Tian Empire had left a message for him.

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