It was a sleepless night for both Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, the husbands, and it was only long after cutting off the video signal that Meng Jinhuai slowly lifted the coffee that had gone cold on the table.

Although the Lord Marshal had long since discovered that since that armor accident, Duan Hengye had slowly changed . But no matter what, the gradual transformation in the other’s personality was far from as great as the shock brought about by the outburst of his spiritual energy.

Before Duan Hengye, although there had been examples of spiritual power second breakthroughs on the interstellar, but firstly, no one had ever been able to directly bounce from zero to S-class, and secondly, those breakthroughs had all happened to people who had spiritual power themselves.

As far as Meng Jinhuai knew, there were trillions of ordinary people with zero mental strength in the Ye Tian Empire alone. Except for people like Duan Hengye who had lost their mental energy due to an accident, the rest were all categorized as “congenital deficiency of mental energy”.

With the frequent wars in recent years, the social status of armor pilots had risen, and along with this, there were countless experiments and researches on how to stimulate spiritual energy. But unfortunately, after so many years, the experiments had barely made any progress.

Although Duan Hengye was a genius, his field of research was completely unrelated to this, and Meng Jinhuai didn’t think that Duan Hengye had found a way to re-inspire his spiritual energy.

Since it wasn’t an excitation, the only answer seemed to be that his mental energy had never disappeared since the beginning. Or was Duan Hengye’s mental energy actually artificially suppressed all those years before?

  Stumbling back to the villa, Duan Hengye plopped down on the couch as soon as he entered. Despite his current poor state, he hadn’t waited to fully recover before he opened his light brain and prepared to start recording the coordinates he had just memorized.

L-039 was only a small armor, but its internal structure was also very complex. Although he was confident in his memory, Duan Hengye also chose to mark the coordinates on the 3D map at the first opportunity, just to be safe. Tonight’s action was a correct attempt, and after using his mental energy to explore the armor, Duan Hengye was suddenly filled with inspiration. After recording the coordinates, he then tirelessly began to slowly comb through his thoughts with his light brain.

But unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Duan Hengye’s thoughts were interrupted.

The prompt light flickered lightly twice, and Duan Hengye suddenly received a special message in his light brain. The sender didn’t have an ID number nor a signature, and experience immediately told Duan Hengye that this message came from the Ye Tian royal family… He still remembered the last poisonous attack clearly, and after seeing this message, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but curse a swear word in his heart.

Unlike the original owner who had already been brainwashed, Duan Hengye had no so-called “loyalty” or “fear” for the royal family. Add to that painful experience after the poisoning, he was already reluctant to deal with the royal family.

Although he wasn’t the least bit curious about the message itself, but after a deep sigh, Duan Hengye, who was oppressed by the burdens of life, still helplessly clicked the message open.

The message wasn’t very long, the other party first very vaguely praised Duan Hengye for staying in the same bedroom with Meng Jinhuai not long ago, and then hinted that he could take the next step.

The next move… Duan Hengye slowly switched off his light brain.

Ever since marrying the marshal, the original owner had been using the military’s intranet to steal information to the royal family one after another. Duan Hengye had transmigrated for some time, and due to unfamiliar business as well as negativity, the royal family hadn’t received any information from him for a long time.

Now the other side was finally anxious, and it wasn’t hard to see their discontent from the tone of the message.

The military’s advanced intranet had to use a few light-brains on the Southern Star in order to log in, and the original owner had been using the distance to write programs to forge light-brain addresses to access the intranet before. It could be said that just from a technical point of view, stealing information was not a simple task, and the original owner was one of the few people on the interstellar could complete this task.

Putting aside the technology, the shell of “Duan Hengye” had been replaced by a new person after all. Not long after he came to this world, he realized that Meng Jinhuai was a good marshal. Unlike the royal family who was ambitious but talentless and liked to play dirty tricks, Ye Tian’s God of War was the true future of the empire. If Meng Jinhuai really had an accident because of him, then the entire empire wouldn’t be far from falling apart.

…But even though he thought so in his heart, Duan Hengye didn’t feel much guilt over the matter of stealing information.

After all, being a person who had read the book, Professor Duan knew with a little thought – Meng Jinhuai, who already knew his identity and was so considerate, had probably already prepared fake information on the intranet, waiting for him to steal it at all times.
  Although psychologically, Duan Hengye  didn’t have much of an obstacle about stealing information, but he also knew that if he really did it, he would definitely be remembered by Meng Jinhuai again.

If this was a strategy game, Duan Hengye would probably receive a “favorable degree -100” prompt….

After a slightly perfunctory reply to the royal family’s message, Duan Hengye sat on the sofa with a pillow and carefully thought about his intelligence stealing operation this time.

At the same time, on the Southern Star, which was already late at night, the lights in the Marshal’s office were still on. Meng Jinhuai sat in a leather-backed chair while holding a coffee that had long since gone cold, while repeatedly playing the video of Duan Hengye in the armor.


On the second night that Duan Hengye returned to Southern Star, Meng Jinhuai went to another star system to work as planned, and the large marshal’s residence was even more deserted.

Southern Star was surrounded by three moons, and at night, there was cold starlight coming from the window, and even though there were no lights on inside the room, it wasn’t dark at all. At this time in the marshal’s bedroom, Duan Hengye was gazing at the light brain and typing commands in fast.

The original owner stealing information from the military department had long been, but this was the first time for Duan Hengye who had received a worldly education since childhood. Although he had prepared himself mentally, but somehow he was still nervous.

Although the original owner mastered a complete set of methods to break into the military department’s intranet, it still wasn’t a simple thing to actually do. After nearly two hours of hectic work, the light screen that Duan Hengye was facing brightened up and the familiar login interface finally appeared.

As the data gradually loaded, dense files and notifications appeared in front of Duan Hengye’s eyes. Seeing these things, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. His guess wasn’t wrong, and after confirming his identity as an undercover agent, Meng Jinhuai’s side hadn’t modified the vulnerability of the military department’s intranet system – or rather, this deliberately left loophole had been waiting for him as a decoy for many hours.

There was no need to think about it, the two documents marked important in front of him were definitely prepared in advance by Meng Jinhuai for him as well. Duan Hengye opened them and took a rough look at them, then quickly selected the files and copied them into his own light brain, then sent them to the royal family.

It was mentioned more than once in Dumping Interstellar that Meng Jinhuai was quite talented in programming, which could be seen from the fact that he was able to successfully track down the original owner, an undercover agent. However, the Marshal’s work was busy after all, and programming was only one of his skills, and he wasn’t able to devote much time to it. So in comparison, it was Duan Hengye who had studied this more thoroughly.

After the document was sent out, Duan Hengye didn’t rush to exit the intranet, instead he continued to enter commands and began to wander around the backstage of the military department. Of course, Duan Hengye wasn’t idle, in fact what he had to do at this time was probably much more important than stealing information.

The interstellar era had a developed network, and the backstage was naturally more complicated than in the Earth era. But in the face of such a pile of symbols that were like heavenly books, Duan Hengye’s face didn’t have the slightest bit of boredom.

If there were outsiders present, they would have seen that a man wearing beige pajamas was sitting cross-legged on the bed in the bedroom, and in front of him was a light screen filled with symbols projected by the light brain. The man’s demeanor was idle, as if he was not watching any complex system backstage, but a soap opera to pass the time.

Time passed by, and the night was getting deeper and deeper. Just when one of those three satellites was about to fall to the horizon, Duan Hengye finally slowly lifted his arm and stretched his waist, then… without any care for his image, he laid down and rolled over on the bed.

It was done!

The Marshal seemed to be very gentle yes, but Duan Hengye never for a day forgot the tragic ending in the original book. Although the author had repeatedly assured that Meng Jinhuai was not the man lead, but the fact was – as long as you offended the Lord Marshal, you could only get what you deserved.

Since the original owner was able to break into the military department’s system, it proved that the apparently tight system definitely had loopholes. After stealing the documents just now, Duan Hengye began to carefully look for other loopholes in the background, then carefully patched them up in turn.

What kind of dedication was this? Even Duan Henye was touched by himself.

But as an undercover agent hovering on the dead line, Professor Duan certainly wasn’t going to do a good deed without leaving a name.

Now the loophole was gone, but the modification record was still left intact in the background. To say that there were any changes… Perhaps Duan Hengye had only moved his hands to hide the modification record a little further back.

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