After the banquet and a few days of “recuperation”, Duan Hengye finally went to An Luo to teach again. Even though he was not feeling well, he could only spend one day in An Luo this time, and then he had to go back to Southern Star to continue his recuperation. However, if one were to observe carefully, one would still notice that the moment he stepped on the starship leaving Southern Star, the corner of Professor Duan’s mouth, who always liked to keep a cold face, actually raised a shallow curve at a certain moment – Sh*t! I can finally leave Meng Jinhuai’s side for a while!

The fact that Duan Hengye fainted had already spread throughout the entire interstellar, and in his fan club’s home base An Luo University, everyone was not at all restrained in expressing their concern for Professor Duan.

When he stood on the podium, he looked around and saw that all the students were staring at him with their eyes glazed over, and the eyes had some admiration and indescribable sadness.

The original owner’s health really wasn’t very good, and he couldn’t stand half of it. On the way from the marshal’s residence to An Luo, the starship just passed by an asteroid belt, and Duan Hengye, who was obsessed with the interstellar scenery, forgot to rest, and by the time he got to class, his face was visible tired and pale.

After all, Duan Hengye had the reputation of “Flower of Gaoling”, and although people were very worried about his health, the students who had no contact with the professor in private were still a little afraid of him. Therefore, after some hesitation, everyone decided not to disturb Professor Duan and asked him to rest quietly.

However, there was one exception.


Not taking a break on time plus a few hours of intense mental work, Duan Hengye was now physically and mentally exhausted. When he returned to the lounge, he sat down on the leather office chair indoors. In the interstellar era, the technology was developed and people knew how to enjoy themselves more, for example, this office chair was extremely ergonomic. Duan Hengye originally wanted to have a little rest, but for a while he was heavily drowsy.

Worried that someone would come to ask him questions, Duan Hengye just didn’t close the door of the lounge. So when Lan Jingchi pushed the door in, what he saw was this kind of scene.

The man in the off-white shirt sat quietly on the black leather seat, the color of the seat plus the cold light in the lounge, set off his increasingly pale face. Somehow, Duan Hengye’s head gently tilted backwards, and there was a tear on his left cheek that hadn’t evaporated yet.

Duan Hengye…cried?

Right now this scene really made Lan Jingchi shocked.
  Despite the fact that Duan Hengye was not in good health, and had even just been on Star News a few days ago due to a coma incident, the man in front of him was absolutely powerful in the hearts of most people. Ye Tian was in a state of war and chaos at this time, and Duan Hengye, who had personally created the new armor, was undoubtedly the guardian god of the empire in their hearts.

Especially in Lan Jingchi’s eyes, Duan Hengye was not only the high and mighty director of the research institute but also the savior who dragged him out of the trough of life that day.

But now, the savior in Lan Jingchi’s heart, Duan Hengye, was crying?

As a current student who was known for his rationality, normally Lan Jingchi was not a very imaginative person. At first today only a few seconds after seeing Duan Hengye’s appearance at this time, but in the bottom of Lan Jingchi’s heart, he had already made up a whole lot of things.

Could it be that Duan Hengye’s illness was very serious? No, Lan Jingchi belatedly dismissed this conjecture in his mind – if Professor Duan was seriously ill, the marshal probably wouldn’t even agree to him coming to An Luo to teach.

Wait a minute… Marshal? Standing there, Lan Jingchi slowly frowned.

Duan Hengye’s social status in Ye Tian Empire was really high, and in the opinion of Lan Jingchi who didn’t know about his complicated relationship with the royal family, the only person who could make Duan Hengye so sad that he could cry silently alone in the lounge was… his spouse Meng Jinhuai.

Duan Hengye had already gone to sleep, but he didn’t know that he had shed a tear when he yawned and how it looked to Lan Jingchi. When he heard footsteps and opened his eyes, he saw a sad-looking Lan Jingchi standing across the room, and the other party clenched his fists at his side.

Seeing Lan Jingchi’s appearance, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but get nervous. Could it be that An Luo had another unsightly person who had messed with the future popular supporting character? Thinking of this, Duan Hengye habitually stretched out his hand to gently press his temples, then stood up from his chair “What’s wrong?” In the meantime, he asked Lan Jingchi.

Lan Jingchi only saw that the teardrop that was hanging quietly on Duan Hengye’s cheek as he got up moved backwards, and then it was completely hidden into his black hair. The water droplet disappeared, eventually leaving behind a shallow, short tear trace that couldn’t be found without careful observation.

Obviously not a person who liked to care about the private life of others, but after Lan Jingchi saw that tear, he only hesitated for a moment and then decisively asked, “Professor Duan … you … have you encountered anything in your recent life?”

What’s been going on in your life lately?

Ever since the last time when he left his contact information in An Luo, Lan Jingchi would send some messages over to Duan Hengye from time to time. However, in Duan Hengye’s opinion, the messages that Lan Jingchi sent to him were very much like the regular newsletters that the poor students on Earth used to send to their sponsors – just about his recent study status and the progress he had made. Except for the last time when he fainted on the Star News, it seemed that Lan Jingchi never cared about Duan Hengye’s life.

So why did he suddenly care about this now? Although his heart was puzzled, the other party was a future pharmaceutical genius after all, Duan Hengye shook his head and then asked back, “What’s wrong?”
As a character who is both righteous and evil in Dumping Interstellar, Lan Jingchi also had a bit of the paranoid temperament that villains often had. He seemed to have decided that Duan Hengye “secretly” crying in the lounge was related to Meng Jinhuai, after a few seconds of silence, Lan Jingchi bit his lip and said: “Professor Duan… I’m sorry, as an outsider I really should not care about your feelings, but please believe that even though Lord Marshal is the God of War of our stars, you are far greater than Lord Marshal in my heart.” His tone was exceptionally serious.

Usually, Duan Hengye himself admitted that his EQ was only barely above average. But today, for some reason, he actually understood the meaning of Lan Jingchi’s words… It seemed as if Little Chi felt that something was wrong with Meng Jinhuai’s feelings?

Although he didn’t know what had caused Lan Jingchi to have this illusion, his words expressing his loyalty made Duan Hengye very touched. In this era where everyone worshipped Meng Jinhuai, a fan brother who put him first was so rare!

At this time the popular character, Lan Jingchi, was still a teenager, the “evil” look described in the book was nowhere to be found. The reason for this was because of the fact that it was just after the class, Lan Jingchi was still wearing the school issued white laboratory clothes, which made him look even more exceptionally young and pure.

There were four young masters in the Duan family in his last life, probably because he was the youngest in the family, Duan Hengye had wanted a soft and cute younger brother or sister very much since he was young. He had to admit that the not yet evil Lan Jingchi in front of him now, fit the image of a good younger brother in Duan Hengye’s mind.

After making up a scene where Lan Jingchi followed behind him and called “brother”, Duan Hengye pretended to be serious and walked to the other side, then touched the fluffy black hair on top of the other’s head in a seemingly casual manner.

“Good.” Duan Hengye said as if coaxing a child while silently enjoying the feeling of being a brother.

But Duan Hengye, who was sighing in his heart that “it feels good”, didn’t see that at the moment when he touched the top of Lan Jingchi’s head, the youngster’s ears suddenly went red.

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