As the marshal’s spouse, Duan Hengye was required to occasionally attend a military banquet or other similar event in addition to his own duties. On his third day out of the coma, a banquet celebrating the marshal’s successful recovery from the two rebellious planets was held on the Southern Zhuang. This was also the time when Duan Hengye finally left the ward and the 24-hour surveillance of the medical droids.

Compared to the palace banquet hall, the military department’s venue was just as large, but the decoration style was much simpler and plain. The banquet had only just started when Duan Hengye arrived, but the large hall was already very lively. Even though Duan Hengye didn’t want to disturb others, the appearance of the Marshal’s spouse who was recovering from a serious illness attracted the attention of everyone around him in an instant.

Overtly or covertly, countless people cast their curious and admiring eyes over.

Although the original owner often participated in similar events, except for the last incident where he suddenly targeted the female lead in public, he had remained invisible during the banquet. Being able to become the marshal’s spouse and the white moonlight of the hearts of thousands of young boys and girls in the interstellar world, the original owner’s looks and body were naturally first-rate. The current Duan Hengye’s appearance was the same as before although there was no change, but there were a few more points of unexplainable coolness on his body….

This banquet was held by the military department, but because only the marshal and a few of his close aides knew Duan Hengyes undercover identity, for most of the people who hadn’t had close contact with him, the man in front of them was still worthy of respect as Professor Duan even though he had the label of “eccentric personality”.

Somehow, Duan Hengye was actually made to feel guilty by these respectful gazes.

From the original owner’s memory, he knew that Meng Jinhuai was very busy with his work, and he often just showed up for banquets and left. As for the original owner himself… the kind of aura around him was too obvious, and a cold atmosphere would almost always form around him at every banquet.

Just when Duan Hengye was planning to find an empty place in the hall to sit and relax just like the original owner, he suddenly felt the corner of his clothes being gently tugged backwards. Duan Hengye was confused and looked down, then he saw a little girl in a light blue tutu blinking her amber eyes at him.

So cute!

Ahem… In fact, apart from the hobby of reading dog blood novels, Professor Duan was also often captured by cute things.

Duan Hengye didn’t know that the moment he saw the little girl, his eyes suddenly softened, and even the “don’t come near” temperament was reduced a lot.

The little girl saw that Duan Hengye wasn’t angry because of his clothes being pulled, then lowered her head and said: “Hello Professor Duan, I… I admire you very much. I want to give you a present…” In this country that was still in a state of war, Duan Hengye, who was the director of the Mecha Research Institute, was well-known and had as many fans as a star, and even quite a few children fans.

After hearing the little girl’s words, Duan Hengye slowly nodded towards her, “OK.”

Despite still having that cold expression, the girl who received the reply blushed with excitement at once. She took out a postcard from the small bag she was carrying and gave it to Duan Hengye very solemnly, “Professor Duan, I drew this…”

Right at this time, the sound of footsteps suddenly entered Duan Hengye’s ears. When he looked up, the person who came was a young man wearing white formal attire. However, at this time, the man’s eyes were on the girl, and he didn’t notice that the person standing opposite the girl was actually Duan Hengye.
  ”Dongfang You, how did you get here?” The man in white’s voice was a little anxious. When she heard someone calling her, the girl called Dongfang You turned around and whispered sweetly, “Dad” and then explained, “I met Professor Duan~”.

At that moment, Duan Hengye finally discovered a very serious problem, the name “Dongfang You” was apparently uncommon. If his memory wasn’t wrong, there was a young girl named Dongfang You mentioned in Dumping Interstellar, and her identity was… the daughter of the male admiral beside Meng Jinhuai.

Duan Hengye had a vague guess in his heart.

After hearing Dongfang You’s words, the young man finally discovered Duan Hengye, and he turned around with a panicked face and said, “Hold… Sorry Professor Duan, just now I…”

“It’s okay” Duan Hengye interrupted his apology, “The little girl is very cute, thank you for the gift.”

Probably not expecting Duan Hengye to thank his daughter so politely, the young man was stunned, but Dongfang You began to shake the man’s hand in excitement and read, “Ahhh, Professor Duan praised me. Dad you must tell father later!”

Hearing Dongfang You’s words, Duan Hengye finally decided that the little girl in front of him was the child of the male admiral beside Meng Jinhuai and this young man.

Just… how was she born?

As a researcher, Duan Hengye was highly curious about such things.

Up until the latest chapter of the original book, the female lead hadn’t been with anyone, let alone talked about having children. Duan Hengye guessed that the setting regarding childbirth was roughly made up by this worldview itself as well.

In fact every citizen of the Ye Tian Empire would receive a very detailed education on physiological hygiene when they were young, but since the original owner didn’t receive a general education like most people when he was young and was later picked up by the royal family as an undercover agent, he was extremely lacking in common sense in that area. The original owner seemed to accept the fact of same-sex childbirth very easily, but never thought about what the process of childbirth was.

After sending Dongfang You away, Duan Hengye turned on his light brain in the corner of the banquet hall. Driven by curiosity, he began to look up the fertility techniques of this era on the Star Network.


In the Star Era, fertility had become an industry, and detailed descriptions and advertisements of many institutions would pop up as soon as you opened the Star Network. So it didn’t take long for Duan Hengye to know – it turned out that in this era, regardless of gender, as long as both men and women were willing, they could collect genetic information and hand it over to fertility agencies to complete in vitro cultivation.

It must be said that the advertisements of these institutions were really well done, and Duan Hengye couldn’t help but open the more detailed introduction page after reading it for a while. And just at this time, he suddenly heard the crunching sound of high heels hitting the ground from behind him.

It was obvious that what he was reading was perfectly normal, but Duan Hengye still subconsciously closed the interface. However, as a traverser who wasn’t skilled enough, Duan Hengye’s movements were still slightly slow.
  A few seconds later, the director and deputy director of the Ye Tian Empire Armor Research Institute stood wide-eyed, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

No, the atmosphere was very awkward.


As a renowned weapons developer, Su Mingge worked very closely with the military department, so he would often be invited to military department events. If it was in the past, Su Mingge would definitely have to go around if he met Duan Hengye at the banquet. But since the scene of Duan Hengye fainting in front of him last time was a bit shocking… After seeing the other party standing there motionless from afar, Su Mingge hesitated and still walked over.

But Su Mingge hadn’t expected that he had accidentally seen that Duan Hengye was inquiring about the fertility studio?

This careless glimpse was enough for Su Mingge’s brain to make up a whole lot.

Despite the recent change in image, in Su Mingge’s heart, Duan Hengye was still not an easy person to get along with. So just as Duan Hengye was struggling to organize words in his head to explain, Su Mingge quickly greeted him as if nothing had happened, then turned around and walked away.

Wait… Before Duan Hengye could compose his explanation, he saw the other party twist and walk away with a clear face.

Having transmigrated for some time now, Professor Duan felt so tired for the first time.

All the banquets in the Ye Tian Empire, including those organized by the military, had guests from all walks of life in the empire, so the banquet was an accident-prone place in “Dumping Interstellar”. Not long after Su Mingge left, another person found his way to this remote corner.

At that time, Duan Hengye was sitting on the sofa to divert his attention by studying An Luo’s backstage issues, and the other side of the sofa suddenly sank in.

“Brother, what are you looking at?” That person put his arm on Duan Hengye’s shoulder as he spoke, and his voice didn’t sound very serious. Duan Hengye frowned, then stretched out his hand and very indifferently pushed that arm off his shoulder.

If he didn’t show up today, Duan Hengye would have forgotten that the original owner actually had a real brother. It was just that unlike the one with outstanding talent, the younger brother who was a few years younger and raised by the royal family almost as soon as he was born was indeed a complete dude. He didn’t have much affection for the original owner, but he had caused a lot of trouble outside using the name of Duan Hengye’s younger brother.

And in the original book, this little cannon fodder named Duan Hengxing died earlier than his own brother due to the fact that he ruthlessly messed with the female lead later on….
  Duan Hengye obviously didn’t want to pay attention to him, but Duan Hengxing wasn’t that easy to get rid of.

As a dude, Duan Hengxing didn’t have any ability to earn a living, and after he reached adulthood, he was only casually assigned a leisurely job by the royal family in the name of the deadly scientist’s orphan. It was just that this idle job also didn’t pay well, so for this dude, that little bit of money was naturally not enough. That was when Duan Hengxing finally remembered his brother.

It was probably because he was a little tired of being pestered by Duan Hengxing, and then the original owner would also give him some money from time to time. It was just that he had forgotten about it since Duan Hengye had transmigrated, and now this brother had finally found his way to the door.

“Brother, I’ve been a bit tight with money lately, so won’t you show your appreciation?” He leaned close to Duan Hengye and said, “Look I’m at least your brother, wouldn’t your face look bad if i’m poor?”

Duan Hengxing had a smell of alcohol on his body, and it was very obvious when he got close. Smelling it, Duan Hengye disliked him even more.

“No.” Duan Hengye didn’t have any affection for this brother, and he glanced at the other party before standing up from the sofa and preparing to leave.

Even though Duan Hengye had recently intentionally re-practiced his ancient martial arts, his weight as well as his muscle content really still hadn’t changed much. So one wanted to leave and the other deliberately pestered the other, and Duan Hengye had just lifted his foot before taking two steps when he was dragged back by Duan Hengxing, who was unprepared, “Don’t leave!” The other party’s attitude was so bad that Duan Hengye’s wrists were going to be pinched blue. But before he could condense his Qi to shake off this annoying guy, Duan Hengxing suddenly let out an unusually ear-piercing scream.

Duan Hengye saw that the man who was menacingly tugging at him just now suddenly fell heavily to the side. The hall instantly quieted down and everyone was peering over to see what was happening.

“What are you doing?” Meng Jinhuai, who appeared at some point, said coldly with narrowed eyes.

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