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For Duan Hengye, participating in this meeting was a little different from the past, in the past when he participated in a meeting, it was just to appear in the scene as the main character. But this time was different, this event actually didn’t have much to do with Duan Hengye himself. Although both the media and the rest of the guests attending the meeting were very concerned about Duan Hengye’s every move, the fact was that he was here today only to act as a guest, and he wouldn’t have any special performance in the whole event.


Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, one was the real participant of this event, the other was simply in the capacity of audience. So after leaving that corridor, the two of them split up, Duan Hengye was guided by the waiter to the viewing position, while Meng Jinhuai went backstage.



After Duan Hengye sat there, the live broadcast started not long after, and he noticed that there were hovering cameras flying around him now. Although already accustomed to this life under the camera, but nevertheless, after seeing these small things flying around him, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help looking at it.



Duan Hengye didn’t have any special thoughts when he looked, and even this was only subconscious behavior, he himself didn’t notice.


This image was recorded in its entirety by the camera, and then immediately appeared on the light screens of countless people watching the live broadcast on the interstellar level.


In the view of ordinary viewers, Duan Hengye’s eyes were so cold that many people were stunned at once. In fact, because of what happened before, Duan Hengye’s image wasn’t as cold as it was at the beginning, and no longer so unearthly. But because he was thinking about the plot of the book and the behind the reason behind the w-ar, Duan Hengye’s mood wasn’t very good, so his expression also sharpened.


Therefore, Duan Hengye’s expression was really cold and frightening.


But Duan Hengye didn’t notice, his attention has been placed on the blank conference table in front of him. This table was somewhat narrow and long, when the ceremony started later, the two representatives of the Empire and the Alliance would sit at the two ends of the long table to sign the agreement.


Now, although it had reached the interstellar era, everyday people would use their light computers for whatever they did and wouldn’t normally do handwritten work. But on serious occasions like this, people still handwrote their signatures to add a sense of ceremony.


Duan Hengye looked at this while recalling the later chapters of the book.



“Dumping Interstellar” didn’t mention much about this meeting, and when the story developed here in the book, the empire was still controlled by the royal family. They were under a lot of pressure from home, but they still reached an ambiguous agreement with the Alliance.



And later on, it was also because the Alliance couldn’t bear any losses that they once again attacked the Empire, which caused the later drama.



Just as Duan Hengye was nervously recalling and thinking about the plot of the original book, he also subconsciously moved his hand. Duan Hengye’s finger was gently placed on his knee, and then he slowly rubbed the cloth on his pants. The fabric of these pants was special, slightly rough. Duan Hengye felt for a long time, and his fingers were a little sore. It was only at this time that he gently moved his hand from his knee.



The ceremony was about to begin, and the scene staff immediately calmed down after hearing the announcement. The levitation camera around Duan Hengye also reluctantly flew away from him, then flew to a place not far from the conference table, and began to shoot the scene quietly.



This meeting table could only sit two people, although in everyone’s mind, the symbol or representative of the empire had always been Meng Jinhuai who was the marshal. But now, after the reconfiguration of the power structure of the Ye Tian Empire, the original obscure Imperial Council finally officially took the stage and then appeared in front of everyone.



This time, the emperor, who was the nominal ruler, was not present, and the highest leader of the council – that was, the imperial prime minister – was the representative of this event. The scene quieted down again, the representative of the Li Sheng Union was also the Union Chief, he wore a black suit today and a bow tie, he looked very grand …… even the expression on his face was also different from that smiling look, this time he looked icy cold to the extreme, he seemed very serious.



After a while, the chief of the alliance was guided by the conference staff to sit in his position. The other party gave him an invitation gesture, then the chief stretched out his hand and straightened his collar, and then sat down with a cold expression.


They could see that his expression was very serious, and after he sat down for a while, a man in a gray suit came over on the other side. This was the prime minister of the empire, at this time, his face was wearing a light smile, his mood seemed quite good.


Of course, today’s ceremony wasn’t for only these two people to participate in, after the two of them had been seated, some high officials of the empire and the alliance were led over by the relevant staff.


As the Empire’s Marshal Meng Jinhuai, naturally came to sit in front.


Just look carefully and you could see that this time the Prime Minister of the Empire had only a shallow smile on his face, but the darkness at the bottom of his eyes was hidden.



But unlike him, Meng Jinhuai also nodded to everyone with a smile after arriving here, but people familiar with the Marshal and some media who often engaged in facial expression analysis could see that Meng Jinhuai’s smile didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes. Yet Tian Empire had made great achievements, and the new mecha had begun to serve, but Meng Jinhuai’s expression clearly told everyone that things weren’t as smooth as people thought.


But what could happen on the stars?


The news media’s favorite thing to do was to disseminate every word and even every expression of public figures. A simple action of theirs was enough for the media to do a long reading comprehension, not to mention Meng Jinhuai’s obviously different expression.



The Marshal was always a person who hid his true emotions very well, now he showed such an expression that made the crowd feel abnormal. Then it meant that …… perhaps what was currently appearing in front of Meng Jinhuai wasn’t a trivial matter.



In most cases, interstellar media dispersal as well as reading comprehension and small essays were very unnecessary and extremely boring. But this time was different, they actually met a big thing by mistake – just for the time being no one could guess what this big thing really was after finding this, so some media reporters secretly turned the camera to Duan Hengye’s direction.


It could be seen that Duan Hengye was also looking at Meng Jinhuai, people couldn’t help but link the two people’s body language together to study. But how could ordinary journalists study this matter casually?


After discussing the reactions of the two people for half a day, the reporters could at most say that there might be some problems on the interstellar level. But they definitely couldn’t imagine how a dark surge was hidden under the appearance of calm between the Li Sheng Alliance and the Ye Tian Empire.


The nature of today’s event was rather special, so the whole process of the ceremony was also very simple. After all the guests were seated in turn, the two representatives from the Empire and the Alliance each received a large leather booklet. They opened the booklet at the same time, then read it carefully and signed their names at the end.



Duan Hengye saw that after the signatures were finished, the booklet was picked up by a robot and then placed inside a special instrument. The dark red light on that instrument swept over the side of the booklet, not knowing what special scanning procedure was involved, and after a few seconds, the booklet was typed up again, and then the two exchanged and signed again.



The whole process didn’t last long, during this period of time not a single person in the venue spoke. Even the comments on the Starnet live stream were temporarily turned off to match the atmosphere of the ceremony.


Duan Hengye saw that after both sides signed their names, they took the booklet in their hands.


Then the Union Chief of the Li Sheng Alliance suddenly raised his head, and he looked at the Prime Minister of the Empire and smiled. The smile appeared very suddenly and was really somehow inexplicable.



The Prime Minister actually didn’t think too much about it like Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, but at this time the other party’s expression made him feel strange.


The prime minister of the Ye Tian Empire extended his hand according to the process, and then gently shook hands with the other party.


Although the Imperial Prime Minister wasn’t as sensitive to the future interstellar situation as Meng Jinhuai, nor had he read the relevant information like Duan Hengye. But after all, he was a politician, suspicion was the characteristic of politicians. Since the prime minister had noticed that one look, then he was bound to do some preparation in the next time ……



For the first time, Duan Hengye was very calm when he saw such an activity from the perspective of an onlooker. At the end of the final ceremony, he stood up from the chair with all the audience, and then silently watched the two leaders representing The Empire and the Alliance walk down the long table.


In this way, an event destined to be remembered by the world was over. When everyone started to leave, some people didn’t even react from it.



This matter today had a very big impact on the future of the stars, but this process was too simple. Although almost all present were quite experienced politicians, but even until they reached this hall door, some people still couldn’t help but look back, they felt somewhat empty …… They didn’t know if it was more than thought, but something wasn’t right.





Although the new top mecha had been officially born and passed the test flight program, but the follow-up work was still very troublesome. For example, Meng Jinhuai, who was the owner of the mecha, needed some time to practice and improve familiarity. Southern Star had pushed a lot of work for Meng Jinhuai during this recent period, and the marshal lord started spending a lot of time every day on piloting the new mecha.


Although Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, as well as some other people in the empire, had already felt the darkness under the calm atmosphere of the interstellar, but their daily life didn’t change much for the time being. After that event ceremony, Duan Hengye went back to the life he had once led, bouncing between the institute and the school. If you looked at his state, no one would think that Duan Hengye was now worried about something.



Time passed day by day, unknowingly Duan Hengye had stayed in An Luo University for more than two years. The subject he taught was the most basic part of mecha design, which meant that after these two years of work, Duan Hengye would no longer be leading this group of students.


The previous incident of Duan Hengye coming to An Luo was unexpected by many people. Especially after the attack, many people thought that Duan Hengye might not stay any longer, but what they didn’t expect was that he really taught this group of students from the beginning to the end.


During this period, Duan Hengye didn’t just simply teach, he even gave the students a new textbook.



This new textbook wasn’t only circulated in the An Luo University where he worked, but was used in all the schools in the Empire that offered this course. It could be said that the greatest thing that Duan Hengye did as a teacher wasn’t to teach the students of An Luo University, but to compile such a new textbook of mecha theory that was easy to understand, from simple to complicated. In this way, even if he wouldn’t be a teacher again in the future, then with the contents of this book alone, the subsequent development in the field of mecha design would continue to be good.



Just as this semester was about to end, An Luo University also sent Duan Hengye an invitation to teach next semester. To be honest, when this invitation was sent to Duan Hengye, they actually didn’t have much hope.



After all, Duan Hengye was so busy with his daily work that his ability to stay here for two years was already something that people didn’t expect. And Duan Hengye himself was actually a bit hesitant after receiving this invitation. Although the two mecha design missions had been successfully completed, his work wasn’t something he could stop now.


Scientific research was a never-ending activity, and in the midst of these two studies, Duan Hengye found new problems and new goals. Now that the organic armor community had its own newly written textbook, should he continue to attend classes?


Because he couldn’t figure out whether he should go or not for the time being, Duan Hengye first told An Luo University that he needed to think about it for a while before he could give an answer to the other side. And in this process of consideration, Duan Hengye also finally ushered in his last class at An Luo University. To be honest, as a teacher, Duan Hengye’s feelings were also a bit complicated.



The day before the school’s last class, Duan Hengye was staying at the Southern Star’s Marshal’s residence. Today he woke up unexpectedly early, even before it was bright. Duan Hengye didn’t try to go back to sleep after getting up, nor did he have any intention of working, but instead he went straight to the window and began to look outside and started to dwell.



After a while, Meng Jinhuai suddenly came to his side. Meng Jinhuai didn’t ask Duan Hengye why he was up so early, nor did he ask him what he was thinking, he just quietly accompanied him.



At this time, Duan Hengye was circled in Meng Jinhuai’s arms. After a while, he looked outside at the sky that was still vaguely dark, then said to Meng Jinhuai: “I was thinking about the invitation to continue teaching in the next semester that An Luo University just sent me ……”


Hearing this, Meng Jinhuai gently hummed then he asked, “Have you thought about it?” Duan Hengye looked at him silently, “I haven’t yet… I don’t know whether I’m fit to be a teacher all the time.” This was really Duan Hengye’s heartfelt words.



Meng Jinhuai didn’t speak, and the two men kept looking at the sky quietly.


In fact, in his previous life, Duan Hengye was also a famous researcher in the industry. It wasn’t that he didn’t receive invitations to serve in colleges and universities, but he didn’t accept any of them.



In the Earth era, people aged and died much faster than in the interstellar era. Duan Hengye wasn’t afraid of aging or death, but out of a strange emotion, he instinctively resisted when he thought that his students always came and went in their twenties, and the gap between him and them would get bigger and bigger in the meantime.


Now in the interstellar era, the speed of aging and death was much slower, but this was still an unavoidable topic. Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who particularly liked to stay with young people, he preferred to stay and work with people of similar age to himself or who were more experienced than himself.


But Duan Hengye didn’t say this, he and Meng Jinhuai just quietly stood at the window, they stood for nearly two hours.


The next day, Duan Hengye came to An Luo University once again. This time his students also knew that this would be the last mecha basic course that Duan Hengye would give them, so they all came to the classroom a long time earlier to wait.



Similarly, after receiving this news, Duan Hengye didn’t stay inside the lounge for too long.



When Professor Duan walked into the classroom from the outside, all the students in the entire 1,000-person circular classroom stood up and applauded him in unison, the atmosphere suddenly became somewhat grand.


In fact, as a top mecha designer, Duan Hengye had heard much praise and thanks from others – whether from real life or from the internet. But at this moment, after looking at this familiar silver ring classroom and hearing the applause of the young people around him, Duan Hengye felt moved.



Thinking back to when he first met them in this classroom, these people were still young college students who had just stepped onto the An Luo campus not long ago …… looking very lively and young. And now, the once youthful feeling was gradually leaving them. With the accumulation of knowledge and the increase in life experience, these people began to gradually mature.


Duan Hengye, as someone who witnessed this process, felt relieved after seeing the students’ expressions.


Thinking of this, Duan Hengye slowly revealed a smile. And after seeing his smile, some students at the bottom couldn’t help but sob. In fact, as Duan Hengye’s students, they were also the future participants of the mecha industry. And all the people in this industry had admiration and other complicated feelings for the current leader Duan Hengye.



For these students, to get such an opportunity to meet with their idol Zhou Zhou was really a very lucky thing …… and could even be said to be like a dream.


And now, they were finally waking up from this beautiful dream. Duan Hengye saw the excited expressions of these students and then surprisingly had a little bit of cluelessness. He hesitated for a moment, then spoke, “Thank you all for your cooperation in these two years, it’s really a very lucky thing to have witnessed your growth and youth.”



Duan Hengye looked around the classroom for a while, “During these two years together, I have felt everyone’s passion and love for the mecha industry. And I hope that such enthusiasm and passion will accompany you to the end of the industry.”



He continued after a pause: “Mecha design is not a simple and easy thing, it is destined to accompany you for a lifetime. Now that you have come this far, it is only the beginning …… of all of you in this industry that is why I am extraordinarily hopeful that in the days to come, you will always keep this heart.”


When speaking Duan Hengye’s arm gently rested on the lecture, his body slightly leaned forward, looking very focused.


Recently, he took on a lot of duties that originally belonged to the class teacher. The students also nodded very seriously after hearing Duan Hengye’s words. He took a deep look at all the students inside the circular classroom, then stood up straight again, “Okay, then our lesson today will start now.”


In fact, Duan Hengye would rarely say these words before class, although it wasn’t long, it was enough to move the students.



They didn’t know if it was because this was the last class today, but everyone felt that time went by extraordinarily fast. A few hours passed in a whoosh, and when the picture on the huge light screen behind Duan Hengye disappeared and the mecha model slowly dispersed, they had a feeling of waking up from a beautiful dream.



This time Duan Hengye stood on the podium and bowed deeply towards the students, and after a while, Duan Hengye stood up straight and walked out of the classroom.


His entire background looked very dashing, yet with unspoken despondency.


Duan Hengye was wearing a dark brown long windbreaker today. The moment he left the classroom, the wind blew in outside and gently lifted the corners of his coat.


This picture was eternally engraved in the hearts of students, unforgettable in this lifetime.



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