C7— Retaliation Ensues

Qiu Mingquan finally arrived in front of Jianxin High School just as the final exams were ending, and a large number of students were swarming out the school gates.


Qiu Mingquan plucked up enough courage to stop in front of a girl: “Hello, classmate!”


The girl, wearing the most common ponytail and dark glasses, took a step back warily: “What are you doing?”


Qiu Mingquan blushed and asked in a small voice, “I want to ask, when is your school’s final parent-teacher conference scheduled for?”


The girl looked at him suspiciously, but seeing that he was tall and handsome, she replied casually, “Three days later, what for?”


Qiu Mingquan bowed sincerely, “Thank you.”


Turning to leave the school, he took out a small notebook and jotted down a small line in it: “Jianxin Middle School, January 13 parent-teacher conference.”


A few days later, Qiu Mingquan’s notebook was densely lined with the specific dates of parent-teacher conferences for a dozen nearby primary and secondary schools.


The week after the exam was over, it was time for all the primary and secondary schools to hold parent-teacher conferences.



“Okay, we’ll hurry to the city tomorrow.” Feng Rui said decisively, “take your passbook and money.”


Qiu Mingquan was silent for a long time before he asked, “Do you really want to steal money from your family?”


“What is stealing?” said Feng Rui, hating that iron couldn’t be made into steel. “Take my own money and make more money. What is stealing?!”


He thought that there were opportunities to make money all over the world, but tied to the super poor, he had to recognize the reality.


Where could the capital come from?



It was 1988, where there was a relative vacuum in the securities and stock market, four years ago Shanghai’s first stock Feile Audio was just issued; two years ago, that was, 1986, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shanghai Trust and Investment Company Jing’an Branch was the first to open the agency stock trading business.



On the first day of opening, the entire Jing’an branch only sold more than 1,000 shares of Feilu Audio and Yanzhong Industry, with a turnover of only 50,000 yuan.



–The market was too small!



Even if one traded these stocks, one had to have a capital of a few thousand. In the Feng family at this time, this amount was just a dime, but in a class like Qiu Mingquan, it was absolutely astronomical.


Well, well, let him Feng Rui, with this small civilian worker, try to try to start a real business with nothing!



It was already evening when he returned home from a few school scoutings.



It got dark early in winter, so Qiu Mingquan entered the compound, expecting to see all the houses closed, but instead he saw bright lights.


Almost all the doors were open, and many neighbors had gathered in the compound, and Qiu Mingquan saw the hunched figure of his grandparents in the crowd.


“What’s the matter?” He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. He ran a few steps quickly to see that Wu Dagen, a strong neighbor, was covered with blood, and his wife Aunt Wang was helping him wipe it.


“Let’s go to the clinic to wrap it up.” Aunt Wang’s eyes were red, and she couldn’t help complaining in a sharp voice. “You have to come out! What were you thinking when you hit those people last time?”



Grandma Qiu held her grandson in her arms, and tears filled her cloudy eyes: “Why are you so late? I thought they got you too!”


Grandpa Qiu was silent, and his tightly clenched fists finally relaxed. Just after Wu Dagen came back from being beaten by someone outside, the hearts of the two of them were in suspense.


When it came to revenge, after the last time, Mingquan, the child, and those people were deadly enemies!


Qiu Mingquan comfortingly hugged his grandmother, then stood up: “It was those people?”



The last time Wu Dagen personally went up and smashed a man’s head with a cinder block, helping him to block a fatal blow, and today he was retaliated against.



Wu Dagen waved his hand: “It’s nothing.”


Aunt Wang Shiites: “This is still nothing? Do you have to be stabbed for it to be called something!”


She turned her head to look at Qiu Mingquan, “When I came back from work, I was blocked by some strange hooligans on the road, and I got a bottle on my head and kicked several times on my body.”



Wu Dagen hesitated and said in a muffled voice, “They also said that they told the people in our compound to pay attention and to be careful.”



The neighbors gathered around him all looked ugly, Liu Qinhua worriedly interjected: “I heard that the shantytown west of the road suddenly caught fire last night, although no one died it burned several families, early this morning, Wang Daquan’s gang went over with people and specifically told the families: such a broken house burnt, now it’s 500 yuan for one flat. If you don’t sell it, it may be worth only 300 yuan next time. ”



Liu Dongfeng was so angry that he slammed his fist on the door: “How come no one caught them, those bastards!”


Liu Qinhua gave her son a blank look: “What evidence? And they didn’t catch the arsonist on the spot.”


One neighbor had an expression of anger and indignation on his face: “I also heard that before they left, they told the residents of that area that fire is the most merciless thing, maybe next time it will burn people to death? There are many families there who are afraid and are discussing putting a price together to negotiate with them.”



Qiu Mingquan on the side let out a soft laugh.


Liu Qinhua immediately looked at him: “Xiaoquan, what do you say?”


The neighbors actually looked at him in unison, after the incident that day, who could see this little one as a real child?


Qiu Mingquan said indifferently, “The more ruthless they are, the greater the interest behind this, and that means what I heard that day is true.”


The neighbors were silent.


They all knew this, but now that they’d hit the door, should they wait until the fire burned down the house and then be forced to sell it cheaply?


“All the uncles and aunts. Our teacher said that in this world, there is no benefit that you can get without paying.” Qiu Mingquan had a blank expression, “Either you respond positively and defend your home, or you negotiate an unwillingly low price, just like those people, and be taken by force by them.”



On one side, Grandpa Qiu suddenly looked up at Qiu Mingquan, with a strange emotion in his eyes.


At the moment, Feng Rui, who was controlling Qiu Mingquan’s body, was unaware. His eyes were shining, and he looked around at everyone: “If you are afraid, then start looking for a house tomorrow and move away. It is meaningless to just pretend to be an ostrich.”



Aunt Wang asked, “How can we respond positively?”


Qiu Mingquan smiled, “First, from tomorrow on, everyone will go out and go home together. Don’t be alone. Second, look for relatives in the countryside to borrow some big dogs and watch the house at night. Third, if any family is really beaten or burned, everyone will pay the medical expenses together and share the reconstruction costs. Don’t let the people who resist hard feel cold.”



He spoke clearly and concisely, and all the methods he said were feasible. Everyone was moved when they heard him.



“As long as everyone’s heart is in the same place, nothing is really impossible to pass.” Qiu Mingquan said softly, his voice like a kind of magic, “those people are also paid to work, if they encounter hard stubbornness, they won’t really come to fight.”


Liu Dongfeng nodded vigorously and said loudly, “Mingquan is right! I just don’t believe that evil can overcome good!”



Soon, some other families also loudly supported: “I think it can work, I will go tomorrow to borrow a dog, my brother’s family has a fierce big yellow dog!”


“I don’t believe they would dare to kill someone in broad daylight!”



The atmosphere heated up, the corners of Liu Qinhua’s turned up, she went in anf came out “snap” a ten yuan bill shot out: “Mingquan is right, whoever is injured because of this matter, let’s pay the medical expenses together!



“Yes, yes, Brother Wu was beaten because of us all, we can’t let him suffer!” Five and ten yuan bills were gathered together.


Qiu Mingquan straightened the bills with a smile and handed them to Auntie Wang: “Auntie, this money is for Uncle Wu’s medical treatment.”



Aunt Wang froze at once. Looking at the stack of banknotes, and then at Qiu Mingquan’s clear, bright eyes, her lips trembled but no words came out.


It was late at night and people were quiet.


The people in the compound went back to their houses and went to bed with the lights out.



Qiu Mingquan and his grandparents slept side by side, but Grandpa Qiu tossed and turned, then he suddenly turned on his side in the darkness and stared at his grandson for a moment before turning around again, only to snore a long time later.


Qiu Mingquan pretended to be asleep and started discussing with Feng Rui in his mind.


“This is all that can be done at the moment. Instead, you, grab something to defend yourself.” Feng Rui mused.



That rogue Wang Daquan was scared out of his wits last time and suffered a big loss, whether he would really retreat or would be resentful was unknown.


“Get what?” Qiu Mingquan got nervous.


“A dagger with a groove, a three-pronged-scraper-knife, a spring-jumping-knife, anything.” President Feng seemed excited, “In fact, the flinging stick is the most practical, but not as deterrent as the knife.”



“Wouldn’t that be too hard?” Qiu Mingquan smiled bitterly.


Feng Rui grunted coldly: “You are a weak chicken. If you don’t use weapons, you will die if you are preempted.”



After thinking about it, he said coldly again: “If people don’t offend me, I won’t offend them. Don’t pay attention to mercy when dealing with criminals!”



Qiu Mingquan let out an “Oh”, his upper eyelids began to fight with the lower eyelids, suddenly, Feng Rui let out a low shouy: “Get up, wake up!”


Qiu Mingquan’s eyes opened suddenly in the darkness: “What’s wrong?”


Feng Rui was a bit gloomy: “I heard some movement outside, at least two people!”



Since entering a residual soul state, he also discovered one thing: his sensing ability was far more powerful than normal people, almost reaching the point where his ears and eyes were psychic.



So in these few fights, it wasn’t just those skills he had learned in his previous life that worked, the real reason was because his senses were extremely amazing!


“Is it those people?!” Qiu Mingquan got highly nervous, “What should we do? Should we wake up the neighbors now?”


Feng Rui pondered for a moment: “First there’s no need to alarm the snake, we can deal with it.”


The house where Liu Dongfeng lived was to the south, and he was sleeping when he suddenly heard the window pane rattling a few times, and in the dead of night, he jerked up.


Looking at a blurred black head on the window, he instantly remembered what he just said about the shantytown next door being burned late at night, and couldn’t help but feel a jolt.


“Who?!” He whispered harshly, but heard a familiar voice that was extremely soft.


“Brother Dongfeng, it’s me, Mingquan.”


Liu Dongfeng was relieved, and his tense beating heart relaxed, but Qiu Mingquan’s next sentence made his scalp tingle and sweat stand up again!


“Someone is coming over here, they should be trying to set this place on fire.” Qiu Mingquan said in a soft voice.


Liu Dongfeng hurriedly dressed, opened the window and looked at the boy who was tilting his head in the night: “How do you know that?”



Qiu Mingquan raised a finger to his lips, “I got up to pee and saw a few figures sneaking around outside.”


Liu Dongfeng whispered angrily, “Thosse bastards, let’s shout!”


Qiu Mingquan shook his head: “Don’t call people, we’ve had enough.”


Seeing that Liu Dongfeng was a bit dazed, he smiled wryly, his eyes shining with a strange light: “Arson is not the same as ‘attempted arson’.”



Liu Dongfeng finally understood. Yes, they had to settle their crimes before they could be punished for serious crimes and be used as an example to intimidate those local ruffians and hooligans!


At this time, there were all bungalows, and there were no protective windows that were so exquisite. He cleanly jumped out of the window, and asked murderously, “Where are those people?”




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