C6—- A Stunning Achievement


Wang Daquan said bitterly, “President Zhou, it’s not that I don’t want to help. It’s really that after the news spread, I have to pay ten times for as much manpower. The money isn’t enough for medical expenses and hard work, is it?”



President Zhou looked at him coldly, then calmly walked to the counter of the small hotel outside, borrowed a phone and sent a paging message to the pager.



The huge brick mobile phone “Big Brother” hadn’t yet appeared, and even the bp pager was mainly analog signal. The latest version of Motorola’s bpr equipped on his waist was sold for more than 1000 yuan. Ordinary people couldn’t afford it by salary.



Soon, the landline phone at the counter rang, and a low voice rang faintly: “Who?”


President Zhou didn’t dare to speak immediately. He whispered his name and quickly said what had happened: “Do you think it’s not very reliable since the poor people at the bottom know?”


The current noise of “prick prick prick” was loud, and the voice said faintly, “Tell your people to hurry up and get more land for me at all costs.”


“Click”, the phone disconnected.



Mr. Zhou stared at the phone in his hand in shock, the meaning of that person, these rumors may be true?



Turning around and entering the box, he thought nervously and finally clenched his teeth and said to Wang Daquan, “No matter what method you use, get the land and houses on both sides of the road.”



Looking at Wang Daquan’s injured hand, he said coldly, “Make the price as low as possible, but if you can’t do it, I will change people.”


Wang Daquan was so agitated that he stood up hurriedly with a fierce look in his eyes: “I can do it!”



Mr. Zhou revealed a light smile, he meaningfully patted his shoulder: “That’s right, there are many opportunities to take you to make money in the future.”



At this time, in the small dilapidated house on the outskirts of the countryside, President Feng was coldly watching Qiu Mingquan do his homework.



The table for studying was the small dining table, but, it was a nailed up wooden board with four wooden strips attached below as legs, it wasn’t very smooth, and one leg was padded with newspaper underneath.



It was January 1988, and the winter holidays were about to begin, and as the exams approached, the homework exercises began to multiply, so Qiu Mingquan stared at the English words, reading while stumbling over them in his mind.



“You were 30 or 40 years old when you fell to your death with me.” In his head, the man’s cold voice suddenly rang out.



“Ah, yes.” Qiu Mingquan froze.



“Then what the hell is wrong with you? These still need to be memorized? Aren’t they the most basic English words?” President Feng couldn’t stand it.



Qu Mingquan chewed on his bald pencil and was a little ashamed: “I dropped out of school early.”



Feng Rui was silent, watching him recite the words little by little, and after that he started to read the language textbook, analyzing the central idea, explaining idioms, reciting beautiful passages; and then the math homework.



His English vocabulary was miserable.



His understanding of the Chinese textbook was also very bad. At a glance, Feng Rui concluded that the pass rate wasn’t high, and obviously he couldn’t learn well at all.


The only exception was math, which was done very fast and he got full marks.



The more he observations, the cooler Feng Rui’s heart became.


Considering the fact that Qiu Mingquan said that he dropped out of junior high school in his previous life and went into society, Feng Rui was annoyed. This level of education was too low, right?



–No, this wasn’t the way to go. His precious time couldn’t be wasted on such ridiculous things!



“You don’t need to learn this anymore.”



Qiu Mingquan raised his head in bewilderment, “Why?”



“Your schoolwork and exams, from middle school to high school, and even to college entrance exams and graduate school, I can take care of them all for you without any difficulty.” Feng Rui said proudly, “Put your energy into what I want you to do.”



–get rich, quickly. That’s what’s most urgent!



But Qiu Mingquan, who was always gentle, immediately shook his head, “I want to learn it myself. I can’t rely on you for the rest of my life.”



Feng Rui was choked speechless by him, this guy!



“Okay, okay, okay, you’re right.” He perfunctorily said, “In the future, I will set a study plan for you, learn seriously, but I will take the important exams.”



“That’s not cheating?”



Feng Rui sneered: “You think your current rebirth is not cheating?”


He wasn’t only reborn, he also had a life aid!



In the outskirts of Dongshen City, the classrooms in the extremely poor suburban middle school were very quiet, only the north wind outside was whistling.



This suburban children’s middle school student population was extremely mixed, in addition to the children of nearby enterprise workers, they also accepted the nearby migrant workers, suburban residents, and some jobless people’s children.



Forty to fifty students had their heads buried in the ground, doing their final exam questions.



The class teacher Feng was walking around casually, her eyes constantly looking at the children.


Her neck didn’t turn very much, and she could see the whole classroom clearly with the corner of her eyes.



Hey? She turned her eyes to a corner again.



The child was frowning. It seemed that he was better at math, and his grades in other subjects were also very poor, especially in his Chinese class.



Qiu Mingquan, or Qiu Qingquan?



From the beginning of the exam, there was something strange about his demeanor.



Once his eyes collided with hers, he turned red like a scared little animal and lowered his head in a panic.


Typical cheating mentality!



The teacher was unhappy and paced slowly, approaching the out-of-the-way corner. When her eyes faintly swept over, she quietly froze.



–The answers seemed surprisingly correct, huh?



She suspiciously looked at the answers around Qiu Mingquan, no, that wasn’t right, these students had a variety of questions, it couldn’t be that Qiu Mingquan had copied someone else’s.



The real “ghost” was scolding in a voice that no one could hear.


“What are you afraid of? No one knows it’s me answering the questions, so take it easy.”



“She’s standing right next to me.” Qiu Mingquan had never cheated before and still struggled a bit, “What should I do?”



“Just write quietly and follow my instructions!”




The only sound in the classroom was the rustling of the pen tip on the paper, and Qiu Mingquan’s heart finally quieted down as he began to answer and write the essay questions according to Feng Rui’s dictation.



The first-year essay, one each for scenic descriptions and simple narratives. The teacher Feng watched coldly from the side, and finally, slowly, she grew grew more and more astonished.


It was smooth!



Without any draft, this child’s essay just took shape in one sentence, and at a glance, although it wasn’t exactly amazing, it was undoubtedly a writing style that was completely in line with the norms and could get a standard high score.



“How do you write the word qiao in chilly spring?” Qiu Mingquan asked silently in his heart.



“You just write whatever you want.” Feng Rui faintly said, looking at that language teacher’s suspicious eyes, “It’s just right to be a little wrong.”





All the way until Qiu Mingquan stood up and handed over the test paper to her with his head bowed, teacher Feng’s surprise didn’t slightly diminish.


“You’re turning in your paper early?” Teacher Feng looked at her wristwatch, it was still more than half an hour before the paper was due. That Shanghai quartz watch was the most valuable dowry she had when she got married.



“Yes.” Qiu Mingquan nodded, and his apprehensive heart calmed down.



The surrounding students also looked over in amazement, what kind of nerve did Qiu Mingquan, a poor and inconspicuous tailgate student, have today?



“Blank paper, right?” A classmate stuck out his tongue and a small snicker rang out in time.



“Don’t go yet.” Teacher Feng nodded at him in a rare moment, “Wait until the exam is over and leave together.”



Qiu Mingquan froze and had to sit in his seat.


He began to scan the paper in his hands, word by word.



The fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and objective questions were all correct. The essay analysis, short answers, etc. were also concise and clear, with no deductions at all, and could be considered 100% correct.



The final essay question, even if she used the most critical eye to look at, if she had to say a word, it was concise and to the point, using very simple words and phrases, but looked very comfortable.



Ah, she finally found a mistake. The word “chilly spring” was used in the description of the scenery, but the word “cliff” was written.


Putting down the test paper, Teacher Feng suddenly picked it up suspiciously.


What was this strange feeling?



Then she finally knew where the strange place came from – this composition, she could hardly find anything she could modify!



The usage of “Didi”, the position of subject, predicate and object, and the non-redundant modifier seemed to be incorrect if she modified anything.


No, no, it was impossible.



However, as a junior high school student, how could he write a composition that was so neat?


Coincidentally, had he practiced composition on this subject before? Did he memorize it?



But no matter what, this child’s performance was really unbelievable.


With mixed feelings, she took out her red pen and carefully scored 98.



Qiu Mingquan was completely unaware that the class teacher was in an extremely torn state of mind when the test bell finally rang and he, along with countless other students, rushed out of the school.


The humble campus was planted with some ginkgo trees, and in the middle of winter, the leaves fell off, and the bare boughs picked out the huge sun.



“Well, as I instructed, while the other high schools are taking exams, hurry up and get there.” Feng Rui urged in Qiu Mingquan’s ear.


Qiu Mingquan hurriedly picked up his pace and ran towards a nearby high school a few miles away.


In the middle of winter, he ran all the way, and soon the tip of his nose exuded fine beads of sweat. After running for a while, he began to gasp.



“You can’t even run. You’re so unhealthy.” Feng Rui said bluntly. “From today on, you have to do physical exercises.”



“Now I can’t keep up because of nutrition. Later I worked on the construction site and became stronger.” Qiu Mingquan gasped.


“People should be more demanding of themselves. You are so weak and as ugly as a bean sprout!” Feng Rui complained.



Even if he didn’t take his body, he didn’t want the body to die suddenly one day. If his jade was buried with him, who would he do?






These days, Feng Rui gave him instructions one by one. Most of them seemed strange.


For example, Qiu Mingquan must collect the latest newspapers and read them every night; Another example was to walk in front of Liu Qinhua’s house every morning and listen to the broadcast of the day while eating.


A few days later, Qiu Mingquan was standing in the courtyard brushing his teeth when he heard a commercial on the radio next to him.



The radio was a bit old, with a strange advertisement being broadcast over the current noise.


“Accept the spirit of heaven and earth, display the ancient and modern grandeur; write a magnificent article with lofty ambitions – inherit the ancient and modern customs, recite the Chinese civilization!”



A more forceful male voice immediately said, “Hero pen, China’s pride!”



“That’s it!” Feng Rui blurted out with joy.



Yes, at the end of the 1980s, the domestic Hero brand pen experienced a qualitative leap. Before the foreign high-end gold pen entered China on a large scale, the fame and trademark popularity created by Hero pen began in the past two years.



If his memory was correct, at the beginning of 1988, General Secretary Jiang wasn’t officially elected as the chairman of the military-commission at this time, and he was only one of the constant-committees. Among the overseas gifts he brought when he visited the Soviet Union, there was the Hero 50 type gold carved high-iridium pen signed by him.


That was to say, by taking this opportunity, Hero Pen began big advertisements, which made it famous as a domestic famous brand pen and opened the glorious era of Hero Pen.


At present, the order to find out the date of the teacher-parents’ meeting was urgently issued by Feng Rui after hearing the broadcast!



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