C5—- Negotiate With The President


Qiu Mingquan responded in his heart, “I don’t have a mom and dad, my grandparents picked me up on the side of the road near here.”



Feng Rui frowned. An abandoned baby picked up by the old couple?


Orphans with low educational background and poor family background, it was no wonder that he still worked on construction sites when he was in his thirties or forties.



In this world, there were always people who were destined to live at the bottom, and there was no possibility of turning over.



Thinking of the blank and gloomy face he saw before his death, even if he was ruthless in the past, President Feng couldn’t help but soften his heart towards such a child and gave birth to a kind of savior mentality.


——Well, since they had no choice but to be tied together, in this life, he could always make this person’s originally tragic life turn around, right?


In the vision shared with Qiu Mingquan, it was a toothpaste with light green skin.


Feng Rui looked at it with great interest. It was a piece of Fangcao toothpaste that was being squeezed to the bottom. For him, it was also something that was decades old.


At this time, it was a famous state-owned toothpaste brand that was taking the department store shelves across the country by storm.


Feng Rui clearly remembered that at this time, its familiar advertising slogans could be heard on TV and radio commercials: “Use Fang Cao every day, good teeth in old age”, “Baby gets up early, use Fang Cao every day”.



“In a few years, Fang Cao toothpaste will go downhill.” He said casually.


“Huh? Is that so?” Qiu Mingquan spit the toothpaste foam.



Feng Rui knew very well that this toothpaste made it to the second place in the national industry in the 90s, under Anhui Fangcao Daily Chemical. Then in the late nineties, major international Japanese brands took over the domestic market, and its decline was inevitable.



This was just a microcosm of the fate of many past domestic brands. In the later early 21st century, a large number of domestic brands gradually lost in the brutal market competition, were merged, acquired, or went bankrupt without a word.



“Oh, those simple business cases well.” Feng Rui wasn’t impressed.



Qiu Mingquan finished squeezing the last bit of toothpaste, and instead of throwing away the dried out aluminum toothpaste tube, he opened a shoe box and put the toothpaste skin inside.



“What are you doing?” Sharp-eyed, Feng Rui saw that there were several empty toothpaste skins neatly placed inside.



“Save it all to sell ah. Didn’t you sell them at home?” Qiu Mingquan seemed more surprised than he was, “Three cents a piece.”

Feng Rui was really completely shocked this time.



Aluminum skin was recyclable! Three, three cents a piece?


Back in the house, the two old peopled had finished their meal, worriedly admonished Qiu Mingquan, then went out together to scavenge.



Feng Rui seized this opportunity and spoke unhurriedly, “Now, I think we need a negotiation between us, let’s talk about the terms.”


Qiu Mingquan was holding a salted duck egg and was cherishing a bit of the oily yolk with his chopsticks when he heard the words and froze.





“You don’t think that I’m obligated to help you so freely, do you?”



Qiu Mingquan held his chopsticks in confusion, “Huh?”



President Feng didn’t let him off because of his shock, but became increasingly mean: “Coming back from rebirth with a good hand of cards, have you thought about how to play? You don’t seem to have any plans.”



Qiu Mingquan was silent for a moment: “I want to go to school.”



In his previous life, he dropped out of school early and entered society because of the burden of his family, with no education or qualifications, so that he spent his life in the greatest poverty.



What other shortcuts were there for a humble child like him other than that?



“Go to school go to school, go to that funny first year of middle school?” Feng Rui was obviously impatient. “No wonder you were still working on the construction site in your thirties and forties. Your IQ and EQ is bad.”


Qiu Mingquan lowered his head, suddenly a little sad.



The man’s words were harsh, but probably because he was used to hearing them before, he didn’t feel anything wrong.



The man’s heart was in the right place. “This is the 80’s and 90’s, if you just move your fingers, and anticipate those important time points in advance, there is gold everywhere!”



Qiu Mingquan froze and listened.


What did that have to do with him? His family was struggling to make ends meet and had no savings. Even if he was vaguely aware that there were some opportunities to make a fortune in the latter days, but whether it was buying a house or doing business, he needed the capital.



The truly poor were poor at all times.



“Under my guidance, you can sit on a huge amount of wealth, money, beauty, property, status that you couldn’t even think of in your previous life,” President Feng made a quick decision and started the pre-negotiation lure, “Tell me straight, what do you like? –Anything is fine.”



Qiu Mingquan was stunned and didn’t make a sound for half a day.


Looking at Qiu Mingquan’s lack of excitement, President Feng’s elite brain raced and he became a bit suspicious.



He was so calm that he forced him to reveal all his last cards in the negotiation, was this little civilian really stupid, or was he just as smart?



Since his soul was sucked in by this heirloom jade stone and somehow followed this poor civilian back in time, he tragically discovered one thing.



He could only perceive the world through Qiu Mingquan’s consciousness, but in case Qiu Mingquan threw the jade away, he would be imprisoned!



He seemed to be alive, but what was the difference between that and being dead? It was even worse than being dead!



He, Feng Rui, was born with a golden spoon in his life, with a superb IQ and a natural leadership temperament. He was the king of children in kindergarten, a top student in middle school, president of the student council for three years in college, and got a double master’s degree abroad, and after entering the business world, he was even more capable of calling the wind and rain.



This kind of life was a prosperous life, and suddenly the heavens threw him into such a strange situation, no, he didn’t believe in this fate!



These days, he thought about it for a long time, the more he thought about it, the more he felt suspicious.


The family ancestral jade pendant, had been passed only to the eldest grandson, he heard from the elders that this pendant had an extraordinary history, and it could help every master to prevent disasters and eliminate disasters. It had three more lives.



When he was a child, he did survive a car accident, and that was one time, so – he fell from a high building, and now this jade stone preserved a trace of his soul, was this the second life?


He didn’t want it! What kind of life was this!?



Qiu Mingquan hesitated for half a day, but finally shook his head, “I’ll go to school properly first, I want to study.”


“Listen!” Feng Rui gritted his teeth and shouted, knowing in his heart that he was defeated, “Mr. Qiu, I want to make a deal with you officially.”


Qiu Mingquan froze and whispered, “I don’t want to make deals with you.”


This stern ghost, who knew if he wanted to suck – essence, or to take over his body.


“Listen to me first.” Feng Rui spoke in a wistful voice that used to make his subordinates grateful and teary-eyed, “I think you can’t deny that we died entangled together in our previous lives, and now we are strangely reborn together, whether you want to or not, we have established some kind of indissoluble relationship and destiny, right?”





“Don’t you think that fate is so entangled, the ties are so magical, and the lives of both of us will definitely change and become full of unknown visions as a result?” Feng Rui followed the path, and he himself felt that his voice and tone of voice were absolutely magnificent.


I don’t believe you won’t be impressed! He thought viciously.



Qiu Mingquan listened blankly, “Say it again? I didn’t quite understand.”



After a long moment of silence, Feng Rui reopened his mouth, “Okay, I’ll talk properly – I mean, I’ll help you get rich, and I’ll help you cut people down! But you have to promise to try your best to help me solve my problems, like seeking a way to get my soul out.”



Then he added, breathlessly, “If you dare to leave me alone again, I will not let you go even if I become a lonely ghost.”



Qiu Mingquan took the pendant off in a daze and placed it in front of his eyes.


&&%$$#! Great President Feng cursed a long string of vicious curses in his heart.


This was the only negotiation he’d ever lost in his life!



The winter sunshine was gentle, the sky was rising in the morning, a ray of rising sunlight from the east, was reflected in the piece of quail egg-sized pendant.



A textured red rope tied with a delicate and intricate double fish-shaped Chinese knot, Hetian seed material as condensed as fat, delicate and crystal, emitting a layer of warm and precious light.



But the center of the white jade also carried a wand of turquoise, like a very good head of water jade, two very different jades were combined together, beautiful yet strange.


On the back, there was a deep layer of blood color, it was when they fell to their death in the previous life, their blood sank in it. He didn’t know why, it was as if it was imprinted deep into the jade texture.



Qiu Mingquan stared at the jade pendant with a deadly gaze, and his heart was at war with the heavens.



The thing seemed to have a kind of magic, but also seemed to have some kind of danger that he was afraid of. After a long time, he slowly spoke.



“Mr. Feng, I’ve decided.” He re-hung the jade pendant on his neck and whispered in his heart, “I accept all your conditions.”



He looked at his family’s environment, thought of the thugs who would surely come back, thought of his loved ones who had been alone all his life in his previous life, and suddenly his heart was sour and hot.



No, he didn’t want to live his life like this again, he didn’t want to suffer those sufferings in his previous life, and he didn’t want to spend this life in a muddle again!



His eyes grew firm: “I want to go to school, and I want to become strong. And I’m going to become rich.”



“Are you sure about that? Isn’t that a bit greedy?” Feng Rui smiled gently, “Asking for less won’t cause you to suffer as much and can be reached more quickly.”



Qiu Mingquan shook his head, his eyes were indifferent, “Suffering? I’m not afraid of suffering.”



In this world, what is more bitter than watching your loved ones being bullied and beaten, dying in front of you, not being able to get medical attention, and suffering for the rest of your life?



“That’s good.” Great President Feng smiled faintly, “Then let’s set a small goal first, let’s earn a hundred million first.”



In a small hotel box, Mr. Zhou was full of disbelief: “What are you saying? That piece of old shantytown can’t be taken down? What are you doing?”



Wang Daquan’s face muscles slightly twitched, a bandage was on his left hand, the red fire poker branded place was still throbbing in pain.



He cautiously compensated with a smile: “Mr. Zhou, I did my best. Look at my hand, it’s bruised, isn’t it?”



Mr. Zhou sneered: “A group of unarmed poor people, you have so many people under you, but still can’t handle them, what is the use of you?”



Wang Daquan hesitated: “I don’t know how, they seemed to have changed. These days, with rumours of development, no one is willing to move.”


It seemed that overnight, such rumors flew through the streets, not only that horrible compound, even the other places where he was going to strike, also knew!



Mr. Zhou was violently shocked and rebuked offhandedly and bitterly, “Nonsense, it’s not yet known!”


Even the intention to hold an international seminar, the list of invited experts was still under deliberation. In fact, the final outcome of this matter was also a vague rumor, he wasn’t fully sure.


Even the person who disclosed and instructed wasn’t very sure, they only told him to get the lands and houses at a low price first, and then wait for the opportunity to move.



Now even the lowest level people knew. If they refused to sell at a low price, couldn’t they smash the pile of shantytowns?





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