Qiu Mingquan only felt that his body was cold.



The man in front of him was a bully who ran amok in the neighborhood, and he was the one who forced out the residents of this compound and forced them to sell a large piece of housing and land in this area.


At that time, ordinary people didn’t know that this area was the location of the future Pudong New District, and under the threat of kitchen knives and sticks, they had to sell their snail’s pace homes and move to other places.



In the following two or three years, the historic construction of the new Pudong District finally began, and the value of the area, if not every inch of land, at least began to appreciate.



In the end, it was this man who broke his leg in a conflict a few months later, and it was this man who was responsible for his limp for the rest of his life!



In the conflict a few months later, Grandpa Qiu’s leg was forcibly broken by the man in front of him. His limp in the second half of his life was a gift from this man!



Qiu Mingquan would always remember that when he was just a teenager, he was pushed to the ground by these people and watched the huge stick hit his grandfather’s leg.


“They came here to buy the houses, bast-ards!” He gnashed his teeth in his heart.



“What happened to this man?” Feng Rui suddenly asked.



Qiu Mingquan was stunned and replied, “He bought a lot of these homes and land, just in time for the development of the new area and later became the big boss of the real estate company, and was said to be very wealthy.”

Feng Rui sneered: “Just in time? You are really naive.”


Everyone knew that in April 1990, the Prime Minister announced the development and opening of the Pudong New Area in Dongshen City. However, there was a little news. It should be known that the real time point was the “International Seminar on the Development of The Pudong New Area” held by the Dongshen Municipal Government in May 1988!



Now, some demons and monsters had already heard the wind and were ready to move, right?


But how could a street bully know about these historic opportunities? Feng Rui fell into a deep meditation.



There was a silence in the compound.



This bully named Wang Daquan, his men were able to gather dozens of hooligans, the last time he came, he made a grand request to buy all the homes here at a very cheap price, saying that his family was going to set up a brick and tile factory and needed this large plot of land.



The residents, of course, didn’t want to, plus the money he offered, wasn’t enough to buy half of the area elsewhere, if they really took money to move out, they could only rent a room forever.


–Can we have a shelter from the wind and rain? Even if we are small and old, it is also our home, isn’t it?



Liu Qinhua had the courage to speak first: “Brother Wang, we all discussed, we really can not sell the house. We dragged the family, it is not easy to move, and besides, the money is not enough”


Wang Daquan looked at the angry Liu Dongfeng beside her with a smile and walked over.



He nodded arrogantly at Liu Dongfeng’s shoulder: “I heard that you’re an officer, right? Come on, come and beat me up!”


A few of the minions he brought laughed loudly: “A trainee police officer? We’re scared! Hit us, we won’t fight back.”


Liu Dongfeng’s face turned red, his teeth clenched but he didn’t say a word.


Yes, he had learned the means of these people. Before he touched them, these hooligans could open a ladle for themselves, and then rush to the police station to falsely accuse the police of beating people!


He who had not become a regular worker would be ruined in his life if he encountered such a thing.




Wang Daquan smilingly pushed him away and whispered to Liu Qinhua: “Sister-in-law, your son is powerful, and I don’t want to mess with it. How about this, later we talk privately, I give your family better conditions. Your son shouldn’t get involved!”


Afterr a moment of hesitation, Liu Qinhua finally closed her mouth. When it involved her son’s work, she couldn’t help but be afraid.


Suddenly, he flew up and smashed Aunt Wang’s coal balls. His eyes were full of anger. “What I said is that it’s a breeze, isn’t it? I’ ve worked hard to borrow hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the brick factory is waiting for this land. You lions open your mouth to take my life! Ah?!”



Wu Dagen rushed up and tried to stop it, but he was pulled by his wife behind him.


Aunt Wang was so frightened that she lowered her voice: “Don’t mess with these people, I heard that they have crippled people.”



Wang Daquan watched with satisfaction as the young and old in the compound fell silent: “Cutting off people’s money is like kil-ling their parents. I will put these words here today, the next time I come, it’s to bring the contract. Whoever does not want to sign, say so now.”



“Brother Wang, we really have no place to go,” someone pleaded, “the children are in school here, where can we go? Brother Wang, please.”


Wang Daquan coldly reached out and grabbed the man who spoke and gently nudged him: “You’re not doing it, are you?”


The man bit his lip, hardened his head: “Brother Wang, my family has been selling vegetables in the neighborhood, if we move away from here, what will our family eat?”


Wang Daquan coldly look at him: “Okay, I’ll remember you.”


He suddenly let go of the man’s collar, turned back to Liu Dongfeng and smiled: “Comrade police, I’ll give you face, I won’t do anything today.”



He turned to wave his hand and sighed: “You don’t care about the friendship of the villagers. You must be careful. Don’t come back late at night and break your leg for no reason.”


The na-ked threat was imminent, and all the people in the courtyard were angry.



Wang Daquan was notorious, he wasn’t just a little evil, it was vaguely rumored that he had k-illed people, and he had disabled a lot of people.



Wang Daquan snorted coldly and waved his hand: “Let’s go!”



Passing by the door, he saw an old woman leaning against the door and looking straight at him. He couldn’t help being angry. He slapped her, “Go away, dead old woman!”



But just as the heavy slap was about to fan the old man’s face, a small figure rushed over like a cannon ball and hugged his waist!


The momentum was so strong that he staggered back a few steps. Then he stopped his body and looked intently. He was facing a pair of eyes that were dark and clear, but were burning with faint flames.


Qiu Mingquan only felt his blo-od boiling all over his body.


He clearly remembered this scene from years ago!


The man raised his hand and slapped his grandmother so hard that the back of her head was knocked against the door, causing a huge swelling on the back of her head, and she laid in bed for days, dizzy and vomiting, but the family had no money, and she refused to go to the hospital, so she went through with it.



In retrospect, it was at least a mild concussion!


“What do you want to do ah, hello hello?” In his mind, President Feng was surprised, “you rushed over like this, are you planning to fight four or five people alone? Have you considered the consequences? Where’s your brain?”



Qiu Mingquan blocked Wang Daquan to death, not answering Feng Rui’s question.


He didn’t know what would happen next, but he knew that he would not let this man hurt his loved ones again even if he died. The thought that soon this man would bring a club to his door to break his grandfather’s legs suddenly raised a wariness in his heart to k-ill.


K-ill him, then he’d die with him.



Wang Daquan was really a bit disoriented. In a flash, anger erupted. A big hand like a pair of iron tongs grabbed Qiu Qingquan’s tiny wrist, and he threw him aside: “Little bas-tard!”



After all, Qiu Mingquan’s body was still a thin and weak boy in his teens. This time, he was no match. His whole body fell out and fell on the coal pile behind him.


“Shall I come?!” President Feng’s voice was happy and excited. “Although you want to fight, you have no skills! I have learned Taekwondo, Thai boxing, Wing Chun and free fighting!”



Qiu Mingquan: “…..”



In the past few days, the two men have figured out the situation, they were connected through the jade pendant, as long as Qiu Mingquan, the master, took the initiative to relax, Feng Rui could easily control his body!


His grandmother trembled and ran to him: “Xiao Quan!”


Before she could stand still, she was pulled aside and a big foot flew up into the air and stepped on Qiu Mingquan on the ground: “You dare to touch our boss?”



Just when the foot was about to fall on, a strange scene happened.


The boy suddenly looked up, and the wolf-like sharp and cold look in his eyes flashed away, as if he had suddenly changed his soul.



President Feng happily took control of the body that didn’t belong to him!



As soon as he rolled flexibly, he made the big foot kick empty. Then a black fire poker suddenly swept over and hit the man’s ankle with a dull sound that made his ears ache.



“Ah ah ah!” With a scream, the man jumped with his feet in his arms and wailed.




Wang Daquan was shocked, his eyes were fierce, he casually copied a small folding stool in the courtyard, and smashed his head to the boy on the ground: a child dared to challenge his authority, would he take this piece of land?


The stool roared down with the wind.


The dirt splashed and the folding stool hit the ground a few inches away from Qiu Mingquan. Qiu Mingquan was at a critical juncture. He dodged quickly and nimbly!


A fist that wasn’t strong hit Wang Daquan’s back arm just like the wind, which made him feel numb. Wang Daquan only felt that his arm was sour, so he couldn’t hold the stool steadily.


The iron poker arrived in an instant and hit him hard on the knee. Wang Daquan gave a cry of pain. His knee hurt so much that he could no longer hold it. He fell to the ground with a “plop”.


As soon as he tightened his neck, one foot stepped on his neck. Qiu Mingquan made a little effort, and Wang Daquan felt difficult to breathe, and his neck hurt.


“Let go of Brother Wang!”


“The little brat is crazy. Do you want to die?”


Liu Dongfeng finally couldn’t resist rushing out, he blocked a few minions and shouted: “Who dares to go up?”


Wang Daquan was ashamed and angry, he had been in the neighborhood for many years, but today a child defeated him, his neck was stepped on, the slightest movement would end him, but he couldn’t reverse the situation.



“Little brat, believe it or not I’ll get your family k-illed?” He said, “I’ll k-ill your family.”


Qiu Mingquan ignored them and stepped on him with more force, making him roll his eyes, then raised his head and looked at the dumbfounded crowd.


“You all heard him, he’s the one who said he wanted to ki-ll my whole family.” He said slowly.


No one knew when he had quietly inserted the iron pliers into the overturned coal stove beside him, the remnants of the flames inside remained, and the pointed mouth of the iron pliers had burned red.


Then, right in front of everyone, he violently pressed the red-hot iron pliers on the back of Wang Daquan’s hand!



The smell of scorched flesh and skin sandwiched with a harsh scream, resounded through the small courtyard.



Liu Dongfeng turned his head and froze on the spot in shock.


“Xiao Quan, you?” This child was too ruthless, right? She didn’t notice it all these years!



“Ahhhhh!” Wang Daquan was so hot from the severe pain that he lost his mind and squirmed madly on the ground, “Kid, if you don’t kil-l me today, I’ll ki-ll you!”


No one doubted the truth of his words, this boy, Mingquan, why did he suddenly seem to have gone crazy today?



The old man’s hands were trembling and he wanted to pick up something to help, but Qiu Mingquan raised his head abruptly and looked at Liu Dongfeng, his eyes firm and cold.


Liu Dongfeng instantly understood his meaning, turned around and stopped the old woman dead: “Grandma, don’t go over, going over is adding to the chaos!”


Feng Rui, the real actor, was relieved that this small officer was smart.


When he looked at Wang Daquan beside him, his eyes turned to ice.



“Kill me? OK.” He simply moved the iron tongs away from the back of Wang Daquan’s hands, leaving a blur of flesh and blood. Then he stepped on Wang Daquan’s neck and crushed it more fiercely with his toes. His faced turned purple.



The iron clamp was put into the burning fire again. A moment later, the flesh stained on it was scorched black, and the sharp end was red. In the cold winter air, it approached Wang Daquan’s carotid artery.



“If you k-ill me, so many people are watching. Even if your master is willing to catch you, after that, you have to flee the world and hide for several years?” He bent down and stared at Wang Daquan with dark eyes.


Then he smiled and said softly: “A master will not use a horse with the murder case. Guess?”



Wang Daquan’s veins burst out, and he screamed: “You are fooling around! If I don’t kil-l you today, my mother name will not be Wang!”



Qiu Mingquan paused quietly and moved the poker a few inches closer. The burning bright red touched Wang Daquan’s temples, and instantly, a burnt smell of hair protein floated up.



“In that case, then how about I get you ki-lled?” The boy’s clear voice was calm, but his eyes were as cold as the deep sea.


He stepped on Wang Daquan dead tight, watched the veins on his forehead ripple, coldly said word by word: “I’m not even 14 years old yet, I’m a child, you know.”


The entire compound was silent.


Liu Dongfeng swallowed dry saliva and reprimanded in a low voice: “Don’t be impulsive, Xiao Quan, put down the fire poker!”


Qiu Mingquan didn’t take his words, but lifted his head, looking at a few large men in front of the face of panic, suddenly put away the harshness, revealing a sweet smile.



Qiu Mingquan was originally beautiful and shy. President Feng looked at those people innocently through, but several people were shocked and stepped back involuntarily.


“I’m still so young. If I do something stupid in fear, I’ll be forgiven, right?”




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