There was a saying that the accompanying items used for a long time would have a spiritual nature. If they were broken without collision, it meant it had voluntarily recognised its owner and had protected it.

This copper coin in Li Zhiqing’s hand was priceless. Apart from other things, it was more precious and rare than ordinary objects when it came to its origin.

Previously unintentional contact with evil things caused a few tremors, and it had been hanging there for good reason. This time he heard a faint crunching sound in his hand when he stepped out of the threshold, and then looked down to find a crack.

In the end, what was it that had made such an obvious gap, even the surface luster wasn’t as solid as before, and Li Zhiqing felt sweaty when he remembered the phrase “go quickly”.

He said that it would be hard to bump into evil after he became an adult?

Tang Shunshi, that big liar!

“Lost something?” Song Junlin was holding his umbrella at the bottom of the stairs, and when he saw Li Zhiqing staring at his wrist, he thought he had really lost the coin this time, so he turned his head to see, and asked urgently, “Is it still there?”

Li Zhiqing looked back and met Song Junlin’s gaze and nodded to him.

He just nodded, when the booming thunderstorm and rain suddenly stopped without warning.

One second the thunder was extremely loud, the next second, everything stopped.

The surroundings were deadly silent for a while, not letting people feel depressed and dreary, but it was just a little too quiet.

Li Zhiqing almost uncontrollably looked at the clouds in the sky, he felt like his chest was about to explode.

Under normal circumstances, even a light rain needed a gradual transition, such a huge rainstorm stopping without warning was abnormal.

Song Junlin took the umbrella and also looked up at the sky: “…… how come it’s suddenly not raining.”

He had a big heart and didn’t think so much about it, he wondered why the weather forecast clearly said the rainstorm could last until next week, and then it stopped at once.

Li Zhiqing turned and looked at the copper coin twice, and finally took it off decisively and simply, and left only one braided rope on his wrist: “Let’s go back.”

Song Junlin followed the sound and looked at him, Li Zhiqing stepped down the steps and moved past him, and walked towards the parking place across the street. He was busy avoiding the rain puddles, he had almost reached the parking space before he remembered to put the umbrella away.

When Li Zhiqing opened the passenger side door and was about to go up, he suddenly felt a chill on his ankle, as if something cold had rubbed against his trouser leg and crawled into the car, it felt like an illusion.

He froze and looked down.

Underneath his feet was a very shallow rain puddle, and the water marks he stepped on swirled twice before slowly stopping, reflecting the gray sky above.

“Zhiqing?” Song Junlin finished starting the engine and didn’t see Li Zhiqing sitting down next to him, so he opened his mouth to remind him, “Get in the car.”

Li Zhiqing looked up at him with uncertainty, not only did he not quickly get into the car as he said, but instead he put down the leg that stepped into the car: “Drive first.”

“Why?” Song Junlin glanced at him, he didn’t notice that the copper coin had cracked, he was only worried about Li Zhiqing’s low blood sugar, he became more anxious, “Don’t dilly-dally, hurry up, let’s go. We just have this car, if I drive away, will you run behind me?”

“Park the car outside the old street, I’ll walk out by myself.” Li Zhiqing took a few tissues from the tissue box, seeing that Song Junlin was still stubbornly waiting for him to get into the car, he felt warm, he casually made up a reason and smiled, “I just felt a little dizzy, now that the rain has stopped and the air is clean, I felt better, so I want to walk more, wait for me at the street corner, I will soon go over. ”

When he smiled, he looked softer, and his face looked less pale.

From here, the street was a ten minutes walk, it wasn’t far, Song Junlin believed his words and hesitantly nodded: “Then okay, take the umbrella first, this rain isn’t stable, if it rains again, you’ll suffer.”

“Okay.” Li Zhiqing replied, “My cell phone seems to be in arrears, go to the street and call Tang Shunshi for me, tell him that my great-grandfather’s birthday is coming up, my family wants to invite him over for a drink, ask him if he has time to go back with me recently.”

If h wanted to go to his great-grandfather’s birthday, drinking was useless, he would have to die.

Song Junlin nodded and agreed to help him make the call and drove out of the old street.

When the minivan drove away, the corners of Li Zhiqing’s mouth could hardly continue to maintain the upward curvature.

He hooked his fingers on the lanyard of the folding umbrella, aligned the corners of several pieces of tissue paper, quickly folded a diamond-shaped square bag, stuffed the copper coins into it and sealed the edge, then took out his phone and saw that the previous nearly full power had indeed been emptied.

Li Zhiqing sighed, he clutched the paper bag, and walked straight ahead along the building to the right.

The street surface of the old street was paved by square green slabs, some of which were ancient, some were newly added, so there were dark and light colours, and some places weren’t flat, it accumulated a lot of puddles, walking made very wet obvious sounds.

Li Zhiqing just reached the third intersection when he heard his originally monotonous footsteps gradually overlap, it echoed more and more, as if someone was stepping on his footprints, he had been slowly walking, but he began to walk faster, but the frequency of the pace remained.

It was true that something was staring at him, and there was more than one.

The reason why Li Zhiqing didn’t leave with Song Junlin, was to estimate whether the things that followed him were evil, it could have led to a car accident or a mild component failure. The man surnamed Tang, had told him, he wouldn’t die this year, he didn’t want his roommate to suffer.

He felt the intact jade pendant on his neck, he was glad that it didn’t want to do anything to him now. He could only take it to a crowded place first, and then ask Tang Shunshi what to do.

He was right to let Song Junlin go first, and his current idea was also very appropriate, but the problem was that those behind him didn’t seem to want to let him out.

Li Zhiqing stared at the familiar wooden sign that was half broken off in front of him, “No way”.

He read the eight-character mantra and walked again. After seeing the same thing again, he quickly picked out the dry stone steps and sat down, looking down at the ground, never letting his line of sight wander around.

A miscalculation, it was a miscalculation, how come he didn’t think that there was the possibility of the ghost creating a circle around him, now he could only hope that Song Junlin would come back to find him.

Li Zhiqing regretted, but suddenly there was an irregular footstep under the steps, pacing back and forth from left to right, as if waiting impatiently for him to continue walking.

The sound was less than half a metre away from him, and a person in a good frame of mind would probably be in a bad mood when he suddenly met something like this.

Li Zhiqing didn’t resist swearing in a low voice. His words just fell, and the footsteps uniformly stopped abruptly. Then there was a cool breath on his forehead.

Some folk said that when you encountered something evil, you could curse, the more fierce the more you could scare it away, in fact, this was just a probability event, the consequences of blind cursing depended on the luck of each person, in case it was a bad-tempered Ghost that originally didn’t want to harm people’s lives, cursing would make it aggressive.

For example, Li Zhiqing encountered this situation, it was originally just walking around, and now after he started cursing, it started blowing cold air on him.

Li Zhiqing wanted to curse something, but when his mouth opened, his teeth chattered, he couldn’t do anything except shivering.

He concluded on what was going to happen, but the ghost gasping for air abruptly stopped.

Two seconds later, there seemed to be a mass of air scattering in front of him, and the fleeing was generally abnormal. When it brushed against his skin, his fine hairs rose, and even though he closed his eyes in time, tears still gathered in his eyes.

When the surrounding area quieted down, Li Zhiqing blinked again to see a pair of shoes appearing silently under the steps.

The man knelt down in front of him. A pair of strangely black eyes looked up at him, and his slightly flustered eyes met the expressionless face.

He had just been blown by the wind, which made him teary-eyed, his eyes looked more moist and clear. In addition, a few eyelashes were wet, which made him look miserable, like he had just been bullied by something.

Li Zhiqing felt scared when he saw the man’s eyes darken. The surrounding invisible air seemed to suddenly turn into violent winds and waves, and he slammed it out in all directions. Li Zhiqing even felt that his hair float back.

He didn’t have time to be shocked by this chill, then there was a vague mess of mournful cries floating out from the depths of the old street, which sounded very creepy.

Li Zhiqing wasn’t scared by others, but was scared by the man. His eyes widened, and the tears rolled down his face.

The man shifted his gaze back to him, and raised his hand to the side of his face clumsily not daring to touch, after a long time, he tentatively touched his cheek, and gently wiped away his tears, and touched the corner of his eyes.

This cautious look and his angry wind sweeping expression was almost like two different people.

Li Zhiqing was being held by his face, and froze after meeting the man’s gaze.

The man maintained his half-kneeling posture, his smile looked stiff, he gently rubbed Li Zhiqing’s cheek with his thumb and coaxed him in a low voice: “Don’t be afraid.”

Li Zhiqing: “……”

Who was the person who scared him?

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