The stunned face revealed a goofy and naive expression.

Due to the angle, Song Junlin couldn’t see the face of the man in black, but he could see the face of Li Zhiqing who was sideways from the man’s arms.

He grinned and thought to himself: “Oh my god, this young man is really good looking.”

And Li Zhiqing’s brain went to and fro repeating the same sentence: Who the hell was the man who hugged him and didn’t let go? !

If reality could be like an anime with special effects, his hair would be stiff and taut at this point.

The shop was quiet for a few seconds, but it seemed like ten minutes or so had passed.

Song Junlin suddenly realized that it wasn’t polite to stare at the young man, but he looked around the shelf and then to Li Zhiqing, who was still staring at him with wide eyes and a look of uncertainty.

Song Junlin was puzzled for two seconds, then reacted.

The two grown men on the other side were holding each other so intimately, it was likely that it was the kind of unusual relationship that transcended same-sex friendship, and he suddenly barged in and bumped into him, probably shocking the young man into a daze.

“It’s okay, relax.” Song Junlin inserted his umbrella into the umbrella stand behind the door and laughed, “I draw comics online, I’ve seen a little bit of all the relevant works, I think this is normal.”


Li Zhiqing didn’t understand what he meant. What was normal about being held by a strange man for no reason?

The arms wrapped behind him were solid and strong, and Li Zhiqing’s face was right on the place where the man’s chest was, and he could feel the soft touch of the other man’s chest and the silky coolness that passed over through his clothes.

He slowed down and struggled twice without being able to break free, seeing that the man had no intention of letting go of him, he squeezed out words from his vaguely tight throat: “…let go of me.”

As the words trailed off, Lai Zhiqing clearly felt himself being held a little tighter by the other man instead.

The man seemed to be a little resistant to the words, but quickly removed the force and obediently released his hand, standing in place and staring at him closely.

Li Zhiqing took two steps back, the cold hairs on the back of his neck were still standing.

He was now more deeply aware that the man was really tall, and despite the distance between them, he still needed to lift his chin to meet his eyes.

The man’s facial features were cold, without any expression, and the corners of his mouth was filled with indifferencd and hard lines, but his eyes showed human heat.

Li Zhiqing could even see a trace of joyful and happy emotions from his eyes, which seemed to be a bit inexplicably…….


When Li Zhiqing was looked at by him with such a look, he couldn’t help but think of the Labrador that his youngest uncle kept at home. He felt a stab in his heart and he felt that he was a bit blurry-eyed after that fright just now.

He looked at the tall, silent man in front of him, then at the smiling Song Junlin over there, wiped his forehead to settle his mind a bit, and asked the latter first, “You are… Song Junlin?”

“Yeah, the one who came to rent the room.”There was a patch of unshaven stubble on the side of Song Junlin’s mouth, twisting and pulling as he spoke, “Is Boss Tang in the shop? He’s seen me several times.”

Li Zhiqing didn’t answer the question of whether Tang Shunshi was there or not, and turned to ask the man in front of him, who didn’t feel threatened, “And who are you?”

The man stood upright and straight, he shifted his gaze to his lips when Li Zhiqing spoke, trying to imitate the movement of his lips, and finally his lips moved and opened a little, but he still couldn’t make a sound.

He couldn’t blame him for that, after all, he hadn’t expressed anything in words for far too long, let alone communicating with anyone, and now he was inevitably weak at the thought of opening his mouth.

“What are you doing in the shop?”

The man kept his mouth shut.

Li Zhiqing looked at the umbrella rack and saw that apart from an automatic umbrella that was reserved in the shop, there was only the one Song Junlin had brought, and asked him, “It’s raining so heavily outside, did you not bring an umbrella when you came?”

The man was silent.

Li Zhiqing said in his heart, “F*ck, is this not just a person with facial paralysis or a mute?

“You don’t know each other?” Song Junlin was a bit puzzled after listening to the few questions Li Zhiqing posed to the man, “Then you two just…”

Why were you hugging just now.

Li Zhiqing looked at Song Junlin and explained helplessly, “I thought he was you before and wanted to shake hands with him, but he misunderstood and thought I wanted to hug him.”

Song Junlin was amused by this and walked in with a suitcase in his hand, approaching and instinctively going to look at the man’s face.

As soon as he moved his gaze up, the man glanced at him faintly.

Song Junlin’s heart thumped heart, and goose bumps exploded on the back of his neck.

It was not that the man’s look was scary, it was simply that his expression was too indifferent, his eyes didn’t have any warmth inside, it was like he looked into the heart of the cold, Song Junlin just took a glimpse of the man and didn’t care to look at the full outline of the man’s features.

On his side, he was very nervous, and Li Zhiqing looked at the man more carefully. He found that in addition to just looking at Song Junlin, the other person’s eyes stuck to him from beginning to end.

He was preoccupied, but Li Zhiqing sized the man up more and more carefully. He found that except for the glance he just threw at Song Junlin, the other man’s eyes were glued to his body throughout.

The man stood still and allowed Li Zhiqing to look at him, his eyes growing gentler as time went on, not giving off the slightest hint of danger from his body, giving a rather friendly impression.

Li Zhiqing gestured a moment to Song Junlin and to the man, “Now I’m going to go upstairs, I don’t know what you’re doing if you won’t talk, if you don’t have anything urgent, can I tentatively assume that you’re here in the shop to get out of the rain?”

The man hesitated, then nodded.

“I’ll be down later, if you need any help, you can tell me then.” Li Zhiqing thought that he might not be able to speak easily, and added, “It’s fine to express it, and you can go sit on the chair over there.”

The man didn’t follow his finger to the soft chair, he nodded and stiffly lifted his lips up by half a point.

Li Zhiqing smiled back at him with an arched eyebrow, taking a step forward and raising both hands, “Although you look quite innocent and harmless, not like any lawbreaker, but just to be safe, can I check your pockets?”

The man nodded again, and cooperated by spreading his arms that were draped at his side slightly outward.

Li Zhiqing felt around him and found that the man didn’t even have a single pocket on his body, so he couldn’t help but laugh, “Then you can rest here, I’m going up first.”

Song Junlin heard Li Zhiqing’s footsteps coming up the stairs and also wanted to laugh a little, but it was a bitter smile.

The man who just glanced at him, how could he be involved with the words “innocent and harmless”, this young man called Li Zhiqing had bad eyes.

“You left a stranger in the shop. Aren’t you afraid he’ll steal something and run away?” Song Junlin felt that Li Zhiqing, who was walking in front of him, was the truly pure and harmless one, and couldn’t help but remind him nosily.

“Just that stupid bookstore, what’s there for him to steal.” Li Zhiqing smiled carelessly, pulling out his key to open the door and winked back at him, “I’m the most valuable person in the store, he can’t steal me as a person.”

Song Junlin puffed out a laugh at that.

Not to mention, if Li Zhiqing was planning to rely on his looks for a living, that face of his did look quite valuable.

Unlike the shabby simplicity of the bookstore on the first floor, the second floor housing was decorated in a simple and elegant manner, with complete living configurations and no problems with the lighting, Song Junlin finally walked into the bedroom that he was going to rent, and was satisfied.

Li Zhiqing took one of the leather bands set on his wrist to his fingertips, skillfully tied his hair behind his head, withdrew the dust cover from the bed, and helped Song Junlin change into the bedding he had brought with him.

He turned his back to the room’s floor lamp, his figure was cut by the warm light, his whole body seemed to launch into light, as eye-catching as an elf prince in a movie.

Song Junlin saw the tips of his hair swinging behind him and couldn’t help but ask him, “You look at most twenty years old, our country’s school rules and regulations are so strict, how did you manage to keep your hair at this length?”

“I haven’t spent much time in China, and those rules and regulations don’t govern me.” Li Zhiqing replied with a smile.

“I had braids when I was a kid, my mom let me, but when I entered elementary school, my teacher asked me to shave my head flat.” Song Junlin chatted with him, “There’s a saying over there in our hometown that children are given long hair when they’re weak, and that their body and skin are treated by their parents, and that long hair can bind their souls and prevent them from dying early.”

Li Zhiqing was about to shake off the sheets and paused at the news.

“They say that the more painful the parents bind, the more secure it is, I can’t remember exactly.” Song Junlin tsked and finally laughed, “I was straight up to nine pounds when I was born, as strong as a piglet, where do you think I needed to bind my soul.”

Li Zhiqing lowered his eyes to listen to him, neatly smoothed out the sheets, straightened up and laughed, “Well, the rest is up to you to clean up, I’ll go see if that man is still there.”

Song Junlin was about to nod, but Li Zhiqing had already pushed the door away, he went down the stairs, and found that the man hadn’t moved to sit in the chair at all, still standing there quietly watching him.

Li Zhiqing was about to speak, but the man suddenly opened his mouth and spoke three words not quite skillfully.

His voice was low and hoarse, like an ancient string that had been buried underground for thousands of years and never saw the light of day.

But Li Zhiqing obviously couldn’t appreciate whether the man’s voice was good or not, and also was a bit surprised that the man wasn’t a mute.

He felt that his ears were mostly about to be ruined, stared for a moment and raised his eyebrows in an incredibly silly way: “Huh?”

The man focuses on him and repeated it, this time opening his mouth much more smoothly than before.

He said slowly and clearly, “I want you.”

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