It had been raining hard for nearly a week in Kyoto, and the sound of raindrops hitting the road could be heard clearly through the window. Clearly it was only three o’clock in the afternoon, but the sky outside was already dark and it looked about six or seven o’clock.


The residential buildings on this side of the university town were quite old, only a few buildings in the periphery had been newly painted in the past two years, and the low floors facing the street had been rented out and decorated into shops, all of which were trying their best to attract students to patronize, but the second-hand bookstore shrunk in the deep lane at the end of the street, and the signboard still took a simple route, which made money seem like a mundane object and even a bit disdainful.


The path where the bookstore was located was not smpoth, and there were too many puddles. Li Zhongyi shrank his shoulders under the umbrella, and moved in with a big splash. He saw the bookstore like a refugee seeing a relief center and rushed over.


At the moment, the store didn’t turn on the light, and the light was dim. Except for the gray brightness of the window, there was only a screen of light from a mobile phone.


The woman with the mobile phone shrank her whole body in the soft chair behind the desk. Her face was only palm-sized, and reflected by the screen light, it was white and delicate. Her long hair was pulled behind her left ear, and the hair on the right hung on her face. At this time, she lowered her head and carried a half-eaten potato chips, she seemed to be playing a game.


Her appearance was cute, and she looked like a lovable ‘little girl’. She seemed to be deaf to the things outside the window, but Li Zhongyi only stepped in from outside the store, and the other party stopped and raised her chin to look up.


Her eyes could be seen, she glanced at him carelessly, making Li Zhongyi’s knees weak, and his heart started beating hard.


He entered the door, cleared his throat and opened his mouth. Before he speak, lightning shot out between the clouds. The room immediately flashed white, and all everywhere became bright for a moment.

Soon the lightning faded, and the violent sound made his eardrums ache, and his scalp went numb.


Li Zhongyi couldn’t help but draw cold air.


From his point of view, the sudden rain splashed on the window, creating an overwhelmingly dense net, which, together with the roaring lightning outside, enveloped the figure behind the table.


At that moment, Li Zhongyi had an inexplicably strong sense of foreboding.


He felt that the lightning was like a fierce and vicious monster with claws and fangs, breaking through the clouds, menacing and shrieking to tear the person in the soft chair into pieces and swallow her alive.


Compared with his wimpish look, the “little girl’s” reaction was much more calm, most people may not even take this earth-shaking noise to heart.


“She” put down her cell phone and stood up, showing how tall and straight she was.


Li Zhongyi “oohed” in his heart, secretly thinking that this “little girl” was really not short.


This thought flashed for less than two seconds, so he went to the wall for the “little girl” and pressed the switch. As soon as the light came down, Li Zhongyi’s face twitched obviously.


How the f*ck was that little girl! Clearly he was a beautiful young man with long hair! She was a man!


The other party was dressed in light-colored casual clothes, and the long black hair that men rarely had hung behind his shoulders, which showed off his cheeks and neck, bringing out the stunning whiteness.


His facial features were elegant and rare. He just lacked light and wore long hair. No wonder he was mistaken for a woman.


Li Zhongyi faintly heard a crunchy sound in his chest, and he knew that the other didn’t do anything, but he still felt as if he had been severely deceived.


This feeling was like falling out of love.


The youth quickly drummed his cheek, chewed and swallowed the potato chips and walked around the store with his long legs. Finally, he picked up the tissue box on the table and came over: “Sorry, this is the only one.”


His voice was clear and recognizable, Li Zhongyi after admiring his face that was most likely born only after his ancestors successively saved the world, he couldn’t help but begin to envy his unique voice, he stood there for a while before realizing that the other was wanting him to wipe the rain on his face, he pulled out a few tissues and haphazardly pressed it to his face, stuttering as he asked him: “That, that… . is the shopkeeper there, please?”


“Looking for Tang Shunshi?” The young man looked down at him and suddenly raised his eyebrows. “Are you Song Junlin?”


Li Zhongyi blankly replied “Huh?” then waved his hand, “No no, I’m looking for Boss Tang, but I’m not called Song Junlin.”


“I’m sorry,” the youth touched his head, smiling brightly, “I was waiting for someone who said he would come in black, I mistook you for him.” He paused, then said, “Unfortunately, Tang Shunshui went to the capital for work issues, I’m afraid he won’t be back until next week.”


Li Zhongyi looked down at his black short sleeves and asked, “Then could you please give me his cell phone number? I’m a student from a nearby university, I had heard that there was a house for rent here, but I didn’t ask for Mr. Tang’s contact information, so I came over to take a look in person.”


“The number is available to you, but…” the young man spread his hands and laughed, “Someone had already booked that bedroom before you, and they said they were moving in this afternoon, but I just don’t know if the rain will change their mind now. He’s the one I was waiting for.”


Li Zhongyi sighed in disappointment at the news.


The youth patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, pulled out a few pieces of lemon candy from his pocket and stuffed them to him with a wink, “There’s no rush, there should be quite a few rentals around here, you can wait until the rain stops, be careful of catching cold.”


Li Zhongyi thanked him and couldn’t help but take a glance into the shop after holding up his umbrella, and found the youth still standing there, smiling and waving at him when he saw him turn back.


Li Zhongyi’s heart warmed up at his smile and said loudly through the rain, “My name is Li Zhongyi, are you also a student from the nearby university? I haven’t even seen you before, what’s your name?”


After asking him he thought that the students on this side added up to absolutely tens of thousands, it was really normal not to have met them, so he was embarrassed.


It was good that the youth didn’t think much of it and still smiled, “My name is Li Zhiqing, I just came to the capital two days ago, and I think it’s normal to have a fresh face.”


“Are you staying at Boss Tang’s place?”


“Right.” Li Zhiqing nodded.


Li Zhongyi looked at the eyes that were especially clear under the lamp and bit his lip, “Then if… if that person goes back on his word and doesn’t rent, can you contact me?”


“Of course.” Li Zhiqing smiled frankly.


Li Zhongyi was busy going back to report the number and making sure that Li Zhiqing had written it down completely before he took his foot. When he approached the alley, he couldn’t help but look back at the bookstore signboard and tried to shun his chest: “… a big man, how can he still be like a monster?”


After he left, the male went back to the soft chair, pinched a biscuit and bit it with his mouth. He picked up his mobile phone and continued to play the suspended game.


In parkour games like this, the hand coordination was the most important. Because he was interrupted just a few minutes ago, he was a little uncomfortable with the cutting speed. He slammed into obstacles without turning a few corners, and finally failed to break the record.


Li Zhiqing said “ah” in regret, and his interest was gone, just like with that biscuit, so he simply threw away his mobile phone and stretched himself.


Before he straightened his long legs, his eyes swept outside the counter and there was a man standing silently. He didn’t know when he came in, but he didn’t make any sounds.


He instinctively raised his eyes and looked directly at the man.


The person standing opposite was a tall man dressed in black, with a face finely cut and angular, he originally looked like an ancient and unruffled person, but as soon as he met Li Zhiqing’s eyes, his eyes seemed to change abruptly.


He didn’t know if his face was too white or his pupils were too dark. Those eyes could suck others’ eyes in like abyss.


Li Zhiqing was stunned by him. It took a long time to react and he tentatively opened his mouth: “… who are you?”


The man didn’t speak, he just looked straight.


This posture, if it weren’t for the murderous look in his eyes, Li Zhiqing would suspect that he was a door-to-door robber.


“Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked.


The other man still didn’t open his mouth.


Li Zhiqing stared at the other man with his eyes wide open, until his neck got a little sore, he didn’t hear the man squeeze out a word.


Li Zhiqing frowned a little, not because he was unhappy with the man’s attitude of not saying anything, but simply because now he was sitting and the other man was standing, which made him look too short by comparison.


Thinking of this, he stood up from the soft chair and looked the other man up and down in passing.


The man’s hands were empty, obviously not here to buy old books, but rather like he had come to….


“You’re here to see someone?”


Wait, looking for someone.


Lai Zhiqing’s gaze shifted downward and landed on the black clothes, raising his gaze expansively and quickly added, “You’re Song Junlin?”


The man nodded at first, then froze.


“So it’s you.” Li Zhiqing laughed and walked around the counter to the man, he originally wanted to shake hands with this future roommate, but unexpectedly saw his eyes light up and follow his outstretched hand, his arm directly embraced his entire body.


Li Zhiqing was startled, but did not find such an affectionate greeting outrageous, and hesitantly hugged him back, patting the man on the back in passing.


He was about to say something, when a young man suddenly opened the door and scampered into the shop. He was shocked to see the two people hugging each other, and only after collecting the umbrella did he compensate with a smile and said: “Is Boss Tang in? I’m Song Junli, and I wanted to come see the reservation.”


Li Zhiqing was half a beat slow to react to his words, and his eyes went round.


There was Song Junli standing over there, so who was this person he was holding right now!


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