C99 — What do you want to do?

The dean was silent for a moment before squeezing out a sentence: “I respect your choice.”


In this situation, he couldn’t do anything other than respect it; he couldn’t just kick He Yishu out of the first academy as the dean of the first academy, could he?


He Yishu smiled and thanked him earnestly: “Thank you, Dean. Although I made this choice out of my own considerations, I’m still very grateful that you were willing to give me such advice.”


“You don’t need to take it to heart; in fact, I did this because of the pressure from the military department; after all, you are now a unique existence in the entire interstellar empire.” The dean calmed down the emotional fluctuations that arose from being forcefully stuffed with dog food and said very honestly, “By the way, I’ll give you a reminder: with your current situation, you’re definitely being monitored by the Ministry of the Army 360° without any dead angles, including the people around you; they’ll also be treated the same way, but you don’t need to put this matter on your mind, because their fundamental purpose should only be to ensure your personal safety.”


He Yishu immediately thought of the matter regarding the potion. He had previously felt that the discovery of this matter couldn’t be a coincidence, but considering that this matter might be related to the military department, he didn’t ask more questions. Now that he thought about it, it was very likely that He Chengkun’s family was being monitored by the military department, and that was why this matter was exposed so quickly.


Although he didn’t think of this before, He Yishu’s arrangement with the military department was actually not exclusive; after all, with his current situation, there must be quite a few people who wanted to scheme against him, but Adrian’s father had enough power to suppress them. As the future partner of the military department’s marshal’s only son, He Yishu didn’t think he needed to worry about personal privacy at all.


However, for the dean’s friendly reminder, He Yishu still had to respond: “Thank you for your reminder; I understand and accept the military department’s arrangement.”


“You’re very open-minded; I seem to appreciate you even more.” He Yishu’s reply made the smile on the dean’s face even more pronounced: “I respect your choice, but even though you’ve rejected the suggestion of early graduation, I’m still going to give my promise that during your attendance at the first academy, you’ll be able to freely choose your courses, as well as the schedule of your courses, so that you can go and do what you want to do without any worries.”


Such an arrangement was indeed friendly to He Yishu. “Thank you, Dean.”


When He Yishu left the dean’s office, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Adrian standing by the side. He Yishu was surprised at first, but after a little thought, he understood why Adrian appeared here, so he just smiled and spoke first, “The dean asked me to come here; he just wanted to tell me that I don’t need to worry about the curriculum during my time in the first academy.”


“I know, that’s why I didn’t go in directly,” Adrian nodded, raising his hand to rub on He Yishu’s head. “I was just worried that you’d be uneasy, so I waited here.”


He cocked his head to the side and smiled. “But I didn’t know you were here.”


“I’m right here, whether you can see it or not, and,” Adrian said, taking He Yishu’s hand and interlocking their fingers, “I’ll be there whenever you need me in the future.”


The words were too emotional, and He Yishu felt a tingling sensation in his heart, and responded with a hint of sweetness in his voice: “I believe you; don’t break your promise.”


After saying this, He Yishu said: “By the way, there is one thing that I need to discuss with you. Just now, a student from the same major asked me to attend his birthday party, and I guess this matter may be related to Lu Na’s plan.”


Adrian then said, “I’ve discussed it with my father; he said that he can guarantee your safety, so we can act according to our own plans.”


Listening to Adrian’s words, he obviously didn’t know about the military’s strict monitoring of He Yishu, which in turn made He Yishu feel a little bit more good about Adrian’s father. The reason why Arman didn’t tell Adrian must be because he was worried that this matter would affect the relationship between him and Adrian, right?


After all, if Adrian was unaware of this, even if the matter was exposed, or if He Yishu found out something, the blame definitely wouldn’t be on Adrian.


Thinking of this, He Yishu smiled slightly: “Okay, then I’ll accept the invitation.”


Adrian didn’t know what He Yishu was thinking and only promised seriously, “I’ll accompany you there at that time.”


Adrian sent He Yishu to the door of the classroom and saw him sit down before turning to leave.


He didn’t rush to communicate with that classmate to confirm that he would attend his birthday party; after all, there were still a few days left before the weekend, and if he changed his attitude so quickly after just rejecting the other party, it would appear too suspicious.


It wasn’t until the afternoon of the third day, when that classmate once again took the initiative to find He Yishu and ask him about this matter, that He Yishu pretended to be in a difficult position as he reluctantly spoke, “I’ve already spoken to Adrian before, and he said that if he has the time during the weekend, he might go to your birthday party with me.”


Such an uncertain answer didn’t satisfy the other party, who looked at He Yishu with a sincere expression and said, “I really hope you can attend my birthday party!”


As long as he was able to successfully invite He Yishu to his birthday party, he would be able to successfully obtain 50,000 credits. Such a good opportunity could never be missed!


He Yishu pretended to think hard for a while longer before reluctantly saying, “Alright then, if there’s no surprise, we should be able to go to your birthday party.”


The other party’s eyes lit up. “Then please do come!”


After saying that, the other party immediately sent the time and location of the birthday party to He Yishu: “This hotel is near the First Academy; it’s very easy to find; I’ll pick you up at the door then.”



“Okay, then I’ll trouble you.” He Yishu glanced at the address and smiled as he said goodbye.


After returning to the flat, He Yishu immediately sent the address to Adrian, who in turn immediately told Arman about it, and the security and defense work began immediately.


Saturdays and Sundays every week were free time for the students; many of them would choose to go home to be with their families, while others would continue to stay in the First Academy, either to date their lovers, go for a stroll around the neighborhood, or, of course, continue to be surrounded by knowledge.


In the previous period of time, because of the stalemate with He Tingting and the change in his father’s attitude, He Xiaochen’s weekends had always been spent in the First Academy, but this time, he finally summoned up the courage to make a trip home.


Standing in front of his house, He Xiaochen felt particularly heavy-hearted. He took a few deep breaths before lifting his foot and walking in the door; however, there was no one in the living room; only He Tingting’s school bag was casually thrown on the sofa.


He Xiaochen thought for a moment and went straight up to the first floor. He Tingting should be in their mother’s room.


Just as He Xiaochen expected, he had just approached his mother’s room when he heard He Tingting’s voice coming from inside; however, when he heard what He Tingting was saying, He Xiaochen immediately stopped in his tracks.


“Mum, can we really destroy He Yishu this time? I’m scared.” He Tingting’s voice seemed to carry a small tremor, but rather than it being fear, it was more like a tremor of excitement.


Lu Na’s voice was soft as she comforted her. “You should be doing everything I’ve instructed you to do, right? As long as we are careful enough, we will never be discovered, so you don’t have to worry and be afraid too much.”


“Of course I’ve done everything according to mom’s instructions, but will this really not implicate us?” He was tingling, asking rhetorically.


“Of course, you also told me before that the person organizing the birthday banquet doesn’t have a good relationship with you, so even if He Yishu wants to be suspicious when the time comes, he’ll only suspect this person who invited him, not you.” Lu Na rubbed He Tingting’s soft hair, her voice becoming more and more gentle as she spoke. “And the person who’ll pass him drinks at the banquet also has nothing to do with you; when something goes wrong, all you have to do is hide far away, and no one will be able to suspect you.”


“Mom, you’re right, this matter really has nothing to do with me.” He Tingting’s voice sounded as if it were trembling even more. “But I’m still not quite sure, Mom. Can that kind of thing really completely destroy He Yishu?”


Lu Na’s answer sounded confident, but it was almost as if she was convincing herself, “Of course, it will definitely work.”


Hearing her mother’s answer, He Tingting’s tone also became more determined: “He humiliated me like that before and even tried to snatch away what belongs to me; I must not let him off this time!”


He Xiaochen, who was standing outside the door, couldn’t believe his ears. He was shocked to hear such a conversation between his mother and sister!


He Xiaochen barely suppressed the shock in his heart and pushed the door of the room open, his gaze carrying disbelief as he looked at the two people sitting together in the room.


Seeing the sudden appearance of He Xiaochen, He Tingting’s gaze instantly became flustered, but soon this panic was replaced by anger: “What are you doing back here?”


Compared to He Tingting’s hostility, Lu Na’s behavior was much more calm; apart from the initial hint of panic, she quickly adjusted her emotions and smiled, “Xiaochen is back; sit down.”


After saying that, Lu Na turned her head to He Tingting and scolded her, “You’re really not sensible. Your brother always thinks for you, no matter what he does. How can you still be angry with him?”


He Xiaochen’s gaze was fixed on Lu Na, and after a moment, he finally couldn’t bear it and questioned in a low voice, “I heard everything you just said. What exactly are you going to do to He Yishu?!”



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