C90 – Announcing a Major Decision

After thinking about it for a moment, Qiao An was also afraid that he would affect things with He Yishu and Adrian, so he nodded. “Alright then, I’ll wait for you in the apartment.”

Before leaving, Zheng Juncheng turned around and gave He Yishu and Adrian a serious look, mouthing the words, “Thank you.”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for a response from the two and directly walked out side by side with Qiao An.

After the two left, He Yishu turned his head and smiled at Adrian. “I think Zheng Juncheng seems to have a little bit of a crush on Qiao An, can you tell?”

Adrian nodded, not forgetting to give himself some extra points: “I can see it; Zheng Juncheng’s eyes are very focused on Qiao An, just like the way I looked at you the first time I saw you.”

He Yishu couldn’t help but smile, and the antipathy he just felt because of Qiao An’s father eased. “But Qiao An and I are different; he’s facing such a problem, and he must feel insecure, so it definitely won’t be too easy to chase after him.”

After adding his own points, Adrian also added points to He Yishu: “That’s why I’m much luckier than Zheng Juncheng.”

He Yishu laughed even more happily, but when he thought that Qiao An’s father was right next door, the good mood that had just risen was immediately dampened: “Let’s not stay here; I really don’t want to see this person anymore.”

For the interrogation of Qiao An’s ex-father, there were specialized personnel in charge, so Adrian directly brought He Yishu to find Arman.

Having just eradicated a force hostile to him from the military department, Arman was in a very good mood, and when he saw He Yishu, he was in an even better mood: “Xiao Shu, sit down quickly; has your friend’s matter been dealt with?”

He Yishu nodded his head and said, “It’s been taken care of; thank you for your help, uncle.”

“Xiao Shu’s words are completely in line with my thoughts; you’ve done me a big favor in this matter. So it should be me thanking you,” said Arman. He stood up from behind his desk, walked across from He Yishu, and sat down.


“You don’t need to worry about dealing with the Brandt family next. Leave this matter to Uncle. If you have any requests, feel free to ask.”

He Yishu answered respectfully: “Everything will be handled by Uncle.”

Arman really looked at He Yishu and found him more and more pleasing to the eye; he was even more pleasing to the eye than Adrian: “When this matter is over, the next step will depend on your arrangements; in fact, the matter of the rune cards isn’t too urgent; the more it’s delayed, the more it’ll make them value you. And if you have any requests, you must not be polite; don’t ever be embarrassed to mention them to me; after all, the person who will pay for them won’t be me.”

He Yishu was amused by Arman’s words and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, uncle, I will definitely not be polite.”

The two of them exchanged pleasantries for a while, completely leaving Adrian to the side, but Adrian wasn’t angry; watching his lover and his own father exchanging pleasantries made him very happy.

After leaving the military department, He Yishu and Adrian went straight back to the first academy. Now that the scum that should be abused had been abused more or less, what they needed to consider was the next Han character card to popularize.

In order to determine his next plan of action, He Yishu first ran to the virtual internet to browse around for a while, then he realized that his current popularity seemed to be very high, and he could see relevant posts about him everywhere.

Some of these posts were analyzing exactly how He Yishu had created those rune cards, some were discussing his performance in the Mecha Competition, and of course, some gossipy posts also existed.

In these various posts, most of the passersby were expressing their admiration for He Yishu, as well as discussing and exploring his ability to create these rune cards, but there were also a small number of people whose statements seemed particularly harsh.

Villain #1: What kind of rune card big brother is he? I think he’s just a self-serving guy! He obviously has more advanced methods of making rune cards, but he’s unwilling to teach them to others; he’s simply selfish to the extreme!

Villain #2: He’s deliberately hiding the process in order to be admired by others. I really don’t understand how so many people can support such a selfish person.

Villain #3: What is there to brag about when he only has a level F mental energy? If it weren’t for his relationship with Adrian, he wouldn’t even be qualified to participate in the Mecha Competition, right?

Villain #4: You’re a calculating person, and you deliberately humiliate other contestants on the field. How can such a character be liked by so many people? I really can’t understand how you people think anymore!


Of course, when such illogical attacks existed, many righteous passersby came out to refute their comments on behalf of He Yishu.

Righteous Passerby #1: He Yishu is capable of creating such powerful rune cards; it’s his own skill, so who are you to ask him to pass these skills on to you? I have never seen a person with such a big face who wants others to give unconditionally even though they’re not capable.

Righteous Passerby #2: Don’t bully Mr. He Yishu based on the fact that he’s alone and weak, okay? Before, so many rune card masters chose to keep the method and process of making rune cards a secret, and no one ever thought there was anything wrong with it; so why is it that now that this matter has been put on Mr. He Yishu, your attitudes have become so drastic?

Righteous Passer-by #3: You can just express your envy and jealousy directly; but to talk about mental energy level, isn’t it equal to slapping the face of the majority of rune card masters? How can those rune card masters whose mental Level is higher than level F but whose ability to create rune cards is not as good as He Yishu’s continue to exist? It’s fine if you want to make excuses for yourself, but please don’t be a cannon fodder, okay? Being able to team up with Adrian is one of the strengths of the rune card boss. Even if you feel jealous, Adrian won’t look at you more than once, so don’t add drama to yourself, okay?


Righteous Passerby #5: Those people who are deliberately looking for a fight and want to discredit Rune Card Big Brother, please straighten out your own logic before you open your mouth, okay? Didn’t you see the disgusting things those people have done before you said Rune Card Big Brother was being mean? Let me count the number of people the rune card big brother has abused.

One is a scumbag who cheated with his lover’s best friend during the course of a relationship; one is a scumbag who seduced his best friend’s lover; and one is a scumbag who attempted to use Rune Card Big Brother as a pawn. Do you think any of them shouldn’t have been abused? If someone can answer this question, it counts as my loss.


With the rebuttals of many righteous passersby, most of the naysayers retreated in disgrace, but there was also a very small portion of them who got more and more courageous and went around looking for posts to criticize He Yishu.


He Yishu certainly wouldn’t be affected by the speeches of these jealous people, but it had to be said that the existence of these people did affect He Yishu’s plans.

He Yishu’s original intention was to slowly popularize Chinese characters as a kind of teaching material. Just as in his original world, all people would learn the Chinese language in a systematic way, from a single letter to the pinyin that combined them, from the radicals to a complete Chinese character, from a word to a sentence…


On such a basis, people would slowly turn writing, through practice, into calligraphy and experience the flavor and style of it.

But after seeing the speeches of some people, He Yishu changed his mind.

Instead of imparting all the knowledge he possessed about Chinese characters directly to the people of the Interstellar Empire, it would be better to teach this knowledge only to those who could get his approval.

At the same time, He Yishu would be able to use this as a means to gain enough benefits for himself and also allow those he recognized to gain certain benefits, so it could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

After determining this idea, He Yishu first discussed it with Adrian and, at the same time, informed Arman. After getting the support of these two people, He Yishu directly went to the virtual network and made a post.

[The first batch of Han Character Card lectures will begin soon; places are limited; first come, first served!]

Although the title of this post left a lot of people scratching their heads and there wasn’t much description in the content of the post because the poster was He Yishu, the post and immediately attracted a large wave of onlookers and discussions.


1L︰ This is the first time Rune Card Big Brother posted, so let’s take a photo together to commemorate the occasion!

2L: shā fā!

[TN: shā fā—first to reply]

3L︰2L, you are no longer the first; I am sitting on the floor and strongly requesting to take a photo with the rune card boss as a souvenir!

4L: With the first batch of Chinese character card classes, does this mean that Rune Card Big Brother is going to accept students? I want to enroll! I want to enroll! I want to enroll! I said it three times; please see my comment!

5L: Whether or not Rune Card Big Brother is really recruiting students, I’m going to sign up!

6L: rune card big brother, see me; I’m your brainwashed fan, and I’m also yours and Adrian’s big CP fan. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!


In a short while, this post had several hundred comments, but He Yishu directly closed the virtual network after uploading the post, not even bothering to read the replies.

For the first batch of Han character card instruction, the number of people He Yishu intended to recruit wasn’t much; there were only 20 in total, and this also included the three people who had already been confirmed, namely Adrian, Qiao An, and a very strong and, at the same time, trusted rune card master that Arman had arranged over from the military department.

And on top of that, He Yishu had just directly picked nine passerby rune card masters who had once defended him many times on the virtual network, so there were only eight people left who really needed to be picked out through this post.

And the enrollment time he stated in the post was within three days, so He Yishu didn’t even need to care about this post for the time being.

Since he wanted to start a course, the teaching program was the most important thing. He Yishu’s current plan was to first give these selected people a foundation, and when the foundation was well established, he would carry out in-depth education in different directions.

However, if they wanted to learn this language well, laying the foundation itself required a short period of time, so for the specific, in-depth education, He Yishu still had enough time for detailed planning.

Just as He Yishu was focusing most of his energy on this matter, he suddenly received a completely unexpected communication request.



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