C9—- Half-Sister

  As expected, the professor’s voice became colder: “Since you are the one who slandered your classmate in the first place, it is only right to be punished, how can you take it out on your classmate? This is simply too much!”

At this moment, He Tingting had almost completely lost her ability to think, her sudden action of standing up just now was completely out of control under extreme anger, and now being accused by the professor like this, she obviously had no courage to defend herself, after all, the letter of disciplinary action was still lying quietly in her light computer.

But just because she didn’t say anything didn’t mean that He Yishu would let her go, he turned his head to look at He Tingting, and hesitantly spoke: “Professor, He Tingting is actually my sister, after my father and mother divorced, my father soon married my stepmother, He Tingting is my stepmother’s daughter. Although we are half-siblings, we didn’t grow up together after all, so it’s perhaps normal that she would hate me?”

He Yishu said these words calmly and easily, but the surrounding listeners were all like”These words are so informative!” with shocked expressions.

If his parents were divorced, then after the second marriage, his stepmother bringing in a sister older than him was weird, but this matter combined with the “half-siblings” was very impressive.

The stepmother brought in the sister, wasn’t this the same as saying that his father and stepmother hooked up together early in life, but also had a child during the affair?

When they thought about it, they understood why He Tingting had targeted He Yishu so much, and even slandered him for cheating on the entrance exam.

But there were also people who doubted that things were really so explosive. Could it be that He Yishu had a slip of tongue and used the wrong words?

Then someone whispered curiously, “Is it true that …… you and He Tingting are from the same father and different mothers?”

He Yishu blinked and before he could speak, he heard He Tingting sharply say with a sobbing voice: “Shut up! All of you shut up! Who gave you permission to talk about this kind of things!”

This time, without He Yishu speaking up again, everyone had found the right answer.

There was silence all around, but He Tingting cried even more, she didn’t expect things to turn out like this!

However, her tears didn’t evoke anyone’s sympathy, the children of this age understood most of things, their world view had also been largely established, they all had their own basic judgment, just because a person looked very poor didn’t mean they would be sympathetic, after all, their sympathy wasn’t cheap.

And really, who was more pathetic, a child born of a mistress, could they be more miserable than the legitimate child?

Now, especially, the stepmother had been married in, and was in charge of everything in the home. Who knew how she treated the innocent legitimate child?

Compassion could only be called compassion if it was used in the right place. Otherwise, what was the difference between compassion and helping others to abuse others?

In such a weird atmosphere, the professor said with a stern expression: “He Tingting didn’t abide by the classroom discipline and casually denigrated her classmates, I’ll deduct 0.5 credits as punishment, and if there is a next time, the punishment will be doubled.”

The matter ended with the professor’s harsh punishment. Even if He Tingting was aggrieved, angry and irritated to the extreme, she had to keep all her emotions inside herself at this time, she didn’t want to be punished for the third time in a day because of that loser He Yishu.

He Yishu, on the other hand, calmly sat down again and continued to listen carefully, he was also summarizing what had just happened.

  When He Tingting first questioned his entrance exam results, the reason why He Yishu didn’t directly produce his entrance exam results to prove his innocence was indeed partly because it wouldn’t teach He Tingting a substantial lesson.

But there were also other reasons, his entrance examination results were indeed different from others, other students’ admission results were mostly two words, “admitted” or “not admitted”, while his had four words.

  He was admitted with four words.

  These four words were clearly engraved in He Yishu’s admission results there, although he wasn’t bothered by it, others may react differently.

The admission itself was unusual, perhaps some people would interpret this result as unique or different, but He Yishu knew that being seen as different, would make him isolated.

He was new to this era, and was alone, he had just separated from the He family, even the direction of his future road wasn’t yet determined, in this case, He Yishu didn’t intend to stand out.

Even if he wanted to be high-profile, it wasn’t at this time.

Because he didn’t want to put his admission results in front of everyone and give He Tingting an opportunity, He Yishu simply changed the route, which not only gave He Tingting a powerful blow, but also avoided unnecessary troubles caused by this incident, and also solved the problems more quickly and effectively, killing three birds with one stone.

The problem was solved, He Yishu’s mood was good, but Qiao An had an apprehensive expression, as if he had done something wrong.

Although He Yishu saw it in his eyes, he didn’t ask, he needed a friend, but he didn’t someone too timid to say anything.

It wasn’t until the end of class that Qiao An mustered up the courage to clench his fist and say to He Yishu, “He Yishu, I …… have something I want to say to you.”

He Yishu’s face showed a gentle smile: “What is it? Say it.”

Qiao An didn’t dare to look at He Yishu’s eyes, he lowered his head and said guiltily, “I’m sorry!”

He Yishu raised his eyebrows: “Why are you suddenly saying that to me? I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong to me, right?”

“It was just now,” Qiao An secretly took a deep breath and tried to speak clearly, “I should have stood up for you, but I didn’t, so …… I’m really sorry! ”

In fact, from the very beginning of the matter, He Yishu noticed that Qiao An wanted to stand up, and he was even so anxious about it that his face turned red, but in the end he couldn’t muster up enough courage.

He Yishu knew very well that Qiao An didn’t intend to stand aside in this matter, he even wanted to stand up for him, but his nature was too timid, and he simply couldn’t.

So before Qiao An opened his mouth, although He Yishu didn’t think he would become friends with such a timid character, he didn’t hate him either.

And after listening to Qiao An’s current words, He Yishu began to feel that perhaps he could consider being friends with this person, but only if he wasn’t so simple and cowardly all the time.

Thinking this way, He Yishu gradually put away the smile on his face and said to Qiao An with a straight face, “Qiao An, why do you think you should have stood up for me just now?”

Qiao An was slightly stunned by He Yishu’s words, and the guilt on his face became mixed with a little puzzlement.

He Yishu then threw out a series of questions: “It’s true that we are roommates now, but do you know me? Do you know how I am as a person? Could you really be sure that I was the victim in this matter before the college’s investigation results came out?”

Qiao An froze again, and only after half a second did he shake his head with a slightly bewildered expression, “No…… I don’t know.”

“In that case, why do you think you should have just stood up for me? Just because we’re roommates?” He Yishu was the kind of person who would think things through extra clearly before making a decision, but he also knew that everyone’s personalities and life circumstances were different, and the final results of their growth would obviously vary, which was all very normal.

But for Qiao An, who was obviously timid as hell, but had to force himself to pluck up the courage to stand up for a classmate he just met a day ago, He Yishu was really a little confused.

What kind of environment made a person develop such an odd and contradictory personality?

Qiao An was now completely frozen, he really didn’t seem to have considered this issue at all before he acted so confused and clueless.

He Yishu also didn’t want to know the answer, his voice softened as he continued: “I say this, not to accuse you, I just want to tell you that kind-heartedness is indeed a rare good quality, but if you don’t know how to judge whether the object is worthy of your kindness, this wonderful quality will become foolish, become worthless, and even in turn, hurt you. ”

Hearing these words, the bewilderment on Qiao An’s face gradually turned into contemplation, although he was timid, he wasn’t stupid, he could understand He Yishu’s intentions.

But he really never considered this issue before, even if he understood his words, he needed time to slowly digest it.

He Yishu finished speaking and turned back to continue reading the textbook, he actually knew very well that his words just now were very inappropriate, they had just met, Qiao An didn’t trust him much, He Yishu shouldn’t have said these direct and harsh words at the beginning of their acquaintance.

  Perhaps Qiao An would simply give up on him as a friend after this, right? After all, he did seem to be a very verbal and heartless guy.

He Yishu thought with a little sigh, but didn’t regret his move.

For him now, it was naturally good to make the right friend, but this wasn’t the most important, He Yishu didn’t want to spend too much thought on this matter.

Qiao An’s character was already like that, he didn’t know how long he would have to wait for him to change.

Determined, He Yishu put this matter aside for a while, and Qiao An slowly thought about this problem. In the next few days, there wasn’t much communication between them, and He Yishu’s life gradually formed a routine.

Every day, after class, he ate and slept, and also learnt more about the interstellar world, as well as considered how he could make money.

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