C86 — Military Department Meeting

The scene instantly became silent, even Elisa didn’t know how to react for a moment, as for the man on the other end of the communication, after playing this recording, he chose to hang up the communication, probably he didn’t want to have any communication with Elisa anymore.

Silence, dead silence, silence that contained countless information…

Until the girl standing in front of Elisa opened her mouth to break the silence filled with tension: “Elisa, when I heard this communication between you and Xiao Lu, I was wondering why? You obviously don’t like Xiao Lu, but you were still able to justifiably ask him to do this kind of thing for you; now I finally understand, it turns out that you’re a person with a heart of stone and selfishness…”.

Elisa seemed to have finally and reluctantly come back to her senses only at this time, she mechanically blinked and opened her mouth to speak but was completely speechless, she probably still hadn’t figured out why things had turned out to be the way they were now.

Obviously when she brought up the topic, there was no warning, and the man hadn’t acted strangely, so how on earth did he record it? Could it be that when they had just met, the other party had already turned on the monitoring equipment of the light device?

When she thought of this, a wave of anger rose in Elisa’s heart, she didn’t expect that the person who seemed so loyal to her would do such a thing!

But soon, that anger was replaced by even stronger panic and fear, that recording just now had already been heard by so many people. There was no way for her to defend herself anymore.

And the moment she thought about how this recording would make these people perceive her, and what a huge impact it would have on her, Elisa’s face instantly turned pale!

It was over, the elegant image that she had worked so hard to portray before was all going to be over because of this incident!

She was unable to defend herself, and could only let these horrible things happen one by one. Thinking about it, Elisa almost went crazy!

After listening to the recording, the girl’s expression wasn’t really good, after all, this incident was tantamount to a betrayal for her, but perhaps this was the punishment for what she had done before? After all, she had also blindly gone to hurt other people for the sake of the so-called love.

Thinking of this, the girl didn’t say anything more, after she sighed softly, she directly turned around and left; although this incident was a very unpleasant experience for the girl, at least she was able to understand one thing.

True love was never selfish, when you blindly hurt others for the sake of the so-called love, this kind of relationship could no longer be called love.

So after this incident, no matter what the outcome of the matter was, she wouldn’t continue to blindly follow love.

On the other side, He Yishu patted the boy’s shoulder after closing the communication and smiled, “Thank you for your willingness to cooperate with us, seeing as you did me a favor, I won’t pursue you for scheming against me before.”

The boy’s expression was ugly, he lowered his head and looked at his light device, not taking heed of He Yishu’s words.

After experiencing that incident just now, his face really didn’t look good either. Even though he had always known that Elisa didn’t like him at all, he had never imagined that in Elisa’s eyes, he was just a pawn that could be discarded at any time.

When He Yishu found him and asked him to do this, the boy was actually very resistant, but after hearing those words from Elisa with his own ears, he gritted his teeth and changed his mind. For someone who had never cared about him at all, and had never cared about his dedication, what was there for him to hesitate about?

With this thought in mind, the boy followed He Yishu’s request and played the recording.

He Yishu didn’t force the boy to respond, and after saying this, he directly got up and left.

However, He Yishu wasn’t as generous as he claimed, since this person dared to help Elisa, He Yishu obviously couldn’t forgive him so generously and easily.

Even if he did help him a lot in this matter, this was the result of He Yishu’s own trickery, rather than him taking the initiative to admit his mistake.

However, He Yishu didn’t intend to set up another scheme to punish this person, because he knew that someone else would give him a sufficient lesson instead.

After He Yishu left, the boy sat quietly for a while, and finally mustered up the courage to dial that communication number again, and the other party quickly picked up.

But before the boy could take the initiative to admit his mistake and plead for forgiveness, the girl across from him had already spoken up, “Xiao Lu, this matter ends here, and we also end here. Please don’t contact me again in the future, okay?”

The boy stared blankly at these words, for a moment he felt empty and a little confused, he didn’t even know how to react.

After a moment, he spoke up with eagerness to plead, “I know I did something wrong, and I also know that I haven’t treated you well all along. But now I know I was wrong, and I will do my best to make up for you. Can’t you give me a chance?”

The girl in the communication smiled bitterly and sighed, “Xiao Lu, the person who did wrong in this matter is not only you, there is also me. I am actually just like you, so blind for the sake of love to the point that I lost my bottom line of being a human being, and almost hurt an innocent person. So I hope you can understand that for us, separating is the best choice, and I also hope that you won’t make such a mistake again in the future.”

The boy wanted to speak again, but the girl didn’t give him a chance, and after saying “If you really care for me, please don’t contact me again”, she directly hung up.


The boy stared blankly for a while before lowering his head with a disheveled expression, then he covered his face with both hands.

For the sake of illusory love, he oncd did a lot of things for Elisa in order to attract her attention, and even after being with someone, he still didn’t give up this fantasy.

Before he was completely hurt by Elisa, he didn’t realize how much he had hurt the girl, but now even though he had already realized this, he didn’t have the chance to make up for it anymore.

Because the girl was also so hurt by him that she finally chose to give up.

However, what the boy didn’t know was that the reason why the girl was so resolute in this matter was because He Yishu had a detailed conversation with her about this matter before.

However, it was obvious that the boy would never know about this matter, because the girl had already chosen to completely sever ties with him, and it was impossible for He Yishu to tell him about this matter.

On the other side, although Elisa was furious, she was the one who was at a disadvantage, so other than breaking her teeth and swallowing her blood, she simply had no other choice, she couldn’t even take the initiative to tell her father or mother about this.

Before this, Elisa’s father had already reminded her again and again, telling her not to make any more capricious moves; so if this matter was really known by her father, it would only annoy him.

As for Elisa’s mother, after the previous report incident, her mother had complained about her many times, saying that she had forgotten her proper manners; if her mother knew about this, Elisa would definitely be blamed again.

Under these circumstances, Elisa could only try to minimize the number of times she appeared in front of other people, but even so, this matter was still spread by people who had the intention to do so, and every time Elisa went out, she would receive a lot of gazes from people who looked at her strangely.

In this situation, time quickly slipped to three days later; the high-level meeting of the military department was finally officially held.

In the slightly empty large conference room, there was only one rounded metal table, with twenty reclining chairs placed around the table.

When Arman walked into the conference room with his most trusted subordinates, the other chairs in the conference room were already full of people, Arman walked straight to the center of the round table with a serious expression, and slowly sat down after looking around.

The meeting officially began.

“Everyone here should be well aware of the topic of this meeting, but before we officially begin our discussion, I think it’s necessary for everyone to revisit the ins and outs of this matter.” Arman spoke in a deep voice, his gaze once again sweeping over each and every participant here.

The members who participated in this high-level meeting of the Military Department were all dignitaries who served in the Military, and the lowest status among them had reached the rank of a Major General.

At Arman’s signal, his subordinates directly opened the virtual display in the conference room and began to play the prepared video material.

The video recorded every scene of He Yishu’s talisman card creation in the Mecha Competition, as well as a demonstration of the effects produced when the corresponding talisman card was used.

Everyone present in the room had seen this video before, and had even seen it more than once, but at this moment, when the video was once again shown in front of them, they were still deeply shocked by the contents of the video, and thus the conference room was completely silent.

At the end of the video, the conference room was still silent, Arman once again looked around, and spoke seriously, “Everyone, first say what you think.”

Although there were only twenty people who participated in this meeting plus Arman, each one of them was a key member of the military department, and their views were equivalent to the views held by their respective forces, and the final solution arrived at through this meeting would also represent the attitude of the entire military department.

The generals were not in a hurry to speak, but swept their gazes towards the others, especially those who had dealings with their own forces or were in a state of hostility.

“I’m sure there shouldn’t be anyone among you who doesn’t know about He Yishu’s existence, right? It’s also impossible for you all to not have any thoughts about this person, right?” Arman’s two hands were interlocked and placed on the metal table in front of him, a small amount of amusement in his voice, “How come no one is willing to open their mouths now when I’m asking you all to speak? Or is it true that you all don’t have any opinion on this person, these things, and need me to assign you tasks directly?”

Upon hearing Arman’s words, after a few more seconds of silence in the conference room, someone finally took the initiative to speak up.



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