He Yishu knew that He Tingting should also be in this major, but he didn’t expect that He Tingting would still take the initiative to provoke him even though both sides had severed all relations.

With this in mind, He Yishu looked up at He Tingting with an unchanged expression and asked politely, “Student, may I ask what you want?”

He Tingting just suddenly spoke out because she impatient wanted an answer, hearing He Yishu speak with such a detached tone of voice, she finally realized that her actions seemed very abrupt.

  And at this time, there were already a few students looking over, which made her a little panicked, but she didn’t regret it, anyway, she had to solve this annoying problem.

So with that mindset, He Tingting gritted her teeth, and forced herself to smile: “He Yishu, have you been accepted into the Rune Card major too?”

So it was for this, He Yishu smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

Surprisingly, he admitted it just like that, He Tingting’s heart itched with hatred, and her voice became a bit harsh: “Then can you show me your admission test results?”

He Yishu continued to smile blandly, “No, and I need to remind you that your current behavior is really rude.”

How dare this trash who cheated her out of 5000 credits call her impolite?! He Tingting was simply going to explode with anger: “He Yishu, you don’t need to deliberately change the topic, I know your qualifications very well, with your strength, it’s impossible to be accepted, you must have cheated during the test!”

He Tingting also realized with hindsight that she had been a bit impulsive in saying that, but she didn’t think she had said anything wrong.

He Yishu’s spiritual power was as low as nothing, and he had never even made any rune cards before taking this exam, so there was no way he could have passed this exam!

Thinking of this, He Tingting’s gaze became more and more determined, it must be that He Yishu had used some unseemly means during the exam, and only this one reason could explain the current situation.

He Yishu was amused by He Tingting’s statement and raised his eyebrows and laughed lightly, but didn’t feel angry, because this person was too low to even make him angry: “Before slandering your own classmate, shouldn’t you first find tangible evidence? Otherwise, I am going to report you for defamation.”

After confirming the idea in her mind, He Tingting became more and more confident, and He Yishu’s calm reaction became a cover-up in her opinion, so He Tingting snorted arrogantly and said: “What proof do you need for this kind of thing? I know exactly how low your mental power level is, even if you can fool others, you can’t fool me! So you are the one who should be reported!”

“Since you think so,” He Yishu tilted his head and paused for a moment before he made up his mind and said, “Then let’s both go together.”

He Tingting was confused by He Yishu’s words for a moment and said in confusion, “Together? Together what?”

He Yishu explained in a flat tone, “Of course, we will report each other together, and then see what the result is, so that the problem can be easily solved?”

He Tingting couldn’t understand He Yishu’s logic, when normal people encountered this kind of situation, shouldn’t they first produce evidence to try to prove their innocence?

How come this person directly proposed to report each other at the first word?

Was he really confident, or was he deliberately bluffing for her to give in first?

He Yishu saw that He Tingting just looked at him and no longer spoke, thinking that she didn’t understand his meaning, he explained again very kindly: “We report each other, you report me for cheating during the entrance examination, I report you for deliberately slandering and defaming me, these two are paradoxes, one of them must be valid, is that clear? ”

Seeing that He Yishu explained this issue to her so seriously, He Tingting became more and more unsure of his mind, if he had really cheated, he couldn’t have acted so calmly as he did now, right?

Could it be that she had guessed wrong?

  However, even though the thoughts in her heart were already biased, He Tingting still couldn’t believe that He Yishu really got into the First Academy with his own strength, because there was no way he could have such strength!

For a while, He Tingting’s mind couldn’t help but fall into a dilemma, as she felt that He Yishu must have used some unseemly means during the exam, but she was also worried that her judgment was wrong and would bring her unnecessary trouble.

He Yishu could see He Tingting’s thoughts at a glance, and he despised such a person. She was the one who jumped out and deliberately sought trouble, and she was the one who cowered when it came to the critical moment.

“Have you already realized your mistake?” He Yishu raised his eyebrows and smiled, pretending to be generous, “If you have realized your mistake, as long as you are brave enough to admit it and apologize to me seriously, I will forgive you.”

He Yishu’s attitude was calm and generous, but He Tingting listened with great anger, wanting her to lower her head and apologize to that trash He Yishu, it was impossible!

He Tingting raised her chin, and the little conflict in her heart was suddenly halted under the effect of the provocation: “Since you said so, then let’s report each other, and see who will be punished in the end!”

The management mechanism of the First College was very perfect, students could report their classmates or professors at any time, as long as the evidence was solid, or the results were true after investigation, the First College would give strict treatment.

However, students couldn’t use this mechanism casually with a playful mindset. Once the reported situation was found to be untrue, the student who made the report would also be punished accordingly, with a light warning, or a certain number of credits deducted, and if the situation was really serious, he or she may even be directly expelled.

“Good.” He Yishu smiled calmly, and the two of them completed the operation of reporting together.

He Tingting directly reported He Yishu for cheating during the entrance exam, without providing any evidence, but He Yishu secretly put up the recording he had just made of He Tingting saying that he had cheated during the entrance exam.

When this was done, it was just about time for class, He Yishu looked at the time and smiled and said, “It is said that the First College handles student reports very quickly, by the time class is over, we should be able to receive the results of the report.”

After saying that, he then sat down directly in the seat beside Qiao An. Although He Tingting was a bit flustered as an afterthought, she also coldly snorted with great dignity and walked back to her seat with her chin tilted.

For the next class, He Tingting’s mind was on the light computer, and several students sitting around her were also concerned about the matter, so when the letter reporting the results came through, many people’s eyes glanced curiously at He Tingting’s light computer.

The moment she saw the results, He Tingting’s face instantly turned pale, and she stared at the letter with wide eyes, reading it back and forth as if she couldn’t read the words.

How was this possible!

How was this possible?

How wae this …… possible ……

In just a few minutes, He Tingting’s mind had changed again and again, eventually blanking out.

The content of the letter was clearly displayed on the light computer in front of her, as well as the sentence pronounced against her.

[Hello, after an exact investigation, the new student He Yishu, a first-year student of Capital Star First Academy’s Rune Card Major, did not cheat during the entrance examination, please be informed.

Because your report did not provide any evidence, and the content of the report is completely inconsistent with the facts, you are now given an initial warning.

Warm reminder: When you have received 3 warnings, 1 credit will be deducted directly from your account.

Just as He Tingting’s face turned pale, having trouble digesting such a result, her light computer received a new letter.

He Tingting’s body trembled as she clicked on the letter with trembling fingers, and the contents of the letter made her body tremble even more.

[Hello, after review, there is slander against your classmates in your previous words and actions, now deduct 0.5 credits from you as punishment.

Warm reminder: between classmates, when friendly, do not attack classmates at will without evidence.]

  0.5 credits!

For this matter, she was deducted 0.5 credits!

He Tingting was so shocked and annoyed that her chest was heaving and her body was shaking, but she could only desperately suppress her anger, she had already been deducted 0.5 credits, and if she continued to pester, she would definitely be the one to suffer in the end!

However, at this moment, He Yishu suddenly turned back to look at her, and met her eyes full of anger and defeat, and then slightly smiled.

  That smile looked very ordinary, but at this moment, in He Tingting’s eyes, it was sharply sarcastic and mocking her, and at the same time, she finally understood that He Yishu’s action just now was deliberate, he was deliberately calculating against her!

In an instant, it was as if something in He Tingting’s mind had exploded in a flash, causing her to completely lose her self-control and all her ability to think.

“He Yishu, you disgusting trash, how dare you scheme against me!” He Tingting couldn’t care less about the fact that it was still class time, she stood up from her seat and screamed in a sharp voice.

The entire classroom immediately fell silent, everyone’s eyes instantly shifted to He Tingting, even the professor who was lecturing on the podium was no exception, he frowned, looked at He Tingting critically and sternly reprimanded her , “What are you doing?!”

He Tingting reluctantly came back to her senses, she gradually realized what she had just done, and stood there with a pale face, unable to say anything.

He Yishu stood up at this time and spoke apologetically, “Professor, this is my fault, I shouldn’t have reported her because she slandered me, otherwise, she wouldn’t have been punished.”

In a simple sentence, he gave an account of the cause and effect, showed his identity as a victim, and at the same time manifested his gentle and courteous attitude, which could be said to be two in one.

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