C7—- Credit Deduction

 Once he heard He Yishu say this, Du Fangping’s face became more ugly, and the assistant’s face also showed a vague look of disgust, he used his light computer to check and chose an apartment on the same floor that was still vacant and said, “Let’s change rooms and talk.”

The assistant lifted his feet and walked towards that room, followed by He Yishu, Du Fangping wanted to go back to his room to check on Brooke, but didn’t dare to delay, so he could only grit his teeth and follow behind He Yishu.

  When he arrived at the empty apartment, He Yishu asked again, “Assistant, please help me change apartments.”

This incident had already made Du Fangping lose face, if He Yishu really changed the apartment, it would undoubtedly make things worse, he immediately meekly admitted his mistake, “Yishu, this time it was my fault, I will definitely not do it again, can you not change apartments? And it’s also very troublesome to change apartments, you don’t want the assistant to worry about it, right?”

  Such a low-level threat was useless to He Yishu, and he directly turned the tables on him, “You sound like you’re thinking of him, but if that were true, how could you do such a thing the day before the official start of school? You don’t follow the rules yourself, you did such a bad thing, invited trouble for the assistant, and tried to put the blame on others, and even used such despicable means to threaten me, you really let me down more and more.”

When the threat failed and he was accused instead, Du Fangping’s face turned red: “I didn’t …… I just ……”


However He Yishu didn’t even give him the chance to do so, “But since you asked, I’ll answer your question head-on. I really don’t want to trouble the assistant, so I can guarantee that I will definitely do things according to the rules of the academy and never bring unnecessary trouble to the assistant, is this answer satisfactory to you?”

  This wasn’t good, how could Du Fangping be satisfied!

But the fact was right in front of him, even if he wanted to refute, he couldn’t find an excuse that could be said, his face was almost purple.

The assistant was really trying to let He Yishu not to bother, but after hearing Du Fangping’s words, he changed his mind instead.

  As He Yishu said, the person who made the mistake in this matter was Du Fangping, not him, so why should he tolerate the mistake made by others?

Thinking of this, the life assistant looked at Du Fangping with a serious expression, “Du Fangping, this time your behaviour directly violated the code of the student residence, so I will deduct 0.5 credits from you as punishment for this matter, do you have any objections?”

  How could Du Fangping not have any objections when he was deducted 0.5 credits for this kind of thing even before the class officially started?

  But he also knew that he had done something wrong, and if the news spread, he would be the one to lose face. Therefore, even though he was very angry and unwilling, he could only lower his posture and plead in a low voice: “Assistant, I know that this is my fault, I will definitely pay attention to it in the future, please don’t deduct my credits, please!”

  The assistant didn’t bother to say another word to Du Fangping, if he knew that, why did he do it in the first place?

  He turned his head to look at He Yishu, his expression suddenly became much milder: “He Yishu, I agree with your application to change apartments, I’ll help you ……”

The words weren’t finished when the outer door of the apartment, which was closed tightly, was suddenly pushed open from the outside, followed by a timid head slowly peeking in.

  After pushing open the door, the teenager didn’t walk in directly, but first timidly swept a glance at the three people in the room, and then  he spoke quietly: “Hello …… you, may I come in, please?”

  He Yishu was the first to react, since this person could open the door of this apartment directly, it was obvious that he was a student who was assigned here, so he smiled, “Are you a student assigned to this apartment?”

When he heard this, the assistant reacted and looked down to see that a new student had been assigned to this apartment: “This student, your name is Qiao An, right?”

The teenager named Qiao An nodded timidly, “Yes, my name is Qiao An, may I ask who you are?”

  ”I am the assistant, these two are ……” The assistant first introduced himself, then looked at He Yishu and Du Fangping and said with a dry cough, “We were discussing some things, but now that the problem has been solved is resolved, please come in.”

  Only then did Qiao An walk in with his bag on his back, but he still stood not far from the door, looking a little too timid.

When He Yishu saw this, he had a thought: “Assistant, is there only one person living in this apartment now?”

All the student apartments in the First Academy were two-roomed, without any special presence. There were two separate rooms in a small set of apartments, each with a separate bathroom and kitchen, and the only thing that was shared was the living room when you entered the door.

The assistant immediately grasped He Yishu’s meaning and gave an affirmative answer after refreshing the information, “Yes, right now this apartment is still occupied by only Student Qiao An.”

“Then can I apply for a transfer to this apartment? I think this apartment is quite nice.” He Yishu inquired with a smile.




Du Fangping didn’t even have time to jump in and make a final stop, the assistant immediately agreed and quickly changed He Yishu’s accommodation information from the previous apartment room, to this place.

Now, the problem was completely solved, and everyone was happy except Du Fangping.

He Yishu politely sent the assistant away, ruthlessly shooing away Du Fangping who wanted to get angry but had no chance at all, before turning back to greet his new roommate: “Hello, your name is Qiao An, right? My name is He Yishu, I’m a first-year student majoring in Rune Card, and I’m glad to be your roommate.”

  Qiao An looked shy, even with only one person around, he still looked timid: “I’m also a new student in the Rune Card major, and I’m …… also very happy to meet you.”

“That’s a great coincidence,” He Yishu looked at the two rooms directly opposite the door, “According to the arrangement of the assistant, you should be in room number one and I’m in room number two.”

  ”Right, right.” Qiao An nodded.

He Yishu could see Qiao An’s shyness and didn’t communicate with him much, he just said goodbye to him and they went back to their respective rooms.

  Unlike other students who brought a lot of things to the academy and took a long time to put their rooms in order, He Yishu only carried a small bag with a few sets of clothes for changing and some daily necessities that he had taken time to buy in the past three days.

The First Academy’s apartment accommodation fee was 300 credits per month, the price was quite cost-effective, usually the basic textbooks for classes could be directly downloaded for free on the campus virtual network, no need to spend money, so He Yishu spent most of the money on daily food instead.

However, He Yishu now had less than 5,000 credits in total, so even if he was frugal, he would soon run out, so it was necessary to find a stable source of income.

He Yishu sighed lightly, but he had just entered the First Academy, he hadn’t found the answers to his speculation and doubts, he needed to wait.

  Because there was nothing to do, He Yishu went to bed early that night.

So the next morning, He Yishu got up very early, but he didn’t expect that when he walked out of his room, Qiao An was pulling open the door to the outer room and looked like he was ready to go out.

As a roommate, He Yishu greeted him politely, “Are you going out so early?”




Qiao An immediately smiled shyly, but compared to last night, he was much more articulate: “Well, I want to go to the classroom where I have a class early, I’m not familiar with the environment here.”




“That’s good.” He Yishu smiled and nodded.




Qiao An gave He Yishu a quick glance and plucked up the courage to ask, “Do you need me to wait for you so we’ll go together?”

“No,” He Yishu didn’t have a clingy nature and didn’t need others to accommodate him, but after refusing, He Yishu clearly felt Qiao An’s gaze dim slightly, it seemed that this new roommate of his was very eager to make new friends even though he seemed shy, thinking so, He Yishu added “Our classes should be together, can you please save a seat for me?”



Qiao An immediately nodded happily, “Yes, I will definitely help you find a good spot.”




He spoke as if this was some major mission, He Yishu felt a little amused and waved goodbye to Qiao An.

After washing up, He Yishu went to the nearby cafeteria to have a simple breakfast before he slowly boarded the college’s public airship and headed to his class.




He Yishu’s gaze moved slightly and he saw Qiao An sitting in the front row waving at him. It seemed that his impromptu decision was indeed very wise, otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to sit so close to the front.



He Yishu calmly lifted his feet and walked over to the empty seat next to Qiao An, but he didn’t see He Tingting sitting on the other side staring at him with a ghost-like gaze.



How was it possible!



How could that trash He Yishu appear here?

He Tingting couldn’t believe her eyes, but he was standing there, she couldn’t possibly be wrong!

Since He Yishu would appear here, did it mean that he was also accepted into the First Academy’s Rune Card Major, just like her?

But with his qualifications, that was simply impossible!

At this moment, He Tingting’s head was in a mess, no matter how she thought about it, she couldn’t believe that that loser He Yishu would be accepted into the First Academy, but if he wasn’t accepted, how could he appear here?




This was simply a contradiction!



Seeing that He Yishu was about to sit down and the time for class was approaching, He Tingting could no longer hold back and stood up, calling out He Yishu’s name while walking over with a tense expression.

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