C68 —- The start of the group stage


As for Adrian on the other side, after leaving the mecha operation room, he walked directly to He Yishu: “Was it boring to wait?”


“No, I had a good time watching,” He Yishu shook his head, he looked at Adrian slightly playfully, “Suddenly I think you are actually quite bad, the level of abuse is almost equal to me, but the end was a little too sudden, I was not prepared for it. ”


Adrian smiled faintly: “I saw you were just walking away and thought you were bored, that’s why I ended it quickly.”


“But it did drag on for quite a while,” He Yishu looked at the time and touched his stomach, “I’m getting hungry, what are we going to eat later?”


He Yishu and Adrian chatted while leaving the training ground, not far behind them Brooke kept his eyes on the two leaving side by side, his gaze gloomy and frightening.


The news that He Yishu had gotten together with Adrian really shocked Brooke, and at the same time he felt extraordinarily angry, he and He Yishu were separated for only a few months, but he had already hooked up with Adrian, it seemed that he had underestimated him before!


Then Brooke suddenly heard the gossip of several people not far away.


Assist #1: “Ah! The two of them really do look good together, I didn’t think that the dark-haired man just now was Adrian’s little boyfriend, ah, I didn’t even get to talk to him, too bad.”


Assist #2: “They look really close and get along naturally, I really never thought that Adrian would have such a softer side before, I’m so jealous!”


Assist #3: “I’m also jealous, but when I watched the game before I knew that the two of them have been together, and it definitely looks like they’ve been together for a while, so now my mind is well adjusted, from being a fan of one person to the two people, in fact I can also be considered to have earned.”


As soon as Assist 3 finished speaking, he saw Brooke quickly turn around and look at him not far away, his expression was pitch black, he bit out word by word: “They were already together during the game?”


Assist 3 was startled by Brooke’s expression and nodded inexplicably, “Yes, they were very obvious, weren’t they?”

Brooke’s insides were practically roaring, he had already gone over He Yishu and Adrian’s performance in the team mix earlier in the tournament in general, so why did he completely miss that the two of them were already in! One! Together! Together!



He now finally understood why Adrian had deliberately humiliated him on the training ground, and this knowledge made him feel embarrassed.



After what happened today, there must be countless people laughing at him behind his back, even He Yishu was among them!


On the other hand, He Yishu and Adrian didn’t feel Brooke’s murderous aura at all. After abusing the slag, the two of them ate their meals easily and then separated from each other.


The next day, the virtual arena issued the next schedule for the Mecha competition to each of the participants who had advanced.



The next match was a group match, where every three teams formed a team to face another team of three teams.


The rules of the group stage were very simple, each map had a random victory sign hidden in it, and the first team to find the victory sign or destroy the opposing team were victorious.


The choice of map was random, in other words, each team may encounter snowy mountains, storms, deserts, lakes and other terrain.


This time the team competition time was much shorter than the previous team mixed competition, each game was only a total of five hours, if in the five hours, the two teams hadn’t found the victory marker, nor destroyed the opponent, then the two teams would be eliminated at the same time.


The specific time of the competition was from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. the next day.


After receiving the notice, He Yishu and Adrian briefly discussed the strategy, this time the group competition wasn’t much pressure for both of them, after a brief discussion, the two of them turned the topic to other things.


“Xiao Shu, you’d better be more careful these days.” Adrian reminded He Yishu with a serious expression.


He Yishu raised his eyebrows in confusion, “Is there someone who wants to find trouble with me?”



Adrian shook his head, “There may not be many people who would choose to trouble you at this time, but through the previous competition, no one in the rune card world doesn’t know you now, especially those big families with reputations in the rune card world, and I’m afraid they will keep a close eye on your every move.”


“But no one’s contacted me lately, either? I thought it was because no one was interested in me.” He Yishu also felt before that through this team mix competition, there must be many people who would notice him and even try to put him on the spot, but it turned out to be that after the competition, he surprisingly did not receive a single harassing call, he felt a little disappointed when he thought about it.


“This is normal, the more influential the family in the rune card world, in the face of such a huge change, the more they dare not act rashly, the majority of people are still waiting and watching. And the rune card world has always been led by the Brandt family, many people are worried about the impact on their families, they will probably first see how the Brandt family will respond to this matter, after all, if affected, the Brandt family will obviously bear the brunt,” Adrian calmly analyzed, “So even if the sea seems calm now, below is already a dark current, at any time a violent tsunami may erupt, Xiao Shu, you must be extra careful, protect yourself.”



He Yishu immediately nodded: “Don’t worry, I will pay more attention, but you don’t have to worry too much, for now I’m still in the first college, the safety is very high, and you’re here.”



Adrian nodded: “I contacted my father before, he has already started to proceed with counter positioning through the surveillance system, the surveillance area that should be covered has also been covered in place, the next step can be considered as long as we can determine the personnel of the military department involved in this matter.”


“Don’t worry about this in advance, after all, I still have a lot of character cards that I haven’t had time to use yet. “He Yishu’s plan was to gradually make the people of the Star Empire aware of how powerful character cards could be in the upcoming competition. Simply put, he hadn’t played hard enough yet and wanted to use a few more, “So my intention is to wait until the end of the competition, but if any changes occur before then, our plan can also be improvised.”


How could Adrian not know He Yishu’s thoughts, he gently smiled in response: “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”



In fact, according to Adrian’s previous plan, he should be the one who shone the brightest in this game, even if it was his Rune Card Master, it should only be a secondary position, because he originally wanted to take advantage of this pedal to enter the military department in an open manner.


But now he willingly became He Yishu’s sidekick, letting the other become the dominant player in this game, even the rhythm was completely determined by him.


The next day at 11 am, He Yishu and Adrian ate lunch and then laid in the virtual double cabin.



Because for this group stage, participants could only enter the map five minutes early, and it wasn’t yet 11:40 when the two entered the map, so they wandered around the virtual arena again, and only when the time was up were they teleported into the battle map.


Although this time was also considered a team competition, but the scale was far less than the previous team mixed competition.



As soon as they entered the battle map, the three teams gathered together. Before the three teams could introduce themselves to each other, someone from one of the teams couldn’t help but blurt out: “Damn! We didn’t draw a map of dead grass, did we? That’s too bad!”


The other team was probably two novices, one of whom asked in confusion, “Are you saying that the dead grass map is bad? I don’t see anything wrong with the surroundings except that the grass is growing taller.”



In this aspect of identifying maps, He Yishu was actually a novice too, but he didn’t speak directly, he was silently observing the surrounding environment.


From the surrounding environment, it seemed that the terrain here was flat, and the only thing he could see around was a vast expanse of dead grass that was slightly shorter than the mechas, so it seemed that the terrain of this competition map should not be complicated.


But looking at the reaction of the one who spoke first, it seemed that it wasn’t that simple.



Soon, that person said for the others, “Haven’t you heard of the dry grass map? This map does not have any special terrain, just the same height as the mechas, but it’s too big! Even with the fastest speed of the mecha, it would take at least five or six hours to run through the whole map! And with grass this high, the mecha can be hidden as soon as it crouches down, so it must be a pain in the ass to find.”


If it was in other battles, drawing this map might be a good thing, after all, the two sides’ positions were exactly equal, and there would not be any geographical advantage.


But put in this group competition, their task was to destroy the opponent or find the victory mark, on such a large map, it wasn’t difficult for the opponent to hide, and it was even more difficult to find the victory mark.


It could be said that it was definitely very unlucky to draw such a map.





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