C67—- Just To Humiliate You

Brooke panicked for a moment, and turned to look at He Yishu in surprise, he saw He Yishu lowering his head, but thought he was probably fiddling with his light brain, he didn’t expect him to contact Adrian.


“Student Adrian, this matter may have some misunderstanding, I ……” Brooke tried to explain, but halfway through the words, Adrian mercilessly interrupted.



“I am challenging you, what misunderstanding could exist in this matter?” Adrian for the first time in the first academy, pressured someone with power, his attitude was also extra cold, “If you don’t care to accept my challenge, you can simply reject me, but I don’t accept any other explanation.”



Looking at Adrian’s cold expression, and then looking at Brooke’s constipation-like dark expression, He Yishu revealed a very ungenerous smile.


Brooke felt very stifled and angry, and also extraordinarily baffled, but the other was Adrian after all, just like before when he pressured him to team up with Du Fangping to participate in the competition, even if he felt that Adrian’s action was very irritating, Brooke could only hide this mass of anger in his stomach.


After half a second of silence, seeing that Adrian had no intention of changing his attitude or listening to his explanation, Brooke could only stifle his anger and accept Adrian’s challenge: “I’m willing to accept your challenge.”


So for the next two hours, He Yishu happily watched Adrian’s humiliation of Brooke.


Brooke knew very well that he was absolutely no match for Adrian in any aspect of strength, so as soon as the battle started, he immediately unleashed several particle cannons, but none of them hit Adrian’s mecha without exception.


The reason was that Adrian’s mecha had instantly rushed behind Brooke and kicked the back of his mecha.


Brooke’s mecha damage instantly increased from 0% to 0.1%, although such mecha damage was almost negligible, but this kick brought a very huge damage to Brooke’s self-esteem.


Brooks quickly adjusted his state and launched a more violent counterattack, but all his attacks failed under Adrian’s nimble dodge, which made Brooks feel irritated and angry, but also inevitably a strong sense of powerlessness rose in his heart.


In front of the absolutely powerful strength, more efforts were just a joke.


At the same time, Adrian also took the opportunity to raise his leg again and greeted Brooke’s mecha with a kick, causing his mecha damage to increase from 0.1% to 0.2%.


Brooke didn’t want to be such a hopeless joke, but in the face of Adrian’s nimble evasion, he was completely helpless to change his disadvantage and could only try his best to launch a more violent attack.


But it was no use, no matter how he attacked, Adrian’s mecha damage remained at 0%, while his own mecha damage increased from 0.2% to 0.3%, 0.4%, 0.5% ……


Adrian hadn’t been using long-range attack weapons, but each of his melee attacks would bring 0.1% increase in damage to Brooke’s mecha, this apparently deliberate action was equivalent to a smacking of Brooke’s face, making him feel both angry and embarrassed.


But even if his face had been swollen, even if Brooke was angry to the extreme, there was still no possibility of turning the battle situation over.


With this subtle stacking, Brooke’s mecha damage soon rose to 10%, and the number of alumni who came to watch the battle became more and more numerous.


As they watched the unchanging scenes of the game, the onlookers outside couldn’t help but chat.


Alumni #1: “Although I’ve always had a hard time watching Brooke, why do I suddenly feel a little sympathy for him now?”


Alumni #2: “Yeah, and why do I feel that Adrian is not fighting seriously at all, but is deliberately humiliating Brooke?”


Alumni #3: “You’re wrong, I think Adrian’s attitude is actually very serious, but he’s just using all his seriousness to humiliate Brooke.”


Alumni #4: “Pleasantly surprised, Brooke is also great, but his character really sucks! I heard earlier that he actually got involved with his young boyfriend’s best friend, and then high-profile dumped his young boyfriend, people who can do such things deserve to be abused!”


Alumni #5: “I also think he deserves to be abused, but I think it’s strange why the person who abused Brooke is the extraordinarily cool and serious-looking Adrian? I always feel that there is some unknown secret in this.”


Alumni #6: “Maybe Brooke pissed off Adrian by messing with the wrong people again?”


Alumni #7: “Speaking of which, you all watched the video of Adrian’s participation in the mecha competition, the mixed team competition, right? The black-haired boy who was partnered with him is Adrian’s lover, right?”


Surrounding alumni 8: “Definitely ah, I’ve seen them …… Well, in short, you know, but I think they really match, they’re good-looking, and are so powerful, they simply don’t give people a chance to live!!!!”




He Yishu, who smiled at the side and eavesdropped on the whole process, saw that the topic of discussion was getting off, and could only withdraw his attention and put his eyes back on the battlefield.


In this unsuspecting one-sided humiliation battle, Brooke had been beaten to the point of explosion, even if Adrian directly defeated him in one blow, it was better than such a kick after kick of humiliation.


If this situation continued, when the battle was over, Brooke knew he would be disgraced and laughed at by everyone.


Forced to do so, Brooke could only open the channel and take the initiative to surrender to Adrian: “Adrian, I choose to surrender.”


A moment later, Adrian’s cold voice came, “You are not qualified to surrender.”


“…… “*@&$#/%! Brooke cursed gloomily in his heart, but in the end he didn’t dare to say it out loud, “Adrian, if it was something I did before that upset you, I can apologize, but at least let me know first exactly what it was that made you treat me like this.”


The last few words, Brooke bit the word very hard, because he was really about to be pissed off now!


Adrian’s attitude was also very dry, although the humiliating attack action didn’t stop, he quickly gave the answer: “Because He Yishu.”


Brooke was silent for a moment, he knew that Adrian and He Yishu had teamed up together for this year’s mecha competition, but he thought that Adrian must have chosen to team up with him because he had already discovered He Yishu’s true strength in making rune cards before.


Now it seemed that Adrian and He Yishu did seem to have a good relationship, which made a hint of annoyance rise in Brooke’s heart. The reason why He Yishu didn’t continue to pester him after the separation was because he found a partner with a higher status?


But no matter what was in his heart, Brooke obviously couldn’t say what he really thought, he tried to defend himself, “Adrian, I think you may have misunderstood, the reason I just stopped He Yishu was not to find trouble with him, I just wanted to apologize to him.”


“I know.” Adrian’s response was cold.


Brooke’s anger grew even more, he had explained herself very clearly, how come Adrian still reacted like this?


Thinking of the previous scene of He Yishu using the light computer, and then thinking of the previous mecha competition registration, Brooke immediately found a new answer: “Classmate Adrian, was it something He Yishu said in front of you before?”


This time Adrian didn’t say anything and gave Brooke a kick as an answer.


This time Brooke was finally completely annoyed: “Adrian, don’t think that just because you are the only son of the Elvis family, I have to put up with you again and again!”


Adrian snorted and said in an icy voice: “I don’t need you to put up with me, nor do I need to present myself as such, because I am now crushing you with my strength.”


This was the most pathetic, when a person was so powerful that you couldn’t even find an excuse to comfort yourself or refute the other.


Brooke held it for half a day, finally forced himself to put down the fire, his tone of voice was hard: “Adrian, if you have any demands, just put forward, I am not unreasonable, but I also can’t accept you humiliating me without reason.”



“Brooke, have you already forgotten what you have done before, betraying your lover and wolfing around with your lover’s best friend, a matter that seems to have been known to the entire profession.” Although he knew that the person who experienced this incident at that time wasn’t his lover, but every time he thought of this, Adrian still felt immense anger.


Hearing these words, Brooke obviously choked for a moment, could it be that this incident had now become known to the entire school?


If he hadn’t made such a scene during the entrance exam, there was no way anyone in the First College would have known about it!


Brooke was annoyed and angry when he suddenly heard Adrian say, “Let’s make it quick, he seems to be bored already.”


After that, Adrian changed the slow pace of the battle and directly hit Brooke’s mecha with a particle cannon, causing his mecha’s damage to increase from 31.8% to 100% instantly.


[Your mecha damage has reached 100%, the battle is over, you will be transported out of the training ground.]



Brooke didn’t even have time to react, the battle had ended instantly, in this state, he once again heard something that shocked him beyond measure: “He Yishu is now my lover, don’t go near him again, or …… ”


Adrian’s words didn’t finish, the two had been teleported out of the battlefield, and Brooke’s entire body was in a dazed state, he didn’t even notice that Adrian’s words were a threat to him, because the first half of his sentence obviously shocked Brooke even more.


Adrian and He Yishu actually got together? Wasn’t he deliberately teasing him?




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